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Beware! FNOCapital has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! For the second post of this evening I’m going to be looking at a new short to medium term program just added to my monitoring list. I also have the day’s main news stories but first I want to move on with FNOCapital, which although I said it was a new program what I meant was it’s new to my monitor. It has in fact been online for several weeks already, and celebrating a month online today if I’m not mistaken. The thing about it though is that FNOCapital has been flying below most investors radars and the admin hasn’t really been pushing it too hard up to now. I can’t say why exactly, though it is a common enough tactic for admins to just roll things out gradually and slowly increase the program’s profile rather than have everyone who’s ever going to join doing it on the same day. I guess that works well for plenty of other programs so it mightn’t be a bad move for FNOCapital either.

So starting as we always do with the investment plans, FNOCapital are offering five of them in total. I have to be honest and say that some of them are less realistic than others and unlikely to get any attention from anyone other than those who believe such vastly inflated returns are possible, and certainly not from experienced industry players anyway. Though having said that, I wouldn’t let it distract me too much from some of FNOCapital‘s more modest plans which are perfectly achievable in the short term and I’m sure for whatever small number of investors have been there over this past month have been quite satisfactory.

Before we get to the actual numbers I just want to point out that all of FNOCapital‘s plans pay you just once on expiry of the term. It’s just that on the home page you will see them described by giving you the average profit per day you would receive if your investment is successful. That’s OK, and is even useful for comparing the plans against each other, but don’t be mislead into thinking that FNOCapital actually pay you this interest every day. They don’t. I know it’s not the admin’s intention to mislead you on this, I just wanted to make you aware of it in case you didn’t read it properly and made the mistake yourselves. Anyway, a more accurate description of them is on the Investments Page.

The first plan, which is in fact described as a Trial Plan despite me being of the opinion it’s actually the best option for small investors (it does have a low maximum), runs for 3 business days. It will cost you a $5 minimum to join, or you can spend anything up to $100 tops. In return FNOCapital offer one single payment at the end of the term which is 108%. That includes your initial deposit so it’s your own money back plus 8% net profit for yourself.

The more serious players looking for a more substantial gamble, though it still only carries a $10 minimum price tag, can look at FNOCapital‘s second plan. It runs for 6 business days and carries a $1,000 maximum. On expiry there’s a single payment made of 123%, principal included. That’s kinda at the high end of what can be sustained for a decent number of cycles in the industry I think, and given the fact that the risk increases significantly after this I’m guessing this might turn out to be the most popular plan with medium size investors.

There are of course plenty of other options here if you like, including FNOCapital‘s third plan which runs for 17 business days. The minimum to invest here goes up to $50 and the maximum stretches to $5,000. On expiry of the term you are offered a 200% return, principal included, or in other words double your money back. Again it’s closer to the higher end of what can be sustainable for a decent number of cycles. I mean I don’t doubt that it can be achieved, I just can’t help but feel cautious about for how long.

The remaining two options are perhaps less realistic, with FNOCapital‘s fourth plan running for 33 business days and offering a 470% payback on expiry for investments ranging between a $100 minimum up to a value of $100,000. Payments include your principal so the net profit comes to 370% provided of course it gets paid at all.

And finally what gets called The Premium Plan where FNOCapital ask for a hefty minimum deposit of $1000 which they hold for 53 business days before paying anything back at all. This is a mighty big request under any circumstances in the HYIP industry, but to ask for $1,000 first just makes it even less likely to attract any takers no matter what the interest rates available. In this case the return is 1350% in total, principal included. Maximum spend is $100,000.

Whichever way you want to assess the risk level of the plans, for example what will the higher risk longer term ones do to shorten the lifespan of the otherwise more sustainable shorter term ones is up to the individual investor. However one thing that I don’t think will be disputed is the idea that the poor choice of payment options is something that’s only going to be seen as a major drawback to FNOCapital and something that will hinder them from getting as popular as their other short term competitors. Currently they only accept LibertyReserve which even a blind man can see by now is clearly unsafe, and PerfectMoney which although far more secure has done little to improve it’s popularity and in terms of service does little different from LibertyReserve anyway. Payments are made manually by the admin and so will need to be requested from inside your FNOCapital members account area. Once done you are asked to allow anything up to 24 hours for the transaction to be completed. I just hope that if the admin is serious about promoting his program now and really taking it to its full potential then adding more serious payment processors will be near the top of his list of improvements.

