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20/04/2017. AxisCrude Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! AxisCrude has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I hope the week has been going well for you so far, and especially if you are on the lookout for some new opportunities, I have two new additions to the MNO monitor I will introduce shortly in tonight’s news section. Keep reading for more info on those (or just look at my monitor to go ahead and see what they are). The program that I want to focus on before we get to that is called AxisCrude.  I’m well aware there are no guarantees here no matter how good a program looks on the surface, but it just strikes me that when the industry seems to be at its quietest point is exactly when the recovery begins. Will AxisCrude play a part in that recovery? Let’s take a closer look and see what it’s all about.
We’ll start with the main thing that makes the first impression with most investors and what in many ways can make or break an investment program – their plans. AxisCrude have two plans for you to think about, running for different lengths but generally speaking would be considered medium to long term investment periods and both of which combine sustainability with profitability. And that’s a pretty good way to start because these are the two most important factors in making any program viable. In practice however only one of the plans will be of any interest to the serious industry players, with the other being far beyond the financial reach of most investors. But we’ll begin with what’s helpfully called Plan A which will only cost you a $10 minimum to join. Once you’re in, the term runs for 55 calendar days during which AxisCrude are offering a daily interest payment of 3%. Therefore by the time the plan expires your individual payments will have accumulated to 165% of your initial investment, which is also factored in to the payments. So it’s your own money back plus 65% net profit.

To put that into more practical terms then, let’s suppose you invested $100 in this plan. For that you would collect $3 per day in return. By expiry then these payments come to $150 in total, from which AxisCrude also include your initial hundred. Arguably a more important statistic is when you reach the break even point, that is to say when your daily payments add up to match your original investment and so make it impossible for you to lose money no matter what happens next. This comes 34 days into the 55 day term, so everything you withdraw from AxisCrude from that point on is total passive profit. Bigger spending investors should take note, the maximum amount allowed in one single deposit here is capped at $8,000.

If however you’re feeling a bit more ambitious or just plain lucky, AxisCrude take a minimum deposit of $4,501 to join Plan B. It works more or less the same as the last plan in the sense that AxisCrude are making daily interest payments on your deposit, but the numbers change around a bit. I already mentioned the increased cost of joining, however the term is marginally shorter at 50 calendar days. The interest rate improves to a more generous 4% per day. Payments therefore eventually add up to 200% of your initial investment by the time you get the final installment, from which AxisCrude include your principal to leave your final net profit at 100%. The maximum stated deposit allowed by AxisCrude here is $50,000 and the break even point is after 25 payments.

Payment options are probably the next thing you’ll want to know about, assuming you’ve decided you’re interested in joining. Things can change completely overnight in this industry as you are all very well aware, but for now the list of payment processors accepted by AxisCrude is about average by current industry standards. If you prefer the more conventional third party style payment handlers then you can use PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash. Alternatively if you want to bypass al that goes with that and take the direct route with your own digital e-currency then AxisCrude are also taking BitCoin. Anyway, the other things you’ll need to know as regards plans and payments are that all payouts from AxisCrude are processed instantly. You will need to log into your private members account area and request them, but once done you should have the money in your chosen payment processor account in under a minute. There are of course certain circumstances outside of the AxisCrude admin’s control which may hamper this service from time to time, specifically technical problems with the payment processors themselves. This is fairly rare in the first place, and would be almost unheard of to happen to more than one processor at a time, but if it happens then you are asked to allow anything up to 48 hours for your request to be completed manually. Withdrawals will only be processed if they are of at least $0.50 (or $1 for requests made via BitCoin), though for this rule to apply it would of course only be relevant to the smallest investors.

Moving on then to the technical features of the website such as security and design, AxisCrude is up to a pretty good standard. Widely acknowledged as a fairly solid service provider in the industry, DDoSGuard are keeping AxisCrude on a dedicated server with support and protection from attacks. The script that AxisCrude is running off is something I guess most of you may be familiar with, being from GoldCoders. I can just confirm for you that it’s under license and has all the hallmark easy to navigate and customer friendly features we have come to expect from them. For safer browsing and more secure transactions AxisCrude have a superior Green Bar SSL encryption certificate by Comodo.

