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16/06/2014. Using SolidTrustPay in the HYIP Industry: A Beginner’s Guide


Hi everybody! Monday again so I hope you’re all keeping well after the weekend and are looking forward to what the new business week might bring us. It’s almost a cliché by now that so many people dislike Monday mornings but for me I have to say I kinda like them. Maybe things are just different when you run your own business I guess, and you always hope for something exciting or a new goal to work for. Fingers crossed there’ll be a couple more opportunities coming along before the week is finished, but one step at a time. So anyway, to start things off this week I have to say for a while now I’ve been planning a series of articles looking at the various payment processors serving the online HYIP industry. Not necessarily an endorsement of one over the other or a critique as such, just a description of how they work, what’s the difference between them, why some are more suitable to certain people that others, and so on.

I’m going to start the series today then as it’s been a slow enough start to the week for news stories, and with one eye on the World Cup I have some spare time. I’ll be returning to the other providers periodically depending on my work schedule, but I’m going to start with a look at SolidTrustPay. And the reason I’m starting with them is largely because I know from experience (watching my own referrals and downlines) that they are by some considerable distance the most popular payment processor among MNO readers. Not just in terms of the number of individual members but also in terms of the sheer volume of money that’s passing through it.

In fact SolidTrustPay has always been the MNO readers’ favorite going back several years now, but recently the requirements to become a verified merchant and accept investments have been tightened severely. Despite this, many of the higher quality programs still accept STP and sometimes the entire Top Five Popular Programs on my monitor entirely consist of the programs using them. So we can safely conclude that the majority of programs that launch and accept STP from the beginning are intended to run longer. Recent examples of such include some extremely successful programs in the industry, arguably some of the the best to be listed on the MNO monitor in the last twelve months – RockwellPartners, FinMutual, and Cryptory. They are all run by very experienced admins who managed to satisfy the criteria for getting accepted as a new STP merchant and became fully verified and able to accept deposits via STP.

The main disadvantage of STP are the transaction fees. All payment processors have them of course, they are all commercial businesses after all, but STP‘s are just that little bit higher. These include 1.5% plus a $0.20 fixed fee for every incoming transaction to your account. So you’ll need to keep this in mind, especially if you are depositing smaller amounts which might not even be worth your while. But the thing about these supposedly high fees that a lot of less experienced commentators fail to realize is that they are also vastly exaggerated. You see the thing is that other payment processors force you to channel money through third party exchange providers, therefore only adding to the cost of moving your money around. They themselves may not be the ones actually charging you for this service (the exchange I mean), but the end result is the same – the exchanger charges you one fee for moving your money, and the payment processor then charges you another fee for accepting it. And of course not to mention the added risk every time another person has to handle your money in order to move it from A to B on your behalf. SolidTrustPay have no such ridiculous rules or forced fees. Why would they? If you are a verified member with nothing to hide and not out to steal from anyone then you can simply get your account verified. You can then sidestep all the exchange providers required for other processors and have your money moved by the one and only source you can truly depend and rely on and trust – yourself! When you add other payment processor fees to the fees paid to exchangers, there’s really not that much to separate them and in the case of STP you’re paying for a vastly superior and more professional service.

Generally speaking then HYIP investors via STP are more confident and more likely to make bigger deposits than any other payment system and they are really rewarded by doing so. The question is why exactly is it safer to invest in HYIPs via STP, particularly if you’re a more serious player with big funds at your disposal?

First of all, HYIP admins almost always pay to STP for much longer than any other payment processor. Even when they totally stop making payouts to EgoPay and PerfectMoney, they are still done via STP. Reason – STP will suspend their account immediately once they have a complaint that they can verify from one of their members, perhaps even making refunds (this is I admit now quite a rare event, but someone reported one only recently on the MNO ShoutBox).

The timing is of course crucial here. Once you know that a program is closing down but still being available to withdraw instantly you’re in with a chance of getting as much as your entire deposit back. Many people did with BitcoFinancial recently when the program continued paying STP members for about 24 hours after they stopped for others. Another recent example you might know about is Eazzy. The payouts are still processed manually to STP like clockwork for a couple of weeks after they stopped for everyone else, and I know cases when actual deposits were returned to investors which put them well into profit. They couldn’t have even dreamt of this if they invested via PerfectMoney or EgoPay.

Usually admins pay until the funds are completely drained from their STP accounts, so investing via STP is a huge advantage over the competition for this reason alone. That’s why there is such a huge demand for programs accepting STP straight from the day of launch and seen as a certain “seal of approval”, showing the determination of the admin to satisfy all STP demands in order to get his button verified. There are few programs accepting STP now, but the ones who do are the most popular and there are still lots of investors queuing up to join them. Admins trying to make their programs into the biggest online should take note of that and get approved by STP before the launch.

Verification of your STP account is strongly recommended as it will allow you to use the account to its full extent. All that’s needed is a government issued ID and a utility bill sent to the registered address. HYIPs can be subject to a much more stringent regime, and impossible to complete if the admin is just a fly-by-night scammer, in which case he’s not welcome anyway. You can see an account comparison chart indicating the level of approval obtained when signed-in, just click the Verify Account tab.

So how then does one fund their STP account? This can be done via a Bank Transfer or International Bank Wire, ACH which is available for US clients, or via your Credit or Debit card which you need to add to your account first. This is explained more clearly and much more succinctly in the handy step-by-step instructional video posted on YouTube here:

How to withdraw funds from your STP account is more or less a reversal of the deposit process. In other words withdrawals can be paid directly into your bank account (direct bank transfers and SWIFT bank transfers, plus ACH for Americans), Credit card withdrawals. It might be largely obsolete now in the days of electronic bank transactions around the world, but SolidTrustPay can still mail a cheque to your home address if that’s what you prefer. Or then you have my own favorite option which is the STP International Debit card.