Moving on to the design and security features, FNOCapital isn’t bad and at least up to the minimum standard one would expect. The website for example is SSL encrypted by Comodo and runs off a customized script, though I have to say this is clearly modeled on GoldCoders and is even hard to spot the difference sometimes. Hosting is on a dedicated server with support and protection by Koddos, and other than English you may also view FNOCapital in Spanish or Russian. For any further questions or account related issues then you can get in touch with the admin by filling in the online support ticketing form and submitting it via the contacts page, or by mailing him directly at the address provided. The FNOCapital website has a built in Live Chat feature, though nothing to indicate when, if ever, it actually gets turned on. Telephone numbers are listed for the UK and Austria if you’d care to try them, as well as postal addresses though if anyone ever calls to the door you’d be much more likely to find a virtual serviced office for mail and message forwarding rather than a functioning business.

And speaking of business, there’s really nothing other than vague, badly written and extremely garbled texts on FNOCapital about their financial interests or what they claim to be doing with members money after it’s been deposited. I suspect the only thing happening of course is that it’s used to pay off existing members as is generally the case anyway, though one way or another the FNOCapital website seems not to be the place for that discussion. So as always you should approach this with extreme caution and spend accordingly, ie establish a modest and affordable spending limit that you are not going to exceed no matter how tempting some of the numbers might be, and of course if joining FNOCapital at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



There was a phone number published on TheMoneyGalaxy website with the admin claiming that anyone can reach them over the phone now for the around the clock support. Here is the message:

TheMoneyGalaxy : 24/7 Phone customer service
To all investors and partners
TheMoneyGalaxy management is proud to say we increase our customer service team, and now we do support our members by the phone 24 hours per day including weekends and official holidays.
Investors can reach us by: +1 302 319 2008
Please do not hesitate to contact us

TheMoneyGalaxy (reviewed here) is currently the second most popular program on MNO’s Sticky List having been there for seven weeks. The program is famous for offering an instant 10% deposit bonus which will be added on top of your investment made in one of the following plans – 2.1% for 100 business days, 2.5% for 120 business days, 3.1% for 140 business days, 4% for 160 business days. TheMoneyGalaxy is also known for its instant payouts to the majority of the payment processors accepted by them. The current list includes EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, OKPay and BitCoin. Let’s hope that with the increased support service they’ll continue to grow and attract more members which is vital for any HYIP’s survival.


Apparently there are still some people that can’t access PerfectFinance (reviewed here) even after its successful migration to BlockDos following days of instability. The latest propagation to new servers should have been completed around the world by now, but it seems like some members are still experiencing difficulties when accessing the site. The latest update from PerfectFinance deals with this, so if you do encounter any further problems please follow the suggestions provided by the admin Christopher:

PERFECT FINANCE – Important About Website’s Availability
Dear valued investors of PerfectFinance,
It has came to our knowledge that more and more people are being able to access our website and use our services after the downtime. If you are still unable to load our website, please use any of the web proxy service. The propagation should be 100% done worldwide within the next 24 hours.
A suggested and tested solution for a temporary access to our website:
Go to here by clicking:
Enter in the Connect To field
Select 108….. (United States) from With the IP list
If it doesn’t load, select any other IP from the given list.
You’re now being redirected to our website. Feel free to use the website now!
We would appreciate if you could comment on our blog whether you can access our website directly (without proxy) or not. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Have a joyful Friday!
Best Regards, Christopher Walters

I would like to remind you that currently PerfectFinance occupies the #6 position on my Premium listing and is paying 2.7%-3% for 60 days with principal returned on expiry for over a month already to the following payment processors – LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. Withdrawals are paid instantly in most cases and I believe that the admin’s determination in coping with the recent DDoS attacks and bringing PerfectFinance back even stronger than before will give him even more loyal customers which the program definitely deserves. By the way, the first investors should reach the break-even point within the next few days and start making some profits finally which is very exciting indeed.


As usual, some HYIPs which are allegedly trading on the ForEx market like the longest-running program EurexTrade (reviewed here) announced more holidays in order to save on paying to members. In November, the 12th and 22nd will be taken as days off. Variable payouts of up to 2.9% per business day with no expiry date will not be credited to accounts on those days. Although even then all other services including deposits and instant withdrawals to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney – the only two payment processors accepted by EurexTrade – will be processed as usual. I remind you that EurexTrade has been running since February 2011 and is currently occupying the #3 spot on the list of the most popular Premium sites listed on MNO. And deservedly so – you need to look long and hard elsewhere to find such a quality program as this which made huge profits for a lot of members. I hope it continues doing a great job for the long time to come! Here is the latest news from the admin of EurexTrade (interviewed here):

Bank Holidays on November
Dear customers!
Due to the holidays we have the following official non-trading day.
November 12 (Veterans Day in US)
November 22 (Thanksgiving Day in US)
Therefore no profit will be credited to EurexTrade investment accounts.
Deposit and withdrawals are processing instantly as usual.