If you still have any further questions for the AxisCrude admin or any account related issues that need to be dealt with then there’s quite a good support network set up with plenty of options for you to get in touch. Then again good communication should be one of your minimum expectations from any online investment project you get involved with. It’s up to the admin to earn your respect after all, to work for your money and to deliver a service. If you don’t find your question dealt with satisfactorily on the website’s FAQ page then your next stop should probably be the online Live Chat support team. This isn’t a 24 hour service, so you might want to follow up with the usual e-mail ticketing form where you can fill out your details and submit your query via the contacts page. Also more intended for Live chat support is a UK mobile phone number. This is listed as being for Whatsapp (for anyone who uses that particular app) though there’s nothing to stop you from dialing the number itself if you think someone might actually pick up and answer. To contact someone via e-mail there’s a couple of different addresses you can try, one specifically for the AxisCrude admin and the other for wider support issues. Probably of least interest to the regular industry players, AxisCrude list a postal address in the UK where they also claim a company registration. Why exactly investors would need such a thing in a purely online venture I can’t say, especially as these things are mostly virtual/serviced offices anyway, but I guess it does lend a certain air of professionalism to the program for those still finding their feet in the industry. It certainly doesn’t hurt them anyway I suppose. Of more practical use to fans of social media networks is the fact that AxisCrude have their own Facebook group, so try and connect with them there if you prefer.

And that’s about it really. There’s not a whole lot else I can add other than the alleged business activities that are supposedly backing the whole thing up. Longer term readers will all know that I’m generally very skeptical about these things. So while the AxisCrude website itself is highly original and with a really nice design, unfortunately a lot of the texts are copy/pasted from other HYIPs that were online first. The claims being made there are something we’ve heard a million times before anyway, specifically that AxisCrude are involved in all the usual HYIP activities from ForEx trading to the stock markets to BitCoin mining. It’s not any more or less believable when the texts are borrowed from other equally unreliable sources, but you know even if this were entirely genuine, there’s absolutely no guarantee that such things are profitable. The fact remains that AxisCrude is still a game you need to play cautiously. I mean don’t be afraid of the it, if nothing else trying to make a couple of extra bucks for yourself on the side with an online venture should be fun after all, but do at least be aware of the risks. As always set yourself a sensible spending limit that’s based on your own disposable income and what you can comfortably afford both to spend and to lose. Keep your investments at a level you enjoy, not something you worry about. And if you are joining AxisCrude then at least try to keep them as part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you’re already satisfied that you have all the facts and information you need about whether to join AxisCrude or not, whether you think it’s worth taking a chance on and adding to your own portfolio or waiting until something else comes your way, then I hope you won’t mind sharing your thoughts with your fellow readers. Please vote in the following opinion poll on what your immediate reaction to AxisCrude is. Remember it only takes a second, is completely anonymous, and will eventually show some interesting results as we see what direction the program eventually moves in. This is also very helpful in sending a strong message to other HYIP admins about exactly what standards and expectations readers demand from the programs they are prepared to join, so in the longer term voting here isn’t just for curiosity, it may get admins thinking harder about what they are presenting to the investing public. The question therefore is this:

Will you make an active deposit in AxisCrude?

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The first program added to the Standard List on MNO yesterday is called ReyKey. It’s been online for over four weeks before the admin decided to step up his advertising efforts and include it on MNO. And I must say that I’m quite satisfied by the performance and positive feedback I have seen so far on various investment forums and blogs regarding ReyKey. The website itself is available in four different languages including English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish, and it is certainly not the full list, as the versions have been added gradually over the last couple of weeks. Technically the final version of the ReyKey website looks amazingly well prepared with the domain name registered for five years in advance, SSL EV Green Bar certificate from Thawte, a licensed version of H-Script with a couple of unique features implemented, and superior hosting on a dedicated and DDoS protected server by DDoSGuard and CloudFlare. There are only two investment plans on offer and both of which start from a $20 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and LiteCoin. You can choose between the daily paying plan offering 3.5% accruals paid over 45 calendar days with the overall profit of 57.5% to be reached by the end of the term or a once-off paying 115% after 14 calendar days plan. Withdrawals starting from $1 allowed minimum have to be manually requested from your account area in ReyKey and are then processed manually within 24 hours. To save time and efforts there is an interesting feature available in your account when you can just order all you have in your account by clicking the “Withdraw All” button. You may also see the accruals on your deposit made on a per second basis timer, although don’t let this confuse you, as it’s purely cosmetic. Your account is actually credited every 24 hours, provided you are in the daily paying plan of course. I believe that no effort was spared by the admin in creating ReyKey where the first investors are already in profit in both plans. I hope my readers will also have the opportunity to achieve some good results with ReyKey with a detailed review coming Monday. Do not miss it, guys!


