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31/01/08. Interview with the admin of SurfProfitPro


This program was eagerly awaited by members for several weeks. This program can become the biggest in the industry. Finally this program can have a major impact on the whole autosurfing world. I’m talking about SurfProfitPro – the first autosurf program from the same group that gave you BPP and FPPv1. And as it is described on the site it’s a straight-up autosurf built with ‘longevity’ as the main focus.

SurfProfitPro is now open for registration in pre-launch mode and I’ve already signed up myself. So you can go have a look at the site and if you like what you see you can register. Dave, the admin of SurfProfitPro kindly agreed to answer a few questions in his latest interview printed below exclusively for my blog. I hope it will help you make an informed decision.

1. Hi, Dave. You told us that you would have a break after round 1 FPP was over. What made you change your mind and launch SurfProfitPro in such a short period of time?

Hey Paul! First, thanks for the interview! You always manage to catch me at the right time. Secondly, I already had my break… I think that was enough, it was short but sweet. Made me think a lot about what’s important in life, and how to fully take advantage of it. Thirdly, Gotenks showed me his IM (InfiniteMultiplicity) template and autosurf script AND that got me all excited to start SurfProfitPro (SPP). We think it’s time to let this little baby rise.

2. Please tell us about the plan that will be used in SurfProfitPro in detail. What will be the percentage, minimum and maximum deposit amount, surfing and withdrawal requirements?

These are the finalized plan AS OF NOW. But you know that things can still change until we actually launch.
a) 14% Daily for 10 Days
b) Weekend Open Cashouts and payments done on Mondays (this is done so I can easily manage my time with BPP and if ever, FPPv2)
c) 5% Referral Commission (only to members with current active upgrade)
d) No compounding
e) 14 sites to surf everyday (miss a day and you lose 14%)
f) 14-second timer per site
g) $5 per unit with a maximum of 1000 units total
h) Maximum of 2 upgrades running at the same time
i) Upgrade first before you surf to earn that day’s percentage. System won’t allow you to upgrade after you surf.
j) 3% Fee for every withdrawal request. (1% Admin, 1% Programmer and 1% Misc. Fees)

3. What e-currencies are accepted by SurfProfitPro? Will some other currencies be added due to possible instability of STP and LR?

We will accept STP and LR for now just like my other programs. I just hope that both payment processors are more stable now after the attacks they received last month. They both upgraded their protection as far as I know.

4. What script is SurfProfitPro based on? Is it customized or licensed? Will it provide the necessary security for the members?

It is Gotenks-licensed. Well, it is based on the IM script which was very stable during its lifetime. I just had him make a lot of modifications to my liking, and of course, basing on the current market trend also.

5. Do you think with the current plan SurfProfitPro will be more stable in the long run than FPP was?

From the very beginning, we knew FPPv1 was a VERY high risk HYIP. That was the main reason I plastered the signs all over the site, so people would know what they are getting into. It actually lasted longer than many thought it would last. It was a fun ride and for a moment there, we thought it would actually sustain itself, but it wasn’t really meant to last a lifetime or even that long. BUT NOW I KNOW! I’ve learned something from it and will make it right if ever a second outing is to be re-launched. But one thing’s for sure, rate is NOT going to be better than SPP… BUT payments are still going to be within 24-hours (except Mondays where my focus is SPP payments). Now to answer your question, I really think based on the market trend, 14% daily is the most stable rate right now. Admit it, 12% daily is just TOO USED already, and 13% seems not that high also (besides being a bad luck number).

6. Do you have anti-hacking protection implemented on the site? Where is the site hosted and does this hosting provider provide you with anti-DDOS protection?

It will be hosted on the same server as BPP and formerly FPPv1, where DDoS attacks have been a “normal” occurrence every single day. But we managed to control all of them. It will also have the same hacker protection as the others.

7. Will some profit percentage from SurfProfitPro be added to increase daily ROI in BusinessProfitPro like it was in FPP? What is the possible future of BusinessProfitPro?

No. it won’t. But I am thinking of special promotions for loyal BPP members. Last night, I was thinking about this one: giving 1 free unit to an SPP account if the same member deposits $15 or more to BPP during the SPP prelaunch. Anyway, any help to BPP to raise the Live ROI will come in the form of promotions and not giveaways.

8. There are very many surfing sites around with similar plans. What are the unique features that only SurfProfitPro can offer and that you cannot find in other similar surfing sites? In other words what differentiates your program from dozens of similar ones?

Well, a tough one because my site’s rates and concept isn’t any different from many. All I can say is, your money is safe with me. I’ve proven myself to be honest and want to make a difference in this industry. Just play your cards right and you will make money from my sites.

9. How do you see the future for SurfProfitPro? What do you want to achieve launching this new program?

With many members who believe in me already and ready to support me, I see a bright future ahead for SPP. Promotion is still the key and I will take full advantage of all the resources I already have right now. Site monitors will just have to monitor my program on their own. This time, it’s word-of-mouth!

10. What would you like to tell your potential surfers/investors to make them try your program?

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go make some money!” – Dave

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