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12/02/08. Interview with the admin of Fund4Future


Hi, below you will find the interview with the admin of Fund4Future. I promised to deliver it in my last post when I wrote a review of Fund4Future so here it is. I just wanted to add that since I received my first payout today and the program is brand new I’ve decided to make Fund4Future my next “pick of the week”. I think there’s a big chance to be in profit as the program has the potential to grow further and become a big hit. Anyway, we’ll see how it performs for the next couple days but so far so good!

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers. Do you have previous experience in running an HYIP program or other types of sites?

My name is Joe Carter and I represent the Fund4Future project. I have some experience in creation and support of a site, some time I owned the hyip-monitoring with which I provided myself with some earnings on referrals and monitoring projects. And in general on the Internet I have started to be engaged in investments from 2004, the first projects, in which I put, were Studiotraffic and 4daily. And for all this time I had a huge experience in the hyip industries.

2. How did you come up with an idea of running your own HYIP program?

Investing in various invest-projects, I have understood that many of them do not give what is necessary for their participants. And also most of these projects are quickly closed because of problems with safety. It can be from DDOS attack, and banal breaking of a script by a hacker. Therefore I have decided to create the invest-project with the best conditions of investment for the participants, a maximum security level and well thought over strategy of its conducting. I am helped by my 2 partners, one of which carries out technical support, and the second – helps with realization of user support.

3. Do you think that with 18% for 7 days plan Fund4Future can be online for a long time?

Yes, I so think. I analyzed in that area much and have come to conclusion, that the given investment plan will be optimum for having our own project. It simultaneously gives an opportunity to investors to earn in a small time interval and enables the long term survival of the project.

4. What payment processors do you accept and do you plan adding others in the near future?

There are 2 payment systems supported at the present time on the project: E-Gold and LibertyReserve. In the future I am planning to add such payment systems as SolidTrustPay. I have noticed that it became very popular in the hyip-industries and its addition will be beneficial for the project.

5. Why don’t the deposits credit to members’ accounts automatically? Is it some security concern?

Yes, because of safety reasons. There can be cases when the participant will send an inquiry for addition of a deposit on the site without a money transfer, thus it as though deceives a script. In case of a manual addition of deposits, we check each transfer that excludes the opportunity of an occurrence of fake deposits.

6. What type of script does Fund4Future use to operate the funds? Is it secure and licensed?

I have bought a licensed copy of a script from well-known programmer – neversay. This script is considered to be the safest for the conducting of invest-projects.

7. What security measures did you implement on your site? Please tell us about your hosting provider, DDOS-protection and servers that you use to provide the security and stability for Fund4Future website.

I rent the allocated server at known in hyip-circles hoster which refers to blacklotus. As it is known, it has the maximum protection against DDOS attacks. My partner also has established the corresponding software and conducts round-the-clock monitoring of the server.

8. What promotion methods do you use to provide the stable growth for Fund4Future or going to use in the near future?

Carry out well thought policy of conducting the project that should make it one of the best in this sphere. Many administrators of invest-projects buy advertising only in the beginning that can lead to subsequent “attenuation” of the project. I consider that is necessary to carry out the thought over advertising policy that provides to it constant growth and a long life.

9. What are your plans for the future? Do you have an ambition to become one of the biggest HYIPs in the industry?

Yes, I have plans to make the project one of the best in this industry. Only by well thought out conducting of the project and, certainly, support of our users, me will it to make.

10. What would you tell to your potential investors to encourage them to participate in Fund4Future?

Fund4Future at the present time is the project, providing a high level of safety, what has high potential for a long life. Only with your help we can make it one of the best in the hyip-industry.

11. What is your honest opinion of my blog? What would be your suggestions to improve it?

I often visit your blog and have noticed that it is very informative. On your blog appear only the most actual and the best programs, the analysis is conducted, that undoubtedly helps potential investors. Continue to write further excellent information on it and thanks for interview.

I would also like to say “thanks” to the admin of Fund4Future that he agreed to answer my questions and hope he will not let us down and his program will be here for long. See you tomorrow with more exciting news from the world of online investments!

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