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27/11/2013. RemiTrade Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! RemiTrade has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! It occurs to me that every year around this time one of the topics that dominates the online debate and discussions between HYIP investors often seems to be just how concerned everyone is about how the industry becomes even more unpredictable than usual in December. I won’t go into the reasons why exactly – the subject’s been covered in depth already elsewhere – but there’s no denying that there’s traditionally been some degree of instability coming up to the Christmas holidays every year, even if some years are worse than others. But you know something that’s equally true of this time of the year, and something that seems to skip most people’s attention, is that between now and the end of December is also the time when we see some of the absolute best long term programs for the new year first starting up. Unfortunately this fact seems to take second place in people’s attention to the potential fast scams, but make no mistake, this can also be an exceptionally profitable time for the more experienced HYIP investors who know how to look past the fast scams and seek out the more serious high grade longer term programs opening over the next four to eight weeks. I can look through the archives on my monitor to see that this has been a regular an event in the industry every year around this time with some of the most profitable programs around starting up around this time. I can also see no reason for this not to be the case once again this year.

And so it’s with that in mind that I want to take a look at one such program that’s just launched called RemiTrade. This is a long term program which joined my Premium List yesterday just after opening. Obviously I’m in no position to tell you that RemiTrade is going to be one of the best long term HYI programs of this year or of next, only time will tell that, but I really do have a good feeling here that we are seeing the start of the first big industry hit of 2014 originating here. To be honest I don’t really envisage them getting particularly big this side of the new year, but once the Christmas holidays are out of the way and January kicks in I think we might see RemiTrade slowly working their way into the portfolios of more and more serious industry players. I’ll explain why below, but just a quick overview of the program was enough to indicate a very high level of professionalism at work here, and a program that looks to be better planned and organized than most of the other programs around at the moment and is really quite unique in many aspects.

So I guess we should start with the RemiTrade investment plans. There’s really only one plan available here, but it should be noted that it’s organized along much different lines than most other programs. The basic premise of most “real” investment companies is you give them your money, they do the work and generate the profits, and then the share what they’ve earned with you based on the idea that it might have been your money but they were the ones who had to do the work. So you get a share of the profits for financing the company, and they get a share of the profits for putting in the hours on your behalf. And that’s what RemiTrade say they are doing (though believing them or not is entirely your own business). There are no fixed rates and profits will rise and fall from day-to-day according to the performance of the program. It’s not really that complicated though as I shall explain below.

First of all you need a $10 minimum to join RemiTrade. The investment term then runs for 240 business days, which is 48 weeks. Everyday from Monday to Friday you will earn an interest payment, and then eventually reclaim your initial deposit on expiry. Or at least that’s when you earn the money, but not when it actually gets paid. Profits generated on one day are then paid to members on the following day. So while the business runs from Monday to Friday, payouts to members are in fact done from Tuesday to Saturday. OK, pretty simple so far isn’t it? But what exactly is the amount you get paid per day, then?

I suppose this is where most of the less experienced investors might find RemiTrade confusing. Indeed, it is where the program departs from the regular HYIP path and tries something different. So basically this is what happens. Every day the RemiTrade admin makes a profit for himself. He then shares that profit with you. You get a percentage based on the size of your own deposit. A deposit from $10 to $500 entitles you to a 50% share of that profit every business day. So let’s say the RemiTrade admin uses your money to generate a $10 today. From that you get $5 and he gets $5. If he generates a $12 profit then you get $6 while he keeps the other $6 for himself. And so on like that for whatever the daily amount happens to be.

So what happens if you make a bigger deposit? Well, essentially you are still a member of the same plan, except that it entitles you to a bigger share of whatever the profit generated by your principal might be. For example, a deposit ranging from $501 up to $5,000 would get you a 55% share of whatever profit is generated for the day, with the admin keeping on to the remaining 45% this time. And just to briefly mention the bigger amounts – from $5K to $20K your share will be 65% of the total interest, from $20K to $50K – you to get 75% of the daily profits posted on the website, and so on, until you get to 95% of the profits generated by the program on one business day.

