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21/09/2012. ProsperaNova Review and Daily News from the Industry


Beware! ProsperaNova has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend again. Hopefully you’ll find at least some free time to check out MNO as I do have a couple of new programs lined up between now and Monday to tell you about, but I’d have to say from the start there’s a big gap in quality between some. The one I’m starting with this evening before I get to the news is one called ProsperaNova, a long term HYIP that’s been running for just over two weeks now. They had previously been listed on the basic section of my monitor but the admin has now decided to upgrade to the Premium section. Guess he wanted some richer neighbors, lol!

From a blogger’s point of view I guess reviewing program’s doesn’t really get much easier than this. The thing about ProsperaNova is – and it can be argued that this could be either a good or a bad feature – is that they only have one single investment plan. It won’t be a difficult choice for you to make about joining the program as it’s a fairly straight forward decision as to whether this plan appeals to you or not, but I can’t help but get the feeling that the lack of choice might really hinder them here. I could be wrong of course and the final choice is up to you anyway, but as regards what ProsperaNova are offering to pay investors and the length of the term, I have to say I’ve definitely seen less profitable plans in other HYIPs that became quite popular. It’s just the “take it or leave it” approach might not always work.

But getting to the plan itself and the finer points of joining, ProsperaNova will require a minimum deposit of a very basic $1 in order to join, so it’s going to be affordable for just about everyone to join. You don’t have to stop there naturally, because as we all know by now if you have money then there’s no better people than HYIP admins to happily agree to take it from you, and in the case of ProsperaNova the maximum amount you may spend is unlimited. The payment details then are quite simple with the term running for 365 calendar days, in other words a full year. Payments on the other hand are only made on business days, with ProsperaNova paying out 2% interest per day from Monday to Friday. On completion of the term, assuming the program is still online by then (and let’s be honest, that’s totally theoretical right now) your initial principal should then be returned.

However I can’t really give an accurate prediction of how much that might add up to as there is no information on what public holidays if any are observed by the program. I would assume five payments of 2% per day every week for 52 weeks gets you 520% pure profit, but that’s unlikely to be the case.

As for the payment options, ProsperaNova are yet another new online HYIP to list all the popular processors immediately when launching. The currently accept deposits made via SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve. Payments are made manually and will have to be requested from inside your ProsperaNova members area. All transactions should be completed within 24 hours, except do keep in mind that no payments will be made over the weekends. You may also wish to be aware that compounding is available. Personally I’d avoid it, but hey, it’s your money so you’re free to blow it on whatever you want.

The ProsperaNova website is SSL secured by Geotrust and is running off a licensed ProBiz script. They are hosted on a dedicated server from LeaseWeb and it looks like they are properly protected against DDoS attacks, though the level of protection is unclear. If you have any additional questions for the admin or any account related issues then he can be found by filling out the online ticketing form on the contacts page and submitting it.

As for any business plan supporting the project and it’s payments, unfortunately the About Us page on the ProsperaNova website is a barely disguised copy/paste from other HYIP sites, so I stopped taking it seriously there as should you. There will be no guarantees here, just gambling. So do try and set a reasonable budget for that and stay within it, and if joining ProsperaNova then make sure it’s part of a well balanced and diverse portfolio.



Friday is not only the end of another business week in the HYIP world when some programs take a deserved rest for the weekend, but also the by now traditional day for another newsletter from the current undisputed market leader – NewGNi (reviewed here). For the last nine months already NewGNi has become the locomotive of the industry coming to the point when other programs can only dream of its success and try very hard to repeat it. A major contributing factor for such popularity was the smart marketing of the program with advertising in different places but being only officially being monitored on MNO which has been the exclusive monitor chosen from the beginning back at the end of last year. The program keeps paying low but sustainable returns of 1% per business day and 6% weekly with no expiry date and the option to withdraw your original investment after a lock-in period of 180 business days.

As you know, NewGNi recently dropped LibertyReserve as a payment processor and no longer accepts deposits from them. They do however (obviously!) still process withdrawals to existing members via that payment processor. That happened after another wave of first hacking and then blocking multiple accounts in LibertyReserve, forcing many to seriously question their safety and security. I am aware that many accounts in LibertyReserve still remain blocked but the situation at least stabilized and no new blockages were detected during the last couple of weeks. Of course, it’s not an excuse for them whose reputation remains hugely tainted, but at least seemingly the situation did improve and NewGNi therefore decided to re-introduce LibertyReserve as and started to take it again along with SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney and PexPay.

