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Beware! TradExFund has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everybody! Hope you’ve all been having a nice weekend so far. Still a couple of new programs to catch up with on MNO over the next few days, continuing this evening with one called TradExFund which is a recently launched medium term HYIP. I have a couple of news stories to catch up with as well of course, and I’ll get to them in a few moments, but first let’s start with a closer look at some of the main features in TradExFund and see if you think it’s going to be a suitable addition to your own portfolios or not.

If you read my original introduction to TradExFund when it was first added to the MNO monitor a couple of days ago you’ll have seen that initially there was three investment plans in the program. This has since been cut back to just one, which I must say is actually a major improvement in this case because the others were very badly researched before being offered. I can only assume that nobody joined the plans that have since been scrapped, but that’s not important now. So let’s look at the plans as the stand today. You can join TradExFund for a minimum deposit of $10 and the plan runs for 30 business days, which is six weeks. You then receive a daily interest payment of 5% per business day, Monday to Friday, for the plan’s duration. The 5% rate is applicable to all deposits regardless of size, so whether spending the $10 minimum or anything up to the maximum allowed $100,000 TradExFund will pay the very same return. That adds up to 150% in total, and remember that the admin is including your principal as part of the payments, so don’t be expecting to see that paid to you separately on expiry. So it’s your own money back plus 50% net profit.

In monetary terms therefore, let’s say you were to invest $100 here. TradExFund would pay you back $5 per day from Monday to Friday until you reach a grand total of $150. TradExFund are in the process of returning your initial hundred with the payouts, so you have that back after 20 business days (four weeks) and start counting the profits only after that.

I have to say my feelings about the payment options are a bit mixed, even though on the face of it TradExFund seem to have all the popular options. Deposits can be made automatically via EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve in much the same way as they can with any other online HYIP, but suspicions are aroused when it comes to SolidTrustPay. Anyone wishing to deposit via STP has to do a manual transfer from inside their own STP account area into the admin’s account, inform him that you have done so, and bypass the “official channels” completely. It can only mean that the program’s account isn’t verified and they prefer to keep the STP staff themselves out of the picture as regards what the account is actually being used for. I’m not trying to imply this necessarily guarantees you a problem further down the line, but it certainly puts a stop to the claims of “complete transparency” made on the TradExFund website.

But anyway, the payments themselves are made manually by the admin. You will need to log in to your TradExFund private account area and make the withdrawal request yourself, and once done are asked to wait anything up to a maximum of 24 hours (which is a marked improvement on the previous 48 hour processing time) for your transaction to be completed. Just remember that you won’t earn any interest on the weekend, but there’s nothing to stop you making a withdrawal request if you still have a payment in your account from the previous business week that you missed.

The design of TradExFund is average enough, though that’s just my opinion which you’re free to disagree with, though I don’t think it leaves a good first impression myself. Hosting is on a dedicated server with the support and protection of Koddos and the website is SSL-encrypted by Comodo for an extra layer of security. The program runs off a unique script under license from ARM HYIP though you’ll find it strangely familiar and easy to navigate. If you wish to contact the admin with any further questions or have any account related issues that need dealing with then you can get in touch by filling in your details on the online e-mail ticketing form and submitting it through the support page, or else just by mailing them directly at the address listed. TradExFund also include a telephone number if you want to try your luck there and see if anyone picks up, and a postal address which is most likely just a virtual office for message collection and not where you’d find anyone directly involved with running the program actually working a 9 to 5 desk job. Given that the area code for the listed phone number is nowhere even close to the listed address that would seem to be the case anyway, but I wouldn’t attach too much importance to these things provided you’re already aware that you’re only dealing with an online HYIP in the first place.

Claims about any alleged business activities backing up payments to members would imply that TradExFund are in some way involved with the ForEx markets, however most of the website content is a direct copy/paste job taken from the site of an actual financial company, ie nothing whatsoever to do with online HYIPs. Therefore I can only suggest that you ignore everything put in front of you by the admin and treat this as you would any other high risk gambling based game. Don’t look for guarantees, and don’t under any circumstances go past what is a sensible and affordable spending limit based on your disposable income. Yes, there’s no doubt there’s money to be made in this business just as surely as it’s there to be lost, so try also to take your time and spread your bets in smaller deposits between a wider and more diverse portfolio, as this will also help. So if joining TradExFund at all then keep them as a smaller part of this for your own peace of mind.