The actual rate of profit is one thing. I will explain that below, but the same rate applies to all members, big and small. What changes is how RemiTrade divide that rate between themselves and you. For example if the daily profit is 4% as earned by the program, the share given to you might be 2%. It might also be 2.5% or 3%. It just depends on how much you invested to begin with.

You can check out the most recent results obtained over the course of the last seven trading days for yourself on the RemiTrade website. Typically these have fluctuated between (approximately) 2.4% to 3.4%. I would expect that on some days in the future these figures will be both lower and higher, but as a rough guide it’s a fair enough indication of what you might expect from them at the moment. Results could be as high as 4% which would be exceptional by any standards, though could also fall as low is 0.3%. Less impressive, but hey, it’s still positive and it’s still money earned, not lost. Obviously it’s both impossible and pointless to try and make a prediction about what your final earnings will be – there are simply way too many variables – but once you plan out your own investment strategy you could probably allow yourself a reasonable guess based on the averages. Incidentally, once you do become a proper member of RemiTrade these daily performance reports will all be sent directly to your e-mail address. You can then keep a more detailed record of the long term trends in the program and perhaps see if you’d like to add to your investment there at some point in the future or not.

Payment options are, for the time being at least, a bit limited. This has often been the case with longer term programs in the past though hopefully RemiTrade will work on expanding it in the not too distant future. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a deliberate and planned course of action to manage the growth of the program more carefully while it’s still in the early stages before really opening it up to a wider audience once its reputation becomes more solidified in 2014. For now however you’re going to have to make do with PerfectMoney as the only one of the more traditional HYIP industry payment handlers. On the plus side payouts to members are made instantly. You will still be required to log in to your RemiTrade private members account area and make the request, but once done you should see the money in your payment processor account in under a minute. This is what usually happens anyway, but isn’t explicitly promised. There are several very good reasons for switching off instant payouts from time to time (security, account replenishment, etc) so if that happens the RemiTrade admin asks that you allow him up to 24 hours to complete your payment manually.

Interestingly however RemiTrade have also become the latest program to start working with BitCoin. Well, not just that they are simply accepting BitCoin, there’s been an expanding number of programs using it recently and especially since the LibertyReserve closure, but in the way they’ve integrated it into the script. BitCoin as most of you will know by now is more of a digital currency in its own right rather than simply a payment handler. In other words its “virtual money” that you spend yourself rather than something like PerfectMoney who simply move money from one account to another depending on what you tell them to do with it on your behalf. As such it has a fluctuating exchange value, just the same as Dollars, Euros, and the rest. So with RemiTrade dealing with Dollars, the exact amount you need to deposit in BitCoins (that is if you’re using BitCoins obviously) will most likely be different from one day to another. What sets RemiTrade apart from other programs using is that they have managed to integrate BitCoin and its exchange rate into the script to ensure you are always paying and receiving the correct equivalent in dollars. I don’t want to go on and on about this too much because obviously I know that it’s of very limited interest to the majority of HYIP investors still not using BitCoin, but I just think it was worth mentioning as an example of how well planned and organized the program is, and of course the expense the admin went to in building the whole thing. I mean I know it doesn’t actually guarantee you anything, but honestly no one goes to this kind of extreme effort unless the intention is to make your program one of the best in the business.

There’s just one thing you need to be extremely careful with here, and please read this very carefully because I cannot emphasize it too much. RemiTrade do allow compounding, which although I myself don’t really go for it’s fine if that’s what you really want to do. However by default the compounding option is already set automatically to 100% when you first join the program, so you need to be very careful to reset that to the level you actually want it at – 0% if you don’t want to use compounding at all – before making a final commitment. Remember the investment term is almost a year, and that’s a very very long time in the HYIP industry to start making mistakes and typing errors with, so read everything five or six times before making the final spend, OK?

Other than that RemiTrade have the option to deposit and withdraw using bank wires. As the figures will differ significantly here, e.g. transaction fees, minimum amounts that can be moved, payment schedules, etc, you’ll have to contact the RemiTrade admin directly for details if interested.

