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Hello everybody! There’s a couple of news updates today but really the main point of today’s post is the introduction of PokerAutomatics, a new addition to the MNO Premium List. I’ll also be discussing some promotions from the Neteller payment processor and the latest update on payment options from MooreFund that seems determined to break every record on diversity of investment methods. So let’s get started!


If you’re looking for a program of good quality and calibre then why not consider PokerAutomatics? The admin behind it seems a true professional with a clear vision of how to promote his program and gradually increase interest from investors. I believe when PokerAutomatics first launched back in August of last year they were mainly targeting a Russian-speaking audience, but since then have gradually spread its influence to the international markets, coinciding with the long-anticipated addition of SolidTrustPay last week. This sudden but welcome move gave the program a second wind and the admin also promised to work on the addition of Payza, Neteller, and Skrill in the coming weeks. So watch this space and I’ll announce further details on that when it happens, as after an almost impossible task for many admins (verifying an account in STP) everything seems possible for PokerAutomatics. Apart from SolidTrustPay for fully automated deposits starting from the $30 minimum, you can also invest via several different payment methods most of which would be popular among a Russian-speaking audience like Payeer, Qiwi, YandexMoney, WebMoney, NixMoney, and even direct Bank transfers for some Russian banks. Other options would appeal to a wider audience such as PerfectMoney, BitCoin, and OkPay. The highlight is still the recent addition of SolidTrustPay of course, and the admin knows it. Very few programs manage to achieve this, but PokerAutomatics took it even one step further by being featured in the SolidTrustPay merchant directory (to find out about the main advantages of investing in HYIPs via SolidTrustPay please refer to my article here):

SolidTrustPay – Automatic Deposits
Great News for our SolidTrustPay clients!
Poker Automatics has a Verified Business account in SolidTrustPay.
You can add funds into your PokerAutomatics account using our SolidTrustpay merchant account.
All operations are automatic.
All our clients can add funds and make withdrawal requests via SolidTrustPay.
Minimum amount to add funds – 30 USD
Minimum amount for withdrawal – 1 USD

PokerAutomatics is in the SolidTrustPay Merchant Directory!
PokerAutomatics is in the SolidTrustPay Merchant Directory!
You can see PokerAutomatics banner in the list.

I’ll discuss the investment plans and other important features of PokerAutomatics in tomorrow’s review, but for now the most important thing to know is that the admin put a lot of effort into explaining how it’s possible to generate up to 30% monthly with poker bots – a network which has apparently been upgrading over the course of the last few months and of which the admin updates his members regularly as seen in this newsletter posted last night:

Pokerbot network upgrade
A number of poker bots in the network increased to 784.
Our future goals:
July 2015: 900-1000 active poker bot accounts
January 2016: 1200-1300 active poker bot accounts
July 2016: 1500-1600 active poker bot accounts
January 2017: 1900-2000 active poker bot accounts
The ultimate goal – 2000 active poker bot accounts.

Anyway, it’s also very possible (and more likely) that it’s all just a good story aimed at attracting bigger investors, but it also looks as if it’s working. PokerAutomatics has been paying for over six months now so clearly tey are doing something right. In fact their news section stretches back to 2011, but for me the real starting point of any program including PokerAutomatics is when it was officially introduced on the major investment forums, so let’s stick with the idea it started back in August 2014, shall we? The investment plans are a mix of variable returns (the historic records are always available on the site) announced every calendar day and a share of the company’s profit that grow in line with the size of your deposit and can be as low as 40% for smaller investors or as high as 80% for larger ones – a similar scheme you might remember operates in other famous programs like AtrexTrade (reviewed here). So, suppose your deposit is $100 and you get 40% of the program’s profits on any particular day, while if your deposit is $100K then it will be 80%. With an average daily profit of PokerAutomatics set at 1% then the payment for the small investors (with deposits from $30 to $299) will be 0.4%, while the biggest investors will enjoy the 0.8% rate on the same day. An important thing to remember by the way is that profit is earned on calendar days, seven days per week, but withdrawals will only be processed from Monday to Friday. So yes, you will earn money over the weekend, you’ll just need to wait until Monday before receiving it. Of course there are many variants of what you can earn in between and I look forward to explaining it in more detail in the upcoming review of PokerAutomatics on my blog very soon.

Also remember that the investment term is determined by the size of your investment, so if you don’t want to wait for your principal return for too long just make a few smaller deposits instead of one big one, but remember that the rate of profit will be smaller as well. For deposits of $30 to $299 the investment term is just 30 calendar days, for $300 to $999 that increases to 45 days, and so on, until it reaches the maximum of 180 calendar days for deposits exceeding $50K. As you can clearly see, the higher profits will go to people with higher deposits, but at the same time the investment term to which they commit also increases with every stage. It’s actually a very well thought-out scheme aimed at giving sustainability to PokerAutomatics with relatively small returns also contributing. I’ll give more concrete examples in the review.

PokerAutomatics is running off a licensed H-Script, but familiar as I am with it it was almost totally unrecognizable at first. It’s been totally modernized and modified and actually takes on the appearance of a much more expensive and custom-made script, so kudos to the admin for that. One of the main features of the script is that you need to add funds to your account first, then you distribute the funds between plans by creating a deposit, so remember that when joining. For those who want to observe the system in full before investing the admin of PokerAutomatics gives a perfect opportunity by allowing a virtual account with $1,000 on signup (just don’t confuse this account with real money, it’s for demonstration purposes only cannot be withdrawn!).

