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Beware! SapaInv and RapyWealth have stopped paying and have been moved to Problem status on MNO! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! I can hardly believe the week is half over already. I’ve been so busy this last few days with one thing or another I really didn’t notice the time passing, especially with getting the MNO subscription service back online (which I hope those of you using it will not have any more problems with). Getting on with today’s update, there’s plenty of news from the programs on my monitoring page to get through which I’ll be coming to in a few moments after I take a closer look at a new short term HYIP called SapaInv that was just added a few days ago. To an extent it looks a little bit like so many of the other short term HYIPs to open in recent times but I also feel that SapaInv is different enough to be taken a bit more seriously as a program.

SapaInv has three investment plans, less than what we normally see from programs like this, and none that are so obviously risible (ie, nothing offering 8000% after a month or whatever) compared to others. The plans offer fixed rates of interest paid on expiry of various terms, with the rates depending on the size of your principal.

The first plan runs for a term of just 1 single day. So with payments on expiry as I said that means by joining today you should be in profit tomorrow. You can join for a minimum spend of $10 and for anything up to $300 you can earn a return of 103% on expiry, principal included. So that’s a 3% net profit for yourself which isn’t bad for 24 hours. If you’re prepared to take a bigger gamble then SapaInv have a second tier to this plan, accepting from $301 to a maximum of $5,000 and offering an improved rate of 104% paid on expiry, principal included. That leaves you with a 4% net profit.

The other two plans work pretty much the same way, just offering larger returns for longer term investments. The second plan for example runs for a term of 5 calendar days. For a deposit between a $10 minimum up to $300 this time SapaInv offer 120% paid on expiry, principal included. So for a net profit of 20% you can see that on a profit per day ratio this one is a lot more rewarding than the last plan. But is it worth the extra risk? That I’m afraid is a gamble you have to decide on for yourselves. If you wish to make a deposit larger than $300 SapaInv will take anything up to a $5,000 maximum, in return for which the payment will be 125%.

The third and highest risk plan pays on expiry of a 16 calendar day term. Remember of course that if you like the profits being offered here but really don’t like the risk (and it is considerable) then you’re always free to split your investment between the three plans. If you do then I suggest keeping the smallest portion for this one as it’s going to be infinitely easier for the admin to pay out on a $10 investment than on a $5K investment. Anyway, starting from a $10 minimum spend up to a $300 investment SapaInv are offering a return of 180%, principal included. For a larger deposit up to a $5,000 maximum the rate is a more unfeasible 195%. While I wouldn’t say that’s totally unobtainable (far from it in fact, many programs prior to SapaInv have managed to pull it off) it’s definitely not sustainable in the long run. The one day plan for instance could very easily complete a number of cycles well into double figures, but I wouldn’t say the same for this one (so if you’re ever gonna do it then do it now).

Payment options are nothing that special but then again they’re fairly standard for this style of HYIP. SapaInv deal exclusively with LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, so no chargebacks and all transactions are final. On the plus side your payouts are “almost” instant. They’re subject to a five minute delay, but should appear in your e-currency account after that. You will still need to log into your SapaInv account area and request them, and once done you should have it within five minutes.

There’s an interesting script being used by SapaInv. It’s custom made but not unique as I’ve seen it used successfully used by one or two programs in the past. Hosting is on a dedicated DDoS protected Staminus server. For any further information, questions, or account related issues you can contact the admin by filling in your details on the ticketing form you’ll find on the contacts page.

Despite the script being original one thing that isn’t is the text. It’s a mishmash of borrowed and copy/pasted material from various online HYIPs as well as a couple of actual financial service providers, but very little that can’t be found word for word on other websites. That’s more down to the designer than the admin, but whoever you feel is responsible the end result is the same – so don’t treat SapaInv like anything other than an online HYIP with all the ups and downs that go with it, namely the opportunity for a fast profit at rate not available elsewhere offline but only with an extreme risk. Take it or leave it but the only way to win or lose is to take the gamble. But don’t put any money into SapaInv that you can’t afford to lose and try to use them as part of a more diverse portfolio.


