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Hi everyone! The admins of so many programs on MNO had important news updates over the last 48 hours that it will take a while to analyze everything so it’s a somewhat longer post for tonight if you don’t mind. I’ll also be looking at the results of the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page, plus a brand new one will be introduced as well. So let’s get straight down to business and see what’s been happening in the HYIP industry of late.


I’ll begin with the latest newsletter from the admin of RoyalFinanceGroup Richard. The program has today reached an important milestone by successfully finishing the first investment cycle with the first lucky investors profiting from the program’s 24%-26% for 5 days plan. I remind you that RoyalFinanceGroup was added to the MNO Premium List within hours of its official launch five days ago and became a very popular choice among readers almost immediately. Richard also managed to attract much attention by paying all withdrawals really fast (according to him the average processing time doesn’t exceed 2 hours while the guaranteed maximum is 12 hours) and by offering a wide choice of payment options. These include PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OkPay, BitCoin, and Payeer which RoyalFinanceGroup accepts for a $20 minimum. It’s no wonder they reached the Top 5 most popular programs on my monitor already, also helped by the fact that Richard pre-paid for the top tower banner on the MNO blog for one month even before its official launch. I sincerely hope this is just the beginning for RoyalFinanceGroup and that the admin has the best intentions to run it for as long as humanly possible.Announced in the first newsletter was the review of RoyalFinanceGroup on MNO (click here to read it) which I hope is beneficial to the program and its members. And the current members of RoyalFinanceGroup can contribute to the growth as well by voting for the program on the major investment forum threads (which Richard also linked to in the latest newsletter) and the MNO monitor every time you receive a payment. Remember that such support really matters for any short-term program like this and it can really make a difference in how long it runs:

RFG || 1st Newsletter
RoyalFinanceGroup is pleased to inform our members that we have successfully completed our first cycle online – RFG’s investment plan duration is five calendar days.
The members who deposited funds on first day of our launch earned as much as 122.5% in total return.
We would like to inform our members of the following statements we achieved so far:
1. We have been online since March 13th, 2014.
2. 700+ clients worldwide created an account with us.
3. Over $40K has been invested in this short time.
4. Impressive average withdrawal processing time: 2 hours.
We would also like to thank all our members for this achievement and for their continuous support.
We are just at the beginning of establishing our brand in the industry!
If you are satisfied with our services, please support us in Forums which are listed below and vote for us in monitors.
RFG is proud to be advertising at industry’s leading and most unbiased blog – MNO. Please feel free to read our review here:
If you need any assistance, please contact us either using Live Chat Support or by replying to this email.
Respectfully, Richard Cooke


It looks like the admin of InvGlobal fulfilled half of his promise made recently (the second half was adding STP) with a fourth processor in PexPay now joining PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and OkPay as a payment option. Although PexPay is a dependable enough handler (read my interview with the PexPay admin here) the addition of SolidTrustPay would be more impressive. It would certainly allow more investors to enjoy the 1.2%-2.5% for 120 business days plan with the principal back on expiry, the first cycle of which has now been completed leaving the first investors of InvGlobal in huge profits. After more than six months online InvGlobal (reviewed here) is still going strong while paying instantly to everyone and I believe such a long running time for a program like this sets a good example to all HYIP admins out there on how to run a successful project. Now we’ll wait and see if SolidTrustPay will be really added soon, and of course I’ll make sure MNO is the first place you hear about it if it happens.