Moving on then to the subject of design and online security then, RemiTrade is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and DDoS protection of SoftLayer. The website is SSL encrypted in both public and private members account areas by GeoTrust for safer browsing and more secure transactions. What’s possibly the most impressive feature however is the script, which I know I mentioned briefly above. It’s totally custom made for the program, which by itself is always a good thing as it allows the admin to develop and grow the program as their needs and circumstances change over time. In this case the script is quite sophisticated and built to a very high quality standard.

If you have any further questions for the RemiTrade admin that you feel weren’t really addressed here or have any account related issues that need to be dealt with then there are a couple of different ways you can try to get in touch. Mostly I suppose by filling in your details on the online customer support form and submitting it via the contacts page, however RemiTrade also list a telephone number which is supposedly active during business hours if you’d like to see if someone will speak to you directly. You’ll also notice a postal address, but generally I’d skip on that as they tend to be no more than virtual hosted offices used for mail forwarding (and very often not even that). Not active at the time of writing by the way, but something in the pipeline for RemiTrade is a network of regional representatives. Most of you will probably know what this means by now as many of the bigger online HYIPs, mostly the longer term ones, have used it in the past. Basically it’s a simple matter of existing RemiTrade investors being employed to act as customer service reps in their “local” area (and by local I mean that could be your entire country, or anyone who speaks the same first language as you). If you’re any good at that sort of thing and have done it before then contact the RemiTrade admin for details such as what duties are expected, how he pays, etc.

And that’s about it really. Sensible plans that are both profitable to the investor while maintaining a high degree of sustainability are always going to be popular. Maybe not overnight but in the long run I would still be cautiously optimistic for big things here. Don’t however think that RemiTrade isn’t an online HYIP. It’s a very original program I grant you, but still a gamble. Officially their line of business is explained by some very sketchy and vague texts about trading and investments. Trading what exactly is unclear, and wouldn’t be anything you can independently research and verify anyway. But if, and I know most of you are, comfortable with playing the HYIP industry for what it is then I can only remind you to be sensible. Spend an amount you can comfortably afford to lose and easily earn back from your offline salary, and if joining RemiTrade then do try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



GeniusCapitalLimited is not only the proven industry leader having reached the #1 spot on the MNO Premium List after just ten weeks online, but the admin Ralph is also into creating something really innovative that will help investors interact with each other, get connected with the program’s support staff, and maybe win some prizes by participating in the upcoming contests on the newly launched Chatroom today. I know from running the MNO ShoutBox these things need to be constantly moderated to cut out the spam, and therefore he also outlined the basic rules of behavior in the new Chatroom. This new software installed on GeniusCapitalLimited today was the main subject of the newsletter re-posted below:

GeniusCapitalLimited launches its own Chatroom – talk with other members, earn prizes & more!
Today we have made a big step forward to promote the transparency and relationship within the GeniusCapitalLimited community. Our programmers have recently developed a real-time online chat for our customers to meet each other, share their success stories at GeniusCapitalLimited and ask questions directly to the GeniusCapitalLimited staff. Moreover, in the nearest future we plan to organize live events with attractive prizes to our customers for participating and so on.
Here is a little more information about the chat itself. First off, currently it is not yet available 24/7 due to introduction period and analysis. You may locate an interactive chat button when you are logged in at the top-right corner. If the button is there, it means chat is running and feel free to take a seat as well by clicking on the button. You may sign into the chat using your Facebook or Twitter account or simply entering as a guest is also an option.
Few rules though:
1) Discussion only in English language and regarding GeniusCapitalLimited project;
2) Advertising any other investment project will result into a permanent ban;
3) Be nice and friendly to other members
To sum it up – GeniusCapitalLimited team consists of actual people (yes, not just robots and hardware, LOL) and we’re willing to establish a connection with our customers and between them.
Yours Sincerely, Ralph Bancroft (Director)

GeniusCapitalLimited is paying investors instantly to SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and OkPay. The program is one of the better organized projects I have seen during my years online, and therefore the original review posted here was very detailed and positive, as I realized its huge potential immediately. If you haven’t read it yet, I’ll remind you that for a $10 minimum deposit you can join three investment plans, all of which return your investment on expiry – 2% for 15 business days, 2.5% for 30 business days, 3% for 60 business days.