I want to start with some very good news first and congratulate the best short-term program of the year so far, CashROTOR, on the successful completion of the third cycle on an investment plan paying 15% for 10 calendar days. Having launched in late December just before Christmas CashROTOR literally took the industry by complete surprise and stormed its way to the top of most investor’s lists. The admin of the program Steven (interviewed here) managed to build the hottest short-term program online and those of you who spotted the project from the very beginning or even later in January managed to see a nice profit by now, doubling or even tripling your money (if you re-deposited your principal and profits). That was surely enough to compensate for the losses many suffered from NewGNi or other recent collapses. And the best thing about it – CashROTOR is still paying fine after three cycles. Of course, nobody can predict for how long the project will stay online but I can only wonder on how much one could possibly earn with CashROTOR if joining straight after my review (posted here) where I was rightly enthusiastic about its future.

Recently, I was asked a question on my ShoutBox by a reader wondering what made CashROTOR such a huge success. Well, I think there are numerous factors contributing to it and still providing the project with healthy growth and new deposits on a daily basis. First of all, the project started at the right time when the HYIP industry and the investment activities were at their lowest but sorely in need of a boost. This definitely provided CashROTOR with the slow and gradual growth during its first couple of weeks online to keep them ticking over but establishing a hard earned reputation. Another factor was the huge difference between them and other short-term projects as from the beginning CashROTOR ran off a unique script which allowed the admin to safely introduce and maintain instantly processed cashouts which many investors enjoy, of course, because it allowed you to be paid within seconds to your SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney accounts.

During the last couple of weeks CashROTOR improved even further, adding two more payment processors in EgoPay and PexPay, with instant payouts in them as well. Also after an attempted security breach allegedly made by CashROTOR‘s former hosting provider Koddos it was decided to move the program to BlockDos servers and under their expensive but efficient DDoS protection. I need to specifically mention the speed and efficiency of how the whole transition process took place and how the members of CashROTOR were constantly updated on that. That alone boosted confidence in the admin even further, and his ability to cope with technical issues is now unrivalled – a field where many other admins would feel helpless and inefficient. So CashROTOR is a firm favourite among many MNO readers who saw huge profits out of it, but there is also a refreshingly honest approach taken by Steven when he clearly mention his program is a game and a form of gambling. After all the ForEx, precious metals, and arbitrage betting nonsense it proves that a program can become very successful and even one of the best in the industry without any of the lies. And regardless of whatever happens next and for how long more it runs, CashROTOR will remain an example for all future HYIP admins of how exactly they should run their projects if they want to get even close to the level of popularity CashROTOR is justifiably enjoying now.

And true to form, Steven sent the following newsletter just moments ago commemorating this outstanding achievement. There’s really not much left to comment on as Steven more or less re-iterates what I already said above, but does remind us that CashROTOR‘s membership has now reached some 4,000 investors which is truly an achievement in itself. I’ll just echo his hope that you’ve all been as happy with the project as I have (let’s hope it runs and runs and runs!) and let you hear what Steven has to add about it all below:

Latest new from CashROTOR
Dear members,
It’s Steven Dale with latest news from CashROTOR. Today our project celebrates one month from being launched and has started it’s 4th cycle. Few hours ago we have reached 4000 registrations and this number keeps growing. During last 30 days I’ve been working for your profit and I hope all of you, my supporters, were satisfied with what I’ve done. By now many investors multiplied their initial funds by more than 3 times and this is already a great success. As any other HYIP CashROTOR depends on the incoming cash flow, but it doesn’t make it worse. Making deposit with CashROTOR you benefit from and incredible earning power that easily outperforms any bank. Only few clicks plus 10 days are required to return your principal back and bring lucrative 50% of profit. Needless to say that CashROTOR has unlimited instant withdrawals for all 5 supported payment processors: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, Ego Pay and Pex Pay. I want to thank all of you who support me and my project. I’ll keep improvements going for your great success and profit.
Regards, Steven Dale


Another success among short-term programs and currently on its second cycle paying 18% for 8 calendar days is SafeguardWallet. At the time I first published my review (click here to read it) the program still only accepted LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, so it was hard to imagine that it would have gotten so popular and reach the Top 5 Premium listed programs on MNO after just two weeks online. Then, just after a few days from launch SafeguardWallet made SolidTrustPay and EgoPay deposits and withdrawals available to everyone and boosted the program’s popularity despite the slow (by short-term standards) withdrawals which can take as long as 24 hours. Slowly but surely best describes the pace with which SafeguardWallet reached its audience and became one of the biggest short-term HYIPs with over 4,000 active deposits made by the end of week two. Hopefully, SafeguardWallet will keep up the good work and last for a long time. Here’s the latest short newsletter issued to members today:

SafeguardWallet Newsletter #4
Hello SafeguardWallet Members,
We are approaching the beginning of Cycle 3. We would like to send out our thanks for your continued support of SafeguardWallet on its rise to the top.
As this next cycle begins, we have hit another milestone of 4000 active investments this week with 4417 active investments at the writing of this newsletter.
The SafeguardWallet team thanks you.


