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Beware! JewelsCash has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi guys! Hope your all having a good start to the weekend. If yes, then carry on as you started! I have plenty to keep myself occupied here of course, and I hope it’s the same for you. But if you do have some time over the next day or two and find yourself online, then you could do a lot worse for yourself than check out my monitor for any important status changes on the programs listed there. One of the newest programs included there is called JewelsCash and it’s a very promising short to medium term HYI program. They’ve been online for about two weeks or so now, long enough for a good number of the first investors who joined JewelsCash to be in profit already. So let’s take a closer look and see what it’s all about and whether you think it’s worth joining.

The starting point for most people I suppose will be the plans and they are quite profitable. Profitable that is without making promises that can’t be delivered, so it’s probably more important to say they’re sustainable. Provided the right amount of support is there they could prove to be successful for sometime. But it’s in the way that JewelsCash have organized their plans that makes the program really unique, certainly I can’t remember anyone else doing something like this for a long time. Basically what you have here is nine investment plans, but if you are only coming to the program for the first time only three of these plans are open to you. Once you have completed an investment cycle in one plan, other more profitable options will open up for you after that. I guess it’s intended to keep investors coming back for more and more payments, encourage longer term loyalty and cash flow, and limit the impact of hit-and-runners. Too early to say if this will be a successful strategy, not until the reputation of JewelsCash becomes a bit more firmly established, anyway, but I do appreciate the thinking behind it.
The first three plans that new members of JewelsCash are presented with is called The Mineral Plan. If such a thing as a test plan were to exist within JewelsCash then I guess this would be it, though I’m sure it’s intended to be taken more seriously than that. And with a minimum amount to invest of $50 it’s pretty expensive for just testing purposes anyway. The duration is 3 calendar days, during which members are paid a daily interest rate of 1%. Your deposit is then returned on expiry, giving you 3% profit back on your money. So in other words spend $100 to get back $103. With a maximum deposit of $500 allowed, no great fortunes are going to be made here. But still, if you want to just check it out for yourselves and see how smoothly the whole thing runs then it’s an OK place to start.

A slightly longer term but more affordable option is The Ore Plan. This need only set you back a $10 minimum deposit to join, though JewelsCash will take as much as $1,000 if you can afford it. The rate of interest takes a jump here, as does the investment term, rising to 1.25% daily and 12 calendar days respectively. Payments by themselves add up to 15%, which then becomes net profit once the JewelsCash admin returns your principal on expiry. In the all important monetary terms that would mean a minimum $100 investment getting you $1.25 per day and a total of $115 back on your investment.

Your third option, and remember if you are joining JewelsCash for the first time you will see nine listed plans but must join at least one of these three first, is called The Adamant Plan. The cost of joining here is a $100 minimum which still keeps it within reasonable reach for most investors, and takes a maximum of $10,000 if you feel so inclined. The term this time stretches to 18 calendar days, with JewelsCash offering 1.5% interest repaid on each of them. This gives you a total of 27% net profit, or 127% in total once your principal is returned.

So now what happens? This is where JewelsCash starts to get really interesting. You see, once you complete any of the above mentioned investment plans, a number of different things can happen. A) you can just call it a day, take back your principal and forget about JewelsCash forever, B) you can re-invest in any of the first three plans, or C) where the program really goes in its own direction compared to most others, you can join one of the new plans that will now be made available to you, and which will be more profitable. Incidentally, the following plans allow members to add more money to their principals after the term has already started. If you want to add a couple of dollars yourself after your initial deposit, JewelsCash will continue making interest payments on the higher amount for how ever long is left to run on the term.

Here’s how it works. If you have finished at least one cycle in the three day Mineral Plan, JewelsCash will now offer you The Silver Plan. Remember that all three original plans remain open to you at all times, this one just gets added to the list. So take it or leave it, if you prefer something else then join that, it’s just expanding your choice here. Minimum deposits start from $50, and you can spend as much as $500 if you wish. The investment term runs for 9 calendar days, with JewelsCash making daily interest payments of 1.3% during that time. Payments add up to 11.7% which become your profit on the successful return of your principal.

If you joined The Ore Plan and have successfully completed at least one cycle there, your choice of re-investment options will now be expanded to include The Gold Plan. This one runs for 21 calendar days, and is again a more affordable option carrying a $10 minimum (or a $1,000 maximum). Interest payments are made at a rate of 1.42% per calendar day, leaving you with 29.82% net profit on the return of your principal by the JewelsCash admin.

