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31/01/2022. Weekly CryptoNews Digest and News from the HYIP Industry


Hello guys, and welcome to the MNO blog – the home of quality online investment platforms everyone has been talking about. I have been online for nearly fifteen years and so I like to think I know a thing or two when it comes to selecting the right investment opportunities in the HYIP industry.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the year failed to bring us any really big investment programs, but at least we can hope that February will be different in that regard. So if you wish to stay updated every time a new program is added to the MNO monitor, as well as find out about the status changes why not start following me on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter? You can also join the 2,500+ subscribers by submitting your email address here and get the whole version of blog publications on a regular basis. And of course, if you have any questions, suggestions or advertising requests I’m always available and easy to find on Telegram @mnoblog, you can also write to me using this online form or directly at I do appreciate your input, as I cannot help but think about my readers without whose continuous support of MNO it would not have been possible to run my website for all these years.

Quite recently to make up for the lack of quality programs listed on the MNO monitor (very few admins can now afford the high listing prices) in addition to the regular HYIP news I have decided to start a weekly cryptonews digest. Acknowledging the growing impact of BitCoin and other major cryptocurrencies not only on the HYIP industry, but also our lives as a whole I want to deliver the major news every Monday on what’s been happening during the previous week. So, without further ado let’s have a look at what’s been happening in the world of cryptos, after which I’ll be looking at the regular HYIP industry news plus the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll.

I guess the best place to start this week’s cryptonews digest is with a continuation of the biggest story from last week’s update. As you might remember the Central Bank of Russia, acting lock step in line with the Russian state obviously, decided it was time to crack down on the use and mining of BitCoin, though crucially not the actual ownership of it. What exactly you’re to do with BitCoin if not use it escapes me, then again it wouldn’t be the first time the actions of the Russian state left me scratching my head in bewilderment. The official reason for this seemed, at first glance, not entirely unreasonable as it was claimed they wanted to protect citizens from unregulated speculation and potentially losing everything in uninsured bubbles. Dig a little deeper however and it becomes obvious they are also trying to remove anonymity and the protection it provides from people making donations to civil liberty, pro democracy, and human rights campaign groups. Generally speaking most central banks/governments tend to take a dim view of cryptocurrency, as they do with pretty much anything they can’t control and tax. Well, maybe the Kremlin have found a way around that as it’s now looking likely Russia will backtrack on recent announcements. With cryptomining being such a notoriously energy intensive process, Russia as one of the few developed major world economies with an energy surplus is in a better position than most to cash in with the help of a huge number of highly skilled and trained tech professionals among its population. We are after all talking about a country that developed organ transplants and space travel before the USA. So BitCoin mining is back on the cards, along with the use of StableCoin cryptocurrencies that are linked to the value of gold and under the supervision of the Russian state. Clearly the men in the gray suits have found a way to get even more obscenely rich from the whole thing, I’m not so sure how appetizing it sounds to the average amateur cryptomarket player just trying to be independent and earn a living away from outside interference.

On the subject of the old order establishment trying to “protect” us from the pitfalls of cryptocurrency instability, I was left quite bemused by a recent piece I saw on one of the major international news TV stations (not that it’s important, but Sky News if you must know). Basically it followed the same old predictable routine that everyone else in the world is an idiot who can’t be trusted with their own money. No sir, only billionaire bankers, brokers, hedge fund managers and the like know what’s good for you. So you need to stay as far away as possible from cryptocurrencies and only trust the “experts” to do everything for you. Especially it was an explicit warning to younger people not to get any lofty ideas about financial independence, because you’re all too stupid and will lose everything unless you stay with the banks. Well, someone will definitely always get rich from your bank deposit. (Hint: that someone is unlikely to be you!).

So what was it that so annoyed me about this so-called “news” feature? Well, actually it was the advertising break that followed. After they went to such lengths to warn us all away from the dangers of playing the cryptomarkets, what do you think they then tried to sell us? Online gambling casinos, online sports betting, and online lotteries. An absolute tax on stupidity if ever I’ve seen it, one of these companies even went so far as to lead with the utterly irresponsible advertising slogan “what will YOU do with YOUR winnings?”. I mean, that’s barely a whisper away from giving desperate people a 100% guarantee that all you have to do is gamble to make a ton of money, and this is quite literally 30 seconds after berating the same viewers who might think dabbling in BitCoin might earn them a few extra bucks to pay the household bills.

Furthermore what irked me even more about this was that later in the week the former chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs turned up on another international news network. It was the more business orientated CNBC this time, in other words more likely to be rich people speaking directly to other rich people, where Lloyd Blankfein professed his utter enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies, describing it as “something I’d like to have an oar in” while acknowledging that government regulators are probably “hyperventilating” over the whole concept. Read what you will into all of that, but the message I personally take away from it is loud and clear. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander as the old saying goes.

