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Hi, guys! I think the quiet time is over as I started to see quite a lot of interesting programs that I believe will be worthy of your attention. I will be making new reviews of the programs I joined recently for 3 days in a row so be ready for some unbiased opinions. I don’t think there is anything really special about them but I will try to review them honestly and try to find their strong features and weak spots.

Today I would like to introduce you to a medium term program that is called SmartDeposit. I don’t know if your deposit with them will be a smart decision but the name is quite attractive and easy to remember. The plan is also well-balanced (2.98% for 60 days) and is suited towards investors that are looking for medium-term programs. You will recoup your principal after 34 days and will get your profit after that. The total profit you’re able to get after 2 months is 178.8%. It’s a very reasonable return in my opinion and such programs can be sustainable for a long time. SmartDeposit accepts only LibertyReserve and AlterGold as its payment processors and the minimum deposit is $5 only.

What I like about SmartDeposit site:

1) First thing I always pay attention to is if the site is secure enough and protected against DDoS-attacks. I can confirm that SmartDeposit is hosted on a protected server by BlackLotus which is one of the best providers online. So even if some downtime occurs we can be sure that it will be negligible and will not affect the site’s performance.

2) The program is listed on the biggest monitors (such as HYIP.com and HYIP-navigator.com) but at the same time it’s not hyped. The admin is not seen on forums but only available if you fill in the contact form on the site. In my opinion, it’s a definite advantage for such medium-term programs as SmartDeposit. Such promotional strategy will assure its slow but consistent growth that is a very important factor for this type of program.

3) SmartDeposit is not a very new program and is more than 2 weeks online already but still flying under the radar. That is a very good indicator in my opinion that shows that the admin is pretty serious about his program and is paying on time and at the same time he doesn’t advertise very actively. So we can expect a long lifespan for SmartDeposit. Therefore I consider 5 weeks to be in profit from this program as highly possible.

4) The design of the site is quite basic and without a lot of flashy graphics. The script is similar to many other sites and you will not have any difficulties with depositing and withdrawing your funds. Bear in mind that withdrawals are paid every day (including weekends) within 24 hours of the request being made.

What I dislike about SmartDeposit:

1) The script that is used on SmartDeposit website is obviously GoldCoders similar to that that you can see on UltimateHYIP. But despite what is said on the main page: “Licensed, Secured Script” I couldn’t find any proof of this. Instead if you check the script on GoldCoders site it will tell you that the script is unlicensed. As you know unlicensed scripts are sometimes not safe and have backdoors for hackers. Of course, SmartDeposit website is hosted on a secure server but still I have a doubt about the script. I’m going to ask the admin about it in an upcoming interview soon. I hope he will explain to me the thing about the script.

2) Despite also saying on the main page “256-bit SSL Encryption” I couldn’t find any proof that SSL certificate has really been installed either. HTTPs is not working and together with an unlicensed script it can raise some doubts in potential investors’ minds. I hope to get more answers from the admin soon regarding this issue.

3) There’s no mentioning on the SmartDeposit site as to how they make money so I would guess it’s just a ponzi program. Although I’m sure that such programs are what make up 99% of all HYIPs. And even if some admins claim that their program really has some sufficient income to cover all the payments and site expenses it doesn’t mean that this income is permanent and it could happen that they would end at a loss too. So maybe it’s not a disadvantage at all.

This was my honest review of a new program, SmartDeposit, I’m in. I will leave it for you to decide if you want to risk your money in it. I just wanted to report that I received my first payout today and think it’s only the beginning of a good experience with this program. I hope it will last long and pay on time. Really, it’s the most important thing for any online program. The other questions that are left unanswered I’ll try to ask the admin and will present them to you in an interview with him.

Other news for today.