There’s a kinda interesting update posted on the website of ReProFinance (reviewed here) today. They’re adding the option of credit cards for joining the investment plans which include 1.6%-2.3% for 90 business days and 1.8%-2.5% for 180 business days with principal returned on expiry. This is the fifth payment option now, joining LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay and Bank transfers. As well as the regular plans of course you also have the bond program where you earn 1% daily and can sell them anytime but are only available through AlertPay, LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney. Well, if you choose the Credit card option in your member area in ReProFinance you will see the following message:
While depositing with Credit Card, withdrawals are only available to your AlertPay account, starting one week after the deposit is made. Before one week is passed your revenue is accumulated in your ReProFinance account, but you will not be able to withdraw that before the 7th day ends. This is made to avoid fraudulent transactions. To complete the transaction you will also be asked to upload the scanned image of your Credit Card and your document ID.
I have very many reservations regarding this. For one thing I do not think it’s a smart move to upload your ID and especially a scanned copy of your credit card to any online HYIP program. They can and will scam one day and God knows where your personal data will will end up then. There are endless possibilities of fraud using your sensitive data and you must remember that even such a great program as ReProFinance paying for an amazing 500 days is no different from other programs. That is why I would not recommend using this option. Plus the fact that ReProFinance will accept your Credit card payment but will not allow you to withdraw to the same card is kinda questionable. The withdrawals are only allowed to AlertPay is one thing (But why not LR then? Dumping AP funds I wonder?), but then the question arises why ReProFinance don’t just accept payments via Credit card through AlertPay’s interface. I’m aware that the program had some issues with AlertPay already (which the ReProFinance Robin admitted to in his interview published here) but this is would be a much safer solution for the investors willing to make deposits via Credit cards as submitting information to AlertPay is still much safer than submitting it to some program that may scam you one day. I believe such reservations are totally reasonable though I don’t want to doubt the admin’s intentions to make ReProFinance more convenient to the biggest possible number of investors and even to those who never invested in HYIPs before. But sorry, the requirement to upload your credit card and ID scan looks questionable at best to me. Here is the latest newsletter published on the website of ReProFinance today and explaining all the details behind the new depositing option:
Have a plastic card? There is an instant deposit!
Change your notion of investments on the Internet with a new payment option of ReProFinance. Now we make transactions with plastic cards!
Our company is the first one on the Internet who has introduced the opportunity to invest money directly from plastic cards. If you’re a holder of Visa or MasterCard you can just sign in your ReProFinance account and make an instant deposit.
ReProFinance really cares about the security of their clients and performs all credit card operations on the site within the anti-fraud policy of the company. In particular, you will be required to upload a scanned copy of your card after making a deposit. The first profit withdrawal will be available only in 1 calendar week following the day of investing. The maximum amount to be invested by plastic cards is $1,000. For greater amounts please use the Bank transfer option.
Profits from deposits made by plastic cards can be withdrawn to the account in AlertPay system. This feature enables clients to withdraw money from their AlertPay accounts not only to the plastic cards but to bank accounts as well. ReProFinance does not charge any fees for withdrawals to Alert Pay accounts.
Owing to plastic card investing function our clients can significantly expedite the process of the investment deposit creation, and therefore start the investment business and receive a stable profit much quicker.

I think I’m more excited about hearing that one of the most stable long-term programs online – UnitrustDirect (reviewed here) – starting to take deposits via AlertPay in addition to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney along with direct Bank wires. I believe this to be a crucial step in making it more attractive and strengthening its position in the long-term HYIP market where UnitrustDirect has been already paying for almost six months. I remind you that they offer multiple investment plans with a minimum of $5 and offering instant payouts to LR, PM and now AP. The current investment plans offered can be divided into two main categories: paying daily – 14.7% for 7 days, 3.9% for 30 days, 2.91% for 60 days, 3.1% for 120 days – and paying on expiry – 102.5% after 5 days, 107.1% after 10 days, 123.8% after 25 days, 194% after 65 days, 403.4% after 125 days. As you can see, the offered returns are kinda modest compared to other HYIPs and I guess that is what kept them so stable all this time. Now, that AlertPay was added to UnitrustDirect the existing members can update their profile, adding the AP account of their choice by clicking Account->Update profile in their member’s area More info about the UnitrustDirect can be read in my interview with the admin Aurelia posted here where she also promised to add new payment methods shortly, a promise she just fulfilled. Here is the latest announcement posted on UnitrustDirect website today:
AlertPay is Now Accepted
We are pleased to announce that UnitrustDirect are now accepting deposits and processing instant withdrawals with AlertPay payment processor.
AlertPay is an account-based payment processor allowing just about anyone with an email address to securely send and receive money with their credit card or bank account. Please note that AlertPay is accepted in test-mode for the next few days, therefore this payment method is currently available for Starter, Direct, Assured, Reliance and Progressive portfolios only.”

The admin of CosmosInvest has announced the recent review of his program posted on MNO on Monday. Even after paying for over a month instantly to LR and PM accounts on 103%-105% after 1 day and 120%-130% after 5 day plans the admin still believes that his program is only starting. Well, let’s wait and see what happens next but so far it’s been doing well and for the first week that I’ve monitored them I got almost all withdrawals processed instantly to my LR and PM accounts. Here is the latest email update from CosmosInvest (reviewed here):
Newsletter 4: CosmosInvest Review by MNO
This is to inform our Valued Investors that CosmosInvest was reviewed by Paul, the admin of the famous monitoring site Money-News-Online; review is published on the following link: http://money-news-online.com/blog/2011/10/03/03102011-cosmosinvest-review-and-daily-news-from-the-industry/.
A link on our home page is also available for MNO review.
We are still in the beginning of the road,
Regards. Joe. CosmosInvest”.