That’s not all the news about e-currencies. Currently two of them have some issues with outexchanges and NewGNi decided to generously help its members by allowing you to exchange the problematic EgoPay and PexPay to other e-currency options. Exchange requests will be offered and honored only from time to time, so make sure to go and check out Currency Manager link in your account with NewGNi for more details and available exchange directions.

Finally, only a week is left till the September sweepstakes are over and the three winners will be announced with a cash prize of $50 to EgoPay each. The admin of NewGNi Jurgen (interviewed here) reminds us of that in the latest newsletter, the full version of which you can read below:

Newsletter 21 September 2012
Dear clients, friends and fans
A few weeks back we have terminated the acceptance of LibertyReserve, as a payment option for NewGNi!
Since then, it was like a tornado hit us unexpected. Each and every day we’ve received plenty of emails and support requests from members using LibertyReserve – many of them very loyal members and with us for a long time. Most of them complained that they couldn’t re-invest their earnings or add that few dollars to qualify for another investment.
We are always listening, as you might know by now, since NewGNi is here for it’s members and not the other way around. So we have reviewed the situation and since there are no new reports of blocked or hacked accounts, decided to accept LibertyReserve again as from today. We will however monitor the situation closely.
Another popular request was to allow internal exchanges via our Currency Exchanger from PexPay and EGOPAY to the other accepted payment processors. We have enabled these exchanges as well for a reasonable fee. Please notice that not all exchanges will be available at all the time. Please check our Currency Exchanger for guidance on what exchange directions are possible.
Chris and I like to thank you all for your input, without you, our members, NewGNi wouldn’t be what we are today!
Before I go, please allow me to remind you about our Sweepstakes contest for the month of September 2012:
This month we are giving away three times $50 in CASH to your EGOPAY account – the latest addition to the range of accepted payment processors. You can participate in our monthly competition here or via our Facebook page. The competition closes at noon (GMT) September 30th.
Take care and enjoy your weekend!
Follow NewGNi on Twitter, Facebook and MNO”.


Kinda troubling news is coming from the official LibertyReserve blog about upcoming maintenance tomorrow. We all remember very clearly that after the last announced maintenance LibertyReserve went missing for a whole week and after it was back online many accounts had appeared to be limited and no funds could be sent out of the accounts. So, just in case I would suggest to empty your LibertyReserve accounts temporarily and wait till that maintenance is over. Although they promised to get the site back online within three hours, previous experience with them shows that such timelines are a total work of fiction, when 48 hours ended up as 7 days last time. I hope this time there will be no victims after we see LR back online and hopefully they will take this time to totally fix their problems and flaws that raised so many concerns regarding the safety of using LibertyReserve in the first place a few weeks ago.

The downtime of LibertyReserve will affect the hourly paying programs like HourHour (in case there would be some complications and longer than planned downtime issues). However I must say that since HourHour (reviewed here) also accepts three other payment processors – PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay – such negative effects should be kept to a minimum. In any case, the admin of HourHour Kirk warns you about the inability of the program to process instant withdrawals as usual to LibertyReserve tomorrow. I remind you that HourHour is currently occupying the #1 spot on MNO’s Sticky listing and is a very popular short-term program accepting deposits starting from $10 into the two investment plans – 1% for 120 hours, and 150% after 240 hours – and processing withdrawals instantly to all the payment processors except EgoPay. Kirk always finds the time to update the members on the latest e-currency issues and tonight was not an exception which he shared with us information he got from the official blog of LibertyReserve regarding the upcoming maintenance and its timing tomorrow:

Libertyreserve Maintenance Notification
Dear HourHour Members,
We got this news from
“Scheduled Maintenance – September 22, 06:00am UTC
Liberty Reserve will be unavailable on:
September 22, between 06:00 (am) and 9:00 (am)(UTC)
This upgrade will give you a faster, more productive system.
Thank you for choosing Liberty Reserve.”
So during this time, all Libertyreseve deposits and withdraws will be unavailable. Thank you for your attention.
Best Regards. Kirk Walter
CEO HourHour.


The admin of Finvance Mark (interviewed here) is also aware of the coming downtime of LibertyReserve and also re-posted the official blog message adding from himself about the possible delays in processing withdrawals there:

Please be patient with us as Liberty Reserve maintenance period\’s can fall during our processing times and last longer than they state.

