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14/02/2022. Weekly CryptoNews Digest and News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all! I’m pleased to see you all back on MNO – the leading internet resource on HYIP investments and related subjects that’s been with you for nearly fifteen years now. You might have noticed that lately there have been almost no quality programs presented on the MNO monitor (with the exception of the always reliable RoboticsOnline, of course) and those programs on Basic listing have proven to become scams sooner than expected. However, I’m not alone in this – the same situation can currently be observed pretty much everywhere. I still don’t see any signs of a recovering positive trend to replace the almost non-existent investment activity due to a lack of truly professional admins still remaining active in the industry and the abundance of cheap fast scams instead. Yet, at some point the pattern will break and we will certainly see something that everyone will be talking about. The return of the big admin is just around the corner and in order not to miss the moment it happens you should follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter. Join the 2,500+ subscribers by submitting your email address on this page in order not to miss any important article posted on the MNO blog. And of course, keep an eye on the MNO monitor for more promising newcomers that might appeal to you.

Today is a special day for all my readers as the majority of you will be celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing your love with the special ones in your life. Although it might be an intimate moment I would like to send my love to all the MNO readers who have been with me through thick and thin and stay loyal by joining the great programs under my links. You are the reason MNO has been and will stay here for many more years to come. You are the ones who have made my journey possible and you gave me the purpose why I started my blog a decade and a half ago in the first place. And the main purpose of my blog has always been was to help you making a choice among various HYIPs and share my own personal experience of being an investor. That’s why I truly appreciate your input and the feedback you may share with me to improve my work would be more than welcome. Just a quick reminder that you can contact me directly at, by submitting this online form or by chatting with me online on Telegram @mnoblog.

Now before getting to the news from the HYIP industry let’s look at the main events that happened in cryptoworld over the last seven days (February 7 to February 13).

It looks as if the old expression “evolve or die” has been embraced with both arms by some of the world’s biggest investment banking corporations this week, at least when it comes to BitCoin anyway. Naturally enough you would expect banks to prefer their customers use their local domestic currency from whatever country their customers are residing in, that is after all the thing they like most to screw the rest of us out of. When it comes to their own money however, it’s refreshingly candid of them to acknowledge how profitable dabbling in cryptocurrency trading can be. They don’t like us having all the fun it seems, but Wells Fargo have made public a report stating that it’s not too late to buy BitCoin or other cryptocurrencies, making the comparison between crypto trading today and the internet back in the 1990’s when that went from a fad for a handful of tech nerds to a mass appeal and essential tool the entire world has become dependent on. Likewise with their business rivals in the JP Morgan corporation, this bank have increased their long term forecasts for the value BitCoin, saying they expect it will reach a whopping $150,000. Unhelpfully for the rest of us however, they failed to explain what “long term” means exactly. I mean they may as well have said “it’s going to rain next year” for all the good that advice does me.

In a similar move, the Canadian branch of the global accounting firm, KPMG has allocated part of its corporate treasury to BitCoin and Ethereum. KPMG declined to disclose the amount but revealed that it acquired the assets through Gemini’s custody services. The investment reflects their belief that institutional adoption of crypto assets and BlockChain technology will continue to grow.

At the opposite end of the spectrum it also appears that the world of cryptocurrency is moving into mainstream business rather than the other way around. If you are a regular crypto trader, either professionally or just for amusement and an occasional few extra bucks to help out with the household utility bills, then no doubt you will have come across the name Binance. They of course are the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform and are now set to commit some $200 million to invest in the financial media outlet Forbes. There’s close to forty different and multilingual versions of the magazine published around the globe so chances are there’s one not too far from you, though in popular culture the thing I think Forbes is most famous for is their “lists”. These include stuff like the worlds billionaires, the 400 richest Americans, the biggest companies, the wealthiest sports or music celebrities, and so on. Binance won’t be the sole owner of Forbes of course, but I suspect they will have some strong influence over its editorial policies and content. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next popular list turns out to be world’s 200 wealthiest BitCoin owners or some such!

Another of the business and finance industry’s biggest names, this time BlackRock which is the world’s largest asset manager is focused on offering a cryptocurrency trading service to its clients. It’s been reported in New York where BlackRock has its main headquarters and manages over $10 trillion in assets, the company plans to enter the cryptocurrency space with client support trading and then with their own credit facility, meaning clients could borrow from BlackRock by pledging crypto assets as collateral.

