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Today I joined another surfing program that is already 5 weeks old but is still growing rapidly at a very fast pace. It’s called SurfLibertAd and is having a plan 10% for 13 days. But in this case you can request your cashout DAILY and you will be paid very fast (as a rule on the same day as you requested the cashout). The plan is probably now becoming the most popular as two other very popular programs are both using it – MoneyTrip and AdProsperity. And now I will monitor the third program with a similar plan. It seems that plan proved itself to be sustainable and attractive to the investors at the same time.

SurfLibertAd is one of the hottest programs now with more than 600 members. It accepts LibertyReserve, e-gold, SolidTrustPay and AlertPay and I can say that they are the most common and stable e-currencies now that can satisfy all your needs. The cost of one upgrade unit is $5 only and you can buy up to 1,000 units. The admin is very active on forums which certainly helps with promotion as more and more members join SurfLibertAd on a daily basis. I believe his name is Robert and he has given me permission to interview him. I will publish it on my blog soon.

I’m especially interested to find out more about his outside income for SurfLibertAd which he claims he will have soon. In a nutshell, he buys and sells. He buys cheap and he sells expensively. His core business according to his site is mobile phones. But he is expanding into the second hand vehicle trade and he needs to raise capital for his purchases. And you as the investor will get a share of the profit. I hope in the upcoming interview he will elaborate on this point.

Other news for today.

MoneyTrip seems to be back on track after the admin David changed servers. That’s the reason he explained in his latest update to the investors: “I’m glad to announce that migration to dedicated server is completed. Moneytrip is growing quickly and our previous hosting service couldn’t handle our needs in the long run, now we have more protection, velocity and reliability. Remember, we don’t penalize non-surfed days, you still get 130% even that you miss a surfing day, so be happy.” Also the site is growing nicely and the admin is very active in promoting. For instance, I’m happy to announce that MoneyTrip is featured in ASA newscast which can be found here. I noticed also that MoneyTrip is not only sticky on MMG forum but also on TG forum. According to David’s words, all betting activities are also going great. He invites everybody to try his program out and I will join this invitation by encouraging you to read the interview with David here if you haven’t done it yet. I hope you will find many interesting details about this program and become a part of it.

Another great surfing program which is only 9 days online is AdProsperity. I decided to reward AdProsperity and its admin Daniel with my #1 pick on my monitoring page for prompt payments, fast support and constant improvement of this program. The latest innovation is 40 last payments which you can see from the link on the main page. Also don’t forget that the admin just changed the script and now you can request cashouts 4 times a week (2 times for regular payments and 2 times for referral commissions). AdProsperity also pays 10% for 13 days and accepts LibertyReserve and SolidTrustPay. To find out more please refer to my interview with Daniel here.

Quite an interesting question was asked Jenifer from AcmosTrade support recently and she gave a proper reply about the nature of this program. Here I would like to quote what she really said:
Are you a HYIP game?
You need to understand the difference between a HYIP game and a real business.
I.E. you find someone who can supply you with some product (or service) for $100 and you can sell this product or service for $150 – $200. This already makes you a 100% profit minus all advertising costs, taxes, transportation costs, etc. So a 50-70% profit in total for your work. Is it real/possible? Yes. You can call this a HYIP too – because if someone will be your partner and invest money into your business it will be like a HYIP for your partner.
But if someone promises you this profit on forex: 20% daily for xx days or 400-5000% after 5 days this is HYIP Game. Because gaining such profit in such short time is not possible.
Will you scam your members eventually?
We don’t need to scam any members because both sides are making profit. (See example above). We are certain that we can make this kind of profit for us and our clients because we have been involved in trading for years now. Mr. Jack told us that we are not going to be open for public for a long time because we don’t need thousands of investors with amounts as small as 10 dollars or so. It is better and more convenient for us to work with 50-100 VIP investors. I think you can understand why.

I can confirm that AcmosTrade actually sent me their trading results and incorporation certificate that confirms that they are actually a real investment company registered in Cyprus and you can read the rest in my exclusive interview with Jack Williams here. I know that AcmosTrade will become one of biggest HYIPs soon so don’t miss this opportunity.

Today I received two notifications about programs closing – GreenLinkAds and SurfMargin are now officially dead. It was not a surprise for me. I’m just a little bit annoyed that it took them so long to admit it (especially it concerns SurfMargin that gave us one long hard-luck story after another for two long months). Of course, the refunds are promised but I will not hold my breath for them. Below are excerpts from their long and senseless good-bye letters.

GreenLinkAds: “I want to tell you all about bad news to
I have to close down GLA for a while. The upgrade button and sign up link already closed.
I have to do this because my offline job takes so much times, I have a contract to export betel nuts to other country, as this is my first time to export something to other country I still have a lot to learn and I must completed the target from my buyer. And after the hacking incident I can not fixed it faster then I should because I have not enough time to maintain GLA.
All non profit members will get refund. I will start audit the members account to find all non profit members.
And the payment will start at 1st April 2008 when my first shipping for betel nuts export is done.
I will put the information at main page at GLA, and I will keep GLA open until all the refunds are done.

SurfMargin: “Since December of 2007 Surfmargin has been unable to overcome persistent cash flow problems that started with large withdrawals during the Christmas holidays. The problem became even more severe with the lack of substantial upgrades (ad pack purchases) in the New Year to replenish the drain on the cash flow in order to make timely payouts.
Although serious efforts have been made over the last three months to raise outside investor capital to help meet our outstanding member payouts and fix inherent weaknesses in the system, they have fallen short and as a result Surfmargin must regrettably close its doors once and for all effective Sunday 16th March 2008.
So, although we are under no obligation to refund any ad pack purchase money, we are committed to refunding members their ad pack purchases related to their current pending amounts. Please note we will not be paying any referral commissions or any bonuses. Refunds will be paid as soon as possible when funds become available. We will be in contact with every member directly to keep you apprised of your refund status.
We realize there will be profound feelings of frustration and disappointment at the closing of Surfmargin. But please understand that the pain is mutual. Even the business partners have pending amounts that have not been paid. We’re all in the same boat. No one at Surfmargin is running off with your money. In fact, there is no money to run off with.

I had big hopes for SurfMargin and GreenLinkAds but they failed to deliver. Offering ridiculous excuses (GreenLinkAds) or just keeping their members waiting for so long when the end was inevitable (SurfMargin). I have no respect for either of them so I will not support their new programs even if I am issued with a refund from them. I was at a small loss in GreenLinkAds and MultiStreamOnline but in a good profit from SurfMargin.

Now to more positive news. I received payments for the last two days from MoneyTrip, AdProsperity, BetHYIP, PSAdvertising, OG Fund and AcmosTrade. They are all paying programs and recommended by me.

ANNOUNCEMENT! In the next two days I am going to publish two interviews on my blog. Tomorrow you will read the interview with the admin of Invest4Games and on Tuesday the interview with the admin of SurfLibertAd. So stay tuned! You can always subscribe to my news (RSS-feed or e-mail) by using the form in the top right corner of my blog. Good luck and see you soon!

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