Or if you opted for The Adamant Plan originally, The Diamond Plan is now open to you. For a $100 to $10,000 deposit, JewelsCash pay 1.7% interest every day for 30 calendar days. That gives you 51% net profit back on your deposit, which of course obviously enough is really only profit once the JewelsCash admin has returned your principal on expiry as promised.

If you have at this stage completed at least one cycle from the first and second groups of investment plans, a third section now becomes available. And in keeping with the standards/trends already set by JewelsCash, these ones become more profitable and carry a reduced risk. This is achieved by including your principal with the interest payments, therefore allowing you to break-even and start making a profit while the plan is still actually running and not have to wait for your principal back.

If you have completed The Silver Plan then The Chains Plan is the next option to be unlocked (ironic given the name!). The minimum cost of joining is $50, and you can spend as much as $500 on a single deposit. The investment term runs for 30 calendar days, with JewelsCash offering members a daily interest payment of 4.83% while this is going on. That gets you back 144.9% in total on your deposit, principal included, or just short of 45% net profit.

Anyone who went into The Gold Plan and wants to stick with JewelsCash for another round has The Necklaces Plan added to their list. Again running for 30 calendar days, the minimum cost of joining drops to $10 while the maximum increases to $1,000. The daily interest rate goes up to 5%, so with your principal included in the payments you finish up with 150% of your money back, or 50% net profit.

And finally for any investors who are former (i.e. successful) members of The Diamond Plan, JewelsCash now offer The Rings Plan. This is the longest term option with a running time of 45 calendar days. Daily interest rates are offered on all deposits in the range of $100 to $10,000, calculated at a rate of 4.22% per day. This brings in a return of 189.9% on expiry, and with your principal counted as part of that you get just a whisker less than 90% net profit.

One other thing to remember by the way, even though not all plans are what you might traditionally call “long term” JewelsCash will still allow you to cancel your investment before expiry and ask for your principal back. This won’t be a free service and entails you surrendering a large penalty fee for your request, so factor that into any calculations you are making for potential profit. Profits you may have already withdrawn will also be factored in here, so in reality asking fr your principal back will only leave you at a loss.

The list of payment processors is quite good here. Some of the options may not be so popular (that’s for you to decide) but you’ll find something on the list to join with. Accepted payment methods in JewelsCash include PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash, but also less frequently accepted YandexMoney, Qiwi, NixMoney, and BTC-E. While usually accepted in USD and BTC, investments from YandexMoney and Qiwi will have to be done in Russian Rubles, though I doubt that’s going to prove much of an issue for anyone given that the majority of people using the services of those providers would routinely be spending rubles anyway. Profits are paid to your account on calendar days as I said, with withdrawals then made manually and will need to be requested from within your JewelsCash account area. We are told these are processed throughout the day between the hours of 10:00 and 22:00 UTC. If you leave it a bit too close to the cut-off point you might be left waiting until the following day’s first round of payments, though while the program is still relatively new I don’t think anyone should be waiting much longer than that.

That’s all just for first time members by the way. Once you are past the first group of investment plans and are considered a more established and loyal name within JewelsCash you may then contact them to request instant payouts to be enabled. You’ll still need to ask for your money of course, but payments should be finished in under a minute by then.

While still on the subject of payment processors. One other service that JewelsCash provide for their members is an internal exchange service. You can exchange your money between all payment processors as you wish. See your JewelsCash members area for more info on exchange fees.

Moving on to some of the more technical aspects of the program now such as design and security, a company called Sucuri are hosting JewelsCash on a dedicated server with tech support and protection from DDoS and other malicious attacks. They are running off a script under license from H-Script, which many of you may recognize and is a fairly dependable product. Very professional and also user friendly and easy to navigate. An SSL encryption certificate is also in place from Comodo to help with a secure connection for safer browsing and financial transactions. They also have a bilingual website with versions in both English and Russian. Although I can’t confirm that customer support is available in anything other than English, you are always free to ask if you need to.