Anyone sitting on the fence waiting for EgoPay to be added to FinanceCore (reviewed here) can finally make a deposit. Plans include 1.7% for 20 days (principal back), 2% for 25 days (principal back), 2.2% for 30 days (principal back), 4.5% for 30-40 days (principal included). EgoPay becomes the fourth payment processor joining SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. The first members joining on day one should get their principals back very shortly and the existing members of FinvanceCore running for about a month already are welcome to update their profiles within their account area and make a deposit via EgoPay. According to the admin another payment processor – LiqPay – will be joining the list soon with possibly more in the pipeline. Their current newsletter can be read below:

EgoPay has been added
As promised earlier, a popular payment system EgoPay was added to the website today. You can try it out and make a deposit in the system through it right now.
By popular request we will soon be adding LiqPay, too.
If you can think of a different payment system you may need added, which we do not have yet – please contact us and we will add it to our site. We do our best to make your investment most comfortable and convenient.
Also, we would like to inform you that starting from several days ago, we began paying principals on deposits. And now, some of our customers have been able to assess the seriousness of our intentions, and receive their first profit.
We are just at the beginning of our long journey and just starting our development. If you are still not with us, join us!


I was not sure about the rate of referral commissions offered by MajesticProfits but apparently it was less than 6% as today the admin announced increasing it to that level. Hopefully it helps them attract the attention of the best promoters and recover after a period of downtime which forced the program recently switch hosting provider to the very expensive BlockDos. Since the successful migration MajesticProfits didn’t experience any difficulties and pay stably and instantly to SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney accounts on 2.8%-5% for 65 days plan with principal back on expiry. I believe that after being online for only nine days MajecticProfits (reviewed here)  is still a very new and promising program and the admin realizes this and makes the promotional efforts even more rewarding to its supporters:

MajesticProfits – Referral Commission Changed
We changed referral commission for all users to 6%. You can have as many referrals as you want and you will receive 6% from all downline Investments.
Reminder: You don’t have to be an active member and you will still receive commission.
You can find referral link in here – (Please login first)
Best Regards”.


I was surprised today when I saw the membership stats removed from BeWealthyWithUs this afternoon and considered it suspicious. It looks like I was right as the withdrawal requests piled up and the admin doesn’t look to be in too much of a hurry to process them. After a few hours it was became apparent that this was the result of SolidTrustPay suspending their account as cited by the admin in his Facebook page:

We are the best HYIP in a history, no one made it so good, and that is why so many people made things harder for us, jealousy and envy, thats it.
Bad news. We are not scam, however STP suspended our accounts. All money is there untouched.
Please help us. Send complaint to STP and support us, tell them to unblock our accounts so we may pay you, otherwise STP will keep using this money for themselves for 180 days or even forever, and none of you which had any income transaction of BWWU will not be refunded. I call it daylight robbery, but this is crooked world… There is nothing we can do but to switch to processors where transactions are final like LR, or EGOPAY. Seems STP no longer supports real business, just like Payza back then. Sad but true.
We will stay here to keep you updated.
All other processors are working just fine.
Regards, Nate Owens
Chief Financial Officer at BeWealthyWithUs.

The admin didn’t specify why his STP account was suspended in the first place but I’m sure he violated one of the rules he agreed to prior to having an account there. It seems a lot of the members of BeWealthyWithUs followed the admin’s request and contacted STP support just to receive this response:

Thank you for contacting SolidTrust Pay Customer support,
Unfortunately, due to the admin of BeWealthyWithUs violating the terms of their account with SolidTrust and attempting to defraud their own members, we cannot re-open the account. We will be refunding as much back to members as possible starting November 15. Thank you for choosing SolidTrust Pay.

As you can see, STP promised some refunds to the members of the program but refused to unblock the account due to an unspecified violation. I can only speculate on what really happened here and say that it’s possible the admin purchased the STP account on the black market and couldn’t verify his identity, therefore the account was suspended. Anyway, it looks like the admin doesn’t want to let it go and already threatened to blackmail STP and damage their reputation by doing some spam attack which I already received. Admin, this is NOT going to help matters! Not you, not your program, not your members.

