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Hello everyone! Well it seems like the little Halloween horror story featured on my blog last night isn’t quite over yet and as expected is starting to spread now. More about that in the news section but I’m also pleased to say it’s not all doom and gloom today because I have a couple of new programs to tell you about. I’ll be introducing two in a moment, also in the news section, but first I want to explain why the program VirtualPayments which was added to my monitor just yesterday has now been moved to problem status and will not be reviewed. It seems that the admin is looking to pull a fast scam on investors so deposits there are not recommended.

First of all (and this isn’t the real reason but I feel it necessary to mention it) the admin has opened accounts in the main HYIP discussion forums using my name, and impersonating me while announcing his program. Please note that I did NOT introduce VirtualPayments on the forums and have NO affiliation with it. But all that’s just a personal matter for me and nothing you need to worry about. The real reason you as an investor need to stay well away from VirtualPayments is that the admin has replaced the proper monitoring image which would have given a correct status of his program with a static image, something that says his program is “paying” permanently regardless of whether it really is or not.
If you’re new to the HYIP industry and not really sure what this is all about, allow me to simplify it for you (apologies to experienced readers – you all know exactly what I’m talking about):
If you visit the “ratings” page on any HYIP website, ie the list of monitors, you will see the monitor logos describing the program as “paying”, “scam”, or whatever. These images are hosted by the monitor, meaning they remain in control of what status is displayed on them. However the HYIP admin can remove the correct monitor logo and replace it with a copy “static” version that displays what the admin wants it to show. Let me make this 100% clear to you now – there is NO reason for any admin to do this. This is a common trick used by scam HYIPs to hide the fact that they have stopped paying and trick investors into thinking it’s still safe to deposit. Well, it isn’t safe to deposit and all investments in VirtualPayments are strongly advised against from now on. MNO is smarter than other monitors, smarter than other blogs, and smarter than other admins. I know the tricks and they will not be tolerated on my monitor.

Moving on to some better programs now and some genuine professional admins, currently the most popular program on MNO – TopsFund (reviewed here) – announced a new plan paying 11% interest for the duration of 10 calendar days:
NEW Premium 10 Days plan launch!
We pay interest 11% to your account daily for 10 days, total 110% return. Deposit included the interest return. Limited investment amount available daily and limited time offer.

The minimum to invest in this plan via LibertyReserve is just $10 and I believe it’s a good addition to the already available 21% for 5 days plan for investors preferring fast but at the same time reasonable profits.
As for those who want to get bigger profits from TopsFund but are ready to wait for a few months before getting into the profit zone yet another plan was added (though unannounced) paying 0.6%-0.7% daily for the duration of 300 days (minimum deposit $50). I guess the main attraction for those considering joining this one will be the right to request your principal back anytime, and not wait the full duration. In my opinion, it’s worth joining because you get greater flexibility compared to the old plan paying 0.5%-1.5% daily forever with the optional principal withdrawal only allowed after 18 months and especially on the plan offering 1800% after 360 days return which is strongly not recommended. I hope that TopsFund will keep up good work and the investors that are about to join these newly introduced plans will be able to obtain profits from the program.

The second most popular program on MNO listing is ReProFinance (reviewed here). This HYIP was added to MNO back in 2010 and nobody could imagine it would last so long. Of course, that doesn’t mean that ReProFinance will still be with us in 2012 as well but at least the admin of the program is trying to persuade investors that they have some long-term plans in order to keep running for some time. However, I’m really quite skeptical about the planned conference in the Caribbean in late January 2012. Never as far as I know has anything like that happened before. We are talking of HYIP ponzies now and the owners wouldn’t exactly be the favorite people of the authorities in any country. Anyway, it looks like it doesn’t bother ReProFinance too much as today they can promise the conference and tomorrow just cancel it as the exact location is undisclosed and nothing can be independently verified at this point of time. But putting all this aside, ReProFinance proved many skeptics wrong by paying perfectly well for over 500 days already – an achievement their main competitors can only dream of. ReProFinance accepts deposits via AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney as well as direct bank wire and credit card deposits. Starting from $10 you can invest in plans offering 1.6%-2.3% for 90 business days or 1.8%-2.5% for 180 business days with principal returned on expiry or purchase 1% daily bonds. You can read more on that in my interview with the admin published here. And below you will see more details from the latest update about the upcoming conference:
Caribbean conference – getting closer to the clients
ReProFinance will start its 2012 with a conference for the largest investors on the Caribbean Islands in Dominican Republic in January. Shortly before celebration of the second anniversary of ReProFinance operation we want to communicate with colleagues, friends, partners and representatives informally. For this purpose we have selected a format of a three day conference which will be conducted from 26/01/2012 to 28/01/2012 in Dominican Republic located on one of the islands of the Caribbean archipelago. The conference will have its own program. All the participants who have submitted their applications for participation beforehand will be offered to attend various business seminars, presentations and other events, as well as to have a rest on the beaches of the Caribbean Sea. The conference program will include eminars, meetings with the officials of the company, round table discussions with company representatives, business training in online investments, and performance of pop stars. In the end of the program ReProFinance offers a business regatta with participation of yacht teams of representatives, company partners, management team and large investors. All the participants of the conference will be provided with free accommodation at the hotel. The number of participants is limited. When choosing the participants of the conference we will be guided by the data provided in your application. The financial turnover of the investor in ReProFinance also will be considered. Dear investors, we hope that owing to this conference we will learn more about each other through the interesting informal talks and find out the winner in an elite business regatta which is organized specially for this event and sponsored by ReProFinance.