The second program whose admin also chose to go with Standard listing on MNO yesterday is a brand-new one called Adcash. While you might think it has some connection with the payment processor called AdvCash you’d be far from the truth, but it’s quite odd that elements of the site’s layout used by the admin of Adcash so closely resemble the design of AdvCash which it accepts alongside PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and NixMoney. The investment minimum starts from $10 and withdrawals are paid manually by the admin only Monday to Friday, twice per day at specific times. That oddly means that there will be no payouts on Saturday and Sundays, despite your account earning interest on every calendar day. There are two investment plans with the initial deposit included in daily payouts – 9.1% for 14 days and 6.26% for 21 days – and two others with the deposit returned on expiry – 3% for 14 days and 2.5% for 21 days. Of course, it’s a matter of personal taste whether you like higher daily accruals with less risk but overall lower profits or lower daily accruals with higher degree of risk but overall higher profits. Adcash is running off a licensed H-Script, so some of its features might be familiar to experienced investors. For instance, before actually making a deposit in the plan of your choice you must first “refill” your balance in Adcash by transferring funds from the payment processor of your choice. However the admin of the program also went to add some unique features of his own, including to withdraw your principal before expiry date if any emergency arises. Be prepared to pay for the pleasure of doing so, as your deposit will be penalized by 12% and minus all the accrued interest, i.e. you will lose money if you choose to use this feature. Otherwise there’s nothing too complicated about making an investment and requesting withdrawals, and I’m sure you will be able to do everything on your own even without checking out my review which is going to be posted sometime next week. Overall I can conclude that Adcash looks like a decent enough program with bags of potential under the right management, the website is available in both English and Russian, and the admin is certainly an experienced industry player judging by the level of preparation gone into his website. Everything is fine with Adcash in that regard with the domain name registered for five years in advance, and the site hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection against DDoS-attacks provided by CloudFlare which also issued an SSL-certificate for the sake of data security. Only the news section of the Adcash website so far looks dull, because the only message from the admin was very short, but I hope it will be filled with new content by the time the review on MNO is published:

Adcash start
Today, on April 19, 2017 officially started Adcash.
Sincerely, administration Adcash.


StarTradeAsia is a new program on the Premium List that is going to be reviewed in the next post on my blog in a couple of days. I’m glad to report fast payments on all nine investment plans which include 2.2% for 14 days, 2.4% for 28 days, 3% for 56 days (principal back), 5.7%-6.4% for 30 business days (principal included), 170% after 20 days, 300% after 30 days, and 500% after 40 days. I’ll discuss more on this in the upcoming review, but today I would like to talk about a new feature which might be not that useful for investors from other countries, but for some Russians considering a deposit in StarTradeAsia it might prove important. The thing is today StarTradeAsia announced accepting deposits in Rubles via Payeer. Anyone wanting to invest at least 600 RUB can do so by adding their account and making a deposit with StarTradeAsia using that currency according to the latest update:

Payeer RUB
Dear partners! We are linked to Payeer RUB electronic payment system now so you have more options to recharge your account on the website of StarTradeAsia Co and earn income from your profitable investments. StarTradeAsia Administration

Alternatively, USD will be fine for $10 and higher deposits made via the same Payeer, PerfectMoney, AdvCash, or NixMoney, while deposits via BitCoin are accepted from 0.01 BTC. Of course, the minimum to invest will be different depending on the chosen plan, but I’m sure you won’t be lost even without my review, if you don’t wish to wait for it. I can already confirm the program is paying fine and much faster that the specified maximum waiting time of 24 hours.


If you’re satisfied with the instantly processed payouts from AxisCrude then why not share it with others either on forums and monitors, or on the program’s official Facebook group? Links were shared by the admin today in another newsletter where he encourages people to do a little bit extra to show their support to the so far perfectly paying program. But do you actually believe AxisCrude will be with us five years from now as the admin promises? I highly doubt it, but you may say the admin is a dreamer, a bit like John Lennon depicting himself in the song “Imagine”. Here’s the latest newsletter from AxisCrude for your information:

First of all we want to say that thank you for choosing our platform.
We are requesting you, please share your every payment proofs at our official Facebook Group and everywhere like forums and monitors.
This is a link of our Facebook Group:
And we want to tell you that we are planning to work here for a 5 years and android mobile application coming soon.
Once again, welcome on this platform and lets rock!
Team AxisCrude Investment Ltd
Need Assistance? We’re happy to help:
WhatsApp Support: +44 744 719 1725
Protect your account: -Always keep your password confidential and never share it with anyone.


