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Hi, guys! MoneyTrip is still on top of the autosurfing world: stable growth (763 members so far after 23 days online), prompt and fast payments (received another payment today) and outside income (the admin claimed to have made $3750 just for one day of successful betting). By the way, I have just read David’s first e-book he wrote (you can find it on the MoneyTrip site or download here). Especially it will be interesting for newbies and those who are for not so long in this industry. It outlines the history of HYIPs and autosurfs and gives definitions of autosurfs and how they differ from HYIPs. Also David will show you how MoneyTrip is different from other autosurfs and give you more examples of his successful betting activities. The book is written with simple and clear language and is easy to read so don’t worry if you’re not a native English speaker. All will be clear for you. Hope it will help you make wise investment decisions.

The last update from David actually mentioned this e-book he wrote for MoneyTrip members:

Here is another update from MoneyTrip, the top growing autosurf on the industry. I’m here to tell you about an e-book we prepared to advertise MoneyTrip, it’s a short e-book that tells the brief story about online investments, such as hyip and autosurf, and talks about MoneyTrip. There are lots of screen shots proving our real trading system. It’s going to be used to advertise MoneyTrip and we expect to get great results from that, for those who are already members, you’ll enjoy reading it too, don’t miss that!
Also, I want to inform you we had another downtime yesterday, that one lasted 4 hours, we already found the problem on the server, and from now on, it’s not gonna happen, once again I apologize for that. Hope you enjoy the e-book, and have a great day!

I just wanted to add that if you somehow missed my interview with David you’re welcome to read it here.

Other news for today.

AdProsperity is another fast growing autosurf program and is very new (only 4 days online) but already has 180 members with more than 70% active members. The program is progressing gradually and payments are processed fast after request. Actually, the admin Daniel (read my interview with him here) sends out updates regarding processed payments twice a day so AdProsperity is paying really fast. Although some members expressed their displeasure at current cashout terms that only allowed them to make two cashouts weekly in any day of the week, and the cashout from their upgrades and referral commissions are actually considered as two separate cashouts. Daniel promised to change the script to satisfy everybody: “The last few days I received many inquiries about changing the cash out terms as some members are limited in cashing out their referral commissions. At the moment I am working on modifying the script to allow two cash outs for rebate and two cash outs for referral commissions in one week“. I consider this as a perfect example of how an admin should treat his members because only this way a program will have guaranteed support from its members for a long time. I hope Daniel will keep up the good job and allow us to help him with suggestions that will make AdProsperity an even better program.

My favorite program among low ROI ones is undoubtedly AcmosTrade. It recently returned online from 2 days downtime caused when difficulties appeared in the process of upgrading of their dedicated server to the higher level of security. AcmosTrade seems to be stronger that ever now and looks good for investing. Here’s the latest news that can be found on their website: “Our dedicated server was successfully upgraded though it took some time, still, now you can feel safer than ever working with us. We are once again sorry for all the trouble you had to go through because of this downtime“. You can also read my interview with the admin of this program here if you want to know how AcmosTrade really operates.

Another great program that performs well and grows steadily is UltimateHYIP. Recently the admin Chris bought and installed 4 mirror sites in case of downtime and it paid off already as today for some reason the main site is inaccessible: “Since yesterday four mirror sites of UltimateHYIP are online. They are all connected to the same database and are part of our strategy to ensure you a convenient and safe investment opportunity 24/7. We have done this implementation without a minute offline or downtime, showing you how sound our system is working. The URL’s for the mirror sites are,, and You can use either of them to login.” So if you cannot access the main site please refer to those mirrors. I got paid today anyway after requesting from one of the above-listed sites so I can assure you that it’s really safe. The interview with the admin of UltimateHYIP can be found here.

It’s sad to report about it but I’m almost sure that Finansert is gone with all the money. Despite the big banner they bought on TG forum recently many members reported that they have not been paid since last Thursday. I also have 4 pending withdrawals and so far there’s still little hope if any left that Finansert is actually back. Most probably it will turn into another ghost site that will stay on the Net collecting money from unsuspecting investors who had no chance to check monitoring sites first before investing. Really Finansert became a big disappointment for me! I already put it to “Not Paying” status on my monitoring page.

Good news came unexpectedly today from GreenLinkAds. It seems after all those hacking attempts the admin Bayu decided to give us an update regarding the payouts:
After a few days my funds transfer to AlertPay already in.
Today I made all AlertPay pending until 9th March 2008. So for AlertPay pending is back to normal again as the terms.
For pending from LR and EG will be done after the funds transfer finished. I hope in two or three days. And I will do the payout as I made with AP pending.
And for STP still waiting for my account, I am pretty sure that it will be settled in one or two days. Then the pending will be paid as I made with AP.
I do thank to you all guys. Your supports will never be forgotten. And your supports make me more confident to working harder to stay in this business.
After I got hacked I feel so down, I lost some members’ trust, some other admins too. That makes me so depressed I even thinking to closed down GLA.
But more members supporting me with their trusts then not support.
This is my biggest supports.
I will always try and work harder to make GLA stable after the bad condition before
We will wait and see if the admin will really deliver what he promised but of course upgrading in GreenLinkAds is not recommended by me now until all the pending payments are really paid and promises become real facts and not only empty words. Sorry, Bayu, but I saw so many times in this industry when words were just words and I can’t believe in words only. Take some action and you will be rewarded with your members’ support again. This is how things are done in this industry.

Take care guys, and see you tomorrow with more news and updates about the programs that are in my portfolio.

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