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Beware! Cryptoware has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Ordinarily we should right now be talking about how January is one of the best months of the year for HYIP players and admins alike. In comparison to any other year 2021 has been a slow one so far, that much is obvious, but it also has to be said the improvement over almost anything in the last six months has been very clear so I do think we are turning a corner now. Slowly but surely, even if it is going to be a lengthy process it’s still very much a welcome one. So today I want to start the blog update with a program called Cryptoware. This is mostly what I would call a perpetual or open-ended program, in other words once you join and make a deposit there is no fixed term. Cryptoware will continue to pay you either for how ever long the program manages to survive, or for how ever long you decide to remain a member. Now whether that’s going to be a day, a week, a month, or a year I really can’t say. But my own first impression is that Cryptoware is run by an admin who knows what he’s doing in the industry. There’s no iron-clad guarantee this will translate into success but it’s a pretty good start. Anyway, let’s see what it’s all about and whether you like it enough to join or not.
The most important aspect here is of course the investment plans, the basic premise for any online HYIP to be in business. In the case of Cryptoware the investment term is left very much up to the individual investor to decide how they choose to handle it, with the program being a so-called open-ended perpetual style operation. There’s no expiry date on investments, and likewise there’s no compulsion for members to commit to any particular length of time beyond an initial 24 hour lock-in. After that it’s entirely up to you how you treat Cryptoware, be it short, medium, long term, or just stay with the program for how ever long it runs. It doesn’t take long at all to see an initial profit from your investment, albeit a small one, though again it’s up to yourself how to proceed as I shall explain with the numbers below.

Cryptoware operates one single open-ended term plan which pays a fixed rate 0.15% hourly, in turn yielding 3.6% in daily interest. The principal stays locked in the system for the first 24 hours and after that can be withdrawn at any time for a 5% release fee.

How would that work out in practical financial terms then? Let’s take a simple example of say a $100 deposit and find out. For that money Cryptoware are going to pay you back $0.15 every hour, 24/7 for the foreseeable future. Over the course of a full calendar day that adds up to $3.60. Given that were you to try and leave Cryptoware at this point – which would be allowed of course – the $5 exit fee will wipe out your first days profit and still cost you money, so you shouldn’t really be thinking about such things just yet. Not until you are well into day two with Cryptoware at any rate. Regardless of when you do decide to leave, all you are going to get back for your $100 deposit is $95 in total, so try and factor that into any further calculations.

By the way, I should point out that the theoretical example of a “$100 deposit” I gave you above might be a bit misleading. Payment options for Cryptoware are pretty good, but they work exclusively with cryptocurrencies and skip the third party handlers using dollars completely. The options you have for investments allow for BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, DogeCoin, Dash, Tether, Ripple, ZCash, Tron, and Stellar. Minimum amounts for investing and withdrawals will vary according to what currency you are using. Since I assume most of you will be using BitCoin I can tell you that the minimum amount required to invest starts from 0.001 BTC which at the time of writing is a little over $32. You can refer to the Cryptoware website for the figures on other currencies.

Generally speaking the withdrawals are be processed instantly but are really only guaranteed manually within 24 hours. Up to this point I think all my own withdrawal requests were done instantly but please take this into consideration. There are several good reasons why instant payouts need to get switched off from time to time such as account replenishment which has to happen occasionally. Also for security reasons bigger withdrawals of $100 will only be handled manually by the Cryptoware admin, so there’s no reason to panic if your request might potentially go to pending status. Cryptoware has a minimum withdrawal policy in place so make sure you’ve accumulated enough on your balance, otherwise you won’t be able to request your withdrawal. For BitCoin the minimum requirement is 0.0001 BTC, which is around $3.20 at the exchange rate at the time of writing. Again, you can refer to the Cryptoware website for information on the ten other currencies accepted if you are using any of those. You may get more favourable terms there, by which I mean the interest rate is still 0.15% per hour but you might be able to make cheaper deposits and smaller withdrawal requests depending on the exchange rates.

As for the total earnings you can make from your investment, well that’s an all but impossible question to answer. In other words, you’ll get 3.6% interest every 24 hours until you decide for your own reasons you don’t want to play anymore. Individual strategies are as plentiful of individual investors, you might have a fixed financial target in mind, perhaps a fixed date in the calendar, or in my case as a monitor decide to stay with Cryptoware for as long as they stay online. I’m not here to sway readers one way or another, but those who joined the program at the beginning with this last plan in mind are the ones who’ve scooped the maximum possible amount of cash and passive profit from their deposits. But that’s entirely up to you. Also, and I think this is a very important matter to keep in mind, when the time comes that you feel you might like to get your principal back, there’s no rule saying that you necessarily have to withdraw everything in full. You’re perfectly free to do so if you want, but you may wish to consider a partial withdrawal, leaving the rest in your Cryptoware account to continue earning for you. If you’re already in profit it’s just one strategy to think about.