ApexBinary is another program with similar long-term plans paying 1.2%-2.4% for 180 business days with the principal returned on expiry but much younger than InvGlobal with only three and a half months behind them. That was not quite enough to make a profit for the first investors although the admin of ApexBinary Mark (interviewed here) is doing his best to maintain interest in the program by fully updating the website’s design and launching an almost completely new version of it – more user-friendly and better looking on the eye. Plus, of course, instant payouts are still being made to PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, and PexPay allowing ApexBinary‘s investors to enjoy their profits. Apart from the design change everything about ApexBinary remains the same since the time the original review on MNO was published (click here to read it). For the latest short update on ApexBinary please read below:

ApexBinary LTD New Website Design
Dear Investors, We are glad to inform you about ApexBinary new website design that was implemented today along with the script and all the features!
Experience the new style of ApexBinary today!
ApexBinary LTD – Trust Through Transparency


I believe the admin of ComoCredit Scott (interviewed here) is still pretty serious when it comes to improvements in his program, which is making instant payouts to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and Payeer for over two months. The first investors of ComoCredit (reviewed here) are already in profit from plans that include 1.4% for 30 days, 1.5% for 45 days, 1.6% for 60 days, 1.7% for 90 days, 2% for 180 days, and all with your principal back at the end. As ComoCredit is also very popular among the Russian speaking community it would be logical to make the site bi-lingual which Scott announced is in the pipeline in the short update sent tonight:

Read this!
Also, we would like to inform you that we are working on new features that will be added to ComoCredit website very soon. The first feature is going to be Russian language for our users convenience.
Best regards,
Giving is our pleasure. ComoCredit


Another admin working hard to make the site better and more convenient is from Minimalism10. As on its launch Minimalism10 was kind of a raw program with many features still in development which the admin has been adding over the last two weeks. Today a major improvement was announced in the form of a so-called “DockPanel” which represents a still unfinished six tab set which you can see in the Minimalism10 icons located in the bottom of the page. If you point the cursor on each of them only then will you actually see the real meaning what’s there. Some buttons already contain content (like the advertising materials available for download and a representative application form) while others are still in the works and contain at the moment nothing but their names and a the Coming Soon sign popping up if you click them. Well, it’s good to see that Minimalism10 is still developing even after the first investment cycles on the 8.1%-8.4% for 15 days and 12%-13% for 10 days are completed and the first investors are in profit. Hopefully the admin will keep it up and make all the necessary improvements. You will need a $10 minimum to invest in Minimalism10 via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and BitCoin. Unfortunately, due to the latest issues with the largest BitCoin provider BlockChain the site of which has been down for the last 24 hours, at the moment BitCoin transactions are not possible. Don’t worry though as in Minimalism10 investors are allowed deposit via one payment processor and withdraw via another. So those who originally deposited in Minimalism10 via BitCoin may withdraw to PerfectMoney or EgoPay temporarily. I remind you also that since my original review of Minimalism10 was published (click here to read it) the program has stopped processing automated payouts and the admin altered his script to manually process them on the member’s request. The two latest newsletters from Minimalism10 regarding changes in the member area and BlockChain/BitCoin temporary issues please read below:

Aloha dear Minimalism10 users!
Our project is quite unique and we are very pleased to see that you like it.
Your exciting feedback encourages us to make up new cool features and instruments!
Oh yeah, we enjoy doing it!
Many of you have already noticed a sweet update in your profile, an amazing MINIDOCK panel.
It’s a beta version and we are still working on the following instruments:
We had a lot of requests for banners and we decided to make a pleasant surprise for those of you who are interested in affiliate program. We did a good job to help you promote effectively! Now you have an access to an exclusive instrument that you can find in AD MATERIALS section in the minidock, it’s an AD PACK 1.0. It’s more than just banners, AD PACK 1.0 includes:
– logos
– static banners
– animated banners
– informational banners
– avatars for social networks
Are you an ambitious guy who can build a team and manage it? Show us how good you are and we will make you our representative! Use BECOME A REPRESENTATIVE button to apply. A representative gets additional benefits, you will know about in soon, representatives page is coming!
We value your feedback, let us know what you think.
Spring is coming, we wish you sweet sunny days and birds singing by your window!

Hello dear Minimalism10 users!
We have to nofity you that our Bitcoin wallet carrier service Blockchain is having technical works on their website and unfortunately we can not accept or send payments via Bitcoin until the service starts to work again. If you want to make an investment, you may use exchange services like to change your Bitcoins to PerfectMoney or EgoPay. We keep monitoring Blockchain.
Keep your mind clear and take care!