Oh, my gosh! It looks like we will have a lot of holidays ahead which will give the ForEx based programs like FelminaAlliance the perfect excuse for not paying investors and save some money for themselves, lol. Anyway, at least it’s appreciated that FelminaAlliance (reviewed here) continues communicating with members on a weekly basis about the latest developments. If you’re in the 1%-1.6% for 180 business days plan with principal returned on expiry via LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney please note that FelminaAlliance will not be paying you on November 3-4 and November 10-11 which they observe as Panamanian and US holidays (extremely convenient, lol!). The list of holidays and more news from FelminaAlliance can be read in the latest weekly newsletter issued today:
[FelminaAlliance] Weekly Newsletter
This is the official newsletter from FelminaAlliance.
This week marks the beginning of a series of official holidays that we observe. Please be advised that we observe both US and Panamanian official holidays as we are based in and operate from Panama, while most of our business is done in the United States. This week we will be paying interest on Thursday, November 3, 2011, which is the Separation Day and Friday, November 4, 2011, which is the Colon Day in Panama. Next Thursday, November 10, 2011, is another of the official holidays in Panama and Friday, November 11, 2011, is the Veteran’s Day in the United States. According to our Terms of Service, we do not pay interest on official holidays.
We would also like to inform you that due to a large number of requests from our customers we have added an option allowing you to cancel the use of the enhanced compounding option before the first interest payment under this option has been made. Please note that once the first interest payment has been made with the enhanced compounding option enabled you will not be able to reverse the choice of the enhanced compounding under any circumstance.
Make sure to visit and like our official Facebook page at This way we’ll keep you informed about the latest news, updates, links, tips and everything else related to FelminaAlliance.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome.
Best Regards, Marketing Department, FelminaAlliance Inc.

The admin of EliteGain Jessica apologized for the delay announcing the regular referral weekly contest in the latest short newsletter by publishing the list of three winners:
Third Contest Results
First of all I apologize for a delay in announcement of our weekend contest winner, This week our winners are: Erik (1st), Jerry (2nd), Yulin Chen (3rd). We have also reset all credits counter, and good luck with fourth session of our week-end bustling contest!
Regards, Jessica Parker.
EliteGain (reviewed here) was added to MNO monitoring three weeks ago, offering two investment plans – 3%-5% for 40 business days and 7%-14% weekly forever – with instantly processed payouts to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay. The minimum to invest in EliteGain is only $1 so the program can be tested by even small investor.

I guess those of you who thought that the incident with one of my referrals who was not paid by UnitrustDirect of which was thoroughly discussed in yesterday’s article here was an isolated incident should open their eyes while it’s not too late. Late last night I received another complaint from yet another long-time reader complaining that he has received the same shoddy and downright disgraceful treatment handed out to another member that I mentioned earlier. His investment is basically being held to ransom while the admin blackmails him, saying that he will never see another dollar of his own money unless he hands over scans of his passport and other personal information. Needless to say that providing such info to any online ponzi like UnitrustDirect will not get you anywhere but only allow the admin steal your identity and use the data in different cyber-crimes that will be carried out while impersonating you. So, as with the last person I suggested he not to submit this information, especially considering that nothing was needed in order to deposit in UnitrustDirect in the first place. This really is a new low, even by HYIP standards. Not content just to steal your money, he now wants to steal your identity as well to either carry out other scams or sell it on the black market to God knows what sort of criminal. The UnitrustDirect admin was so cunning and shrewd that after weeks (!) of pretending to negotiate with my referral, he obtained all the necessary ID documents and then still refused to pay. The latest excuse for non-payment was that he “discovered” (very conveniently after weeks of not noticing and weeks after he’s stopped paying anyway!) that allegedly three different emails was created by one person. This is way too dangerous and a really old trick – after robbing someone of $5,000 you accuse her of something else to change the subject and make it look as the admin is the victim. Unbelievable! Simply read what I received today from her:
Now the Admin of UnitrustDirect is using evil dan slanderous way to discredit me by quoting 3 (three) other people accounts which are very strange to me and I have nothing to do with the three gmail accounts at all. Now i know and sure they are very cunning, evil and mean. I am not going to reply them at all since they are not worth of my time and energy. Don’t worry about the $5000 since in real life I have no problem with money. HYIP is only a hobby to me. I worry about you and MNO. They can do evil, malicious, cunning and slanderous tricks to discredit your reputation. Please be careful”.
Well I can say that MNO is not so easy to silence. This issue will be brought to the attention of my readers over and over again until this scam is finished. And with such obvious cash flow problems this will happen very soon, believe me! MNO readers are strongly advised to stay away from UnitrustDirect even if some payouts are still paid and some monitors are still displaying Paying status for the program. Because once selective payments start they spread like a cancer and will reach your account a lot faster than you think.
But let me tell you one thing – those monitoring sites that are closing their eyes to these incidents with UnitrustDirect can be considered accomplices and apologists for this scam. They should be really ashamed of themselves because they want to maintain their earnings with UnitrustDirect even if it comes at your expense. Such monitoring sites in my opinion cannot be trusted because they deliberately mislead members and do not warn them about the selective payouts from any program, even if they were presented with indisputable facts. Be sure that MNO has as much tolerance of such shameless monitors as the admins who bribe them for a couple of cents per day. Every admin submitting his program for advertising and monitoring on MNO must realize first that blackmail, threats to their own members, attempts at identity theft, and selective payouts will NOT be tolerated. So they’d stick to some less strict sources as I will always be telling the truth to my readers!

