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01/03/08. JRProfit: Back on Track?


I’m glad to report today that the admins of JRProfit kept their promise and the program is fully back on track. This is the update they sent out recently: “We are glad to announce that deposits and withdrawals are now enabled again. When you will check the site you will see that we are picking right were we left off… this means we have rollover amounts from the last day and everyone will receive 20% for today. Let’s see some deposits, increase the rollover amount everyday and keep that 20% for a long time to come. PS: remember that we are after a huge DDOS attack so it’s possible to see the site loading slow or even some short downtimes. In the end we want to thank everyone for your patience, trust and help we received from you“.

As of the moment of posting this Live Share for SolidTrustPay is 20% and for LibertyReserve deposits it’s 16.5% which is an extremely good level for a program just recovered from an enormous DDOS-attack. The admins of JRProfit have done everything they promised: change their hosting provider and resumed deposits and withdrawals straight after DNS was fully propagated. I received my payments already to LR and will probably make a new deposit soon after they reach their maximum 20% for LR deposits as well. That will be the sign that JRProfit is fully back on track.

Although there was one decision made today which I dislike. I’m talking about this: “Just a short update to let you know that the maximum number of active deposits you may have is now increased to 6. Remember that every Friday this number will be increased by 1 up to a maximum of 10“. In my opinion for a program just returned online from several days downtime the decision to increase the number of active deposits from 5 to 6 doesn’t look wise. It would be more logical in my opinion first to watch how JRProfit will perform for the next couple of days and then increase the maximum say next Friday. I think any change made in this still unstable program can lead to not very pleasant consequences. Although seeing the level of support that the members are showing to Jodi and Raz I’m pretty sure that they will overcome and the possible damage from this DDOS-attack will be little if any. Anyway, we will see how the things are going in the course of the coming days.

Other news for today.

I received another payment from Fund4Future today and apparently to celebrate 3 weeks of stable daily payments online the admin of Fund4Future sent out a mass email today about some changes that happened already (manual confirmation of e-gold deposits) and possible addition of SolidTrustPay as their third payment processor. I remind you that the admin already mentioned this in my interview with him (click here to read) but there was no exact timeframe for this. I hope the adding of a new payment processor will revive the interest in his program and allow it to run longer. Anyway, here’s the update from Fund4Future admin:
We have some news for you:
1) As you have already noticed, addition e-gold on your account occurs in a manual mode as there was an attempt to make fake deposit. We think, it will not add you any difficulties. The deposit will be added during 24 hours, (usually it takes 1-6 hours). If your deposit will not be added on your account after that time, please write us to support.
2) Soon will be added new system – SolidTrustPay. Documents are already sent on verification

Good news for the members of MoneyTrip. The first payments have already been processed and I heard that the members received them pretty fast after the expiry. My first upgrade is going to expire in two days and I will let you know when I receive my first cashout. By the way, according to Alexa Ranking system MoneyTrip has already reached the level of SurfProfitPro though it’s only 2 weeks online and it’s a very good achievement that indicates very rapid growth for MoneyTrip.

Speaking about SurfProfitPro I received my payments very fast after requesting them several hours ago and am going to reupgrade tomorrow. SurfProfitPro is also growing steadily and its member base has already reached the 800 mark. I’m sure more and more members will be joining soon especially after the coming changes that admin Dave is going to implement soon. By the way very soon SurfProfitPro will be celebrating one month online. For those of you who want to know more about this wonderful program please refer to my interview with Dave here.

As you can see this Saturday was not a quiet day for me in terms of payouts. And two more payments I received from PSAdvertising today and of course I reupgraded again. Next week my first upgrade is going to expire (after 30 day cycle) and I should get it back except for 10% withdrawal fee. I’ll keep you updated on this so stay tuned. But based on my previous experience with Jamie I can predict that there should be no difficulties with receiving my upgrade back as really PSAdvertising has just started and I’m sure there will be a long journey ahead that will allow us, the investors, to enjoy the profits for quite a long time.

I don’t know what happened with Finansert but I’m still waiting for my pending payouts requested on Thursday and Friday. So I’m putting Finansert to “Waiting” status on my monitoring page and if the program is not paying by Monday it will get a “Not Paying” status. Meanwhile I wrote a letter to support and hopefully will get a reply from them soon. Till then I would recommend you to exercise caution dealing with Finansert and hold on your deposits there as there can be another scam behind it. Of course it can be just a delay but better be safe that sorry so I will wait and see for a while before drawing any conclusions.

Unfortunately I haven’t received my interview from AcmosTrade back so I could not publish it today. Let’s hope that I get it by tomorrow or Monday and will be able to publish it then. AcmosTrade really looks fantastic but without an interview I cannot fully recommend it to you. See you tomorrow with more news!

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