Technical issues with BlockChain also made news in BTCArbs where the admin is allegedly involved in BitCoin exchange rate speculation. However, it seems nothing is able to stop BTCArbs from making money for investors. Daily results showed a 1.6% increase in members’ deposits on Monday and 0.43% on Tuesday. That’s only slightly over the 2% mark for the last two days which at first glance may seem small return for a program promising from 0.1% to 10% daily. BTCArbs fluctuating around 0.5%-2% for quite some time and there were no higher payments for quite a while. However if you haven’t read my original review of the program published here it’s very important to remember that the program is totally flexible. Once you join BTCArbs with at least a $50 minimum via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, BitCoin, or directly via bank wire you can withdraw any amount at any time you like and be paid within a 36 hour maximum. That’s the promise the admin gave to investors and has been sticking to for over a month now. The first investors of BTCArbs might have been in profit if they requested their original investments back, but if you’re still an active investor or simply sitting on the fence I’ll re-post the latest two profit reports taken from the BTCArbs results page:

Monday 17th March 2014 – 1.60%
Being Monday, our fiat transfer to BTCe arrived, allowing us to profit from the usual spread between BTCe and Bitstamp. Due to the fact that the spread between the two exchanges has been small most of the day, we decided to maintain a fiat balance in BTCe, seeing as larger spreads usually occur and the time it takes to wire funds into the exchanges is usually a few days. We also managed to find a few obscure arbitrage opportunities on the smaller exchanges. To help with our future expansion, we have also registered with a few newer exchanges and have started the verification process. Today’s result is 1.6%.

Tuesday 18th March 2014 – 0.43%
The last 24 hours have been pretty strange, with the intermittent downtime of It seems that the downtime of this popular wallet has spooked a few bitcoin users who have erroneously interpreted as being “The Blockchain.” It is a very important distinction to make, as the actual Bitcoin blockchain is not tied to a specific website. The result of Blockchain’s downtime has been a falling Bitcoin price, albeit one that has fallen rather slowly given the pandemonium that it has created among some Bitcoin circles. We would also like to remind users that you should backup your wallet files from the website, as you can then use your private keys to transmit Bitcoins using desktop software or another third party wallet.
Despite the decrease in the Bitcoin price, there aren’t as many arbitrage opportunities as you might expect. Strangely, the price of Bitcoin managed to fall at a greater rate on Bitstamp than on the other markets, limiting the number of arbitrage opportunities that are usually present. However, we were able to move plenty of fiat from Bitstamp back to BTCe and other cheaper exchanges due to the brief periods of equivalent prices amongst the exchanges. This was beneficial in terms of prepping for the rest of the week, however it did not improve today’s result. Today’s profit was a low (but still profitable) 0.43%.


While I was aware of the downtime DublinCryptoriumLimited experienced today for a few hours I was quite sure that once back online everything was going to be alright. I was wrong as the site did come back online later today, but it seems there are some serious database issues and perhaps with profit calculations as well. No access to members’ accounts of DublinCryptoriumLimited is currently possible, although the technical support is still available for everyone to reply if needed. I was talking to them myself earlier today and was promised everything would be fixed as soon as possible, so let’s be patient, guys. The short update can be found on DublinCryptoriumLimited‘s website:

18 Mar 2014
The dashboard is currently down for maintenance. The developers are working on a software issue with our cloud-based technology. We will restore service to normal status ASAP.

Just to remind you – DublinCryptoriumLimited (reviewed here) remains the most popular program among MNO readers. Having launched in late November 2013 DublinCryptoriumLimited amazed everyone with its fantastic layout, custom-made script, and clever BitCoin mining background story with real-time earnings credited to members’ accounts by the second. There’s also the widest possible choice of payment processors with a $50 minimum including SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, BitCoin, OkPay, and direct bank wires. Instantly processed payouts and the option to withdraw the principal or any part of it at any time are two more points attracting hundreds of investors. Fingers crossed these technical issues will be resolved soon, and of course I’ll keep you updated on that as it happens.


