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22/03/2011. Interview with the admin of EurexTrade


Beware! EurexTrade has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! It’s been a quiet enough start to the week as regards the news – not necessarily a bad thing by any means, especially for me as I’m enjoying a few days off in Ireland this week – but there’s still some things of interest you might like. To start with for example I have just received the following interview received from Christopher, the admin of a long term investment program by the name of EurexTrade, a program first reviewed on MNO here.

They have a slightly offbeat approach to investment plans not seen very often in the industry (and not often enough in my opinion), at least compared to the more traditional online HYIPs with their fixed payment offers. EurexTrade is much more of a profit sharing orientated website, where they split the profits generated from their trading activities between themselves and investors. Rates can vary from day to day but can reach a maximum of 2.9% per business day. To be honest a figure that high would be an exception rather than the norm, but for a detailed record of past daily payments you can see the EurexTrade website for yourself. The investment plan has no fixed expiry date and you are free to request your principal be returned when you’re ready to leave. So let’s hear from the admin.

1. Hi Christopher, please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO and give us a little background information about yourself and your experience in managing a business and handling other people’s money.

Hello Paul. At the very beginning, let me thank you for arranging this interview.

My name us Christopher, I am a founder of our FOREX and DERIVATIVES trading based enterprise and I am officially the PR Director of the company Eurex Trade LLC. Our service, the way you see it, is our first online venture, but personally I have other managerial and organizing skills and a corresponding job in the state of Florida, USA.

2. Can you share some facts about the EurexTrade business with us? How long have you been in operation? If as you say on your website you are a public company, why can’t I find you listed on any stock exchange list?

It is really a very important issue for our investors. We have been in business as private investors since 1997, but time went, the trading strategy was optimized, the amount of money in managing rose and already in 2002, our director Kevin Vera quit his banking practice, and founded a private company Eurex Trade LLC. Now we are a dynamic company with a capital of our own funds of more than $50 million.

As for the second part of the question, our company is not a broker or a stock exchange licensed bank, we only use their services, so you will not find us in the stock exchange list. However, we provide documents on the company to all our active (with deposit) investors by their request. For security purposes, we have stopped sharing this information with third parties in the public domain. A necessary condition for obtaining this information is the availability of the minimum deposit in our company, which is only $10.

3. Assuming that someone is coming into the online investments industry for the first time, can you tell us through a step-by-step guide on how to become a member of EurexTrade and what happens afterwards?

Yes, you may find step-by-step guide here:

Here is the most current information on how to join our ranks and start to profit today.

4. What are you offering investor in the terms of plans and profits? What is the minimum and maximum amount you can invest? What have been the average returns paid out over the last couple of weeks?

We offer our investors 5 investment plans to choose from. On average an investor in plan A will receive about 1.4% of net profit per working day and an investor in the VIP plan will get more than 2.5% of the profits. At the moment the minimum deposit is $10, and the maximum size is unlimited. The average profit amount over the past few months is about 1.4% per day.

5. By giving members the option to withdraw their principals and leave EurexTrade after a short lock-in period, do you think that put the program in a hugely unpredictable position in regards to cash-flow? How can you know what long term course the program will take when you can’t know how much money is going in or out on any given day?

Experience shows that the majority of investors prefer to keep their assets under management for a long time and not to withdraw the entire deposit immediately on no serious basis. In addition, we have a reserve Fund, where 5% of profits will be deducted each working day which serves to cover such costs as well.

At the same time we handle requests for withdrawals of major deposits twice a month on 1st and 15th, so it will not be a problem to pay the required amount to our investors.

6. What payment processors are EurexTrade currently dealing with? What have been the most popular choices so far, both in terms of the number of individual investors and in terms of the amount of money deposited? If you are involved in trading then how legal is it to deal with anonymous payment processors rather than licensed brokers?

We work primarily with Bank Wire and also accept LR, PM, GDP systems, since mostly they are in demand among our customers who require instant payment. Also, our investors (many of them) prefer to maximize anonymity for their transactions, for this purpose the data of the system are used. The world is changing, and if yesterday there were no licensed brokers, accepting LR, then now you can safely open an account, such as FxOpen, with LR. e-Currencies are primarily means of payment and this money is fast, safe and comfortable.

7. Can you give us any other general statistics on the program, for example the number of active members, total deposits, total withdrawals, etc?

Unfortunately, this information is confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties. All I can tell you now is that at the moment we have more than 22000 open accounts, average deposits of which is more than 2000 dollars. Also, we are not tax agents and do not inform tax authorities about the income of our investors. That they must do themselves. We, as an offshore company, comply with all tax regulations of the state of Dominica.

8. What would be the best and most efficient way of contacting you if I have any questions or problems? What about the telephone numbers? Are they staffed by actual EurexTrade operators or just for message collection? Is your postal address a real functioning office or just a nominal hosted one?

The most effective way to communicate with us by e-mail or phone. Please note that phone support is available only at certain time shown on the site: Monday through Friday, 10 AM – 5 PM (PST). However, we have a Voice mail phone in case you don’t call in time. Our operator will contact you during business hours. Please be sure to leave your phone number.

Our mailing address – this is a nominal registration address of our company.