I know I’ve been reporting on the BitCoin/Crypto situation in Russia already over the last couple of weeks in this digest, then again the country is rarely out of the news these days for one reason or another. Anyway, I hope this will finally conclude the current saga until something else comes along. As you may already be aware from my earlier reports, Russia will now regulate rather than impose an outright ban cryptocurrencies. I’m just repeating this again as some other more interesting details emerge. It seems the government and central bank in Russia have finally reached an agreement and authorities are now working on a draft law that will define crypto as an analogue of currencies rather than digital financial assets. The news comes after months of speculation that Russia would call for an industry-wide ban.

And finally for this week I’m not sure how many readers will remember this one, (probably all the ones directly affected do!) but the cryptocurrency exchange service provider BitFinex was hacked a few years back with tens of millions of dollars stolen. Well, it looks as if the US Justice Department have achieved the impossible and recovered the stolen loot. They seized 94,000 bitcoins from a New York couple who were then subsequently arrested and charged with the 2016 hack of BitFinex. Worth $71m at the time it was stolen, the recovered bitcoin is now valued at more than $3.6bn. Never slow to cash-in, Netflix has already announced that it will tell the story of what it calls “the biggest criminal financial crime case in history”. As opposed to the biggest act of financial idiocy which was their decision to pay $100 million to the UK’s ex Prince Harry, a move that lost them 775,000 subscribers in that country where he doesn’t quite enjoy the popular celebrity status the Netflix directors seem to think he deserves. Oh well, I’m just glad it isn’t coming out of my pocket I guess. It would seem than that BitCoin transactions may not be so entirely untraceable after all, even if it did take almost six years for the culprits to be chased down. Hopefully news of their almost super human effort will act as a major deterrent to any future would-be hackers.

The Weekly CryptoNews Digest that has been now traditionally posted every Monday will be back in seven days from now, so always stay tuned for more! And now let’s get to the news from the HYIP industry.



RoboticsOnline remains perhaps one of the very few programs in the HYIP industry now whose admin truly knows what he’s doing and how to achieve his goals in the long-term. The program that first launched back in 2019 has been the leading name for a couple of years and managed to survive and thrive where others failed. You can read my full review of RoboticsOnline here, but if you don’t have time let me give you a brief overview of its main features.

So, the program accepts investments starting from a $50 minimum which can be deposited via BitCoin, LiteCoin or Ethereum. The minimum to withdraw is also $50 but it won’t be a problem, as the investment term is limited to 12 business days during which you cannot touch your money. Only after the 12-business day term elapses will you be allowed to withdraw your principal (or reinvest it for another term). The interest is paid on every business day (Monday to Friday) and by the end of the term you should expect around 4.5% profit. Not much by any HYIP industry standard, but with so many cycles already done RoboticsOnline is clearly streets ahead of pretty much all others. The last investment cycle, for instance, has brought investors 4.53% profit of which the admin reported on the program’s official Telegram channel a few days ago. Other posts from the channel included various subjects coming from the world of cryptocurrency and robotics which the company allegedly heavily invests with.

Over the last few days the main focus of the admin was on updating the website’s news section. It was completed by RoboticsOnline‘s annual profits report explaining where exactly investors’ funds are put, the detailed explanation of its lottery system where a lucky investor can get up to $1,000,000 for a winning ticket, and the introduction of the new improved website design everyone can benefit from. More on that please read below and keep an eye on more news and updates from this exciting program called RoboticsOnline:

Profit of the last 12 business days: 4.53%
Wanna start investing and earn some money? Try RoboticsOnline.
According to our statistics, the profit for the last 12 days of the investment period was 4.53%.
Start earning at

Overview of RoboticsOnline’s Annual Report
RoboticsOnline is still considered a young company, but also one that has come a long way since its inception in 2019. Over the past two years, it worked hard on developing its service dedicated to helping short-term investors, allowing them to earn passive income in as short as 12 business days, and even introducing a lottery that promises potential rewards up to $1 million.
The company spent most of its lifetime under very challenging circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly made sure of that. Interestingly, the company still managed to see a rather positive performance. The company’s CEO believes that this is because of RoboticsOnline’s innovative platform offering, which is low-risk, fair, and offers quickly remunerative investment opportunities to retail investors and companies alike.
The work-automation processes, AI-assisted robotics, and automation technologies, in general, have seen a massive rise in popularity around the world during this period, so this tech is already highly attractive. By democratizing access to investment, RoboticsOnline brought this tech even closer to the people, so it is not surprising that the attention skyrocketed.
The company’s annual report noted several major market drivers, including robotics (assessed at $23.67 billion in 2020), cryptocurrencies (with the number of coins exceeding 12,200 and the market cap above $2 trillion at the time of writing), startups (where key trends like digital health tech, AI and Machine Learning went mainstream), and finally, Initial Coin Offerings.
Of course, ICOs are no longer like they used to be in 2016 and 2017. They are now taking place on exchanges in the form of IEOs, or in the DeFi sector in the form of IDOs, both of which are models deriving from ICO, but offer greater investor protection, working on eliminating scams and promoting legitimate, healthy projects.
As for RoboticsOnline, it saw steady enough growth over the past two years. From September 2019 to December 2019 — the first few months of its existence — it managed to collect 427 users, with an average deposit being around $1,137, and a total of $485,499. In 2020, these figures increased to 2,174 users, an average deposit of $1,685, and a total of nearly $3 million.
This annual total of 2020 was nearly reached in the first six months of 2021, when the company hit $2,671,186 in June 2021. Its user number surged to 3,532 at the time, with an average deposit of nearly $2,000.
With the introduction of lottery and new partnerships, the company has come a long way in a very short and difficult time, further indicating the surge of interest in emerging technologies and highlighting their potential when they are combined.
Despite all of the success seen thus far, however, RoboticsOnline is only getting started. The company is eager to continue pushing forward, rising to meet new challenges, and is looking forward to tackling Q4 2021, and then delving further into 2022 and beyond.