The admin of GlobalBankInv has issued another newsletter today where more improvements were announced. Together with the previously available Indonesian phone support English phone support is now in testing mode. There was another interesting feature added where in the bottom right side of every page you can see the latest 10 transactions including the latest deposits and withdrawals, so you actually see the latest stats of GlobalBankInv in real time and though it’s hard to analyze and make conclusions using only this info it’s still a useful tool which will be convenient for all existing and potential investors. GlobalBankInv was first reviewed on MNO here and has been monitored by me for 9 days. The program offers fast payouts to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney on several investment plans which vary from short to medium term for a $10 minimum – 105%-130% after 1 day, 116%-219% after 3 days, 137%-600% after 7 days, 180%-1075% after 15 days, 270%-2550% after 30 days and 8890% after 60 days. The admin also promises to translate the website to several different languages in the near future. Stay tuned for that as MNO will keep you updated. Here’s the latest newsletter:
GlobalBankInv – #4 NEWS
How are you all today? 4th Newsletter already.
We added English support number from UK – Available 24/7 +44 (117) 911 2687 (Test Mode for few days)
As you may seen already, we added Last Transaction box. Box automatically refreshes after 10 seconds, so you can see live payments go in/out.
Our Alexa Ranking 200k now. http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/globalbank-inv.com
Site will be translated in Indonesian language probably tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.
Next language will be Russian and will be done by next Monday.
Site stats – Running days 9, Total accounts 3098, Active accounts 2307
Don’t forget to vote for us.
More really exciting news tomorrow.
Best Regards”.

The withdrawals from KistFunds (reviewed here) were not processed instantly as usual today while the program was undergoing some scheduled maintenance which lasted for a few hours. This has finished by now and payouts to both LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney for the 1.3%-2.2% for 120 business days plan with principal returned on expiry are back to being processed instantly. Here’s their latest update:
Scheduled Maintenance Completed
We glad to inform you that we’ve completed the scheduled maintenance, our server is now more secured as INSTANT PAYMENT still continues as usual.
Note: This scheduled maintenance does not affect your daily earnings, your profit for today has already credited to your account log in now and to Withdraw your profit INSTANTLY
Thanks for believing in us. Signed Management”.

It looks like the admin of SoaretInvestment is really looking forward to the upcoming review of his program on MNO which I’m planning to publish tomorrow. Anyway, in his latest update he expressed some anticipation. SoaretInvestment just started five days ago and accepts investments via LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay and SolidTrustPay starting from $50 in a 5% daily forever plan with the option of principal withdrawal after a 15 week lock-in period. More details on SoaretInvestment will be featured in MNO tomorrow, but meanwhile read the latest update from the admin Josh:
Information from SoaretInvestment
Hello Everyone,
This is another week with SoaretInvestment and we are glad to let you know our program is growing stronger by the day with lots of new investors and firm team.
There is not much to say than to inform you we are maintaining a strong paying status and advertising in major blogs and forums. Please we hope to get a review soon from Money-News-Online and Hyipnews hence we request your calmness.
We continue to stick to our one payment plan which offer 5% on a daily basis forever with principal withdrawal allowed only after 15 weeks of investing, so far this plan is working and we are sure going to stay longer online sticking to it, we also offer a 5% Ref Comm to all members.
For now we would let you have some fun as you continue to enjoy your partnership.
Thanks, Josh”.

I was surprised to see an update on the website of GlobaDigitalPay which was totally devalued recently and does not cost anything anymore as it’s refused by all major exchangers. Despite the fact that the published update doesn’t inspire much confidence in those who still have funds in this payment processor at least it’s refreshingly honest. Actually, it was the first time GDP admitted officially that they had some severe liquidity issues and tried to give a reason – the alleged freezing of their bank accounts preventing them from fulfilling their obligations to exchange agents. I believe nothing can be done at this point until the funds are released and I hope this will eventually happen. But I don’t think that it will bring GlobalDigitalPay back to the point where it was originally was. Unfortunately, it looks that unless a payment processor is located in some offshore territory it’s in permanent danger of collapse due to the authorities interference. For what it’s worth I salute the courage of the admin in admitting the current difficulties for all the good it does because for now GDP is as good as dead. Following the most recent update on GlobalDigitalPay website I advise everyone stop using them for the time being (not that you have much of a choice). Here is the latest sad news from GDP first-hand:
GDP Management have released a statement to update account holders on the current operational problems.
Global Digital Pay is facing liquidity challenges due to our main bank accounts being frozen. We have made several unsuccessful attempts to have the accounts re-activated, but the bank will not even tell us what has prompted them to freeze the funds and the ability to access our accounts. Our lawyers are in contact with the bank to establish what the problem is.
In the meantime we are unable to offer liquidity to our Exchange Agents, who in turn cannot accept GDP funds for exchange purposes. We hope the current situation will not last much longer and would like to ask our account holders for further patience while we resolve the issues.
A further update will be made when we have more news.
Best regards. Management”.