Starting from today new investors of RichmondBerks and existing ones who make at least a $10 deposit via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, or AdvCash, will be paid 1.7% on every business day (Monday to Friday). The previous rate was 1.6% per business day for the unlimited term, so it has been increased by 0.1% which already happened a couple of times in the past. The interest rate you’re receive from RichmondBerks over the weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) remains unchanged at 0.7%. Remember that you commit your money in RichmondBerks to an open ended term, so you should expect to profit in approximately two and a half months time. Of course, you can request a deposit back in unforeseen circumstances, but you will pay a 50% penalty fee for that and may have to wait as long as 14 business days before your deposit gets released. And while you will get daily interest payouts instantly upon request it would look wiser just to keep your deposit and enjoy the profits with RichmondBerks until the very end. When the program does end no one can say, but do consider the respectable age of RichmondBerks when thinking about joining. It has been functioning for nearly five months now from which it has been featured on the Premium list on MNO for the last eleven weeks and which was enough to make it almost to the top of my rating with the majority of my referrals in profit. Today RichmondBerks publishes its quarterly report for the first three months of 2017 with quite impressive stats and ambitious plans for the future which can be realistically achievable with such a unique type of marketing the program has been pushing on both online and offline HYIP-related markets all around the world. Many people are certainly in love with RichmondBerks and the program does try to capitalize to its full potential which might still not been fulfilled its maximum. I will certainly be looking forward to more impressive stats from RichmondBerks (reviewed here), but for the achievements in the first quarter of 2017 please see look below:

RichmondBerks Special Report (1st quarter of 2017)
Hello, everyone! RichmondBerks here and we’d like to introduce you our new quarter report for the first 3 months of 2017 year.
The key numbers
1. RichmondBerks closed 8 893 deals with overall amount of $310 291 000 at real estate auctions.
2. Total company profit amounted to $98 431 869 ($86 552 271 paid to investors)
3. The company’s total turnover grew by 287%, which exceeded the expected results by 160%.
4. RichmondBerks capitalization increased by 2.3 times.
Due to increased capitalization, the percentage of the company’s investors’ profits increased up to 1.7%.
5. 581 000 new contracts with private investors.
6. 5 major contracts with international investment funds.
7. 5,60 millions of people visit RichmondBerks site per month (check out the stats).
8. 37 conferences were carried out in 20 countries: Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Ecuador, Philippines, Gait, Ukraine, Japan, Germany, Latvia, Malaysia, Brazil, India, Uganda, Croatia, Cameroon, Ghana, Nepal, Colombia, South Africa.
9. Significant socialization: more than 100 thousands mentions in YouTube.
10. The income from industrial real estate increased by 97.6%, office buildings – by 87%, and land by – 75.5%
11. More than 79 thousands of people installed RichmondBerks Mobile App (16 930 for iOS and 62 432 for Android)
RichmondBerks’ plans or the future
– More than 60 000 deals at real estate market
– More than 1 840 000 contracts with private investors
– Turnover increase +323%.
– New trading platform release (May 2017)
Check the roadmap from time to time and stay tuned for more company plans.
You see, we did a lot. All of us. And there is a lot to be done. Follow us and make money with us. Right now!
P.S. Remember, the profit rate increases up to 1,7% shortly. Make a deposit and benefit at once!


I must say that when first reviewing Biksbit on my blog (click here to read it) I was surprised that having officially been online for over a year the program did not accept AdvCash. I believe it’s very hard to find such an old paying program nowadays that would have ignored accepting this quite popular payment processor. So just yesterday the admin seems to have fixed this issue by introducing AdvCash as Biksbit‘s fifth payment option joining PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and Payza. And speaking of Payza, Biksbit is really one of very few programs in the HYIP industry that managed to satisfy the criteria of proving the legitimacy of their business model and have a payment button approved by Payza. Payments from Biksbit are processed within 36 hours, which is a reasonable enough timeframe considering the huge amount of members the program has now. I believe the membership has especially increased during the last week of the promo-campaign when a fixed 3% to 20% deposit bonus were added to members’ accounts depending on the plan they joined. I remind you that Biksbit can boast a wide range of plans either paying every calendar day and returning the original investment on expiry – 2.16% for 25 days, 2.36% for 45 days, 2.8% for 65 days – or offering just one single payout on expiry of the term counted in business days – 450% after 18 business days, 300% after 30 business days, 1100% after 37 business days, 700% after 60 business days, 1600% after 90 business days. Among the latest developments reported by the Biksbit admin over the last couple of days was a new feature to allow investors without an upline to add one by themselves. So, if you for some reason have no upline yet and would like to have one, then you can add “mnoblog” in your account. Below are two of the latest updates:

AdvancedCash payment system connected
Dear Biksbit partners,
Starting from today, for the purpose of investment process optimization, for its clients Biksbit has connected electronic payment system Advanced Cash. This is one of the most popular and the most cost-effective payment systems in the world. Our investors, partners and friends were looking forward to this connection. We care about our clients, we are doing everything for the investment process to bring not only stable high dividends, but also to be maximum comfortable and easy.
We are moving forward, making our investors happy with our stable development, passible income and great news.