This last feature has been a great success in my opinion. Yes, it’s been good for me personally I will admit, but this is a public service available to anyone. There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from getting one yourself and enjoying the same freedom and flexibility, turning the profits made from online investments into cash and being able to do it from pretty much anywhere in the world. A vacation needn’t stop you from making money after all!

You would need to apply directly to SolidTrustPay for the card, but while they will be the ones doing the paperwork they’re not actually the card issuer. This is done by PaySpark, a company based in Cyprus and also working with WebMoney among others. STP will handle the application and the documents required for your account to be activated, but PaySpark will contact you about the card itself. STP have in fact been offering members debit cards for a number of years now, however there was an enormous gap in the service, well over a year I think it was, when their old provider was removed. The replacement was worth the wait though, as the service provided by PaySpark is an almost stunning improvement over the last provider. Almost no comparison really, these guys are way more professional and the actual card itself is substantially better. For example, while most of your payments in STP will be in dollars, you don’t necessarily have to take your debit card withdrawals in dollars. This can be in your local currency, saving you from foreign exchange fees every time you use it and the uncertainty of fluctuating exchange rates. The card can also be used for over-the-counter sales in shops, buying online, or just cash-in-hand withdrawals from any ATM if you would prefer. Requesting a debit card withdrawal from your STP account usually takes about three business days to be complete.

On the subject of withdrawals, there’s another video, this time from a different member, also on YouTube explaining in plain language and giving you on screen instructions (so you can pause it and copy it at your own pace) on how to get your money out. In this case the account holder posting the video is concentrating on withdrawing to his own bank account, however what ever method is best for you the process is pretty much the same.

Remember to get a TrustCard which will be sent to your verified postal address. The actual card itself is valueless, but it’s the information contained on it that you need. It’s a small credit card shaped piece of plastic containing three codes that will be needed by you to verify that you’re the owner of the account. That process will help you avoid some unexpected account suspensions if you try to access your STP account from an unknown location or change any of the account details. As only the account owner has access to the card, it being an offline hard copy tool, this goes a long way towards protecting your account from hackers.

SolidTrustPay being a transparent, licensed, and legally compliant business unlike such anonymous payment processors like EgoPay and PerfectMoney don’t have to use the services of the third-party exchangers in order to serve their clients properly. Such services are allowed of course if for some reason you need them (though most people shouldn’t), however there are some exceptions. Only to verified members may use them for example, and because of legal restraints not of STP‘s making the use of exchangers is not a service made available to US residents. Remember that if you need an exchanger then the only place to find one is on the approved list of service providers found on this page:
All other exchanges are strictly prohibited, and if you are discovered offering them then you risk your account being frozen and the money taken back. So don’t even think about it. Likewise if someone offers to exchange money for you, you run the risk of having that money taken back from you at some point in the future. There’s a list of approved exchangers there for a reason you know, and it’s for your own protection that you stick with them. STP transactions are fully reversible remember, so don’t risk it! The list might change from time to time so always check this information on the STP official blog

There’s an entirely dedicated website specially set up for support issues which has Live Chat during working hours and a support ticketing system at There are some phone numbers you can call a very efficient support team, also during working hours, and discuss whatever questions you might have. STP is a fully legitimate and compliant payment processor, so it’s a totally different level from PerfectMoney and EgoPay which cannot function without third-party exchangers and whose exact whereabouts are unknown due to their anonymity and total unresponsiveness to members’ issues let alone refunds or returns. If your money is stolen in such payment systems you will never see it again. This is not the case in STP where if you were hacked and STP funds are still in the system you can identify yourself as the rightful account owner and be protected. It’s no coincidence after all that you almost never hear of STP accounts getting hacked (who’d bother trying when they can’t get any money out?). Compare that with LibertyReserve where it was an almost daily occurrence. Members’ money was practically flooding out of their accounts there, into the pockets of various thieves and hackers and under the very indifferent noses of the support staff.

We must conclude that STP is friendly towards the regular HYIP investor directly because of restrictions imposed on HYIP admins, making it difficult for them to get too much of the money out to their offline bank accounts. That’s why they’re forced to pay until the account is drained but can run away with funds stolen from other payment processors like PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and even BitCoin – no questions asked. Also, from the investor’s point of view, it’s very convenient to fund and withdraw just as I described above. Please watch the videos for more information and open an STP account today to improve your chances of winning in HYIPs. I know that the residents of some countries have restrictions barring them from signing-up to STP and getting verified. These are partially down to international trade sanctions (Belarus for example) but also due to restrictions on the use of the US dollar (like Iran) which despite STP being a Canadian business still has as its primary currency. I guess that might go some way towards explaining the bad feeling against STP in certain quarters, with the owners of websites based in those countries unable to make any money from STP. Or unable to withdraw it I should say, were any money to become available to them (ref commission payments for example would simply be abandoned).

Of course HYIP investments are different and you should still be aware of the risks involved. STP won’t give you any money back based simply on the reason that you lost it in a HYIP. That would involve reversing every transaction, including the profits you might already have withdrawn. But it does greatly increase your chances of success due to the admin simply not wanting the payment processor. For investors on the other hand it’s great as it allows you a clear advantage over HYIP admins. You can fund your STP account and withdraw from it via so many different methods and getting yourself an STP International Debit Card is strongly recommended by me as a very convenient and cost effective tool of turning online profits from the HYIP industry into real cash in your pocket. Just remember that investing in HYIPs using SolidTrustPay is not safe, it’s just safer. It can increase your chances of success and of seeing a profit – the goal which every online investor is working for, aren’t they?

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