Elsewhere while still on the subject of the super rich, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg‘s ambitious plans to launch a competing mass cryptocurrency seems to have been shelved if not completely abandoned. The project faced opposition from all sides more or less from the start, including the US government and Federal Reserve, but to cut a long story short it is that once again the old world establishment deciding who can and cannot deliver necessary financial services demanded by the world’s “underbanked”. With some of the early financial backers of the project having had enough and withdrawing their support, some of the key technical developers have also grown frustrated and are leaving to pursue other objectives. That leaves Facebook (or rather The Diem Association, the group set up by Facebook to manage the program) selling off the technology to a little known California based bank. The selling price is a cool $200 million, a nice chunk of change for something that never happened in real life so I guess Mark and his buddies have something to comfort themselves with at their next Bahamian yacht party.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the last story about rich people knowing best what to do with poor people’s money involves El Salvador (a sovereign independent nation) and the International Monetary Fund (the IMF, NOT a sovereign independent nation). It seems the IMF is rather perturbed by El Salvador’s decision last year to allow BitCoin as one of the country’s two legal tenders. With an astonishing 70% of the country’s population either not wanting to or simply not having access to traditional banking services, the government decided enough was enough and if living standards were ever going to catch up with some their relatively more prosperous regional neighbors such as Costa Rica for example then drastic action had to be taken. Of course the dispute here is that any action taken should benefit the banks and not their customers, because any quick information search on the IMF will tell you this has never been an organization that acts in the best interests of people who really need financial help the most. They have been urging the Salvadoran government to drop BitCoin ASAP, though as usual they offer no viable alternative unless it’s something they hold the purse strings to. There’s always some people out there in the world that when you make them angry you know you’re doing something right! Thankfully more and more people around the globe are beginning to see through the old “do as I say, not as I do” line that’s been pedaled to them by wealthy crooks and monopolists for generations, and I for one think the faster this spreads the better.

And lastly for this week’s news digest, anyone interested in statistics and wanting to put a figure on how cryptocurrencies are entering mainstream business and will not be going away anytime soon may like to hear this one. It seems that Visa have just revealed that its customers made $2.5 billion in payments with its crypto linked cards in its fiscal first quarter of 2022 (in this case meaning the period of November to January). What’s interesting here is that this number is equal to 70% of the company’s entire crypto volume for all the full fiscal year of 2021 which puts them on track for an almost three fold increase this year if things continue as they are. The cards are typically linked to a user’s crypto exchange account and allows them to instantly spend those funds online and in-store in much the same way as a debit card would be linked to your bank account.

That’s all for today’s cryptonews digest. Please tune in next Monday for more!



RoboticsOnline still remains the only program featured on the MNO monitor that has been reviewed (you can read it here). It’s worth dozens of others though simply due to its longevity (two and a half years online) and the level of experience and dedication the admin has shown so far. Despite so many obstacles along the way and when so many programs came and go RoboticsOnline still firmly stands its ground and pays investors like clockwork. The only investment plan where one can invest in starts from $50 worth of BitCoin, Ethereum or LiteCoin and lasts for 12 business days (only Monday to Friday counts as accrual days). On expiry of the plan you get paid about 4% to 5% as the daily interest is variable and hovers around the 0.4% mark. I know it’s not much at all by HYIP industry standards, but it’s the best offer out there and perhaps the sheer longevity and stability of RoboticsOnline‘s performance over the years should entice smart investors to make the program at least part of a well-diversified portfolio. Besides, if you enable automated reinvestments in your account you can take advantage of higher rates including the long-term investment bonus applied to the account of loyal customers of RoboticsOnline. And don’t forget that you can get $300 free to try the program out and can get some extra winnings in RoboticsOnline‘s own weekly lottery where every $25 invested will get you one ticket and the potential to win prizes if you get the numbers right.

RoboticsOnline has also been very active when it comes to updating its social channels and posts something on an almost daily basis. Over the last seven days there were several updates from either the program’s own vaults, or the robotics development industry where as the name implies RoboticsOnline is allegedly involved in. You’re welcome read the latest updates below if interested:

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Tesla merch
Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the company will allow the purchase of its merchandise for the Dogecoin cryptocurrency.
After this tweet, the Dogecoin rate soared 38% to $0.218 per coin, but later began to decline.
Elon Musk did not specify what goods can be bought at the Tesla store for Dogecoin.
At the moment, Tesla has begun to manufacture various products. For example, the Giga Texas belt buckle has gone on sale, its cost is $150. The company also sells other items of clothing, miniature models of its clothing.
Our website

