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Hello guys and welcome to the MNO blog – the best place to find only the biggest online investment programs with experienced admins at the helm and bigger spending advertising budgets at their disposal. As the summer is coming to an end there are still some scorching temperatures here in London and across the rest of Europe that continue to break records and making most people spending little time cooped up in the work place, preferring to enjoy the outdoor bliss. In the coming weeks though autumn is going inevitably to be here and more admins will be making a comeback to the HYIP industry and start spending money on the promotion of their new promising new programs. Investors will surely start actively investing again once they realize the industry is back to normal, so the experienced admins will certainly enjoy more attention towards their original programs the best examples of which will surely be featured here, on MNO. Therefore, if you don’t want to miss anything and maximize your chances for profit please do yourself a favour and follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter, where all the important announcements are always posted first. You may also join the more than 3,000 subscribers to the MNO news feed by submitting your email address on this page to receive regular articles posted on my blog.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to submit an advertising request please email me at, submit your query using this form or simply chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog – in any case I’m always pleased to hear from you. Remember that everything remains as usual and in this upcoming new HYIP season MNO will not be working with cheap scams and will not accept low-budget investment programs whose admins should really seek out low-cost advertising opportunities elsewhere. Only the biggest programs run by educated and experienced admins will have a welcome invitation to join the MNO monitor and present their original programs to my readers – nothing else will suffice. Such wonderful programs like the recently added and reviewed here GovBid will always find their way to be listed on the site with more than 12 years of history behind it, like MNO to showcase their true originality and capability of attracting bigger spending experienced investors. By the way, I will be asking a new question on the MNO TalkBack page today about GovBid while also drawing the results of the latest poll asking readers about their currency preferences when investing in HYIPs. However, I would like to start today’s news article with the latest updates from currently the #1 program on the MNO monitor Hooplex.


When it comes to stability and longevity Hooplex which has been running for over 200 days now is an absolute winner among the current crop of HYIPs. Since it first came to MNO hundreds of investors have managed to earn decent profits from all of its available investment offers all of which returned the original deposit at the end of the term – 0.7% for 30 days, 0.8% for 60 days, 0.9% for 90 days, 1% for 120 days, 1.05% for 150 days, 1.1% for 180 days. While in theory withdrawals are supposed to be processed within a 72 hour maximum in practice you have to rarely wait for longer than a few before receiving your payment to one of the payment processors accepted by Hooplex – PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, DogeCoin, Dash, Zcash, Tether, Tron, Ripple, BlackCoin or Waves. Although until recently Hooplex only accepted investments that were converted into their own internal currency called Lexera which could be sold back to the program on every withdrawal request for a small fee, now you may also invest directly with BTC or ETH funds. The minimum investment in Hooplex starts from $50 in each plan and with the current flexibility towards the most popular cryptocurrencies (BitCoin or Ethereum) it’s getting even more accessible to investors. Plus, don’t forget about the constantly held conferences and other public events across the world Hooplex is famous for. Promotional teams in selected countries like Indonesia and Thailand do their best to attract larger crowds beyond the borders of the traditional HYIP industry circle, and that also certainly allows Hooplex to run much longer than your average online investment program. Of course, nothing lasts forever in this world, but we should hope that the recent events held in Indonesia and Thailand and of which the Hooplex administration proudly reported on in the latest newsletters will help it achieve longer-term goals and bring profits to even more investors. Long live Hooplex!

Event in Pasuruan, August 18
Friends, we thank everyone who came to our event, which took place on August 18th in Pasuruan.
Everyone who would like to learn more about how to improve the financial situation with the help of modern technology, gathered on this day in the hall of the Horison Hotel. The event “Utilization of a new round of financial providers” provided the participants not only with valuable knowledge, but also with prizes and gifts.
We are sure that the information you receive will change your life for the better!
Follow our announcements and meet the Hooplex community in your city!