I would like to warn you from investing in EsplinoGroup which stopped paying to investors last night. Looking at the website today I discovered that the monitoring images including mine were altered and is not displaying the real status of the program which is Problem now. I guess I was right about the suspicious update I was talking about in last night’s post on MNO promising a 10% bonus which was nothing more than a warning sign. Well, not only me but other investors recognized this as a red flag and didn’t deposit which just proves that the current investors are getting smarter and the HYIP admins – on the contrary – more stupid. Please do not invest in EsplinoGroup as it’s a proven scam now!

Another really stupid person who thinks that he’s so smart that will be able to mislead the investors of WinnerEarn keeps sending some really pointless emails first about the alleged closure of the program:
WinnerEarn – Scam
Sorry for this sad email, but we need to close. We don’t have any investors. Cashflow problems. We can’t pay refunds! We have only 2$ USD In LR left, because we got hacked today too. Bye.
If you think that was stupid, please wait until you see the next email from the same clown who tried to scam the members and persuade them to invest into some VIP plan AFTER announcing the alleged collapse of the program. As Simon Cowell would say, it is the most ridiculous and irritating thing I’ve ever seen in the HYIP industry, lol. Just look at this for nonsense:
WinnerEarn VIP Plan
Dear WinnerEarn members,
We are proud to announce our first, VIP plan. WinnerEarn would like to thank everyone for the continuous support and cooperation you have put into our investment opportunity.
The plan is called “WINNER VIP”, and return is 150% after 1 day. To invest in this plan, you will be required to deposit at least $100 USD and the maximum is $50,000.
In order to make the deposit into our special plan, you’re not required to login in our site. Our system will automatically recognize your user name and investment will be credited as soon as we receive the funds.
Please click on link below in order to make deposit. In memo add your username and plan name. Example: Deposit in VIP Plan – WinnerMember
Please note that we send emails only from winnerearn domain, all others are fake.

I would like to emphasize here that WinnerEarn (reviewed here) is still paying fine and the payouts are still processed instantly to both LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney on the following plans – 105%-130% after 1 day, 116%-219% after 3 days, 137%-600% after 7 days, 180%-1075% after 15 days, 270%-2550% after 30 days, 8890% after 60 days. The program has been monitored on MNO for over three weeks and has been very stable and reliable so far. The real admin of WinnerEarn, by the way, warned about a scammer trying to impersonate him many times and he even mentioned it to the interview which was published on MNO here. Actually, the admin of WinnerEarn already pledged not to send any email to his members to eliminate any confusion, so you can simply ignore all suspicious emails and go to the program’s Shoutbox where he recently posted this:
I remind everyone to IGNORE any fake email that appears to be from WinnerEarn! The jealous guy has just sent a fake email that WinnerEarn is closed and refunds won’t be sent. This is a FAKE email that appears to be from admin@winnerearn.com but it’s not! Beware and totally ignore it!
I NEVER send any emails to my members. You MUST ignore any email that you receive that appears to be from WinnerEarn.
For those who would like to make sure they are fake emails you can check it easily if you use Gmail. Simply open the suspicious email and click on Show Original option in the right upper menu – you will see that all those emails are showing the same return path – payment@dedicated.koddos.com From this you can make your conclusion who is actually behind this spam and I urge you to complain to Koddos if you really want this scammer shut down as the emails were sent from their servers. Anyway, I’ve said it before – scammers will always be stupid and investors will be smarter, of course, if they keep reading MNO on a daily basis.

Here are the programs that paid me for the last 24 hours:
iForexGain, PerfectLottery, AdvantagesCapital, SafeDepositary, UnitrustDirect, NeoProgress, BIA, BaseBucks, HitNRunMasters, AuruMoney, CosmosInvest, GeniusIncome, HyperCompound, BruyetteInvestment, PowerfulStrategy, SapaInv, WinnerEarn, ReProFinance, BrantonsGroup, RegularBee, SoaretInvestment, EurexTrade, FirstCoasts, GlobalBankInv, ViscoCorp, FelminaAlliance, PokerProfits, OnlineInvestmentBank, MirexGroup, TrustIncome, SuperHotPay, LargeProfit, BetForInvest, KistFunds, TopsFund and OneInv.

That’s all for tonight, guys. See you tomorrow with a detailed review of SoaretInvestment and daily news from the industry with my analysis. Always be on the money with Money-News-Online!

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