Profits of 2019
Since its founding, RoboticsOnline aimed to help our users earn a passive income through short-term investments and allow them to make use of their excess money in the best possible way — to make more money. Looking back at 2019, we are proud to say that we managed to boost the percentage of the added daily profits to as much as 55.55%.
This is significantly more than what can be expected to earn through passive income on your short-term investments through any other initiative, and we are very proud to be the ones who managed to pull it off before anybody else.
A number of our users have been extremely satisfied with the profits they have earned through our platform — so much so that many who previously depended on part-time jobs no longer need to rely on them to make a living. Part-time jobs in this day and age have proven to be extremely stressful, time-consuming, and generally less beneficial than many hope for them to be when they start working them.
Why did they do it, then?
They have no other choice. Or at least, they had no other choice.
RoboticsOnline has given them, as well as those who may have simply been seeking additional income, a new take on earning money which leaves them with enough free time to focus on their studies, full-time jobs, gathering trading and investing experience, and honing skills of all kinds.
Our platform is fully transparent, allowing you to see the growth of the average interest rate over time, and realize how much more potential earnings you stand to make when compared to the likes of bank deposits, bonds, real estate, P2P, and even stocks.
For now, we continue in our mission to improve our customers’ earnings through compounding interest in a safe and reliable environment, with plans to increase them as time goes by.. It is easy, quick, available worldwide, and all you need to do is make a deposit and invest, pick your numbers, and wait for the weekly draws to end.

RoboticsOnline Own Lottery System
Cryptocurrency trading is, of course, a serious business, and it should be taken seriously, considering that your hard-earned money is at stake every time when you enter a position. However, we believe that engaging with crypto should have a lighthearted side to it, which is why we decided to introduce our own lottery system, and bring some risk-free excitement to our platform.
By participating in our lottery system, you can win up to $1 million every week, simply by investing and saving your money. In other words, all you need to do is invest through our platform. You will, of course, make your regular returns, but also get the chance to win weekly lottery rewards, with $1 million being the crown jewel of the system.
The lottery is available to all RoboticsOnline’s users who use the platform for making deposits and investments. Upon investing, you will be able to pick your numbers for the lottery and participate in the drawing.
It should be noted that for every $25 of active investment, you will receive 1 ticket for the weekly lottery. With that in mind, if you were to invest $1,000, that would secure 40 tickets for the week. Upon investing, your active investment will be counted on the upcoming Monday at 5 pm UTC, so keep that in mind.
But, each ticket is capable of winning the grand amount of $1 million, so there is a chance that you may be the ultimate victor, whether you have 1 or 1,000 tickets to your name.
We have found the lottery to be a very exciting way to earn extra rewards alongside your regular investing returns, and we expect it to become one of the most popular parts of our platform. After all, it is very easy to join and use the system, and everything is based entirely on luck and chance. The more numbers you match, the more money you win.
We see it as a great opportunity to combine a game that everyone is familiar with and this new asset class that has taken the world by storm. So, give it a try if you are an active RoboticsOnline user — and if not, consider joining up and doing it anyway.