The situation with Point4Invest is still unclear but I’m going to move it to “Waiting” status on my monitoring page. It’s obvious only that the investors with bigger amounts are not paid and their requests are repeatedly being removed from the Payouts Queue. I don’t care if it’s some glitch in the script. The admin’s main responsibility is to fix it as soon as possible. But so far nothing has been done to prevent this from happening and the amount of angry investors continues to grow. I think instead of pointing out that he would not tolerate bad posts on public forums Paul should fix the problem. Of course I can’t say if it’s really an issue or the admin’s bad intention to collect more deposits before disappearing with all the money. So just be careful with Point4Invest and at this point it would be silly to make any additional deposits until the situation is resolved. But I have a gut feeling that it will not. I will keep you updated.

Lay4You is still offline despite the admin’s promises that it would be up and running by Tuesday. But I’ll give him credit for constant updates on the current situation and being on public forums to sort the things out. So far we have nothing to do but wait. I really hope that Lay4You will be online soon and here’s the latest update from the admin: “The DNS were changed 2 days ago and they’ve work 100% perfectly. My hosting’ve reboot my server to install a panel admin and the site is not up yet. I’ll wait another 5-6 hours and if site’s not online I will change hosting company“.

Another promising program, Tradelite, went offline today for some maintenance (I guess they have some script issues). And it happened that I had to get my first withdrawal today. It was really bad luck for me, guys! But as far as I know the Tradelite site will be back online very soon. Here’s the last update published on their site: “Tradelite will be under maintenance in the next 24-48h (probably less than 24h). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: support@tradelite.net Thank you for your patience and understanding!” In my opinion Tradelite is not very popular yet and it would be silly to finish the program like this. Too much time, money and effort were spent on this site and many investors (including me) weren’t paid for their deposits yet. I think Tradelite site will become really popular with time when there will be more “got paid” posts. So far I’m almost 100% sure that it will be back soon so there’s no need to panic!

Here are some sites that have been paying me on a regular basis including today: iNetCapital (for more details read the interview here), AcmosTrade (read the interview here), SafeAtom (the review is here), UltimateHYIP (the interview can be found here) and OG Fund (read the interview here). These sites are proven performers and surely recommended for making investments.

In the end I would like to mention about the two sites I joined today and announce that you will be able to read my detailed reviews of these programs in the next two days only on my blog. So stay tuned!

The first program is called Dreab (really don’t know what it means) and is paying 5% for 28 days (total return is 140%). The program accepts LR only and the payouts are automatic and processed daily without your having to make a withdrawal request. And please don’t let the simple design fool you! Dreab is a really secure program with original script and DDoS-protection. The admin of Dreab is Mark, a regular reader of my blog so I decided to give him a chance as I hope he will run this program honestly. More details about Dreab and the interview with Mark can be read on my blog very soon!

The other program is an autosurf called 12Daily.Pro. Does this name tell you something? Well, surely! 12DailyPro used to be one of the most successful autosurf programs in history. 12Daily.Pro has absolutely nothing to do with its famous predecessor except the plans. They are quite similar: 12% for 12 days (Surf plan with the obligation to surf 12 sites daily) and 10% for 14 days (No-Surf plan without the necessity to surf daily). All payouts except for referral commissions are paid within 48 hours on expiry. E-Gold, LibertyReserve and AlterGold are accepted. 12Daily.Pro is only 1 day online but I have a feeling it can become the next big thing among autosurfs. I doubt it will repeat the success of the old 12DP but definitely will attract more attention from surfers who still remember those good old times. Read the detailed review of 12Daily.Pro and the interview with the admin on my blog soon!

I think you might notice that more and more programs are choosing to use AlterGold as their main payment processor. And there’s a good reason for it: you can open your AlterGold account in minutes and fund it with e-gold or LibertyReserve. Moreover, you have an option to withdraw your money anytime to LR, EG or even STP. The processor’s fees are very moderate and comparable to those in LR. To find out more about AlterGold please refer to my interview with one of the founders of this payment processor here.

If you like my blog and don’t want to miss any important info please add my site in your browser’s bookmarks or just subscribe to get my daily posts straight to your email address. I will see you tomorrow with more news and reviews!

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