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Hi, guys! The situation with iNetCapital is still unclear. On one hand the site is fully functional and has been working for several hours already, on the other hand the payouts haven’t resumed yet. Even before the site came back online I received an email from the admin Stephen regarding their options with iNetCapital:
At this time I have been working with the technicians of our current host to try to bring some consistent up time for the site. They will be installing hardware firewall that will hopefully serve as obstacle to connections incoming that causing slowness in load time. You may have noticed the site was up for some time today & then went down again as they are continuously working on it. By the end of this weekend after they install the hardware firewall I will know whether it really works or not. If it doesn’t I will just move the site over to new host early next week. We will then process payments to all members in full profit as we did when site domain had issue several weeks ago & start anew. This is our course of options going into next week. Again my staff & I are available on Live Chat & we are aware of everything & working to resolve it within our capabilities as soon as possible.

So what are the possible options:

1) iNetCapital will close down. I find this option highly unlikely. Why? First, Stephen is not such a man who surrenders quickly and allows his program go down the drain. You should remember iNetCapital site had similar problems with their registrar which caused the site being down for several days and as a result everybody was in profit and the program continued as usual. Second, I don’t see any reason to develop such a great program and then drop it half way to the top. Stephen could open short-term high-ROI site in that case and it would become popular in a matter of days and allowed him to get rich much quicker. Please refer to my interview with him here and you will see why I simply refuse to believe that this man will give in so quickly.

2) Things will continue as they are. It’s a possible option as iNetCapital site is online now and fully functional. Although the payouts haven’t started yet that’s why I can’t return the program back to the “Paying” list. This slowness in loading or inaccessibility for the members can happen again at any time and in my humble opinion it would be great to move to BLCC hosting instead. Of course, it can only be the admin’s decision but I would sleep a little more calmly if they move to a more reliable hosting.

3) They will move to another hosting and start anew or continue to operate iNetCapital like they did before. This is also very possible and I wouldn’t be surprised if Stephen did go with this option. This would provide the necessary stability which iNetCapital is obviously lacking. Only the stability can help the site grow more and get to the top.

Regardless of the option Stephen prefers I would still support his efforts and attempts to change the HYIP industry. I really feel it’s time for some change now. And I hope iNetCapital will be such an innovator that will help this industry to change.

Update: The payments have resumed and I returned iNetCapital back to my Top 5 Recommended. What can I say? Stephen proved that he’s a man of his word and can be trusted.

Other news for today.

I’m still waiting for the interview from the admin of the newly launched short-term program LRStream. I believe he may be busy with the promotion of his site but I hope he will have the time to answer my questions soon about LRStream. Meanwhile you can read my review of the program here.

I received another withdrawal from Point4Invest very quickly today. The program is paying stably for more than 2 weeks and I really have a suspicion that it can be from the same admin as newly launched LRStream. Although it’s only my speculation it could easily be true. And if it’s true I would deposit in LRStream program instead as it’s a kind of replacement for Point4Invest in my opinion.

I finally received an answer from Tradelite program regarding my interview which they heven’t answered yet. It’s a kind of apology letter and I just hope they will get to my questions soon: “I am really sorry, for some reason I did not receive your last reply until today. We are quite busy right now with the renewal of our license as we had to add several activities in our commercial license. I will make sure you get the interview answers by next week. I apologize for this delay. Sincerely, Martin Mitchell – Project Coordinator“. My first deposit will expire on April, 29 and I should get paid instantly to my LR account. I will update you here if I receive it but if I do I’m really going to deposit for a second time as Tradelite program seems really promising to me. The review of the program can be read here.

Unfortunately I have to say that FastProfitNetwork turned into a scam already and the admin abandoned all forums and doesn’t answer any emails. There are rumors that FPN was opening other sites in hope that members will deposit in them and it would prolong FPN’s lifetime. Surely all the sites the admin promoted stopped paying as well. So if you ever receive any email from FPN admin just delete it. I think the game is over now and it’s the end of all FastProfitNetwork. Can’t we find a proper autosurf anymore?

I just wonder if Lay4You may be such promising autosurf. The admin is working hard and despite some downtime that happened to his site recently he managed to move to Virtual Private Server and now Lay4You is more secure and stable than it was before. The admin is also very active on forums constantly providing the proof (screenshots) of his betting activity and giving interviews to various sources. But I think the best proof of his good intentions will be the first payouts that will start in Lay4You in just a few more days. I have one upgrade in the 15 days plan (8% for 15 days) and I will update you on my blog when I’m paid. Meanwhile, you can read my interview with the admin Ernesto here.

I can’t not to mention my payments from the most stable low-ROI programs I’m in and provide you the links where you can find out more info about them. So today and every day I got paid from UltimateHYIP (read the interview with the admin Chris here), AcmosTrade (read the interview with CEO Jack Williams here), OG Fund (read my interview with David Sansom here) and SafeAtom (the admin hasn’t sent the interview to me but you can read my review of the program here).

This is all the news for today and as usual you should be ready for more surprises from me over the weekend including my weekly Money-News Club ezine (please subscribe to it if you haven’t done so yet). Have a nice weekend and see you tomorrow!

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