After winning the contest for the largest amount of referrals held in PokerByProxy (reviewed here) I received a few emails from readers congratulating me and asking if that holiday in Aruba which I was promised by the admin as a prize is a real thing. Well, unfortunately it doesn’t look like it as no one from PokerByProxy has contacted me about it yet. I won the contest yesterday and am still waiting, but I’ll let you know if anything happens. In any event, if I get a confirmation about a hotel booking/voucher that I can phone up and confirm, or likewise a plane ticket which I can confirm with the airline then you’ll be the first to hear about it. But so far there was no contact from the admin of PokerByProxy Patrick (interviewed here) or any of his team. Profits by the way were reported at quite a decent 2.1% for today which has been already credited to members accounts and is now available for withdrawal as per the latest report posted on the site:

Wednesday 27th November 2013
Result 2.10%
Report Another good day at the tables, pulling in just over two percent from a series of wins throughout the day. The main focus of the day was 50/50 tournaments, which ended up taking much longer than originally anticipated, but was both safe and effective. Our main wish right now is that the online poker rooms had higher limits at the 50/50 tournaments. Anyway, the final tally for the day is 2.1%. All accounts have been updated.

PokerByProxy has been online for almost three months paying variable returns to investors’ accounts and allowing them to withdraw their principals and profits at any time they like. All unclaimed profits simply becomes part of the principal and the next profit is going to be based on the larger amount. You can then control the fund in like this according to your own investment strategy. PokerByProxy has been accepting lots of different payment options starting from a $25 minimum and usually the admin processes withdrawals within a 24 to 48 hour timeframe.


The admin of DailySharePro issued a very lengthy newsletter which I think might form a good supplement to the review posted on MNO blog here. You see, DailySharePro is not exactly a HYIP, but rather an autosurf that offers a 1% minimum daily payment for a 180 calendar day term with the original investment returned on expiry for surfing at least 25 sites per day. Your daily profit in DailySharePro can be higher depending on the price of Bitcoin. In the newsletter the admin explains how to earn on Bitcoin exchange rates even if you invest in DailySharePro via more traditional payment processors like SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, or OkPay. The newsletter also mentions the program’s own forum, how to advertise your site, and the whole surfing process. So, if you want first-hand info on DailySharePro you can read it below:

DailySharePro beginning
We’re making huge progress. It’s been over 2 weeks, and many members signed up at DailySharePro. In addition, we’ve successfully integrated Bitcoin on our website. Soon, we will add additional e-currency methods too.
What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a “decentralized” digital currency, meaning it does not exist in the physical world, nor it is controlled by a central bank like Bank of England or Federal Reserve.
Bitcoin is an open-source – nobody personally owns it, and everyone can take part in it.
In order to use Bitcoin, you’ll have to visit the site and download a personal “wallet” (app) on your mobile or computer/laptop that will allow sending and receiving Bitcoins using them.
With Bitcoin, you can buy anything – both physical and digital products.
DailySharePro investment plan’s daily interest depends on the Bitcoin price, which rose from 1 percent to 1.3 percent on Tuesday and Wednesday, last week. Friday, the interest rate has increased again – to 1.4 percent.
As the Bitcoin price increases, we earn more money! But as we can’t drastically raise this profit at DailyShare, we keep it as reserve. The benefits of raise reserve is that you can withdraw it later to take care of you and your family – earn money for living and education, get cash bonuses and discounts on health care, build retirement plan, etc.
DailyShare Forum
If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to share your ideas, thoughts, and concerns with DailyShare community, visit our online forum.
At DailyShare forum, you’ll get the most relevant information that you will not find anywhere else. Get all answers related with Bitcoin trading, online advertisement, and investment plans.
Investors Making Advertising Profits on DailySharePro
In the first weeks, we also sold first ads to our investors. Not only did they get to differentiate themselves and highlight their unique selling points (USP), but also stimulates healthy competition in the marketplace.
Healthy competition is great as it compels companies have to keep improving value in their products and services by keeping the cost down while pushing up the quality.
So far, our investors and advertisers were really happy with the results they received at DailySharePro. They received more calls from customers than they had in their entire business period.
Advertisers can also keep track of their ads performance. When you place an ad on our home page, you can also check its analytics – i.e. number of impressions, hits, and conversion, etc.
Surf 100 Sites = Get $5 Bonus and 100 Credit Points
As a DailySharePro member, you earn a one-time bonus of $5 and 100 credit points once you surf 100 websites. How can you earn $5 bonus?
Simply login to your account, press the “Start Surfing” button to surf websites displayed on DailySharePro (first 50 on the first day, and another 50 on the next day).
After you’ve surfed 100 websites, you’ll automatically receive $5 bonus in your personal account. The best part about is that it is all “automatic.” You do not have to browse each site manually, nor do you have to stay in-front of your PC/laptop!
Once you press the “Start Surfing” button, our system will automatically surf all 50 websites for you. Isn’t that way to convenient to earn a $5 bonus?
In addition to$5 bonus, you can also earn 1 credit for every page you surf.
You can spend your credits in two ways.
First, you can use credits to advertise your business site to promote. This is a very powerful tool to reach out to your customers.
Simply submit your web page (add as many as you want) through “Surf&Traffic/Website” section inside your account area, wait for approval (usually takes 1-2 hours), and add credits to it.
Just remember that one credit = one hit!
After the approval of your web page(s), your site will be automatically added in the “surf listing.”
Secondly, you can sell your credits in marketplace.
DailySharePro Commitment to Offer the Best
At DailySharePro, we’re doing everything in our capability to offer the “best” online advertisement and investment opportunities to our members, traders, and investors so that they can make profits, easily and without-hassle.
DailySharePro trades as a team, not as an individual. We would like to think that all wonderful things are collectively created, implemented, and maintained by a team of hard-working individuals working towards a “common” goal – i.e. offer high quality services at minimum cost.
Our team of expert traders is continuously striving to integrate all our processes to it easier for you to advertise and invest in our plan.
Before we go, all the team members of DailySharePro would like to thank you all for you support, articles on blogs, and comments on forums, which have significantly helped our project become popular in the Internet. We’d like this opportunity to inform all of you that, unlike other investment firms, we will give as much as we take from you.