The reality in global economic world that must be understood from the investor’s perspective is that establishment and maintenance of physical offices for the majority of Investment firms is an enormous expense which, you probably guessed it, comes from the investor’s pocket. There are also other as important professional reasons for our service being set up the way it is currently presented.

9. What have been the most common questions, problems, or other support related issues that you have had to deal with so far? Is there anything you would like to address here so that members can avoid having to contact you?

Most of the questions are divided into three groups:
A) Change of contact details
B ) Questions related to the trading system and its operating principles
C ) Questions on payments
The most concrete and competent response to your question you will receive no later than in 24 hours on business days. Most of the questions addressed to us are not of a general character. We also have tried to answer the maximum number of common questions here.

10. Can you tell us in detail about the security of EurexTrade? Who is your hosting provider and how highly do you rate them as a service provider? What script are you running off? How well are you protected from hackers?

We use the most modern methods of information security such as SSL, as well as other advanced standards of data security. Of course, our site is being protected from DDOS attacks. We have several hosting providers (for protection). The base, visible publicly – Ddoswiz, but we also use the services of the company Staminus and others. Thus, we can guarantee a stable and uninterrupted operation of our servers. Our script is a unique and custom-made. Thanks to the highest standards of data security adopted by IBM, even in case of unauthorized access to visible public server, hackers can not hack into our database. We employ excellent technicians who produce a daily monitoring on hacker’s activity.

11. What can you tell us about the Eurex trading platform, the Deutsche Borse Group, and any connection you have with either of them? If any readers are concerned about this how would they contact them in order to clear this up?

We do not have a partnership with Deutsche Borse Group and are not affiliated with this company. “Eurex Trade LLC” is the name of our company and we ask you to distinguish it from “Eurex” or “Eurex Group”.

12. What other outside business and investment activities are you involved in? Can we see any independently verifiable proof of these activities?

The main interest of EurexTrade LLC., is to share the knowledge about possibility of investing in, and about the very existence of Alternative Investments, yielding much greater returns than can be offered by government controlled, therefore “fed” from, investment conglomerates. Trading in FOREX and DERIVATIVES is not significantly different from trading Stocks and with proper legal and technological set up of the managing this activity venture, the wealth building by the average consumer becomes possible. Uniquely, our company provides the actual trading results daily. Our detailed, actual trading reports are also available as an independent subscription service. We believe that overall, EurexTrade is presented to the public in sufficiently transparent way and that through the time our service shall build and secure the necessary trust with worldwide investors and we all shall prosper.

You can view actual trading reports here.

13. Tell us more about the general advertising and promotional strategies being used by EurexTrade. In a very competitive market what are you doing to bring the program to a wider investment audience?

We plan to advertise in different investment resources and large forums, as well as social networks, as future is with them. Time is our our main ally, and people will tell each other about us more than it is already known from other sources. We are here to stay because we believe that the confidence of our investors is our main asset.

14. Are there any plans to develop EurexTrade further in the near future? Will there be any interesting changes made soon? How are you planning to keep the program competitive with so many other options open to investors?

Yes, we plan many innovations – from a small reorganization of our site, adding new payment systems, introduction of additional languages??, as well as the opening of our representative offices in some European countries, notably France and Spain. Keep in touch!

15. And finally, is there anything you feel wasn’t covered in this interview but you think the readers of MNO should be aware of? Anything in my review that you felt was a mistake or something you would like to comment on?

The area of online investment services is relatively new, but it stands strong due to the relative ease of venture creation, given that there is some solid investment activity in place to back up such service financially. Internet has replaced letters writing, the way we communicate and the way we do business. Internet thus is the technological revolution, therefore availability of online investment services cannot be an exception and it can only grow and spread. Advice to investors is to try to stay informed about global economical developments, invest very carefully, perform due diligence and of course to diversify.

In conclusion, I would like once again to thank you, Paul, for providing this opportunity to speak on behalf of the EurexTrade team.

Thanks a lot to Christopher for taking the time to give such detailed answers to the questions there and I hope you all found it useful in someway (one way or another) if trying to decide whether EurexTrade is a suitable place for you to invest or not. If yes, then good luck to you and good luck to all the other members there too.

Before concluding for today I would like to introduce you a new program which I have just added to the Standard listing on MNO and which I will review soon, possibly by tomorrow. This program is called SiliconValleyGroup and it just started yesterday. The program offers a fixed return of 1.8%-2.5% for 180 calendar days with interest only credited on business days and the principal returned on expiry. The minimum to invest in SiliconValleyGroup starts from $10 and the payment processors accepted are LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay. Compounding is available for fans of it and those who might need their money back for some reason earlier than your investment’s expiry date can get their deposit back for a 35% fee. The withdrawals are promised to be processed instantly but I can only confirm that tomorrow when I hope to be paid from them for the first time. SiliconValleyGroup is hosted by always dependable BlockDos on a dedicated server. Their website is SSL secured and is running off a licensed GoldCoders script. So everything is up to high standards here. More on SiliconValleyGroup will be posted on MNO soon, so stay tuned for that, guys!

That’s about all for today guys, but I’ll see you all again tomorrow with all the important news updates from the programs covered on MNO. See you then!

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