Another proven scam still displayed as Paying on some of the dishonest monitors is ViscoCorp. Despite the multiple complaints submitted to monitors some of them just refuse to admit the obvious and move the program to Problem status. That is really unfortunate and only further shows how corrupt the monitors are and how protective they are of the scams that pay them but not their downlines. Some people are still getting tricked into joining that scam (hopefully MNO readers are not among them) after being misled by crooked monitors and their paid posters. The same is is obviously pursued by the admin of ViscoCorp who keeps opening new plans and try to lure the investors into them by high returns and encourage them to invest by “limited” offers. The latest plan offering 9% for 18 days should be avoided like the plague, just like everything else from ViscoCorp now.

It looks like two more programs might have stopped paying as well and therefore have been moved to Problem status on MNO today. They are MirexGroup and OnlineInvestmentBank. MirexGroup is a suspected scam due to LR payments being stopped. So far he admin never responded to me or addressed the issue. More than 24 hours without payments is already outside MirexGroup‘s ToS and therefore I believe the program is about to finish. So do not invest there anymore, at least until the payments resume.
As for OnlineInvestmentBank, I have received a couple of complaints from readers tonight and was able to verify one of account to see that he was not paid since 27/10 and has a lot of pending withdrawal requests. The admin has been notified of this issue already but I’m afraid we can see the selective payouts in OnlineInvestmentBank already. I hope resume as soon as possible, but for now OnlineInvestmentBank will stay on Problem status on MNO and further investments are not recommended. I will let you know in due course if the situation changes.

I would like to let you know that today I have decided to add a Sticky listing on my monitoring site which will allow Premium listed programs to avoid competing for the top spot on my ratings and go straight to the top. This type of listing will be offered only on a temporary basis. For a weekly or monthly fee a program will be put above Premium listing for the duration of payment. After the term expires the admin has the option to renew the listing for another term or return to Premium listing if he wishes. I think that the Sticky listing will be a good replacement for the Exclusive listing and at the same time will allow admins to be on top and not just the ones that advertise on MNO exclusively. If you have any comments or suggestions on the types of listing or would like to try out the new Sticky listing for your program please contact me at

The programs that have paid me for the last 24 hours are listed below:
FinMarks (the first instant payment received), KistFunds, AudivaTraders, NeoProgress, EliteGain, BonusPayMe, TopsFund, RapyWealth, FelminaAlliance, WorldwideCapital, BrantonsGroup, EurexTrade, StableProfit, HyperCompound, PokerProfits, ReProFinance, SingInvest, OneInv, GlobalFxTrades and PaidJack.

Two brand-new programs added to Premium listing on MNO tonight are FinMarks and FreedomReserve. The reviews will be published later in the week but first I want to give you a general idea of what they are all about.

Starting with FinMarks, the program just launched today and accepts three payment processors starting from a $20 minimum – AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. The two available plans include one that pays daily – 3.5% for 60 days (with principal back on expiry) – and another one with on expiry payment of 144% after 12 days though only available for the deposits starting from $250. The FinMarks website is hosted on a dedicated server with Koddos protection and is running off an increasingly popular licensed ProBizScript. The payments are promised to be made instantly, and I can confirm this is true as I have already received the first withdrawal myself. More on FinMarks will be published soon.

The second program added to Premium listing today is FreedomReserve. This is a brand-new super short-term program with multiple investment plans and SSL-secured website running off a licensed GoldCoders script and hosted on a dedicated server by AntiDDos. More experienced investors will spot the similarities with programs run by the admin of SuperHotPay and other successful (and not so!) HYIPs, so it’s up to you to decide if you wish to join another program with similar plans via LibertyReserve and PerfectMnoney with a minimum of $10. Plans include the following (all pay on expiry) – 105%-130% after 1 day, 116.5%-250% after 3 days, 142%-650% after 7 days, 191%-1200% after 14 days, 2600% after 30 days, 8900% after 60 days. For a better analysis of FreedomReserve please check out my detailed review which will be published on MNO soon.

That’s all for today, guys, but hopefully I will see you on my blog tomorrow when I will bring you the daily news from the industry and will review one of the new additions on MNO. Stay tuned for that everyone!

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