For some reason MultiPowerVentures (reviewed here) had to use several PerfectMoney accounts which he’d like you to hear about. Here’s the email he sent today which included the new PerfectMoney account which you might want to take note of, although I’m not sure what practical use this is to you:

Perfect Money Account Verified at MultiPowerVentures
We have a short but great news to you, and it is the reason why this e-mail is being rolled out to all members of MultiPowerVentures.
We have been verified by PerfectMoney and the account we use is a verified PerfectMoney account. Yesterday we submitted a new account for verification so as not to disturb the other account we were using. And today, PerfectMoney has verified our account and we start using it today.
If you are a monitor and you need to know the new PM account for monitoring purposes, please take note of this PM Account number “U6647994”. Verified and make deposits with peace of mind.
Thank you for reading this short newsletter.
The admin of MultiPowerVentures, Leo Konstantin Immanuel Zirner

MultiPowerVentures has been running for about two weeks now accepting SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin and direct bank wires. In most cases deposits start from a $10 minimum while the withdrawals are paid within a 48 hour maximum. Investment plans include 104%-150% after 2 days, 110%-250% after 4 days, 125%-400% after 8 days, 175%-850% after 16 days, 325%-2,000% after 32 days. As far as I know MultiPowerVentures is still paying fine, and despite one complaint on my ShoutBox today that his accounts had been blocked by the admin, it later transpired he had several of them which is strictly forbidden by almost every admin. So apart from that one incident which the admin himself came to explain on my ShoutBox everything else seems to be running smoothly.


I was unaware that MutualWealth had a monthly limit of $500 on deposits and withdrawals via EgoPay, which has now been removed as of today:

Limits on EgoPay deposits and withdrawals have been lifted.
Clients are now able to deposit and withdraw funds using EgoPay without the $500 monthly limit which was previously imposed on such transfers. Clients must have deposited funds through EgoPay in order to be able to withdraw funds via this payment provider.