Robot couriers
Starship Technologies, a manufacturer of six-wheeled courier robots, has announced a massive expansion. In two years, robots will appear on 100 school and university campuses in the US and the UK.
Starship received a total investment of $85 million. The six-wheeled couriers passed the 100,000 commercial delivery mark.
Recently, the largest online store in the United States, Amazon, launched robot delivery. During the pilot project, each robot is accompanied by a human – called an “ambassador” – who is always ready to explain the benefits of robots delivering.
According to experts, the autonomous delivery market will grow up to $34 billion by 2025. Robots and drones on the streets of cities by this time will become as commonplace as cyclist couriers with puffy bags.
Our website

Opera introduces Crypto Browser with Web 3.0 interface
Opera has released a beta version of the browser with Web 3.0 features for Windows, macOS, and Android devices.
The browser includes a new non-custodial wallet, that allows users to access cryptocurrencies or sign in to dapps without installing any extensions.
The new browser features a Crypto Corner-themed page containing the latest crypto industry news, asset prices, educational content, a calendar of events including upcoming airdrops, and other industry information.
The app supports multiple blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Celo, and Nervos. The developers announced the imminent integration of Ethereum L2 networks.
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God from the machine
The future has already arrived in Kyoto City. In an ancient Buddhist temple, a robot named Mindaru explains the Buddha’s teachings in Japanese. It delivered the first sermon on the Heart Sutra and humanity in the hall of the 400-year-old Kodaiji temple.
Robot Mindaru is designed to explain the teachings of the Buddha to the younger generation and attract new followers. It embodies the image of the goddess of mercy Kannon.
It’s programmed to tell stories about Buddhism. The robot is just repeating the sermon on the Heart Sutra. It speaks Japanese with English subtitles on the wall.
So far, this is a test for the reaction of believers, and the temple is pleased with the results. There are plans to equip Mindaru with artificial intelligence.
The robot is 195 centimeters tall and weighs 60 kilograms. The frame is made of aluminum, the face and hands are made of silicone. Mindaru was created by A-Lab Co. The cost is almost $1,000,000.
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Virtual card with cryptocurrencies from Google
Google has been preparing for this for a long time. The leadership of the American brand decides to issue virtual cards for storing cryptocurrency.
The company has already entered into agreements with Bitpay and Coinbase, cryptocurrency platforms. Arnold Goldberg, who became known as one of the directors of the electronic payment system Paypal, will be responsible for this payment service.
At the moment, there is an active search for future employees for the development of the blockchain. The team will be led by a former head of Alphabet.
?urrently, there is no information about the timing of the launch of the system and the start of real use by end-users. However, there is already accurate data on the ability of Google’s virtual cards to support fiat currency.
Our website


It looks like despite the recent slowdown in cryptocurrency growth and the market’s standstill after the crash the optimistic mood of investors still survives. At least, that is if we consider the final results of the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page asking “How do you see the value of BitCoin developing during 2022?

The vast majority of my readers – 66% of you – think that “the value of BitCoin could probably skyrocket this year”. That opinion could actually be based on people’s expectations when overall cryptocurrencies and BitCoin have been growing steadily and no one who bought and held BTC over the last five years has lost anything.

The remaining third of readers take a more cautious approach towards the possibility of further growth in 2022 with 17% voting for “Just the usual up and down cycle, on average it will stay the same” while another 17% took an even dimmer view shared by all the doom and gloomers “The bubble will burst again and cause the value of BTC to collapse”. While the negative scenarios are still entirely possible, I myself tend to look on the brighter side to tell you that the glass is half full, rather than half empty. We will wait and see though what 2022 will bring!

For the next question I would like to ask you about your willingness to share your personal information (ID, proof of address, etc.) with large and established cryptocurrency exchangers, such as Binance or Coinbase. You see, financial requirements of KYC (know your customer) will force some exchangers to ask for identity verification from their customers in order to provide them with the full scope of services for their cryptoholdings (buying, selling, exchanging their cryptoassets, etc.) Unlike PerfectMoney and Payeer who generally didn’t care about customers verifying their real identity many cryptoexchangers are now legally bound to submit your personal data to various relevant government agencies who might then give you some headaches in terms of extra taxation and simply watching your every move. Haven’t we all actually signed up to use cryptocurrencies exactly to avoid the “big brother” all-seeing eye in the first place? That thought made me consider the following question I would like to ask readers today:

Would you be willing to submit your ID and other personal information to verify your account on cryptocurrency exchanges?

I know that there might be quite a few options when you think about it, but here are the three basic ones you can choose from:

– I would not verify my real identity under any circumstances
– I would only verify it if the provider is well-known and trusted
– I’ve no problem in revealing who I am for government agencies

The poll will remain open on the MNO TalkBack page over the next couple of weeks, so please take a second of your time and submit your vote on this page. Thanks in advance for your cooperation, guys!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 168 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: –
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: FastCoins (the first instant payments received).

That’s all the news for today, guys. Thanks a lot for your attention and for staying with MNO for nearly fifteen years already. I will talk to you all again very soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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