Another program experiencing some downtime quite frequently today was the second most popular program on MNO FinMutual (reviewed here). Twice the site was offline for a couple of hours, but recovered on both occasions and with the admin being highly communicative he sent a sort of update explaining what was going on:

FinMutual Unscheduled Maintenance
We apologize for the downtime early this morning for about an hour and a half. There was an unscheduled maintenance at our datacenter which took our website offline for about an hour and a half. Again we apologize for the downtime if it affected you.
Also if you are looking for live support, please add on Skype to contact us. We still receive numerous messages about live support.

FinMutual Downtime
We apologize for the unexpected downtime today. A network switch failed at the datacenter and had to be replaced. FinMutual is now online again.

FinMutual has been online for about eight months now and rightfully became popular after such an outstanding record. The program accepts deposits starting from a $25 minimum into the 1.8%-2.6% for 160 business days investment plan. There is a huge choice of payment processors you can use to join FinMutual, including SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, OkPay, BitCoin, LiteCoin, and PexPay.


When logging into my SolidTrustPay account today I saw a reminder about the ongoing Video cash contest where you can win a $100 cash reward for the best video tutorial on using STP. The payment processor has been traditionally known in the HYIP industry as a sign of approval for the programs accepting it, especially it was fair for the last few months when the demands on SolidTrustPay merchants involved in the HYIP business were significantly tightened which resulted in the majority of newer programs being refused STP accounts. Fortunately there are still a few programs willingly accepting SolidTrustPay funds, so perhaps it’s worth looking into opening an account there, and maybe even trying your luck in the video contest STP is running:

Enter our YouTube Video CASH contest !
Send us your YouTube URL link for your best “How to use SolidTrust Pay” training video for a chance to win $100 !! The contest will be a series. The video theme for Series 1 is on the Sign Up and Log In/Out processes. To enter the contest, email and visit for all the details. Enter Soon !!


I was about to report some good news to the members of DailySharePro on my blog tonight, as the program seemed to have fully recovered yesterday and the payments resumed. However tonight I was again not able to access the site and although I was paid as usual I still found it necessary to move DailySharePro to Waiting status on the MNO monitor, especially considering the admin never issued any official newsletter explaining the reasons for the first raft of problems. Now we can only wait and hope that DailySharePro will be back as soon as possible and continues to pay on its 1% for 180 days surfing plan and 2% for 90 days non-surfing plan. For more information on DailySharePro you can always read my detailed review posted here and an interview with the program’s admin Tom here. I will of course keep you updated on the current downtime of DailySharePro‘s website on my blog and monitor and will change the status if and when it becomes necessary.


All I can say here is that I’m absolutely sick and tired of this admin’s behavior. I’m talking about MyGoldNestEgg of course where he seems to have disappeared yet again. After the payments were stopped a few days ago and a clumsy update on a payment interface change was published in the previous newsletter, there was no further sign of him. I contacted him earlier today but haven’t received a reply yet, so perhaps, it would be better to keep MyGoldNestEgg on Problem Status for the time being. If in a couple of days there’s still no change then it will be moved to Scam – so please do not invest in MyGoldNestEgg anymore. If there are any positive changes in I will let you all know.


For the last item in this evening’s update then I think it’s probably time to close the current opinion poll that’s been running on the MNO TalkBack page for about the last ten days or so and start a new one. It’s been long enough now that everyone who was interested in voting had a chance to do so, so let’s see the results.

Most readers will be aware by now that one of the more popular trends in the HYIP industry in recent times, since the latter part of last year anyway, has been the growth of what could be called “flexible term” programs. Currently on the MNO monitor’s Premium List we can see the likes of DublinCryptoriumLimited, BTCArbs, and RockwellPartners that would fit this bill. There’s been a couple of others in the past. Specifically these programs all give their members the option of deciding their own investment terms, allowing them to withdraw their principal at any time without any fees and leaving. On the other hand such flexibility comes at a price, and members will never earn the same rate of interest two days in a row. Profits are determined by how the fortunes of the program rise and fall from day to day, and so just as there is no fixed investment term neither is there any fixed rate of interest. You simply never know what you are going to earn on any given day, but you do have the right to quit the program at will.