MutualWealth (originally reviewed here) has been running since January this year and offers several investment plans with variable weekly returns and the original principal back on expiry – 2%-5% weekly for 30 days, 2.5%-6% weekly for 90 days, 3%-8% weekly for 180 days. The program has quite a high investment minimum of $100, but provides mostly instant withdrawals to some of the accepted payment methods available. Apart from the already mentioned EgoPay, they also include PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, BitCoin, and direct bank wires.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States meaning that some HYIPs will take it as the perfect excuse not to pay. PureIncome (reviewed here), although paying on every calendar day usually credits members’ accounts with reduced interest on weekends and official holidays. That’s what happens tomorrow so please note that your shares and bonds in PureIncome will earn the weekend rate as expected:

Thanksgiving Day in the United States
Thursday, November 28, the United States celebrates Thanksgiving Day. Based on our Terms of Services, on November 28, the PureIncome stock exchange operates in a day off regime. Shares grow and dividends accrue on bonds as stated at the weekend conditions.

Some readers may have noticed that for a few hours yesterday PureIncome was moved to Problem status on the MNO monitor. This was due to a suspected selective payouts. One of my referrals contacted me and complained about his principal in PureIncome not being released after a week. I contacted the admin but he failed to reply within the 24 hours I gave him to resolve the issue. You know that I usually take selective payouts very seriously and always stand up for my referrals. The admin reacted immediately however after I moved his program to Problem status, paying my referral in full. As for PureIncome itself, apart from that isolated incident, it’s still paying fine on the variable returns plan with the possibility to withdraw the original investment after a 180 calendar day lock-in period (click here to read the full review). As PureIncome has been running for about ten months now, it might be not a good idea to make any new investments there before Christmas as it might be a test for survival the program is not going to pass, judging by the recent withdrawal delays and the new investment plans introduced to attract big money. However, usually such measures have the opposite affect on experienced investors and I’m afraid PureIncome could be the next big program to go. I’d love to be mistaken here, but if you’re considering investing in PureIncome you’d better wait for a month or so, and see if the program is still paying in 2014.


Two payment processors accepted for advertising on MNO – SolidTrustPay and EgoPay – both expect delays in bank transfers within the US tomorrow due to the Thanksgiving celebrations. As SolidTrustPay is officially based in Canada, it will only affect domestic US bank transfers so clients there should allow up to two extra days for their withdrawals to be processed. This is from the official STP blog:

US Thanksgiving
Greetings SolidTrust Pay Users:
On Thursday, November 28th our clients in the United States will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Due to the holiday, please be advised that all domestic U.S. transfers will require up to two additional days to process.
The management and staff of SolidTrust Pay would like to wish our users in the United States a very Happy Thanksgiving.

PexPay customers will be affected tomorrow on a larger scale as the payment processor has its operating facilities based in the US and therefore, their clients will notice delay with ACH transactions that will only be done on Friday. The customer support will be fully operational though and you can contact them as usual. Here’s the full update from the PexPay administration:

Holiday Notice
Hello PexPay Customer,
Our bank along with the Federal Reserve will be closed on Thursday, November 28th, for Thanksgiving.
Any ACH transaction initiated on Thursday, November 28th, will not be processed until Friday November 29th.
The same restrictions and processing times are also in place for all wire transactions.
If you should have any questions, please feel free to open a support ticket. We will still have staff available on the 28th for all non-related banking support.
Thank you for choosing PexPay for your processing needs.
Thank you, PexPay
Your Bridge to Anywhere


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: GeniusCapitalLimited, PokerByProxy, PureIncome, CatenaFinance, RFIGroup, BillionairesGroup, IncomeAlways, GreenHillHoldings, DublinCryptoriumLimited, InvGlobal, MutualWealth, Gener8Profit, FutureYieldsIncome, WealthersInc, DailySharePro, RemiTrade.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: BallInvest, WelorTrade, ThaiMonetaryFund, Financ.

That’s it for tonight, guys. If there’s not much happening tomorrow I might as well take a day off myself and see you all again on Friday. I’ll still be answering your emails and updating my monitor as well as frequently checking the status of the programs monitored there. You can also subscribe to my daily news to be delivered daily to your email address (just enter your email address in the form you can find on top of my blog page and activate the link then sent to you to subscribe), and also follow me on Facebook and Twitter where I post links to selective articles on MNO blog. See you then guys, and remember – always be on the money with Money-News-Online!

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