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Today I’d like to introduce you to another potentially great program on X-HYIP script called Point4Invest. I remind you that such programs have become famous for their longevity (as a rule, they last for more than a month which is enough time to make some decent profit with them). The example of such a successful HYIP can be EmmaInvest that is still paying though slowly declining (for 3 weeks already). But I’m going to talk about a new program, Point4Invest which is really similar and in my opinion can originate either from the same admin or to his/her close collaborator. You can judge for yourself after reading the points below.

1) The plans are quite similar: 112% after 4 days, 120% (+1% bonus) after 5 days and 126% (+2 bonus) after 6 days. The minimum to invest is only $3 but the maximum is extremely low as well and reached only $50 for a separate deposit. Although as the admin explained you can have 10 deposits maximum so the maximum amount to deposit is really $500. Also only one payout request per 24 hours is allowed so plan your investments accordingly. Point4Invest accepts e-gold, LibertyReserve and V-Money as payment processors and if you were familiar with such script before you should know that e-gold deposits are added manually by the admin and you should send him the batch of your transaction.

2) Point4Invest is based on X-HYIP script with all its secure SSL encrypted data transactions and detailed real-time statistics. Point4Invest website is hosted on BlackLotus protected server and has a Level 2 protection so I can say that the site is protected against possible DDOS-attacks.

3) The admin of Point4Invest (Paul Jones) has already been banned from MMG forum for reasons unknown after submitting only one post. They really gave us no explanation for that. I could suppose that the admin used multiple ID’s again or logged in his MMG account under the proxy server. But maybe the real case is that MMG is a biased forum that prefers not to notice many obvious scammers while pretending to fight against HYIP games that are run by experienced admins. There were many such examples in the past and I already told you about some of them. Anyway, here’s an explanation from the admin Paul regarding this: “Moderator has banned me. I can’t see any reason in his post after. Also he edited several members’ posts. I made only one post and been banned immediately. I’ve registered from clear IP address, so I think all admins who used X-HYIP script were banned.

Anyway, I have a good feeling about Point4Invest. At least, the admin will do his best to run the program for the long haul and I’m sure of it. So if you are afraid of burning on one-day scams like ProfitBay but still prefer a fast way of making money then Point4Invest would be a perfect opportunity for you. I have joined 5 days plan (121%) and perhaps soon will deposit some money in 6 days plan (128%). I will also send some questions for the admin later today and I hope he will answer them soon so we will be able to find out more about Point4Invest program. Considering all the info given and the fact that the program is brand new I have made Point4Invest my next “Pick of the Week” program. I hope it will meet my expectations and will become a stable and long-term program.

Other news for today.

EmmaInvest admin has some difficulties with the script and therefore some payments can be mistakenly canceled. If you have similar issues you should carefully read the latest update from Emma regarding this: “On last week I installed new patch for instant payouts, but unfortunately this patch has a serious bugs, due to this reason I can’t process payouts correctly. Sometimes script sends payouts 2 times instead of 1 (doubled transactions). I contacted developer. Issues are not resolved yet. I’m still waiting for developer with update, because last patch changed DB structure, so I must correct all DB with new patch to resolve the problem and of course I wait for the updated script for automatic payouts. I think I’ll receive some recommendations from developer today as temporary decision. P. S. I apologize for any inconvenience.” I’m just hoping EmmaInvest site is ok and the admin doesn’t try to buy some time in order to accept more upgrades before vanishing. I noticed some “paying” posts on monitors today so hopefully it’s just a temporary problem that will be fixed soon. But anyway I would advise to rather pay attention to a newer program on X-HYIP script now, Point4Profit as you have obviously more chance to be in profit with newer programs. My next deposit in EmmaInvest will expire on Monday and I will definitely report to you if I am paid on my blog.

After 2 days of strange silence the admin of SurfLibertAd came to say the following: “Dear members, please wait for me, I have a very important update to all of you, it would seem like I would pay everyone their balances in the previous database with some profit, although not 130% maybe around 5% profit to 12% profit only, and from there on, after I pay you all within 3 to 5 days time, I will just close shop and re-open with a new website after some time, I am having a very hard time working on the investments but luckily I am able to produce some funds for paying out.” It would be nicer though if the admin made an announcement about this on the site and stopped accepting the upgrades. Otherwise it looks a bit fishy to me! Anyway, we have nothing to do but wait. But the constant changes really annoy me and the majority of members. If the admin wants to save face he’d do better by starting to keep his word and fulfill what he promised.

Other long-term HYIPs are paying me every day and I’m satisfied with their performance so far. Among them I can mention UltimateHYIP (read the interview here), AcmosTrade (the interview is here), SafeAtom (read the detailed review here) and OG Fund (read the interview here).

That’s all the news for today. Have a nice weekend! I’m going to send you another Money-News Club ezine this weekend so watch out for it. And by the way, I prepared two interesting interviews for you that can be read for the next two days on my blog. So stay tuned and see you tomorrow!

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