While still on the subject of maximising your earnings from Cryptoware, I should point out that there’s more than one way to earn, and it needn’t cost you a cent to do so either. The the admin has decided to get more competitive by introducing a so-called “Bounty program”. This is aimed at members looking to earn free funds by simply doing some promotional tasks on various social network channels like Twitter, Telegram or YouTube. Info can be found on a weekly basis on the Cryptoware website, just click the tab marked “Bounty” at the top of your account area after logging in, so watch out for more if interested. Just be aware that if you wish to get paid for promoting Cryptoware you’re going to need an Ethereum wallet, as all bounty payments go through this currency.

If all of that’s clear, how about some information on to get moving. Making deposits and withdrawals is largely self explanatory as you will see if you create an account. To invest you simply click on the button of the currency you are looking to spend, these are spread across the top of your account/dashboard area. Then click the large button marked “Make A New Deposit” on the right hand side. By default, the minimum amount required will appear, you just make your own adjustments to that figure if you wish. Then go to the drop-down box and select to either invest from this currency directly or else to invest from your account balance (if you have one). Proceed from there. It’s more or less an identical process when making a withdrawal, except obviously you click the “Withdraw Funds” button first instead.

What might be less obvious to some readers however is how to leave. So let’s talk for a moment about how to release your deposit in Cryptoware. From inside your members account area click the button marked “Manage Deposits”. This will show as you can probably guess the deposit you are holding in that particular currency. Underneath that you will then see another button marked “Release”. This won’t be activated until the 24 hour lock-in period has expired, but on clicking this you will then be shown the maximum amount, i.e. your principal. You then enter the amount you wish to withdraw, keeping in mind what I just explained above about not being under any obligation to withdraw everything. After that you just click the “Confirm” button and the money gets moved to your balance. Then just withdraw as usual from there. Should you leave anything behind in your Cryptoware account it will continue to earn you interest every hour just as before.

The Cryptoware website is designed to an acceptable standard, certainly all the important requirements you should expect from any program you join have been, especially those making fast hourly payments. It’s running off a licensed GoldCoders script, though might not be recognised immediately due to some modifications which were needed to meet the program’s individual requirements. On getting into your members area most regular investors already familiar with its operation will see it’s lost none of the trademark user friendliness. One area where it differs somewhat from the usual GoldCoders powered programs is in the initial logging in process to access your account. On signing in you will land on a page with eleven possible dashboards, one for each currency used by Cryptoware. Just click on the one you want to access first, remembering that if you have funds there via other currencies it’s easy enough to cycle through the other dashboards if/when you need to from inside your account area.

Cryptoware is hosted on a dedicated server by DDoSGuard with their tech support and protection from malicious attacks. For an extra layer of protection Cryptoware also has a superior Green Bar Extended Validation SSL encryption certificate by Sectigo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Also a welcome addition to the members area is the optional two-step 2FA authenticator. It’s up to yourself to turn it on of course but I really can’t think of a single good reason why you wouldn’t want to. I mean if you’ve joined Cryptoware at all one presumes your reason for doing so was to make money. The extra layer of protection here is free of charge so please use it. The admin didn’t cut any corners so neither should you.

Communication between admin and investors is also taken care of. As always though make sure the first thing you look at is the Cryptoware FAQ section if anything is unclear to you. Should you need to get in contact if you have any further questions or account related issues by writing directly to the admin at the listed e-mail address. You’ll notice a built-in Live Chat widget on the bottom right hand side of the Cryptoware website as well. Click on it first to see if an operator is available, it might save everyone a lot of time and effort if you can get your queries dealt with in real time there. Cryptoware are also well connected with the most popular social media sites, keeping profiles on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. Finally on the list is the one I’d be most dismissive of, namely the postal address for Cryptoware in the UK, which in turn is accompanied by a telephone number. This goes hand-in-hand with the program’s company registration in that country. Experienced HYIP players won’t pay much attention to this, even though it’s not without its merits when it comes to attracting newer members and therefore new money.

First impressions would lead me to think that Cryptoware has an undoubted amount of potential given on one hand the general albeit slow recovery in the HYIP industry, added to my own view that it’s an experienced admin who knows how to get the best for everyone out of such programs. I also happen to know the program was in development a long time before the admin decided to activate it. But just to tie things up, as for the alleged business activities of Cryptoware, it’s claimed that they are involved with cryptocurrency and digital asset trading, though as always I’d suggest you not take it too seriously as there’s nothing there to actually prove it. And even were this to be true, it still doesn’t make it a guaranteed profitable venture. So even if it looks good to start with, remember that the risks are still there so it’s essential that you at all times stay within a sensible spending limit, and always try and diversify your portfolios.