An STP issue would affect the payouts to STP but what about other payment processors? The admin of BeWealthyWithUs could continue just with EgoPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney yet he decided to scam. Asking for members’ support while at the same time stopping payouts to all other payment processors, not forgetting to keep deposits flowing in. I think it’s very low behavior which shows the true nature of BeWealthyWithUs so I would not question STP’s actions here. The admin is clearly bit of a scumbag. I would like to warn you against investing there and decided to move BeWealthyWithUs to Problem status on MNO tonight. Please do not invest in BeWealthyWithUs anymore, otherwise you will end up to be poor with them!


Meanwhile, I would like to remind you that my recent interview with Stella, CEO of SolidTrustPay can be read here to find out more about the possibilities that the current most popular payment processor in the HYIP industry can provide for your funding, investments, and withdrawals. By the way, if you submitted any support tickets during the last couple of days and didn’t receive a reply within two business days you’re asked to re-submit them due to a server issue causing some tickets to be lost. Please refer to the latest information about that on STP’s official blog:

Help Centre Update
A server issue with our ticket support center has resulted in the loss of some recently submitted tickets.
If you have submitted a ticket within the past 24 hours (Wednesday 10AM EDT – Thursday 10AM EDT) and do not receive a reply within 2 business days, please re-submit your inquiry.
Please do not resubmit tickets not sent within the timeframe noted above. We thank you for your patience while our support staff respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible.
We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to serving you.

There was also a very important answer to the most commonly asked questions posted today on STP’s support centre. I’m sure it will be of great interest for anyone interested if SolidTrustPay can give you a refund if a program you join scams and/or goes offline with no trace. The answer in a nutshell – a partial refund might be issued, based on STP’s ability to recover money from the account. In other words if there is anything left at the time then they will try and divide it between those at a loss, though this is by no means guaranteed and participating in online HYIPs is done 100% at your own risk. Please read this reply carefully to find out the full procedure on suspended accounts (just like with the one belonging to the admin of BeWealthyWithUs today):

Should I tell you if a site I am participating in goes offline?
It is not necessary to notify us if a site you are participating in goes offline. We have no control over anyone else’s server, site, domain name, etc. Sites can go offline for various reasons, including DDoS attacks, server outages, severe weather, unpaid fees, and so forth. IF a site goes offline due to program closure and there are funds remaining in that site’s SolidTrust Pay account, we do suspend the account. Funds residing in the account are held for 2 to 6 months pending any legal inquiries. After that time, funds are refunded back to the program’s members as available. 100% refunds are never possible; expect a very small refund, if any, in most circumstances.
There is no need to contact us and ask for a refund. If you are eligible for one, you will receive it automatically. If you participated in a high risk venture website, we cannot guarantee that you will receive any refunds back at all, as you participate at your own risk and fully accept all risks. If you are unwilling to accept risks and any potential losses, then you should not participate. SolidTrust protects members and merchants from scrupulous activity. When a website closes or goes offline, it does not imply that they are fraudulent. Read the terms of any site you sign up for and accept responsibility for your own buying decisions.
Thank you.


Today one more program joined MNO’s Premium list – GangnamInv. I’m not sure if it’s somehow connected with the famous Korean singer PSY but the admin was definitely inspired by him and included the cartoony character on the main page of his site thus make the appealing more humorous to put you in the gaming mood. GangnamInv offers four investment plans via three payment processors – EgoPay, PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve. The minimum to invest starts from $9 though it’s different for every plan, two of which are paying daily – 9% for 16 days and 10% for 15 days – and two on expiry – 200% after 20 days and 300% after 30 days. Once the withdrawal was made the admin of GangnamInv promises to pay instantly to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney and manually and within 12 hours to EgoPay. The script is licensed from GoldCoders with hosting on a dedicated server by Staminus protected by GeniusGuard. A secure SSL-connection is unfortunately not included. GangnamInv just launched so I will see how it goes over the weekend before reviewing it on Monday.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: ForexEarn, TheMoneyGalaxy, ProsperaNova, Phinanci,  EndlessProfits, FNOCapital (the first payment received).
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, FelminaAlliance, CarbonDeals, PerfectFinance, PipsFund, Tivsol, BensonUnion, CaspianCapital, 4FXInvestment, AWTC, DiamondAsset, FinanceCore, LLLtdStallionGold, TureProfit, ProForexUnion, Finnexia, StrongInvestment, MajesticProfits.
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, InvFuture, Frmoeg, AustralianBusinessGroup.
From MNO Basic list: RoiChoice, PerfectLottery, Fxen, HippoWin.

That is all the news for today, guys. Tomorrow you can read a review of AustralianBusinessGroup plus the daily news and updates from the most popular HYIPs listed on MNO. I hope you find my blog useful and will bookmark it or subscribe to the e-mail updates. Have a nice weekend and see you all tomorrow!

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