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07/02/2022. Weekly CryptoNews Digest and News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all, and thanks for coming back for reading the weekly cryptonews digest presented to you by the MNO blog. My website has been online for nearly 15 years now but at the current moment it is unfortunate that the HYIP industry is suffering from the overwhelmingly bad quality programs while the admins with rich experience seem to have been taking a break from their chores. Perhaps they are awaiting for the right moment to launch their programs which might as well coincide with the industry’s future revival. That will eventually happen for sure, but when it does happen no one can really say unless they have a crystal ball that is.

In any case, whenever the HYIP industry is going to rebound it’s important to always keep an eye on what is happening. It’s easy to miss out on a program going to be crowned as the next leader and MNO has always been the place where experienced admins with lots of potential bring their best programs for the judgment of my readers. If you have been having a fear of missing out I would strongly suggest to start following MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter. There you will find the latest announcements on any new programs added to the MNO monitor and quick updates on their status changes, so you won’t invest in an apparent scam.

If you’ve been a fan of MNO and would like to join the smart 2,500 subscribers that have been already reading my blog’s articles sent directly to their email addresses please submit yours here. And for all the questions, suggestions and advertising requests I’m always available on Telegram @mnoblog. Alternatively, email me directly at or submit your query via this online form. I’m always happy to hear from my precious readers, guide them or assist if they have an issue with an admin of the program monitored by MNO.

There’s been some positive news developments coming from the cryptocurrency markets where BTC has grown significantly and at the time of writing has been trading at over $44,300, gaining about a third since its recent drop to the $33K threshold and rebounding to levels not seen since the first week of January this year. That and some other important updates from the cryptocurrency world is at the focus of the latest weekly cryptoworld digest – everything essential that happened with BTC and other popular cryptocoins over the last seven days you should probably be aware of.

There’s a couple of interesting stories going on in the cryptocurrency world this week, but generally speaking I think the one that’s usually the most interesting for most people tends to be the exchange rate. In other words how many dollars or euros can you buy with one single BitCoin. I suppose you can view this as either good news or bad news depending on weather you are buying or selling. Then again if you are like me and simply an observer it’s just a matter of public interest or “for the record” so to speak, but the value has once again climbed back up to $40,000. I suppose we can all speculate as to why the exchange rate has recovered, but personally I have to say one of the major influencing factors was probably the Russian government’s decision to suddenly lay-off and abandon earlier plans to restrict the country’s citizen’s right to mine and trade the currency. At the end of the day it really does make sense, given that it’s more or less an unenforceable law, plus what can you really do to stop people from gambling anyway?

Here’s a story that I think is probably more interesting to US based readers, but also to “euro-philes” such as myself I do find this one of extreme significance going forward. It is after all the future of crypto. So it seems the “city of brotherly love” or Philadelphia as it’s known to the wider world is now getting down with crypto currency. The mayor of the city, his name is Jim Kenney though I must admit that I have no knowledge of his party politics, has declared that the city is going to follow the example set by Austin and Miami by giving discounts to local tax payers opting to use crypto to settle their debts with the city.

Once again, as if proof was needed, it simply establishes as a fact that the future of global currency is no longer in government hands, it’s in ours. Anyway, another news story also of more interest to US readers here involves the Superbowl. The American equivalent to the European Champion’s League and is coming up next week, the venue chosen is Inglewood California (traditionally a winter event so usually held in a warmer climate state). That’s not important here though, the point is that the football league itself, the NFL, is now getting in on the crypto act. Them and TicketMaster (a company I strongly dislike but that’s a whole other story for another day!) have said they are issuing match day tickets paid for using BitCoin. The thing is though that the ticket itself is being classed as a uniquely collectable item. Honestly, I can’t say if this is a good, bad, or ugly thing, I just think it’s newsworthy because it shows where we are going as a society with crypto.

Most readers here will probably be familiar with Ethereum, the main crypto rival currency to BitCoin, but how many of you are familiar with the name Vitalik Buterin? Me neither, I just recognise him as the developer responsible for Ethereum’s creation (unlike BTC where folks prefer anonymity). Anyway, in more of a feel good news story this week Buterin is donating an eyewatering portion of his already considerable personal wealth to the Covid relief effort in India. It’s hard to say exactly how much money comes directly from the man’s pocket given that it’s a sort of invented internet based thing, but it’s $100 million and he was perfectly free to blow it on sports cars and cocaine if he was that way inclined. Instead he opted to put it into the health care of people less fortunate than himself, so for that alone I say thank you Vitalik, much respect! Of course I doubt very much the man will struggle to pay his electricity bill, but hey, the only thing that really matters here is that people in desperate need of help will receive it.

That’s about it for this week’s cryptonews digest. Next issue will be posted in seven days time, so stay tuned for that. Keep reading more on the latest from RoboticsOnline in the news from the HYIP industry section of today’s post.



If you don’t have enough updates from the cryptocurrency world and related matters then RoboticsOnline has some more info for you. The company that’s been online since 2019 and is currently operating in its third year online can be considered pretty remarkable in many aspects and very different from the average program the HYIP industry tends to offer. If you’re not yet familiar with RoboticsOnline and haven’t read my detailed review posted here allow me to remind you of a few things you might want to consider before joining.