Crypto Education & Blockchain: Thailand, 25-26 August
Welcome, friends! We invite you to attend an event of our community, which will be held on 25 and 26 August in Pattaya. At the presentation, you will learn about the cryptocurrencies and blockchain and about Hooplex project.
As part of the event, training will be conducted on the following topics:
– Company profile
– Products : LexeraLXR and LexeraWAY 1.0
– Backoffice knowledge
– How to make Registration
– How to deposit
– How to withdraw
– How to create payment gateway and wallet btc etc
You will also learn about career opportunities in our company.
We are waiting for you!
Date: Sunday, August 25, Time 14.00 – 17.00.
26 August 2019, Time: 9.00 – 11.00, Place: Pithaya Centre, Theme: Hooplex, Leader in Charge of: Saruthda, Promoter: Saruthda, Host: Sunee, Speaker: Saruthda


Let’s wrap things up for today then with a final look at the closing results of the most recent MNO TalkBack opinion poll which was online over the last week. I’ll be replacing it with another new question as usual, but more on that in a moment. In the ever changing and evolving world of the HYIP industry, one thing that’s really come to dominate in recent years has been the emergence of cryptocurrencies as a means of investing. Mostly BitCoin of course as that remains the more popular, but there are several other options. If anything I’m actually a bit surprised at how long it took, I thought this would happen a lot sooner than it did when cryptocurrencies first began to emerge and in wake of the closures of come regular dollar based payment handlers. Come to think of it, you almost never see a new HYIP these days without at least one cryptocurrency as a payment option for investors, and indeed several programs are now opting to work exclusively with cryptocurrencies and ditch the older style hard currency payment processors completely.

How this has affected the business of the likes of let’s say PerfectMoney I really can’t say. What ever market share they may have gained from the closure of LibertyReserve a few years back could easily be evaporated with the emergence of BitCoin, I really wouldn’t know, but then that’s a whole other matter and not something I’m concerned with today. I just wanted to ask if readers had any particular preference in any of this, or if it has much influence on your behaviour in the industry at all. The exact question was phrased as following: What payment system do you prefer for HYIP investments?

The bulk of the vote was an equal split with 43% of readers saying they favour “USD based payment handlers like PerfectMoney and Payeer”, while anotner 43% are a bit more enthusiastic towards digital e-currencies, voting for “Cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, etc.” The remaining 14% of readers who took part in the exercise expressed the opinion of having “No preference, depends on where I have funds at the time of in.” I guess everyone has their reasons, every investor is unique and there are no right or wrong answers to that question. Thanks to everyone who participated, it’s always interesting to see how tastes and trends emerge and develop in the HYIP industry as the years pass.

And now as they say for something completely different. There’s no doubt that one of the most hotly debated programs in the HYIP industry today is definitely GovBid. Not that there’s a great deal of competition out there with the usual summer doldrums being what they are, but still, for one reason or another the one program that has investors talking above all others is this one. GovBid has done much to capture the imaginations of investors and come September when business begins to pick up again is in as strong a position as any to really dominate the industry and start attracting members back in some seriously big numbers. If you read the review of GovBid first published on MNO here you’ll see why – it’s one of the most original things to hit the HYIP industry in years, has a business model which I wouldn’t be surprised to see replicated by other programs before too long, and offers the admin an unprecedented level of mobility and control to help run GovBid for as long as possible. But the “problem” for want of a better word is that as with anything new someone always has to go first and it can be the case that wider numbers of investors a) won’t always understand it immediately and b) won’t always make the effort even the rewards are potentially so great. So for this week’s question then I would like to focus on this particular “program of firsts” if I can refer to GovBid as such and ask what readers think of it all. Does it make sense to you straight away, do you need to put any extra work into understanding it, or can you even be bothered trying? The exact question will be as follows:

What do you think of the GovBid investment plans?

And your possible answers are:

– They are easy to understand and I have no trouble investing
– They are too complicated and that will impede its growth
– Investors appreciate original plans, so it’s going to be huge

As usual thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time and effort to cast a vote, your opinion counts as much as anyone else’s so please make your voice heard. Voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here. The poll will stay open for about a week or so, long enough for anyone who wants to participate to have ample time to do so, and remember that voting only takes literally a second and remains 100% anonymous and untraceable at all times. Of course if you want to share how you voted you are more than welcome to do so on the MNO ShoutBox and discuss it with your fellow readers.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 132 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Hooplex, InstantBitex, Yesss.
From MNO Standard list: GovBid.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all the news I have for today, guys. Please enjoy the rest of the summer and any holidays should you have them and don’t forget to check out MNO more often in case new promising programs are added. Please express your point of view of the currently listed programs on the MNO ShoutBox and tell what you think about GovBid in the TalkBack poll you can vote in here. I hope to talk to you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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