So what do you think of that? I mean there’s no denying it does have certain advantages, but would you prefer to be told right from day one the exact amount you will earn and for exactly how long? Well, it seems not. I was well aware that such programs were having an impact on the HYIP industry, but was quite surprised to see the extent of it. The exact question I asked in the last opinion was:
What type of program do you prefer?
And in what turned out to be an eye-openingly one sided contest almost two thirds of MNO readers, 66% of you, gave the answer “Flexible. Variable interest and I’ll decide the term length myself.
The remaining 34% of voters took the alternative option of “Fixed. Fixed interest rates for a fixed length term.

So while “flexible programs” are still very much in the minority, they do appear to have a big role to play in the future of the HYIP industry as investors get more sophisticated and some of the best admins begin to cater to changing tastes. As I’ve said before by the way, I myself do not actually vote in the TalkBack polls. That would be pointless and only skewer the results. I know what my own thoughts on the subject are and the point of the exercise is to hear yours. But as many of you were kind enough to share your own thoughts on the matter then I guess it’s only fair that I share my own, which in this case would be that what I really welcome in the industry is diversity. While there are all sorts of benefits and drawbacks to all types of program, it’s probably better that the industry never really be dominated by one over the other. Well, you guys can think what you want but that’s the way I like things anyway.

Anyway, how about a new question then? If you’re a regular industry player then you’ll be aware of the popularity of “instant payouts” made by quite a lot of programs. You just log into your members account area, request your interest payment, and hey presto, in under a minute the money appears in your favored payment processor account ready to be converted into cash. For the next opinion poll then I don’t really want to ask whether you like instant payouts or not, clearly I don’t see any reason why anyone wouldn’t enjoy them when the actually get them, but there are other concerns here. Not every online HYIP will offer instant payouts as you know, so if they were really all that good then why not? Not to sound too cynical here but we can all take it for granted that these things are set up first and foremost to benefit the admin, but if you put that to one side for a moment the main issue with instant payouts is of course security. If a hacker gains access either to the admin’s control panel or even just the account of one single member he can change the account numbers where the payments are made. These transactions are generally irreversible and so when the hacker redirects the payments to his own account he gets the money immediately, and you are not getting it back. So with manual payments that need to be approved and authorized by the admin first, the likelihood of a hacker getting away with changing the recipient account details without being discovered are significantly reduced. OK, you might have to wait 24 hours to get paid instead of 24 seconds, but is it worth it? I mean considering that most of you are probably more worried about the admin scamming the investors than a hacker doing it, is it really something that crosses your mind very often?

The question therefore for the next poll will be:
How do you feel about instant payouts?
And your options are:
a) A vital part of any program I join.
b) A nice feature when I see it but not essential.
c) An unnecessary security risk.

Thanks as always to everyone who participates, and I’ll just remind you that it’s totally anonymous and only takes a second. So, please vote on MNO TalkBack!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: BarclaysRoyalClub.
From MNO Premium list: DublinCryptoriumLimited, InvGlobal, RoyalFinanceGroup, ApexBinary, ComoCredit, DailySharePro, Minimalism10, BTCArbs, RemiTradeRockwellPartners, GoldenOakFund, Eblone.
From MNO Standard list: XAxisInc.
From MNO Basic list: InvestmentCapital, ThaiMonetaryFundZeusInvest, Ambodium, MichaelKazakov.

That’s all for today guys. A busy enough day for news stories but at the moment I don’t think I’ll be publishing tomorrow. It really depends on what happens in the industry of course, but one way or another I should be back by Thursday at the latest and my monitor is always updated a minimum of once every 24 hours anyway. So stay tuned for more and see you all soon!

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