RoboticsOnline’s New Update Improves Design and Takes the Dashboard Out of Beta
RoboticsOnline just launched a new update that has brought a new design to its platform, alongside a number of minor improvements.
RoboticsOnline has been seeing a rapid surge in popularity thanks to its services, the most popular of which continues to be it’s lottery system, allowing users to win up to $1 million every week.
However, the company believed that it is time to focus more greatly on aesthetics and functionality, which is why it recently launched a new upgrade.
The upgrade brought a number of changes, most of which were small improvements, but a few are quite noticeable. For example, the homepage received a headline update that immediately stands out to those who have known it before the update, and all dashboard pages have received design upgrades.
Speaking of the dashboard, the company finally took it out of the beta stage, and it has now been fully launched in its completed and fully upgraded form. It also received a few more options, as well as improved some of the existing ones. This is expected to be of great use for the firm’s partner program, which is important for the next stage of its development, and which will bring new partners, increase the company’s influence, reach, and visibility.
As always, the company’s goal is to make its services available to the users, as well as provide them with the best experience. So far, its growth shows that it has been quite successful. With every $25 of active investment through the platform, users receive 1 ticket for the weekly lottery. With that said, investing $1,000 would secure 40 tickets for the week. After investing, however, the users’ active investment score will be counted on the upcoming Monday at 5 pm, which means that you cannot invest at any point during the week and immediately join the lottery.
Other than that, it functions as a regular lottery, and it offers very attractive prizes which continue to boost RoboticsOnline’s user count.

UFC Champion Fee in Bitcoin
UFC champion Francis Ngannou received half of the fee for the fight with Cyril Gan in Bitcoin using the Cash App.
Reigning UFC Mixed Martial Arts League heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou revealed on Twitter that he received half of the fee for the fight at the tournament on January 23, 2022 in bitcoins. The fighter received the cryptocurrency through the Cash App.
Ngannou also announced a giveaway of $300,000 in Bitcoin to his fans. The champion explained that he wants to make the cryptocurrency more accessible.
Last April, Kansas City Chiefs player Sean Culkin became the first player in NFL history to convert an annual income into cryptocurrency. The first NFL player to get paid in bitcoin was Russell Okung of the Carolina Panthers. In 2020, he converted 50% of his annual salary into cryptocurrency.
Our website

Farm oyster flipping robot
The most popular method of growing oysters is to use cages that float on the surface of the water. Until the mollusks mature, the weight of cages reaches 27-32 kg. While they are in the water, sea plants grow on their lower part.
Sea plants slow down the flow of water, which negatively affects the growth of oysters. Therefore cages need to be turned 11 times a year. At the moment, this work is done by farmers on kayaks.
MIT students led by Michelle Kornberg developed the Oystamaran electric catamaran to work on oyster farms. It grabs the cage and put it between two floats. After that, the manipulator turns it over.
Now the catamaran performs the lion’s share of the work in remote control mode. It has already been tested at the Ward Aquafarms oyster farm. Engineers are working on the complete autonomy of the device.
Our website

Self-irony of the President of El-Salvador
“Tomorrow, for the first time in history, all the eyes of the world will be on El Salvador. Bitcoin did this,” – Nayib Bukele tweeted.
His account has the status of “the coolest dictator” – his self-irony reflects the character of a politician who decided to make a risky experiment with the legalization of Bitcoin as a means of payment. This measure can help the country get out of a protracted crisis.
The president also vividly reacted to the fall of Bitcoin, while showing an example of self-irony – on his new avatar, Nayib is now wearing a Mcdonald’s branded hat.
The volatility and unpredictability of Bitcoin can negatively affect the country’s economy. However, even in the worst-case scenario and the collapse of the entire project, the dollar will “insure” the fall in the cryptocurrency rate. If the experiment is successful, it will help the Salvadoran government overcome a lot of problems.
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Police robots
The first police robots caused concern among Americans. People are concerned that robots can be used not only for surveillance, but also as weapons.
The New York Times reported, that the NYPD is already using robotic dogs to help fight crime in the city. The police send out a robotic dog, Digidog, which is equipped with a night vision camera, allowing them to remotely assess the situation.
Allowing robots to do police work will cause social prejudice, fear of mobile surveillance, hacker attacks, and privacy violations.
Digidog robots are already working in three police stations in the US. They are based on Spot robots manufactured by Boston Dynamics. It is expected that soon robots will be increasingly used by the police and other law enforcement agencies.
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Portugal to open first store to buy and sell Bitcoin
Startup BITBase has opened the first physical store for buying and selling cryptocurrencies in Portugal.
This is the first of two stores that will be opened in this country in parallel with the installation of several cryptocurrency ATMs.
Both stores will operate on a franchising model. At the current moment in Portugal, there is no regulatory framework for trading cryptocurrencies.
The country’s regulators, including the Securities Market Commission and the Bank of Portugal, have previously warned about the risks of trading cryptocurrencies without state control.
The company’s website notes that BitBase will introduce potential customers to cryptocurrencies and help them take their first steps in the crypto world using BitBase.
Our website

That’s about all the news I had to report today, guys, and I hope to talk to you again soon. I wish to send you all the love you deserve on this wonderful Valentine’s Day and thanks a lot for sharing your love with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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