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First I would like to inform you that despite yesterday’s difficulties with accessing e-gold site today all is working normally. So there’s nothing to worry about. Now back to business.

One of the most popular long-term programs now is undoubtedly MInvestment. It’s still advertised heavily (including “paid sticky” topic on MMG forum) and now is going to add e-bullion as another payment option. Below is the today’s newsletter which has been sent today to members:
We at MInvestment would like to sincerely apologize for the delay in adding e-bullion. We are now 99% ready to add it, we just need to run the final tests and update some of our website areas to have e-bullion incorporated into our system as smoothly as possible. We will do our best to add it by the end of this week. Please bear with us.
Last week you may have experienced problems accessing your e-gold accounts as well as making deposits into your MInvestment accounts from your e-gold accounts. E-gold was doing extensive technical maintenance which lasted longer than they initially expected and caused certain inconvenience to e-gold users.
In addition to that, on Monday, August 13, 2007 similar problems occurred again due to which e-gold was only partially available for some 5-6 hours.
All of the above was just routine maintenance and is no indication of any serious problems at e-gold’s end as some of our members assumed.
We would like to remind of the fact that the special time-limited offer that lowered the minimum deposit requirement to just $1 will be effective till September 1, 2007. After that the minimum deposit requirement will be set back to $15

I’m glad that I made the right choice with the similar long-term program eTradeClub which is gaining in popularity quite quickly too. Today I noticed that the admin bought “paid sticky” option on MMG forum in addition to big banners. I remind you that eTradeClub is paying 2.1% for 90 trading days and so far I have never missed a single payment to my e-gold account. So I would highly recommend you to join this program now while it’s still new. For those of you interested please read my review of this HYIP here.

Another program which is going quite well is IncomeStorm. Though today my payment to e-gold was delayed it had nothing to do with the site itself but with e-gold maintenance yesterday. And from today I’m in profit and really wish you shared my success too. To read my review of this site follow this link.

Reminder from admin of PSTraffic: “Cashouts every Friday. Please upgrade with 65% of your cash balance first before requesting“. So admin now has more time to prepare his new site PSAdvertising for a great launch. The site is not ready yet but you still can register. PSAdvertising is expected to be launched by Wednesday or Thursday.

Today I received payments from IncomeStorm (2 payments), eTradeClub, PSTraffic and MInvestment.

I hope to open my monitoring page soon with all details of my upgrades (amount deposited, amount paid, in profit etc.) and you will be able to look at it and to see for yourself that investing can be a really profitable business. Stay with my blog and monitor and we will succeed together!

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