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Today I would like to tell you about the 5 programs I consider as my best picks for today. I hope it will help you to decide where you want to invest your money.

The first recommended program on my list is ProfitGame. The admin Stiven proved himself as an honest admin that has been successfully running the ProfitGame program for 7 days already with more than $20,000 in deposits. ProfitGame pays you the classic ROI of 25% for 5 days and doesn’t process payments on Sundays. From payment processors it accepts LibertyReserve and e-gold and is based on licensed and customized GoldCoders script with the highest level 4 BlackLotus protection. I received more payments today after made another deposit last night and ProfitGame is at the #1 place in my ratings now. If you’re interested to know more you can read my interview with the admin of ProfitGame Stiven here.

The second program on my top 5 is EmmaInvest. Despite the recent difficulties on MMG forum that surprisingly moved the program to “Closed” section because of supposedly multiple ID’s that the admin has (while leaving ProfitBay in a regular folder which is ridiculous in my opinion) EmmaInvest is still doing well. I received my payment today, again very fast and redeposited in 6 days plan again (132% after 6 days). After 17 days the total amount of deposits exceeded $17,500 and what I really like in EmmaInvest beside its unique X-HYIP script are its detailed statistics where you can find the last deposits, withdrawals and even the payout queue. The recent move to level 2 BlackLotus hosting also added some popularity to EmmaInvest as investors like secure and stable sites. I hope EmmaInvest will stay with us for a long time and suggest you to read my interview with the admin Emma here.

FastProfitNetwork is pick #3 in my chart. It’s a relatively new autosurf site (4 weeks old) with more than 600 members now and fast growing too. The plan is 135% after 15 days of surfing. So far I can see the admin is paying though I myself haven’t received any payment as my upgrade hasn’t yet expired. But I will notify you on my blog after I receive my first payment. Just a couple of days ago I published an the interview with the admin of FastProfitNetwork John and it was very detailed and interesting. If you have time you’re welcome to read it here.

#4 on my list is UltimateHYIP – very stable long-term HYIP that is online from December 2007. It has three plans that can satisfy all your needs:
1) 1.3% for 90 days with the possibility to withdraw your principal with 20% fee before the term matures ($1 minimum and $5,000 maximum);
2) 1.5% for 150 days when you should redeposit not less than 10% of your principal daily and will get your principal back in the end of the investment term (for this plan $20 minimum and $10,000 maximum deposit);
3) 1.7% for 180 days when you are obliged to redeposit not less than 50% daily therefore you have the opportunity to earn more in this plan especially considering that you will get your principal back at the end of the term (the minimum for this plan is $50 with $20,000 maximum).
UltimateHYIP pays only on business days (Mon-Fri) and accepts LibertyReserve, e-gold, V-Money, Pecunix and Bank Wires made via ePay system. The details you can find in my interview with the admin Chris here. In my opinion he’s a very intelligent and talented person really investing members’ money so I tend to believe it’s not a game.

And finally #5 is AcmosTrade – real trading company with headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus. For the average investor that is willing to risk not more than $10,000 there is only one plan available – 1.15% for 210 business days with principal back. I consider AcmosTrade as one of the most promising long-term programs online and invite you to read my interview with the CEO of AcmosTrade Jack Williams here. Especially I would like to mention the support in AcmosTrade: it’s very fast and helpful and I had a chance to make sure of this just recently when by some mistake my daily earnings weren’t paid to my LR account. Their support reacted very fast to my request and my payout was made. The member of their support stuff Jenifer is available on forums and you can ask her all the necessary questions regarding AcmosTrade program.

Such long-term programs like UltimateHYIP and AcmosTrade can last for quite a long time therefore providing you the perfect opportunity to multiply your money in the long run. So instead of playing games like ProfitBay why not diversify your portfolio further and pay attention to low-ROI programs that I have in my portfolio. I remind you that beside the above-mentioned programs I’m also a member of SafeAtom (2% for 150 days with principal return) and OG Fund (with variable daily ROI from real trading for 180 days with principal return). They can be good picks too and you can find additional info in my review of SafeAtom (click here to read) and my interview with the admin of OG Fund (click here to read).

I’ve excluded SurfLibertAd from the list of my Top 5 recommended programs today because the admin Robert still doesn’t know what to do in this situation when he added all the current upgrades and they will all expire on the same day. If I understand correctly he has no funds to pay the members as nobody wants to reupgrade now when the situation is still unclear (and I can understand those people and their fears). So he tells us that he’s open to suggestions and discussion amongst members about this. In my opinion it just proves that SurfLibertAd was a pure ponzi-game from the beginning despite all Robert’s claims of having outside sources of income. Let’s just wait for the admin’s decision but for now SurfLibertAd is not recommended for making new upgrades before the payouts have resumed.

P.S. I received some claification from Dave, the former admin of SurfProfitPro regarding my previous post about ProfitBay. Here are his words that I consider important to publish it here: “You must know two things, (1) Alex (Account Holder) didn’t really lose that much in both BPP and FPP as I gave him a sizable refund. And (2) nobody knows this but he’s also the admin/owner of the “once-famous” monitor Surf4others.com and he made a lot of money from his referrals there on both my programs. Now, I also lost all of my LR in ProfitBay as I compounded my first two days’ earnings, then AH ran away, so I believe I have the right to post on the PB thread.” I think I owe Dave an apology and must say that I don’t consider him as AccountHolder’s accomplice.

This was all the news for today. I thank you for your attention and will see you tomorrow as usual!

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