For those of you who despite the downtime in LR for some time are able to make a new deposit in the only plan available at Finvance paying 8% for 20 business days (with the minimum deposit of $20) will qualify for a totally no fee deposit exchange from LibertyReserve to PerfectMoney. So if you make a deposit into that plan by 10 pm GMT tomorrow via LibertyReserve you will get paid via PerfectMoney. Only if you want it and if you request it the way the admin described in the newsletter you will be paid to PerfectMoney, but don’t miss the opportunity as in my opinion, PerfectMoney is far more superior e-currency when it comes to security with as many exchanging options as LR has. Two other payment processors – SolidTrustPay and EgoPay – are still accepted by Finvance too, and you can still exchange your LibertyReserve funds to STP and EP with no fees regardless of which payment processor you joined from. The latest news from Finvance (originally reviewed on MNO here and currently occupying the #2 spot on my Premium list just after NewGNi) can be read below:

Liberty Reserve to PerfectMoney Free Exchange from Finvance
Since reaching 6000 members, we have conducted several currency exchange stress tests for our team to analyze the results. We will be offering a single type of currency exchange this weekend as a test. This currency exchange will only be for Liberty Reserve to Perfect Money deposit exchange. Any NEW deposit made between now and Saturday night 6PM Eastern Time (10PM GMT) will qualify.
To participate, it must be a new deposit in Liberty Reserve followed by sending an email to with your username, Liberty Reserve transaction details, and that you would like to request conversion of your Liberty Reserve deposit to Perfect Money.
This is an even exchange at a 0% rate for new deposits from Liberty Reserve to Perfect Money.
Thank you for participating in the improvements of Finvance.


As you noticed, recently the admin of RightFive Steve has an assistant Troy who is frequently available on the MNO ShoutBox and is ready to answer all your questions you might have about the program. If you wish to hear everything you need to know about RightFive which is gaining more popularity day after day you should really take some time to read the recent interview published on MNO last night (click here to read it) and recently announced by Steve in the latest newsletter.

I would like to remind you that for over a month online RightFive gained very many supporters paying quite lucrative and fast returns of 5% for 30 calendar days and 110% after 7 calendar days accepting all the popular e-currencies – SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve – starting from only a $20 minimum to invest in both plans. Despite crediting the accounts on every calendar days the payments used to be processed only from Monday to Friday, therefore the admin took weekends off. Starting this week though this rule is going to change. Tomorrow and every Saturday from now on the withdrawals will be processed as well allowing only Sunday as a day off. I believe it’s simply wonderful news which will make RightFive even more popular and reduce the workload for the admins on Mondays too. The latest newsletter from RightFive (originally reviewed here) you can read below:

News Update 21 September 2012
Hello everyone,
Just two things to fill you all in on this wonderful Friday afternoon.
The first is that Paul of MNO has only recently published an interview with us on his blog with contains many answers to questions you all may have about our program. What better place to visit to learn more about our program.
We encourage you to visit his blog and have a read here:
Also secondly if you had read this interview already you would know that we have decided that from now on we would also make payments on Saturdays as well as the 5 business days of the week. This means the only day each week that is not a paying day is Sunday. Take full advantage of this and be sure to request your payouts during the day this Saturday as to receive your funds earlier than you would normally.
Have a great weekend everyone.


BensonUnion (reviewed here) is only a couple of days away from starting to pay the first principals on expiry of the 1.2%-2.45% for 170 business days plan. It looks like the tension is growing resulting in some members receiving suspicious emails allegedly from BensonUnion asking to submit passwords or open an attachment. Remember to avoid having your computer infected and your information and passwords stolen you should never click on any suspicious links if they ask you for a password or inviting to invest in the newly open plan. All the latest news can always be found on the site of BensonUnion and from the admin of the program Ragnar (interviewed here) directly. Here is the latest newsletter informing you of the dangers. I guess it’s never too late to remind you again about these basic rules:

BensonUnion official newsletter
Dear investors! Due to extremely fast growing popularity of BensonUnion there are many fraudsters around us. Please do not open any attachments and never follow any suspicious links. We never ask to verify your identity and to provide any account information. Please ignore these fraudulent e-mails for your security. Our newsletters only inform about upcoming updates, payment options integrations, webinars, server maintenance and completed upgrades. Take care of your security and follow security instructions which you can find on our website. Thanks for your attention!


The admin of the newly reviewed project TureProfit on MNO posted a newsletter on his website containing the link to my review (click here to read). He also posted some comments to it and I appreciate that he has his own opinion on my points discussed in the review – please read it below before seeing my comment:

Review of our program released on MNO.
Today we are very honored to see the review of our program has been released on MNO and you can find it here:
But we do not agree with him on some of our projects, such as the low interest. In fact our interest rate is very high, if you use the power of compound interest, interest is higher. Our project is long-term, so your investment is safe, will not suddenly disappear. We never copied from other website information, of course, the good things we can draw lessons from. In fact, many websites copying our things.”