Despite RoboticsOnline working with such popular cryptocurrencies as BitCoin, Ethereum and LiteCoin the balance is converted into USD which serves as the internal currency and the interest is credited in USD as well. It’s extremely small by the HYIP industry standards and only hovers around the 4.5% mark credited to your account on expiry of a 12-business day term. There is a possibility to activate an automated reinvestment if you don’t need your money immediately on expiry and thus get some extra investment bonus with the deposit rolling over through the next 12-business day term indefinitely, or until you reactivate the option in your dashboard. Note that both minimum investment and withdrawal are $50, but the funding of the account can be made in much smaller instalments. There is also a $300 “free” deposit option for new investors that is more or less just a “demo” account, as only the approximate 9% of the profit will be able to get withdrawn on expiry of the second 12-business days investment cycle. At the end of the second investment term your profit will only be worth about $27 while the minimum withdrawal is $50, so you will need to add at least $23 of your own money in order to qualify for any withdrawal which is usually processed automatically after 24 hours sfromince the time the request was made.

Overall, after more than two and a half years online RoboticsOnline has definitely managed to prove all the skeptics wrong and has remained strong even throughout the Covid pandemic. The various obstacles across the 30-month long journey have possibly only strengthened the program and the admin’s determination to continue great work when so many others failed to do so and achieve such a spectacular lifetime. The latest updates from RoboticsOnline posted within the last seven days on their social networking channels are reposted below for your convenience:

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El Salvador will provide loans secured by bitcoin
El Salvador is exploring the possibility of providing loans to small and micro-businesses secured by Bitcoin.
Details of the planned decision are unknown, but some details were announced by government adviser Monica Taher during a Facebook Live Audio discussion titled “Bitcoin Loans with Reduced Interest Rates.”
The financial instrument will work with the Chivo government wallet.
During the discussion, a representative of the Ledn project, which launched mortgage lending secured by bitcoin in December 2021, asked about mortgage.
Taher replied, that at the moment a loan product is being created for small and micro-businesses. But she added that the authorities will return to the issue of mortgages later.
Our website

Chassis with brains (The pix moving)
The PIX Moving is an innovative technology startup reimagining the cities of the future. With autonomous driving spaces developed by PIX Moving, cities will have the opportunity to grow and adapt to economic and technological changes.
The PIX Moving is on its way to design the cities of tomorrow based on the concept of autonomous mobility.
Using emerging autonomous driving, robotics, generative design, and metal 3D printing, PIX has already designed and manufactured smart cars for various fields.
This concept contributes to the sustainable development of cities, where autonomous moving spaces will become a major part of urban infrastructure.
The patented PIX Platform for Ultraskateboard Chassis allows for the flexibility and affordability of customizing a limitless variety of smart spaces.
The PIX has developed 28 intelligent vehicles and delivered vehicles to more than ten countries around the world.
Our website

Crypto mortgage in the USA
In the United States was created a fintech startup Milo, which was called the first in the world that provides a cryptocurrency mortgage service.
The company invites US citizens and foreigners to use their digital assets to buy real estate in the US.
So far, people can take out a 30-year home loan only using Bitcoin as collateral. This type of lending has its advantages.
The company allows cryptocurrency holders to use their assets as investments in real estate instead of selling it for a down payment.
Otherwise, they would have had to pay mortgage tax, or as a result of the growth of the cryptocurrency exchange rate after the sale, their assets could lose value.
However, it remains unclear how much BTC will be needed to secure the loan. It is also unknown how the company intends to balance the asset’s volatility.
Milo claims to have already completed several early access mortgages. The company hopes that in 2022 this service will become available to everyone.

Drones for industry tasks
FIXAR company creates unmanned aerial vehicles of vertical takeoff and landing. Simple and reliable like industrial quadcopters, fast and efficient like an airplane.
With the help of an intuitive interface and ease of operation with a ground control station, the operation of FIXAR drones is available to anyone without specific piloting skills and knowledge of aerodynamics.
Thanks to inertial orientation, FIXAR drones can work stably in geomagnetic anomalies and the event of loss of satellites.
For these drones, the company uses a unique closed hardware and software system that guarantees information protection. All drone software is designed specifically for the FIXAR aerodynamic scheme. In addition, all systems use their communication protocol, which eliminates control hijacking.
Our website

First salary of the mayor of New York in cryptocurrency
Even against the backdrop of a significant decline in cryptocurrency quotes, the new mayor of New York, Eric Adams, didn’t abandon plans to receive the first three salaries in Bitcoins and Ethereum cryptocurrencies.
The first salary of Mr. Adams was transferred to Bitcoins and Ethereum on the Coinbase crypto exchange. The official’s salary is paid weekly, and its size is about $5,900. The mayor didn’t specify the shares in which his money was distributed between the two largest cryptocurrencies, but if digital assets continue to become cheaper, his salary may decrease.
Mr. Adams announced his intention to receive the first three salaries in Bitcoins last November – when cryptocurrency rose to a record value.
The mayor of the largest city in the United States wasn’t the only American celebrity who decided to receive a salary in cryptocurrency. A similar decision was made by National Football League players Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Odell Beckham Jr.
Our website

Our history
The RoboticsOnline platform was created to make the investment process as profitable as possible for each user.
Since 2019, private investors can use our global platform to invest in the most promising industries.
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RoboticsOnline founder and CEO Michael Stark believes that the people behind RoboticsOnline are as important as the platform itself.
The RoboticsOnline team is a group of dedicated and driven people, who believe in the latest technologies and work together to contribute to the digitalization of the new world.
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That’s all the news I had to share with you for today, guys. I hope to see you all in a few days again. Please vote in the latest TalkBack poll if you haven’t done so yet and I will talk to you again in a few days time, most likely next week. MNO – For Money Lovers!

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