Great. You can set the upline
Dear Biksbit partners,
We take care of each one of our partners and clients, it is a motto of our company. For those who do not have an upline, but would like to make their friend an upline, we have created a special module that should be filled out in the personal account. This possibility is available only for those participants, who do not have an upline, an upline cannot be changed. One more amazing piece of news: very soon you will have an opportunity to become a Biksbit representative. Only best of the best active participants with a large number of referrals will become representatives, terms and conditions will be communicated later.
Dear partners, we are grateful to you for each day spent together, we are working for you and for your benefit, for all those, who take care of the passive income source!


The admin of PoolEarn has created yet another package that would be the most profitable if you’re willing to risk at least $450 (the price of one adpack) in order to earn a whopping 5% daily for 60 calendar days which (if you’re lucky) triples your money in just two months. Smaller investors looking to earn from 2.5% for 60 calendar days and more can still join from $10 and growing along with the possible advertised return. The packages can be purchased in any quantity with the available funds you can add to your account in PoolEarn via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash. Your account will then be credited with your profits at midnight GMT and you will then be able to request a payout from PoolEarn and get paid instantly. While an investor with an active deposit should not do anything in order to earn the daily profits, there is another category of free members that may still earn up to $0.03 daily for free (this feature is also available to paid members) to surf websites in manual mode from advertisers who pay for that privilege and whose money PoolEarn shares with members clicking on Free Ads tab within the account. It’s totally free for everyone and while getting some small earnings you might be tempted to try out the Demo Wallet in your PoolEarn account that will show you in test mode just how easy it is to earn money from the program’s Real Wallet where you will see your deposits and be able to cashout daily earnings should you choose to go for a paid package. You should really read my detailed review of PoolEarn here as this interesting and original program has a lots of features to think about before joining. The latest investment package called a Tripler and its launch was the main subject of the latest newsletter from PoolEarn where the admin also shared the latest stats indicating the program’s very strong financial performance, if you believe them and don’t find them too good to be true:

Quick Rich Pack “TRIPLER” Launched with ROI 300% :: Triple Your Money in 2 months:: Best Pack Ever!
Dear Valued Member.
How are you? We hope you very well. We want to remember all our members, whose efforts make us so big. We are now a very popular program on internet. We will go far and take the place of Number 01.
We are very delighted today to announce a very good news. And emergence of a new investment pack: “TRIPLER” pack. Yes, the meaning lies in it’s name. This pack allow us to TRIPLE the MONEY.
Many of our investors have proposed us to make a higher ROI (Rate of Interest) package with higher price after launching Combo-2 pack. This is the great plan so far ever. So we have done it. This pack is very promising and profitable. If one buy this pack, he/she can make 3 times or triple of money. Please see the details about “Tripler” pack:
Package Name: Tripler
Package Price: $450
Daily Percentage: 5%
Accrual Days: 60 days
Daily Profit: $22.5
Extra Bonus: 6000 Ad Credits worth $24
Total Return: $1350 + $24 = $1374
ROI (rate of interest): 300% + Extra free adcredits worth $24
So this is a good opportunity for those investors who wants to make more money. You can now buy “Tripler” pack with any processor and earn $22.5 per pack everyday. One $450 Tripler pack will give you $1350 almost in just 2 months. For any inquiry about Tripler pack mail us at
Today’s Statistics:
Deposits Crossing $5,661,600+…………Today’s Deposit $273,400+
Withdraw Given $3,381,850+…………Today’s withdraw $144,200+
Total User 53,850+………..Today’s Registered User 1200+
Days online: 55 days
Today’s Alexa 32,206
PoolEarn-Only the Best For the Rest