The website’s security is up to a high standard with hosting on a dedicated server by DDoSGuard, an SSL-certificate by EssentialSSL, and a domain name registered for fifteen (!) years with the first records traced as far back as 2004. There are plenty of video testimonials on the website, predictably filled with praise from PokerAutomatics‘ satisfied investors from different countries, so you can watch for yourselves what others think of the program. From the available written reviews there isn’t much from native English speakers, so MNO will soon be the first with the most detailed information there. I believe the admin didn’t list his program on MNO until now due to his advertising strategy and his desire to add SolidTrustPay to be more appealing to my readers. But now that PokerAutomatics is on MNO expect hundreds of new investors joining over the coming months that will surely be good for the future. There’s a lot more to PokerAutomatics that I can’t discuss here due to lack of space, but I’ll cover that in more detail tomorrow. Stay tuned for that!


When it comes to offering the biggest variety of payment methods for online investors MooreFund (reviewed here) is the undoubted leader. Before yesterday the program already accepted PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, and even Payza and SolidTrustPay (all in automated mode), plus you could invest via PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill in manual mode starting from $300. Two more options have now been added – Bank wires and Western Union transfers – which both require a $500 investment minimum and the admin’s prior approval. Obviously the admin is trying to target bigger investors here, for which he recently reduced the investment term from 365 to 30 days. A 3% daily interest rate remains in place, as does the option to withdraw your principal after 30 days. Just remember that for all the other three investment plans – 1.5% for 60 business days and 2.2% (from $15 minimum) and 2.6% (starting from $1,000) for 365 days – the principal is either returned on expiry without charge, or earlier for a fee. That kind of flexibility is what many investors love about MooreFund along with fast, usually instant, payouts. That might not be the same with a 3% fee on withdrawals, but apparently this is to cover the payment processor fees and make MooreFund more sustainable in the long run. I’m pleased that the admin remains quite active even after the first month online and always comes up with different ideas to maintain interest in his program, like with Bank wires and Western Union transfers in the last newsletter:

News update: You can now make deposit through Bank transfer and Western Union.
You can now make deposit to your Favourite Investment Program MooreFund using Bank Transfer and Western Union money transfer. We have made the whole transaction process easier for you by making deposit approval process instant. You can make the payment later at your convenient time.
Currently All UK and European clients can deposit bank payment and WU transfer to our UK Bank address directly. Payment processing time 1-2 business days.
Non-UK and Non-European members can make Bank payment through our sponsored Exchanger. Payment processing time 2-4 business days.
Minimum payment through Bank/WU is only $500
There is no fee for Bank transfer/WU payment which means we’ll deposit exactly same payment amount you send.
Bank Transfer and WU money transfer is easy and convenient for most of the members.
Bank/WU withdrawals ( Minimum $50 ) can be made anytime and will be sent in the same day.
* Check our new ELITE investment package. Calculate your earnings here, Calculate Earnings
Thanks, Rob Moore
MooreFund Property Investment Co Ltd


Speaking of one of the payment options slowly gaining momentum in the HYIP industry – NetellerRockfeller (reviewed here), MooreFund (reviewed here), and UnitedMicroCredit (reviewed here) are all accepting it with surely more to follow once the admins realize the advantages. Neteller is a properly licensed company that allows investors from different parts of the world enjoy all the benefits of verified accounts (which can be done almost instantly for UK residents, by the way) and connecting your bank account with the Neteller account for fast funding and withdrawing from your account. I myself applied for a Neteller Pre-paid Card Net+ and received it yesterday morning (just after a few days after applying) and am going to test it today for some over-the-counter store purchases, but it’s amazing how a payment processor already dealing with online gambling websites is so overlooked by the HYIP industry and the majority of professional admins.

Anyway, as MNO is now accepting Neteller for listing and advertising, I decided that readers holding accounts there might be interested in hearing about some promotional cash prizes on offer over the next few weeks. For a chance to win you simply need to stay active within your Neteller account and make some transactions. Each transaction gives you a higher chance to win. That’s a pretty good reason to open a free account with Neteller if you don’t already have one, by the way. For more information please read below:

New Promotion: Win up to 20,000 USD
From 3 – 27 March, you could win up to 20,000 USD in our Daily Discovery Promotion!
We’ll pick 19 winners throughout March. You could win one, a few, or even all of the cash prizes!
How to enter:
1. Sign in to NETELLER and register from the ‘Rewards’ page
2. Use your NETELLER account during the promo period and earn entries for the daily prize draws
This week we are giving away the following cash prizes!
3 March: 500 USD
4 March: 500 USD
5 March: 1,000 USD
6 March: 500 USD
Take a look at all the cash prizes up for grabs!
Check out this month’s special offers from some of our merchants:


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listCryptoStrategyRockfellerBITC1, BTPerfex, SilveksRollNRichMooreFundAtrexTradeUnitedMicroCredit, PokerAutomatics (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness, HashCoin.
From MNO Basic list: ForexShareOgdenOrganization, JumeirahInvest.

That’s all for today, guys. Thanks for staying with MNO and please check out my blog tomorrow for a more detailed look at PokerAutomatics and all the latest updates from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry at the moment. See you all then!

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