I’d just like to clarify something about the so-called “second round” which is currently running now in EveryHourPaid (to be reviewed on my blog soon). Although the admin intends to have as many rounds as possible, I’m not going to monitor the program on the next round as I do not recognize the right of any admin to actually stop the payments and then start another round all over again without honouring the outstanding payments. It seems to me like he wants to treat every individual “round” like it’s a totally different program, and that’s not really acceptable. So in my upcoming review of EveryHourPaid I will approach it as a regular short-term program and will mark it as Scam at the end of the second round, so if the admin wants to list his program on MNO again he will need to purchase another listing and call his program something else as I don’t fall for these tricks. Anyway, in its second round EveryHourPaid is still doing fine and the payouts are processed instantly to the accepted payment processors – SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. I feel kinda positive about the program and I hope both investment plans – 1%-1.1% for 120 hours, and 0.6%-0.65% for 240 hours are still paying by Monday when I’m planning to publish the a more detailed review of it.

It looks like Pasky, the admin, is already softening his audience up for the upcoming collapse of his program by issuing a newsletter today promising bonuses to the last investors in the second round. I’m sure this might be appreciated by EveryHourPaid‘s last investors, but I’m not sure if such a total surrender will be welcomed by the program’s investors to begin with. Anyway, I don’t think now is either the time or the place for this newsletter as EveryHourPaid is doing well and still paying for the moment. I just hope the admin knows what he’s doing. The latest newsletter from EveryHourPaid is below:

Newsletter: Last Investor Bonus
*********I think this is a very exciting news you never seen anywhere******
***Last Investor Bonus***
Effective beginning with the end of this Round, I have decided to add a new bonus to EHP.
This bonus is for the last five (maybe more!) investors in a Round.
This will compensate them because they would otherwise lose most of their investment during the Round.
I call this bonus the “Last Investor Bonus!”
I am donating 20% of the 5% Admin Pot that I receive from each Round to a fund for this new bonus.
That amounts to a full 1% of the total Deposited during the Round.
At the end of a Round, this fund is divided among the last five investors to deposit money in the Round, up to a maximum of 300% of an investor’s deposit.
If there are surplus funds after this, the sixth investor will receive a bonus, again not to exceed 300% of his deposit.
If there is still a surplus, this procedure will be continued again, and so on, up through a maximum of the last 20 investors.
If there is still a surplus after that, it will be split between the three Pots for the next Round.
This bonus is in addition to what an investor might receive from the “Loser Pot”.
And, please don’t forget that, if you refer EHP to other investors, you will make a referral commission.
Please look forward to additional news as I continue to fine-tune EHP and add more attractive features to it.
Another thing,
Please take your time after you get some payouts to post on Forum Threads and Vote on Monitors, this is very important for EHP, me, and you as investors.
With posts and votes there will come more new investors and take EHP Round for a longer time.
On main page you can find the links to Forum Threads
Under Rate you can find the monitors.
Best wishes, Pasky


As usual on Saturdays the admin of DiamondAsset (reviewed here) sent a weekly newsletter updating members on what’s going on with the project. Nothing special since the last update as it happens, but DiamondAsset did mention that profits in the 1.8%-2.5% for 120 business days with principal back on expiry plan had been processed to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and SolidTrustPay. I’m glad to report that DiamondAsset has been working since August 2012 and due to stable payouts reached #7 on MNO’s Premium list already. Hopefully we’ll see the first payouts on expiry of the 120 business days plan soon, and I’ll report that when and if it happens:

Interest Payments
Dear Client,
We are pleased inform you that all Interest Payments for this week has been successfully processed.
Thank you for choosing DiamondAsset.
Best Regards.


