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17/01/2022. Weekly CryptoNews Digest and News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all! While the new year is well upon us the HYIP industry seems to be far from its former glory with many investors still finding it hard to uncover programs worthy of their money. And while we’re all on the lookout for something big to come our way it might be useful to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter, and subscribe by entering your email address here to find out about the latest additions to the MNO monitor and read new articles every smart investor can use to their advantage. Remember that I’m always available to answer your questions or advertising requests at, via this contact form, or chat live on Telegram @mnoblog.

With the ever rising interest in cryptocurrencies even the majority of HYIPs now deal exclusively with them and BitCoin and others having become vastly preferred over the traditional once popular payment methods. After all, as I said before the cryptocurrencies and HYIPs get closer with every month with new investors arriving from cryptoworld replacing the old PerfectMoney and Payeer with volatile cryptocurrencies as well as tied to USD stablecoins. The future of the HYIP industry lies in further merging with cryptoworld, I’m 100% sure of that. While we’re currently in a sort of transitional period it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse and be aware of the latest trends and events in the HYIP industry. The proper research and analysis of all the new and emerging patterns can be found on the MNO blog. All the latest trends in cryptocurrencies and those involved in the business as well as enterprises and government bodies will be the focus of my attention when I publish the weekly digest every Monday. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the events in the cryptoworld that people were talking about last week, January 10 to January 16.

Many of you will already be aware that I’ve been posting an occasional series of articles on the MNO news blog relating to events in the cryptocurrency world. Some may have been of genuine practical use to you, others might simply have been a matter of general interest and curiosity, but for the most part when I asked readers for their thoughts the feedback was largely positive. So it’s probably the right time to make a cryptocurrency news digest a more regular feature, ultimately on a weekly basis. I hope you find them interesting and enjoyable to read.

Anyway, skimming through various mainstream print and broadcast media over the last several days has thrown up a few BitCoin related stories that caught my own eye, so I’d like to briefly mention a few here.

The first and perhaps most startling thing reported was the overall performance of BitCoin measured against other more traditional stock market investments. Some really big hitters where fortunes have been made going back several decades or more, such as the NASDAQ, crude oil, the Standard & Poors 500, and so on positively paled in comparison to the mammoth 60% rise in BitCoin over the calendar year, making BTC the clear winner over these major asset classes. And not just for 2021 by the way, this was the second year in a row BTC completely outperformed the “old guard”. Gold in comparison, so often seen in the past as a way to protect your cash in economically turbulent or inflationary times so in some ways a sort of old fashioned rival to BTC, actually dropped in value by 6%.

We all know how volatile BitCoin exchange rates can be at times with sudden and unpredictable spikes and troughs, so I agree it’s difficult if not a little unwise to draw definite conclusions from this. But the statistic stands that absolutely no one who invested in BitCoin four to five years ago, and crucially held on to that investment, has ever lost money. That being said, there was a severe dip in the value of BitCoin around mid year due to a crackdown by the central Chinese government on all things crypto related, i.e. things they are unable to exert 100% control over. In this instance the main focus of their attack was the mining of BitCoin, with Chinese miners going from creating around 50% of all coins in circulation to almost 0%. This in turn led to a massive collapse in value until later in the year when the void was filled mostly by US based BTC miners but also with a significant move to Kazakhstan. Prices didn’t quite make it back to the historical highs of $69,000 just yet, though the recovery was certainly very strong.

In other news, and closely related to the points raised above, it was also revealed that one of the most successful investors and fund managers of the last 30 years now keeps up to 50% of his money in BitCoin. Bill Miller may not be quite so famous a billionaire as Jeff Beezos, however back in the mid 90’s when Amazon was in its infancy it was Miller who partially bankrolled the venture with his own money when many others were skeptical. And if that investment wasn’t a masterful enough stroke of good luck/foresight, one of Bill Miller’s other inspired decisions was to invest heavily in BitCoin when priced at a mere $200 per coin. Not a bad return on that one either! Then, following the most recent severe drop in value last year he made the decision to invest heavily once more when satisfied the price had finally bottomed out. The reasoning there was that more people than ever were using it regardless of the price and that venture capitalists are always looking to invest in it. Incidentally, Miller’s own advice to small time players like the rest of us is to keep maybe 1% of your assets in BitCoin since anyone can afford to lose that much in the worst case scenario. It’s only the elite handful of people like him that can lose 50% and still be a multi billionaire. How well for some!