I really hate to make such announcements but I cannot just pretend that nothing is going on or everything is fine when I know for sure that a program is going down. After all, the main function of the MNO monitor is to provide an accurate status of every program and report possible issues on time to prevent people from losing money and make them aware of pending scams. Today I had to move Aurum7 to Problem status on the MNO monitor despite so many others displaying Paying logos for the program whose days, in my opinion, are numbered. I will tell you how I come to this conclusion later, but first read the following statement that was posted earlier today by the administration of Aurum7 on both their official Telegram channel and the website itself:

Dear investors!
We are gradually proceeding our company’s work to the next long and stable stage…
We want to clarify some points for you.
We want to remind you our working conditions, because of the frequent questions.
All payments of profits in our project are handled manually. Working hours are from 8:30 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday, so we have 9.5 working hours a day. We consider the applications for payments within 48 working hours. This means that if you made a withdrawal order on Monday at 11:00, then your application will be processed in priority sequence, but no longer than 48 working hours. In this example, the deadline for application approval is 11:30 on next Monday.
We aim for the long-term cooperation and consider that clarifying all complex issues in a timely manner is very important.
Sincerely, Aurum7 team.

Before the admin of Aurum7 was literally forced to make an explanation of the delayed payouts after many furious investors with pending withdrawals demanded it, it was already obvious to many that there was something wrong with the program’s payout schedule. By yesterday I noticed that instead of processing both pending withdrawal requests as usually happens in programs with a healthy cashflow, the admin for some reason only paid the oldest payment while ignoring later ones. I am now left with with six pending cashouts over a 36 hour waiting time. While it was clear to me that I have to wait for a further 12 hours to see out Aurum7‘s rule of 48 business hours, the above-posted update has totally changed my mind on that and made me act faster to move the program to Problem Status. You see, the lame excuse made in the today’s announcement from Aurum7 tries to play an old trick to allow investors erroneously believe that 48 business hours is not actually equal two days, but seven days instead. That same stunt was pulled before by other programs Aurum7 tried (and miserably failed!) to imitate. Yet, the admin has learnt a lesson from those programs and now tries to play on newbies’ naivety in calculating the withdrawal processing time in order to delay the final collapse caused by obvious severe cashflow issues. Otherwise there is simply no reasonable explanation why payout processing times extend from a reasonable few hours from Monday to Friday to an entire calendar week. That means anyone who would joins the 110% after 7 days plan has 7 days with a tied-up deposit and then has to wait another 7 days to be paid. That is simply not funny and even ridiculous to imagine that experienced HYIP players will take this “new” cashout rule for granted and continue reinvestments. No way – exactly the opposite is going to happen within the next few days, as there is simply no cure after such an announcement is made to restore confidence. Most likely the admin will now stretch the current payout schedule longer and longer with large investors left waiting for their payouts with little to less chance to get your money back, but fearing a complaint will get their account in Aurum7 locked. Please note that some monitoring sites are pretending that the “new” payout rule of up to a week was nothing special and was always applied, to keep the Paying status in order to squeeze some more ref commissions from unsuspecting investors. MNO will never stoop so low, and regardless of how much an admin pays for a listing I will simply state the fact if a program is paying or not. In case with Aurum7 the situation is clear enough for me – cashflow issues made the admin artificially increase the payment schedule and he pulled the same trick as seen during the final days of Carbon7 and similar programs. I’m not sure how the admin thinks investors will believe this nonsense if we’ve all seen it before. In any case, the trick won’t work with MNO and I have moved Aurum7 to Problem status on my monitor and urge you to stop investing there even if you’re still getting paid within terms. Simply be grateful whatever you can get away with now, withdraw what you can and say goodbye to the disappointing Aurum7. Do not invest in Aurum7 anymore, guys, and collect the remaining payouts while you still can!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: SportArbitrageRichmondBerksBandeiraCorp,
TradeBTCSoftMining, FatFundsBiksbit, PoolEarn, AxisCrude, StarTradeAsia (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: Clemenbit, ReyKey (the first payments received), Adcash (the first payment received).
From MNO Basic list: BetCruisez.

That’s all for tonight, guys. I will be back with a new portion of latest news from the biggest investment programs in the HYIP industry already on Saturday. The main subject will be the review of StarTradeAsia – another newly added program from the Premium List with lots of investment plans to discuss and many other features to go through. As usual, keep yourself up-to-date with the most accurate status of every program on the MNO monitor and make sure you only invest in the programs on Paying status. It will be even better if you follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter where all the latest news are posted in real-time, or subscribe to the Daily News sent from my blog to your email address in its entirety by filling in this form. I’m always glad to hear from you and answer your questions if you write to my email address directly or using this link. Thanks for reading, everyone, and talk to you again on Saturday!

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