And speaking of customer support, you can contact the admin directly via the listed e-mail addresses, with different addresses depending on what it is you need to ask him about. Try to at least start with the FAQ page though as it’s quite comprehensive and a lot of your questions will be explained there without needing to bother anyone, including yourself. The JewelsCash website also comes with a built-in Live Chat feature, so you might be able to get some of your questions answered in real time if you find an operator there at the time. Other one-on-one options include Skype and Telegram, both of which are used by the JewelsCash admin with accounts included on the contacts page.

On the subject of any serious business activities to support the payments JewelsCash are making to investors, precious little else is offered in the way of practical information about what exactly they do. Yes, of course the claims are made, with the home page saying they manufacture “handmade jewelry” though since you can neither buy it or even view it through the JewelsCash website that really could mean just about anything. So don’t look for guarantees here. If you ever did you are in the wrong business by the way. Treat the program as you would any other high risk gambling based operation in the HYIP industry, set yourself a sensible spending limit you can afford to lose and easily recoup from other sources, and if joining JewelsCash at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

To conclude I hope you won’t mind sharing your feelings about JewelsCash and your plans to either investing there immediately, doing it later, or skipping it altogether. After all, it’s always interesting to look back after a few weeks and see if you were right in decision and how many others shared your point of view. So the question is:

Will you make an active deposit in JewelsCash?

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With so many programs having bitten the dust over the last few weeks, SportArbitrage managed to climb to the top of the MNO Premium List even though recently the popularity of the program has dwindled significantly. The main question now is whether SportArbitrage can exploit the current void in the industry and take over the leadership position or follow the herd and collapse as well. In the latest weekly newsletter the admin Ronald seems to be very optimistic, as he usually does, but then when have you ever seen an admin telling you about problems? After sixty days online SportArbitrage has managed to make many investors happy and finished its first two 30-day investment cycles. But unlike many other programs, you won’t get rewarded a fixed daily return, but rather a daily percentage which constitutes a 60% to 90% profit share of the company’s “earnings”. Terms are varied from 30 to 120 calendar days, with bigger investments for longer terms earning more. You may request your principal back before expiry for a 25% fee and all withdrawal requests are processed from Monday to Friday only, although daily interest is credited on calendar days. You can start investing in SportArbitrage for $25 using PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, DashCoin, AdvCash, NixMoney, or OkPay. More info about the program is in the original review first posted here.

In the latest weekly newsletter re-posted below the admin of SportArbitrage brings some very exciting news about the launch of their own Android-based app to our attention. The first trial version can be downloaded to your mobile device from the Google store with hopefully improved versions to follow. Also, from your own member’s area in SportArbitrage you can now connect your Telegram account and be informed of all operations in your account. This might be especially handy for those who use Telegram not only for communication but also as a tool in some investment programs, or to read the MNO updates, for instance. The other news from SportArbitrage includes the latest members’ stats, promotional work undertaken by the admin and the program’s representatives to whom he expressed his deep gratitude for the good work done for the program so far. And of course, there is some motivational stuff about work hard and becoming the best program in the HYIP industry that delivers what is promised. Heard that one many times before, but in case with SportArbitrage it sounds like the admin is serious so I hope it goes well for him. Below is the latest weekly newsletter from SportArbitrage in full:

SportArbitrage: where actions speak louder than rumors
Dear investors,
It is with great joy that once again I take my time write to all of you about what is happening with SportArbitrage and give you a better perspective of the future for our venture. We have been online for over 8 weeks with an outstanding growth rate that over passed our expectations in terms of total registered members, active investments and active promoters.
As I write this newsletter, there are over 30,000 registered members in our database. Thousands of investors from our first month online are already in profit and a big number of investors will see themselves in the same situation within a few weeks.
To cover some updates about our venture, I would like to start by talking about our new Android app that has just been released, and you can download it here. We have included basic functionalities in this first version of the app, and we will be making improvements and adding new features shortly. You can now take SportArbitrage with you no matter where you go. We aim to be a global business and this is one important step of the way, so please, share your feedback about our app and what you would like to see on it and we will make it happen.
Besides our app, we are also implementing a Telegram informer for activities related to your SportArbitrage account. The main challenge was to integrate our systems with Telegram and this has been completed just today. You can already see this option on the right side of your members’ dashboard and several commands will be added in a few days.
I would also to give a bit shout out to our amazing representatives who have been promoting SportArbitrage and supporting their local communities. Our representatives program is now very complete with representation in more than 50 countries, and we are still receiving and receiving new applications so if this is something you’re interested in doing, do not hesitate to contact me and we can start supporting you.
Now to talk about business, in the past week we closed a deal with two very big marketing teams in Japan and in Europe to increase our presence in these two regions and we expect at least 5,000 new investors to join our team in the next 3 weeks only from these partnerships. What amazes me the most is that these partnerships come in naturally, from people investing with us who truly believe in the potential of this project. This is exactly what I envisioned when planning SportArbitrage and it is just beautiful to see this dream coming true at such fast pace.
SportArbitrage has already allowed us to increase our investment capital and assets but our goals with it are much deeper than what we got so far, we are looking for a multimillion-dollar program that will not only put our personal financial lives on a whole new level but also provide us and our investors’ long term income sources.
Our communication and marketing team would like to thank you for your participation in our social media pages and overall feedback you have been adding to forums, blogs and monitors talking about SportArbitrage. In such a competitive industry, you are the ones pushing our venture a little closer to our goal of being the number one program of the industry every day.
My motivation to get out of bed every morning and work hard to make this project work is to accomplish this dream of building a global community that can help thousands of people achieve their own dreams. This may sound like simple motivational talk to some who do not believe in me but I will do my absolute best to reward those who believe in my idea, share my vision, and support my actions. The journey is not easy and every day is full of new challenges and important decisions, but I have my mind motivated to go after my dream of turning this into a global, scalable and limitless project for all of you.
We embrace growth and challenges as they appear and always find a suitable solution that will take us where we want to go. Thank you for being with me, I genuinely appreciate it.
I hope you all have an amazing weekend, Ronald


I was surprised to hear about one more trick that the admin of RubiLtd has up his sleeve to win investors confidence and make them invest more than they can afford to lose. I’m talking about the so-called insurance announced by in this newsletter:

Company insurance
Dear friends! We are glad to inform you that we have completed the insurance procedure company. This is a very important point in the company’s work because your assets are insured at the international level now and the company has acquired a new level of security. You can check the document in the section “About the company”.

On closer inspection it was appeared to be a fund of $1,000,000 given to RubiLtd company by some UK based insurance companies. The strangest thing is the currency is USD, never legal tender or a means for business in the UK. Just one of many reasons, by the way, for dismissing claims by RubiLtd or any other HYIP being incorporated and conducting business in the UK. This insurance is worth nothing and will not save your funds when RubiLtd eventually goes, which I sincerely hope won’t be too soon. What can I say about RubiLtd? The program has been monitored on MNO for a month out of its two and a half months online and new simplified investment offers include 7.33% for 15 days, 4.33% for 30 days, 3% for 60 days, 2.78% for 90 days. Investments in RubiLtd start from $10 and are accepted via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. For more information please refer to the detailed review of RubiLtd posted here and my interview with the admin here.


I’m not sure that I can count the days correctly, but the statement of OnePunchLtd‘s admin on his program being one hundred days online seem a bit ahead of time. If we consider that the program started on the third of January (at least it’s the date it was first introduced on the major investment forums), even today would make that only ninety days online. HYIP admins are often prone to exaggeration though and I wouldn’t be surprised if the stats shared by OnePunchLtd might be far from reality as well. In any case, it’s up to you to believe to the stats from OnePunchLtd:

100 days anniversary
At this moment when OnePunchLtd Run into 100 days,
We would like to share some fact with you:
We total member amount arriving to 4019 — it’s even being a whole village.
All member came from 45 country — more than diplomatic relations of some country.
Total invest amount running to 1,925,196 dollar — would equal to total population of some city.
We have finished 10,133 plan — average every member has earn money for 2.5 times!
We sincerely invite you celebrate this wonderful day together, if these fact moves you, just come and join us!

OnePunchLtd (reviewed here) has two investment plans to choose from which you can join via PerfectMoney, Payeer, or BitCoin starting from a $10 minimum (available for 113% after 10 calendar days plan) or a $20 minimum (available for the 6% per business day for 30 calendar days). Usually withdrawals from OnePunchLtd are processed within 24 hours, but a few concerned investors contacted me to ask whether it was still safe to invest after the following email sent out last night:

Dear Customer,
Due to the limitation and block issue of BTC itself, please allow us to extend the process time frame till 72 hours.
Other payment media remains 6-24 hours.
Thank you. OnePunchLtd Admin

I’m not sure what to make of it, honestly, as I cannot possibly imagine how any BTC issue can prevent the admin from processing withdrawal requests on time. I was paid to BitCoin today, but it took a longer than usual waiting time, so whether this last email is a warning sign or not is up to you to interpret. I believe we should observe closely how OnePunchLtd performs over the next few days, and if we don’t see any future unsubstantiated delays only then will we conclude that the program is still doing fine. It’s always better be safe than sorry, which is especially true of programs like OnePunchLtd which has performed well, but is ageing after three months online.