The thing about the interest is that it’s subjective and in the case of TureProfit paying 8% weekly interest for the duration of 50 weeks it could be tricky to determine if the interest offered is too low or too high. Compared with banks offering interest of 5% per annum the possibility to triple your money with TureProfit for less than that looks extremely attractive. However, I would not agree with the admin that your investment with TureProfit will be as safe as regular banking institutions. Look at the program as a pure ponzi-game which can collapse any day, because any HYIP is exactly this and add to this risk quite a long lifespan of TureProfit which has been running for about ten months already. 8% weekly interest is though kinda low if we compare TureProfit with other similar types of the programs and I guess that is the main reason why the program managed to last this long. The question remains on how long the program will be able to sustain this interest much further. Of course, the recent addition of such popular payment options as SolidTrustPay and EgoPay has broadened an otherwise limited audience of HYIP investors who prefer LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, so we can expect a boost in new membership provided TureProfit will keep paying instantly as promised. I have yet to get my first weekly payment from TureProfit, by the way, and I will report on my blog when it happens.


Although ROInvest has not launched yet and is not officially listed on MNO yet, in less than 24 hours the program will start accepting deposits. So you can now go to its main page and if you like the investment plans you can sign up and wait till tomorrow in order to deposit. I will give you more information on the investment plans and my first impressions from the site itself in my official introduction of ROInvest which I plan to post on my blog tomorrow night. For now you’re free to check the information on the site and check out the official newsletter sent by the admin of ROInvest Craig just a couple of hours ago:

Members of ROInvest,
Plans have now been added to the site. You have 6 plans to pick from.
The clock has around 22 hours left, that is the time left before we open the site for deposits.
Remember we have 3 levels of referral commission for you, if you need to know about what payment processors will be added and for a better view on how ROInvest will be kept stable, for the long term – please visit our home page and read the “pre launch mode” text at the bottom of the page.
We aim to have slow and steady promotion growth, and many things are in order to keep ROInvest for as long as we can.
I will email everyone and update them as payment processors are added and keep you up to date with everything ROInvest does.
Have a good weekend everyone


A brand new program called OdoFx joined MNO’s Premium list today. The program accepts EgoPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney starting from $10. All the withdrawals are promised to be processed instantly and SolidTrustPay is also planned to be added soon. I’m afraid though the first withdrawals will be reported only on Monday as OdoFx according to its name is allegedly involved in ForEx trading and therefore is only able to pay you interest on business days (Monday to Friday). Depending on your principal size you’ll be paid from 1.9% to 3.5% fixed interest for the duration of 210 business days. On expiry you will get your original principal back, but also you can request it anytime for a 30% fee. More examples of the investment rates are on the website of OdoFx and in the upcoming review of the program on MNO next week. The site of OdoFx looks ok – running off a licensed GoldCoders script, properly SSL-secured and is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection provided by BlackLotus. So the security of OdoFx is fine although the website itself contains not much info yet. Anyway, it just launched so hopefully will improve in the future. For now you can read the welcome message left by the admin in the news section of OdoFx:

OdoFx Investment now online
I am happy to announce that OdoFx has been officially opened today for members who are willing to invest with us online. Our team provides you the best finance service for the members from all over the world. Our financial advisors would give you the best advice for making a discussion to invest in OdoFx.
We accept investment via Egopay, Perfect Money, Liberty reserve & STP (will be added soon). Happy Invest
Still have any query please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Regards. ADMIN”.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: HourHour, TheMoneyGalaxy,  IntraFunds.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, FinvanceProfitableSunrise, RightFive, EurexTrade, FelminaAlliance, YachtWealthClub,  TheBig5PlexCapital, MTResults,  Bull&BearCapital, BensonUnion, PipsFund, RoyalUnion, DiamondAsset, ProsperaNova, TureProfitAtlanticVision (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, BGTGroups, Alconoil.
From MNO Basic list: GoldTradeFunds, AoGo, CheeseCash, PerfectLottery, StallionGold, HippoWin.

That’s it for tonight. Tomorrow expect a more detailed review of Alconoil along with the first thoughts on ROInvest and find out more about the latest events in the HYIP industry. Stay tuned and see you all tomorrow!

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