Meanwhile, speaking of multi billionaires, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is putting his money where his mouth is and promising to establish a fund to provide legal assistance for web developers working on BitCoin or related projects and finding themselves under duress from government authorities to cease and desist. In an open letter published in many leading mainstream media outlets and addressed to the BitCoin developers mailing list, Dorsey promises anyone under possible threat of litigation can claim financial assistance. The fund will help independent developers pay for “finding and retaining defense counsel, developing litigation strategy, and paying legal bills”. Initially, the fund will include volunteers and part-time lawyers for developers to “take advantage of if they so wish”. However don’t go expecting a feeding frenzy of free cash for just any old half baked story, as the board of the fund will be responsible for determining which lawsuits and defendants it will help defend and which ones it chooses to pass.

Remember when El Salvador became the first country to accept BitCoin as legal tender? Well, not quite on the same level but the gulf island state of Bahrain has become the latest nation to explore BlockChain technology by American investment bank JPMorgan, with the country’s central bank trialing JPMorgan’s own digital currency. The Central Bank of Bahrain has successfully completed a digital payments test in collaboration with JPMorgan’s BlockChain and cryptocurrency unit Onyx, according to an official announcement. Just in case you are interested in the details of the trial (which have nothing to do with the HYIP world directly of course, other than pushing cryptocurrency further and further into mainstream business) it involved two other major institutions. The Bahrain based international bank Bank ABC and the country’s national aluminum smelter known as Alba. The test enabled Bank ABC to settle real-time payments to Alba’s counterparts in the USA using JPM Coin, a BlockChain based payments system and stablecoin pegged to the United States dollar. This was all done under the supervision of the Bahrain central bank on behalf of the country’s government, with all parties expressing satisfaction and optimism for the future.

There were a couple of other stories but I think for this first weekly digest I’ll leave it there for now as I think these were probably the most interesting and useful to know for readers. I’ll be keeping an eye on various news and media sources however over the coming week and hope to have other interesting stories from the cryptoworld in the next installment. Meanwhile if you have any suggestions or requests on what you would like to see more of, please feel free to get in touch as I’m open to all ideas. A blog is for its readers after all, much more so that its writer.



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Ukrainian robots for warehouses
Warehouse robotics can integrate into almost all logistics processes, including external ones. The accuracy and continuity of its work is a multiple increase in the productivity of a warehouse, manufacturing plant or transport company.
The large postal operator Nova Poshta began using robots at its logistics complexes in Lviv. The company purchased robotic carts from Ukrainian developer SB Robotics.
Initially, the postal operator tested the effectiveness of warehouse robots, and began to use them regularly. The company plans to use 20 robots at its Lviv Innovation Terminal.
One of the largest trade and industrial groups in Ukraine, Fozzy Group, has started robotizing warehouse areas in Kyiv. Robots, manufactured by the Chinese company Geekplus, move goods within the warehouse for further storage. However, they are not designed to completely replace humans.
We can see robots in our daily lives pretty soon. What do you think about that?
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5 facts about Bitcoin
A few key facts about the main cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.
1. The creator of Bitcoin remains a mystery shrouded in darkness. The most popular version is that the author of this currency goes by the name, Satoshi Nakamoto.
2. The most important difference between cryptocurrency and cash is that it is not controlled by any state. There is no regulator for such a currency, which makes it autonomous and no one has the right to prohibit it either.
3. The issue of cryptocurrency is also deprived of a center that is responsible for this. This is what formed the following feature of Bitcoin: the issue or “mining” of coins depends on the users of the system.
4. The Bitcoin algorithm contains another interesting fact: the maximum number of coins can be no more than 21 million.
5. Virtual money can be spent on real things. You can buy electronics, clothes, and other goods from online stores, or pay for services.
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Rethink Robotics industrial robots
Robotic company Rethink Robotics is famous for its Baxter industrial robot, which is designed specifically to work on conveyor lines. It adapts and learns, and in terms of speed of work, it will overtake any person.
Sawyer is a new generation of robots on the same platform as Baxter. And it has the same screen with a friendly face.
The Sawyer weighs 19kg and has a payload of 4kg. The manipulator has “seven degrees of freedom” and a range of 1 meter.
A feature of Sawyer is the high accuracy of movement of the manipulator, which became possible thanks to the backlit camera built into the “head” with an image recognition system. The software recognizes various objects and can, for example, scan barcodes.
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That will be it for today, guys. I hope you enjoyed the new format and if you have any suggestions on how to improve it let me know. I’m always open to honest feedback and will be also looking forward to more votes in the current ongoing poll on the MNO TalkBack page dedicated to your thoughts on BitCoin prices in 2022. I hope to draw the final results of the poll in the next article I plan to post on the MNO blog in a few days time along with all the latest news from the HYIP industry. Stay tuned and talk to you all again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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