I want to explain the payment status of RichmondBerks on the MNO monitor, which was briefly changed to Problem earlier today. I had a confirmed complaint from a referral who told me the admin ignored his request for his principal back, with no answer whatsoever given to his queries, either good or bad. Ignoring the question alone is unacceptable, regardless of the answer! I remind you that according to the program’s rules members can request their principal back anytime for a 50% fee. Whatever their reason to completely withdraw from the program is they have the right to do so. Recently it appears that it has become a very hard thing to do. First, the admin has apparently changed the waiting time from 24 hours to 14 business days, (about three calendar weeks). That is simply insane and clearly indicates a serious cashflow issue in RichmondBerks. The option to withdraw was later returned. So, if you think you have made enough profit with RichmondBerks and would like to have 50% of your seed money back in your pocket simply follow these instructions. Login to your account in the program, then click “Account” – “My Finances” – “Active RBD Withdrawal” and enter the desired amount you wish to withdraw. 50% will be then automatically deducted from your initial principal amount and you will be paid instantly to your e-currency account. If that option doesn’t work for some reason please let me know and if you’re my direct downline there and I will contact the admin on your behalf. I sincerely hope that it was just a technical glitch, but anything is possible in the HYIP industry. I’ll watch RichmondBerks from now on more closely and will let you know if I hear of any other incidents like this.

Meanwhile from the latest newsletters on RichmondBerks was a photo report on the recently held conferences in Nigeria, and a regular weekly digest on the most important recent news. Read more on all of that below:

Eneka and Enugu conference – Report
Hello! RichmondBerks presents a traditional photo report on two conferences held in Nigeria. The conference in Enugu, held on March 24, and the conference in Eneka, held on March 26, were extremely successful! All the guests of the conference received pleasant bonuses and found new partners and associates!
Take a look at the photos from the conferences:
We remind you that many more conferences are waiting for you! To find out when the next one will be, visit the special page where you can find information about all upcoming conferences.
Next conferences

RichmondBerks Weekly Digest
Hello, dear customers!
RichmondBerks provides you with a digest of important news and events that occurred during the last week. Among them you can find a lot of useful information. Each news is clickable. Click on it to go to the blog post.
Sunday 26.03
An update on the new BTC program is given to the clients of the company
BTC – New Features
Monday 27.03
The new page of the site will allow you to learn about upcoming conferences and get on them.
Be the first to find out about the following conferences
Tuesday 28.03
The results of the global competition among the countries of clients of the company RichmondBerks have been summed up. The winners received their prizes.
Global competition in RichmondBerks and new prizes
Wednesday 29 March
It was quite a big contest results will be announced soon with cash prizes of up to 10 000 dollars. Hurry to participate!
7 days till the end of the competition. Be in time to participate!
Friday 31.03
New photos from the conference held in Nigeria is waiting for you.
Eneka and Enugu conference – Report


Just a short update concerning the very latest improvements in JewelsCash. Those RCB websites might be curious to find out that the new feature for automatic refbacks is now available. From now on you can set it in your account in JewelsCash, but if you’re not a monitor I guess it will be of little to none use to you. In any case, here’s the latest news from the admin of JewelsCash, just for your information:

New feature: Automatic refback
Today was introduced a new feature: Automatic refback. Now you can return part of the referral commission to your partners (separately from the deposit and from charges). This option is available on the page My referrals. This feature works as follows: You set the percentage of refund to your partner from the amount of the referral commission. 0% – nothing to return, 100% – to return the entire commission.
Sincerely, Administration JewelsCash.