So what do you guys think? If you’ve already come to a decision about whether Cryptoware is suitable for you or not then perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing with the other readers and answering the following poll. Remember it’s 100% anonymous and untraceable, and will eventually tell us how many people were right to go with their first impressions of the program either for better or worse. It can also indicate what standards people expect from a HYI website before they are prepared to part with their money.

Will you make an active deposit in Cryptoware?

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As you all know from the review posted above, Cryptoware works with a wide array of cryptocurrencies and for each of them there are different deposit and withdrawal minimums set up. Continuing on the introduction of the less commonly used cryptocurrencies the admin of Cryptoware recently gave his investors a brief introduction to three of them – Tether, Zcash, and BitcoinCash. Hopefully the provided information will make you think about adding more cryptocurrencies to your portfolio as well as trying out more options to make money by investing in Cryptoware and similar programs:

USDT is a stablecoin (stable-value cryptocurrency) that mirrors the price of the U.S. dollar, issued by a Hong Kong-based company Tether.
The token’s peg to the USD is achieved via maintaining a sum of dollars in reserves that is equal to the number of USDT in circulation.
On Cryptoware, you can grow your USDT even more by joining the platform.
USDT is just one of the many cryptocurrencies accepted on Cryptoware.
Visit the website now for more details.

Zcash is a cryptocurrency aimed at using cryptography to provide enhanced privacy for its users compared to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
Zcash is based on Bitcoin’s codebase. It shares many similarities such as a fixed total supply of 21 million units.
With Cryptoware, your Zcash could even grow more! Gaining more profits is never been this easy!
Learn more, visit the website: Cryptoware

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that is a fork of Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Cash is a spin-off or altcoin that was created in 2017.
In November 2018, Bitcoin Cash split into two cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. Bitcoin Cash is sometimes also referred to as Bcash.
In Cryptoware, your BCH can grow exponentially with ease.
Join now and learn more at the website. Cryptoware


As usual the week has been busy for the truly international QubitTech team that keeps the program running like clockwork and paying investors up to 2% daily profits for nearly eight months now. Who would have thought that QubitTech would become such an enormous success and would be even named the best program of the year according to my readers’ poll the results of which can be seen here when it first launched back in June 2020? Those who joined the program straight after it was listed on MNO have never regretted their decision for sure and can vouch for QubitTech‘s fantastic performance and natural ability to grow and evolve with time attracting more and more investors every single week.

If you haven’t read my detailed review of QubitTech posted here then let me remind you that the program accepts investments starting from $100 via BitCoin and Ethereum which are then converted into the USD currency to be paid back to your BTC and ETH wallet at a value fixed at the time of processing the withdrawal request. Usually, QubitTech pays up to 2% variable returns on a daily basis, but lately there was a so-called “charity program” officially announced which further reduces daily earnings and introduces a 1% fee on each and every withdrawal which comes on top of the already implemented 2.5% flat fee to cover transaction costs. The withdrawal processing times of 72 hours and the minimum of $10 which you should accumulate on the available balance before requesting payments remain the same. These changes shouldn’t really concern regular investors as QubitTech is a target-based program which means you keep earning until reaching the 250% total ROI. With QubitTech it will simply mean it will take you longer to get to the point of expiry but I believe this will also help stabilize the program and keep it running it for much longer. Anyway, the official rules of QubitTech‘s charity program have been published below, so you are invited to read if interested. By the way, there are some photos available from the first charity event in Tanzania, in case you were wondering whether your money has actually gone to a good cause or not.

Among other events that such an active program as QubitTech with a multi-million USD turnover is frequented for would be a free webinar scheduled to be held in three languages (English, Spanish and Russian) on Tuesday which will give you a sneak peek into the upcoming premium one-month long online training course on how to become a millionaire brought to you by famous coach Andreas Tissen. Then, last Friday yet another regular weekly meeting in Zoom was held for leaders of QubitTech in four languages the results of which were later made available for the general public as well. And finally, a new master distributor for Russia and Kazakhstan has been introduced to investors from those countries. Read more on everything that has happened in QubitTech over the last three days below:

Leadership Meeting in Zoom
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We invite you to participate in the next QubitTech leadership meeting in ZOOM, that will take place this Friday (January 22). It is obligatory to participate as there will be lots of interesting discussions there.
Leaders from rank 3 can attend closed leadership meetings in English and Russian. In leadership meetings in Spanish and Thai languages – leaders from rank 2.
You will get the invitation link on your email.
Leadership meeting in Thai language – 13:00 UTC / 20:00 (BKK)
Leadership meeting in English language – 14:00 (UTC)
Leadership meeting in Spanish language – 16:00 (UTC)
Leadership meeting in Russian language – 18:00 (MSK)
Follow the news!

