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Beware! Xgolding has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everybody! After the Christmas celebrations which I hope went well for all of you I’m now really looking forward to my other favorite day which is New Year’s Eve. And to celebrate this year I’m heading to Scotland, in fact I’m writing on the train to Edinburgh at the moment, where I’m looking forward to spending a short vacation and exploring some of the wonderful islands, and who knows, maybe even a local distillery or two. I believe the holiday is called Hogmanay here, which I have no idea what it means but will give it a try as I’m feeling adventurous after not leaving home for so long! But anyway, getting on with the main business today, one thing I like about long train journey’s is getting a chance to work and enjoy the scenery all at the same time. So aside from all the day’s news events which I’ll get to shortly, I also want to take a closer look at a brand new long term HYIP called Xgolding which just launched on Christmas Day. If the last couple of years in the industry is anything to go by incidentally I’d be expecting the next couple of weeks to start getting pretty active for longer term HYIPs in general and would say don’t be surprised to see the next major industry giants emerging in the next month or less. Could Xgolding be one of them? Well, that’s really for you to decide but read on while I describe their main features and see what you think yourself. There might be something in there you like.

So starting as usual with the investment plans, the first noticeable feature to Xgolding and a remarkable one is the program’s simplicity. There’s only one plan there for you so it’s an easy choice for you to make, not to mention an even easier review for me to write – you either like it or you don’t so it won’t take you so long to decide whether you are in or out. And this is how it works. You can join Xgolding for a $10 minimum deposit. The plan will then run for a term of 150 business days, which is 30 weeks or approximately 7 months. During that time you are offered a daily interest payment of 2%, which is made on business days only (that’s Monday to Friday, though the Xgolding website doesn’t specify if there’s any other holidays during the year they observe). This one rate of interest applies to all deposits no matter how big or how small, so everyone gets the same percentage return. At the end of the term these payments will add up to 300% in total at which point your original principal is promised to be returned by the admin, leaving this figure as your net profit.

So if we put that into monetary terms and pretend you invested $100 with Xgolding. The admin would then pay you back $2 per day from Monday to Friday for the next 30 weeks. You would earn back your initial hundred after ten weeks meaning there is zero personal risk to you from that point on, and even if the program didn’t manage to survive the full term everything else would have been profit anyway. The intention of course would be to complete the term earning $300 in profit payments and then have the Xgolding admin add your original $100 on top of that again. But the main question more experienced players will be asking is not if the program can survive for 30 weeks but the more relevant one of can it survive for just 10? Xgolding have an upper limit of $250,000 on deposits, which effectively means there may as well be no limit at all as far as most investors are concerned.

One thing I’ve noticed that changed dramatically for the better in the HYIP industry during 2012 is that new programs, and particularly long term programs who didn’t used to do this, are now using all the popular payment processors instead of just the one or two that suit the admin, ably assisting him to scam. I hope it’s a trend that continues into 2013 and beyond, and investors will continue to raise their minimum expectations before taking any program seriously. So as of now Xgolding are one such program taking all the main payment handlers right from the start, with SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve making up the list. Payments to be made manually by the admin and so require members to log in to their Xgolding private members account and making a request. Once done you should expect transactions to be completed within 24 business hours, and by business hours I of course mean Monday to Friday. Xgolding won’t be paying you over the weekend, though there’s nothing to stop you from at least making the request if you were late getting it in the previous week. Otherwise the only other important things I can think of that you might want to know about Xgolding‘s investment plan is that the minimum withdrawal is $1, and that compounding is allowed (not that I’d recommend you use it, mind).

On the design and security side of things, the first thing is that Xgolding is running off a script licensed from Gotenks. In practical terms that means that the actual process of joining up is slightly different than most of the other online HYIPs you might be more used to. Nothing difficult or complicated, just different. For the benefit of those new to the industry it just involves you first making a deposit into your account by clicking the “Make New Deposit” button and only then re-direct your funds to the investment plan by clicking “Make New Investment”. I won’t say it’s overly complicated but it certainly does seem unnecessary for a program that’s only got one plan to begin with. But anyway, that’s the script and that’s how it works no matter how many plans were there.

Hosting is on a dedicated server from Staminus who are also providing Xgolding with DDoS protection. Also in place is SSL encryption by Thawte for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Any further questions for the admin can be submitted either by filling out the online support ticketing form, or, if someone’s logged in there to help you, try Xgolding‘s Live Chat support. Just note that there’s no published working schedule for what time you might find an operator there. Fans of social networking sites will be able to find Xgolding on Facebook and Twitter as well, just don’t expect to see much content there at this point, given that the program’s only been live for the last two days, both of which were holidays for a lot of investors.