Even though no one has managed to reach the profit zone on the program’s only 3% for 60 days plan, a cashflow problem might be knocking at the door of MerchantInvest as well. Today it was announced that any large deposits will be awarded with a special deposit bonus credited automatically and could be either withdrawn or reinvested at your own choice. I hate to think that the following newsletter posted on the MerchantInvest website today might be a warning sign, but it could go either way – the additional funds might be used by the admin to pay profits to the existing investors when they reach their break-even point, but at the same time the admin might be thinking of ulterior motives:

1.4– Bonus Day
1.4. – all day you can use special deposit bonus! 2000 USD = 2% deposit bonus 3000 USD = 3% deposit bonus 4000 USD = 4% deposit bonus 5000 USD and more = 5% deposit bonus All Deposit Bonuses will automatically be credited to the balance (you can reinvest or withdraw). Nice weekend, Logan Howe

If that bonus offer does not scare you and wouldn’t mind to join the program and get paid 3% daily and instantly on request to your PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, or AdvCash then you should first read the full review of MerchantInvest posted here and that will help you with your decision for sure.


Apparently I was right to be cautious in my previous post on NordeBank posted on my blog here. While I admired the admin’s efforts to revive his program back from the dead against all odds, I still advised caution until everything was clear about what direction the program would take. Unfortunately for investors the admin removed instant payouts again, and disabled them less than 30 hours after switching them back on the first time. In my own 12 year experience as a HYIP investor I’ve personally seen very few programs recover properly after the majority of investors gave up on them. Rumors and speculation on how such a program would continue and whether it’s safe or not to invest anymore would never be silenced. In NordeBank the admin’s fault was keeping members in the dark when the site went offline and payouts stopped for over 24 hours, and the tragedy here is it was only for a fairly routine server change. But when I contacted Live support about the downtime I was unpleasantly surprised at the level of incompetence. They handled the issue quite differently when expected to calm investors, and all they ever did was make them worry even more. Most likely the admin hoped for exactly the opposite reaction and once he saw the funds had been depleted significantly the following day decided to close. The admin’s behavior overall during the month was erratic sometimes, but I nevertheless doubt very much he had finished at a personal loss. Expectations and hopes regarding NordeBank were quite high, and the admin himself even said he wanted his program to become a legend. But it barely lasted a month and the luckiest investors saw out the two shortest investment cycles. The overall result was quite average though and it failed to make any significant impact. The program is a proven scam now, so if you’re not aware of it yet, stay away from NordeBank, guys!


I wonder for how much longer admins like the one running TradeexPro will insult investors’ intelligence and take them for fools. Over the last few days TradeexPro has been practically begging investors to join either of their investment plans by offering first a 30%, then a 20% deposit bonus, and today even a 50% deposit bonus to the first idiot who invests, sorry, donates, $10,000. The program’s days are numbered and after my last warning a few days ago, it was no surprise the program pays selectively now. I received a confirmed complaint from a reader whose interest payment was not processed instantly, as it is for the majority of smaller investors, but was returned to his available balance. Live chat is totally ignoring the problem. The status of TradeexPro has been changed to Problem, so please avoid investing even though it’s still paying small withdrawal requests in instant mode. There’s not much time left before they halt paying to everyone. I don’t know whether it will take days or mere hours, but one thing is for sure – TradeexPro‘s days online are numbered. I can’t really say that in less than two months on MNO the program has reached any progress and anyone who invested there would be at a loss. Pity, as the program was definitely well organized and had some interesting features but the admin has failed to capitalize and TradeexPro will go down as a failure!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listBandeiraCorpOnePunchLtdRichmondBerks,
RubiLtd, SoftMiningJewelsCashMerchantInvestSunCoinz, 9ReturnsLegendInvestments, FatFunds.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all for tonight, guys. Not so positive new I know, with Edelweiss5 perhaps in trouble next as well. I will confirm its status Monday depending on the admin’s desire to pay his investors. So please stay away from Edelweiss5 as well. With so many scams it will be interesting to analyze the final results of the current poll on the MNO TalkBack page. Opinions are divided on where the HYIP industry might turn over the next couple of months. Will the industry grow, decline, or stay more or less at the same level? Please say what you think here.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to the MNO Daily Newsletter here if you haven’t done so yet, or just follow me on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter where the links to the latest news, all the recent additions to my listings, and scam warnings are always posted in a timely fashion. I’ll be back with all the latest news and updates from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry and will also review 9Returns which seems to be growing in popularity among readers already. Enjoy the weekend everyone, and talk to you all Monday!

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