QubitTech Charity Program
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We’re proud to present you the QubitTech charity program – https://qubittech.ai/charity/, which we have prepared based on our community’s requests.
The charitable program involves holding charitable events around the world. We focus on the following areas of charity:
– assistance in the field of health care;
– help in the field of ecology;
– assistance in improving basic education;
– helping the poor and hungry.
At the moment, the charitable budget is formed at the expense of regular contributions:
– 2% of any daily platform income;
– 1% of any daily rewards and user bonuses;
– through private donations.
Our team is already working on various charitable activities on various continents:
– in Africa;
– in Latin America;
– in Asia.
We’re open to cooperation and will be happy to listen to ideas and suggestions from various charitable foundations and organizations and from QubitTech users who have reached rank 5 and above.
You can send an offer through the feedback form on the official page of the QubitTech charity program, or write to Telegram – https://t.me/qubittechcharity
We will inform the QubitTech community about all charity events in the news and the QubitTech charity program page.
Together we can do more, QubitTech Team

New master distributor in Russia and Kazakhstan
Dear users of QubitTech platform.
We’re pleased to announce the addition of a new Master Distributor to the QubitTech team. Dilbar Mirsaitova will be responsible for Russia and Kazakhstan with her big experience, as well as the promotion of QubitTech products and services there.
Dilbar has over 25 years of experience in network marketing behind his back. She had structures of many thousands in different countries.
Dilbar has always held leading positions in business and was successfully responsible for them. Since 2013, she has been paying more and more attention to the crypto industry and the field of modern finance.
We wish Dilbar the best in promoting QubitTech products and services, and expanding the platform’s influence in Russia and Kazakhstan.
Follow our news!

Results of leadership meeting in ZOOM
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We’re pleased to present you with a summary of the leadership meeting in ZOOM that Greg Limon conducted this Friday.
So, Greg focused on promoting the platform in China and offered support to our leaders in such endeavours.
Greg also revisited two improvements that have featured in the past leadership zoom: an algorithm for receiving rewards (under corporate licenses) based on insurance coverage, and an improved algorithm for receiving a team bonus.
Additionally, Greg recalled two new QubitTech services:
QubitTech trading signals (https://qubittech.ai/news/q–qubittech);
– the QubitTech charity program (https://qubittech.ai/news/qubittech-333)
We once again draw your attention to the fact that you can send us your suggestions through the feedback form on the QubitTech charity program’s official page or write to Telegram (https://t.me/qubittechcharity).
Greg also reminded about the imminent start of Andreas Tissen’s online course for potential millionaires and urged to buy tickets more quickly (https://qubittech.ai/quantum-leap).
Finally, Greg pointed out that the 2nd QubitTech promo is coming to an end soon, the winners of which will receive tickets (they cannot be bought) at the Big QubitTech Forum, which will be held in Brazil in March 2020 (https://qubittech.ai/rio).
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Free webinar about Andreas Tissen’s online course
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We invite you to a free webinar hosted by Andreas Tissen on January 26, 2020. It will focus on the upcoming online course “Quantum Leap” starting February 1st. Tickets can be purchased on the course page (http://qubittech.ai/quantum-leap), as well as in your personal account.
The course was created by Andreas Tissen specifically for extremely ambitious people who intend to reach heights soon – to become millionaires not only in income but also in life, ideas, rituals
More about the coursehttps://www.qubittech.ai/news/-299/
The start time of the free webinar by Andreas Tissen at 16:00 UTC / 19:00 MSK on January 26, 2020:
English language – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89446873485 (16:00 UTC)
Spanish language – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83408370418 (16:00 UTC)
Russian language – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87118549906 (19:00 Moscow time)
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Charity event for children: Africa, Tanzania
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We’re glad to share the results of a charity event on the territory of one of the largest schools in the Arusha region (Tanzania), which has over 4,000 children.
The event was organized with the participation of leaders who visited BaseCamp in Tanzania and BaseCamp guru, QubitTech Academy’s Education advisor Andreas Tissen.
The participants laid the foundation stone for an additional school building, which will house 2 new classrooms (2 more classrooms will be renovated). Besides, 400 sets of stationery were distributed to children, and another 3600 sets were donated to the school.
The money for this was raised through the QubitTech Charity Program and privately provided by one of the leaders – Salvatore Calogero.
We will continue to inform you about our charitable activities.
Follow our news.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: QubitTech, Cryptoware (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all for today, guys. I hope you find the information helpful and will be making wise investment decisions by using it. If you like to read MNO blog articles then please support me by subscribing to the latest news from the HYIP industry delivered directly to your email address you can submit here. For staying updated in real time I would recommend following MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter, so you will be the first to know about the new program additions or their status changes on the MNO monitor. If you have any questions, suggestions or advertising requests I will be happy to answer you in the live chat on Telegram @mnoblog, via email abramsonp@gmail.com or submit your query via this online form and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks again for reading, guys. Stay safe and healthy during these challenging times, enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you again next week on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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