Despite the admin’s negative reaction to my review of PremierLeagueProfits (I only expressed a neutral unbiased opinion), he still announced it in his latest weekly newsletter sent today. He reminds members that interest for the 1% for 180 business days plan is not credited over the weekend, and asked for patience on paying pending withdrawals on the second weekly plan of 7% for 30 weeks (both plans also return the original investment on expiry). There was also the promise to add PexPay after a necessary script modification, although I don’t think that does anything to improve the program as PexPay is nowhere near gaining ground on any of the payment processors PremierLeagueProfits already accepts – LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay. I myself would rather see the admin work to improve the design of the website as it is currently not very appealing and explain how to make withdrawals as the script is very difficult to understand. That would be a lot more beneficial and actually get him some more members instead of wasting his time on a payment processor nobody’s going to use. In any case, I wish PremierLeagueProfits a lot of success and hopefully my critique will be considered by the admin to improve his project in the future. Here’s the latest newsletter from PremierLeagueProfits (reviewed here) in full:

Weekly Update from PremierLeagueProfits
Most things have gone quite smoothly this week but we do have a couple of points that we would like to report to you all. First I want to remind our investors who hold shares in the daily plan that interest is not credited on Saturday or Sunday but we will still continue to make payments as many have money to withdraw from our Weekly plan. Weekends are busy here so payments could take a little longer although we always try to pay within 6 hours.
We like to think that we have fast support and we are always here to help so if you do happen to have a question that is not answered in our FAQ’s section, have any sort of problem or any suggestions to improve the way we do business then contact us either via the form or via live chat when we are available which is quite often.
On the subject of improvements we are looking into the possibility of accepting Pexpay and if we can modify our script to do this then we will add it soon.
We have been reviewed by Money News Online and the review can be read by going to our Ratings page.
Hope you all have great weekend.
Tony Admin.


Well, it’s time to deliver some bad news now and tell you about two confirmed scams which are ForexTMS and BankPaying. Both were moved to Problem status on MNO tonight, but for completely different reasons.

I already reported last night that ForexTMS had some accessibility issues, but before the site disappeared it paid promptly and instantly as usual. Therefore it’s safe to assume the admin didn’t plan to scam and the problem was genuinely unexpected. Now the site is surprisingly redirected to another program monitored on MNO – Stravia (reviewed here). Well, even to possibly imagine that those two are possibly connected in some way would be ridiculous and the admin of Stravia already denied the allegations and rightly pointed out that anyone could re-direct their own website to somebody else’s. This has absolutely nothing to do with Stravia, but rather with either the ForexTMS admin or more likely his hosting provider who is possibly responsible for the downtime. In any case there’s no excuse for silence on the admin’s part and I doubt very much that with such lack of communication ForexTMS is going to recover, even if we see the return of the site at some point. S be extremely careful and don’t invest with ForexTMS – a program that proved an extreme disappointment.

The second program moving to Problem status tonight is BankPaying. Another huge disappointment and poor performer that collapsed well before anyone except the admin saw a profit. With such low rates of interest of 2% per day offered by BankPaying it was impossible to be in profit so soon. Anyway, please note that selective payouts have been confirmed and independently verified by me of which the admin was made aware of. He chose to ignore my emails prompting me to warn my readers on MNO tonight – stop investing there!


A new long term program called ADSolid joined MNO’s Premium listing tonight. It launched about a week ago and looks quite different from similar programs. I’ll look into it more closely in the upcoming review next week, but for now I’ll just give you some of its main features. The program offers several variations of the same investment plan paying 1.2% to 2.1% for a term of 150 business days with principal returned on expiry. Early principal withdrawal is allowed, but is subject to some fees which I’ll expand on in my review. The minimum to invest starts from $10 and you can deposit via LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, or EgoPay. According to ADSolid direct bank wire transfers are also accepted started from $1,000. Compounding is allowed and withdrawals are promised either instantly or within 24 hours, depending on the amount. ADSolid is fully SSL-secured by Thawte and hosted on a dedicated and DDoS protected server by CloudFlare. The script is quite unique and nothing I think I’ve seen before, so it’s actually quite welcome. Plus it allows you to get some free advertising on the website in exchange for your investments which is a another unique feature. More interesting features include the minute long video presentation of ADSolid you’re presented with when first come to the website, and the woman’s voice welcoming you when logging in to your account and giving you some information on your balance, referrals, etc. You may also buy ad credits and advertise your website there. I have little doubt that ADSolid will find an audience due to being unique and look forward to reviewing soon, so stay tuned for that!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: CashROTOR, ProForexUnion.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, FelminaAllianceSafeguardWallet, StallionGold, TureProfit, UsdTrading, ZionFinance, AlevrasInvestmentsGISolutions, OilOfAsia, AIOFinance.
From MNO Standard list: AustralianBusinessGroupEveryHourPaid, TradExFund, AirCargoXpress.
From MNO Basic list: TrackInvest, XtremeRichness, PerfectForex, Fxen, InvestmentCapital, MainaLimited, Finance7, TheInvestmentBank, Money&Credit, FinanciaLtd.

That’s about all for tonight, I guess. I hope you enjoyed the news from the HYIP industry and will be back tomorrow for the full review of AirCargoXpress and all the other news only on MNO!

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