Despite what looks a highly original and well made website at first glance, on closer inspection a lot of the texts and content appear to be a straight copy/paste job used by other HYIP websites in the past, so maybe not quite so much time and effort was put into Xgolding as you might think at first. Having said that, it’s also nothing you wouldn’t say about the majority of other online HYIP sites out there, and I think experienced readers will all know that and base their opinions of Xgolding on how they think the admin can manage the program and achieve a relative degree of success in the industry. Claims of Xgolding being an actual investment company are there to be ignored until some vastly more substantial evidence than just saying it is can be provided. 99% of you knew that already I’m sure, I just mention it for those new to the business. It doesn’t make Xgolding a bad program, just means it has more in common with the rest of the industry. That means the very same rules apply here as anything else you might find online – set yourself a spending limit that you can both afford and afford to lose (because you might!), never go past this limit no matter how well things might appear, and if joining Xgolding at all then only do so keeping them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



First let’s have a look at undoubtedly the most popular short-term program among MNO readers – CashROTOR (reviewed here). Despite being launched only a week ago the program already sparked a lot of interest among HYIP players who especially enjoy a refreshingly new interface and script compared to the usual generic ones by GoldCoders generally used in such programs. Obviously the most popular feature of CashROTOR is probably the instant payouts processed within seconds on request to SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve, and PerfectMoney. Deposits start from $10 to the only investment plan offering 15% daily interest for 10 calendar days. As the program launched a week ago the first profits should be received by the first members by today, so we can expect some more reinvestments to this so far excellent program. However despite of the industry slow down it doesn’t look as if the admin Steven is going to relax, as he’s extending his advertising efforts and purchased a big banner on MNO blog recently for a month which alone indicates his long-term plans and the awareness of the increased advertising and traffic quality blogs like MNO can bring and contribute to the further growth of CashROTOR which will be vital to surviving the holiday season and into 2013. By the way, unlike many other projects CashROTOR is not going to rest or stop processing payouts during holidays and has been totally unaffected by the annual Christmas madness that engulfs the HYIP world every year. The admin is currently looking into adding EgoPay or even PexPay to the list of payment processors and if you like to see them available please contact Steven via the contact form on the CashROTOR website or via the Live chat. An interview with him is also coming on MNO after the completion of the first cycle in a few days, so stay tuned for that, guys. I wish you all good luck with any investments there while not forgetting about the golden rule of any investing in HYIPs – never invest more than you can afford to lose.


For over 100 days being monitored on MNO ProsperaNova (reviewed here) proved itself a dependable program with stable and fast payouts to SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve, and PerfectMoney accounts. Originally offering only one investment plan of 2% for 265 days paid on business days only with principal back on expiry, but just recently the admin Darren (interviewed here) introduced a new plan paying 135% after 10 days which will only be available for the next week or so. The step, although controversial and questionable in the first place, seemed not to have affected any payouts yet, as ProsperaNova is still paying fine with the admin issuing occasional updates. The latest newsletter sent this morning dealt with problems usually faced by inexperienced users of the program, including how to actually invest in the newly added short-term plan, how to change your compounding percentage and how to make withdrawals to STP. If you’re interested in hearing more about that please check out the latest newsletter from ProsperaNova below:

ProsperaNova: Newsletter
Dear investors,
We are well aware that we need to re-design our user interface and add some tutorials as well. Around 50% of our support tickets are inexperienced members asking about how parts of our webpage operate. We shall work on that. We can not give you a deadline, but it will be done as soon as possible.
In the meantime, we shall dedicate this newsletter to explaining three areas that seem to confuse you the most.
– When we have introduced out celebratory New Year’s plan, a lot of users could not understand how to invest in it. If you wish to do so, you are to go the New Deposit form. Observe that there is a drop down list in the Plan heading. Just click on that and you will be able to select what plan to invest in.
– Many users could not find a way to change their compounding percentage. To do so, you need to go to My Deposits. Then you may select the compounding percentage you want next to each of your deposits.
– We would like to note that, before you do your first withdraw, you should double check and verify that the data on your account is correct. Make sure that you have the correct accounts for your payment processors listed. What confuses our users most of the time is SolidTrustPay, many list their account number or e-mail instead of the username. What we need to deliver your money is the username (the same one you use to log on to SolidTrustPay). We can not send a payment to an account number or an e-mail address.
In a nutshell, those are the three biggest problems. If you are still unclear on a particular thing, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our support staff is here just for you.
As this is likely the last newsletter you shall receive in this year, the entire team behind ProsperaNova would like to wish you a happy New Year and all the best in the upcoming holidays as well as the year that follows.
Thank you for your trust.
Best Regards,
ProsperaNova Support


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: Mox, UsdTrading.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, SureInv, StallionGold, ProsperaNova, DiamondAsset, ProForexUnion, CashROTOR, TureProfit, Stravia, FxGP, Xgolding.
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin.
From MNO Basic list: TrackInvest, PickProfitSun7Life, Finance7, ForexMoneyBank.

That’s about it for today guys, a shorter than usual news update I know but there’s not much else going on in the industry this week. I’m not yet sure if I’ll have anything at all for you tomorrow, that really depends on how much activity is around, but if not then I’ll definitely catch up with everything the day after. So good luck with your investments and see you all on MNO again soon!

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