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30/04/2017. BitCTrade Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! BitCTrade has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all! It’s been quite a busy closing day to the month of April for news stories with a surprising amount to catch up on, especially for a Sunday and a bank holiday weekend in so many countries. There’s also a brand new addition to the MNO monitor‘s Standard List that I want to introduce tonight as well. I’ll be getting to all that in the news section in a few moments, after we discuss BitCTrade. This is a recent addition to the MNO monitor‘s Premium List which works solely with BitCoin. The program was online for about two weeks before coming to MNO for monitoring at the end of the week just passed. It’s still very much under the radar for a lot of people though, and I think the BitCTrade admin is trying to keep things at a more manageable level before gradual expansion and a longer promotional campaign. Personally I think they offer quite a sustainable investment plan and I’m sure that with the proper management BitCTrade may achieve a few investment cycles. Let’s take a closer look at it then and see if you have room for it in your own portfolio.

Before I continue with the numbers I just want to make one thing clear. I know when it comes to HYIPs most of us will automatically tend to think in terms of US dollars, given that that’s almost the universal currency for the industry. For the time being however BitCTrade‘s exclusive currency of choice is BitCoin, so that’s how I’m going to explain their investment plan. Because the exchange rate changes every day, in fact in the case of BitCoin this can be a lot more volatile than others, it’s pointless to think in terms of anything except BitCoin. And any information I give you in dollars would be obsolete by tomorrow in any event.
In this case there is only one plan in BitCTrade that applies to all investors, big and small. So it’s easy for me a monitor to describe, and easy for you as an investor to decide if you like it or not. You will need a minimum of 0.01 BTC to join BitCTrade. At the time of writing the official exchange rate puts this just short of $14, though as I just said above you can expect this to change from day to day. The investment term then runs for the following 20 calendar days, during which you are paid back a rate of 7% interest per day. Your principal is already going to be counted as part of the payments, so by the conclusion of the term these payments should come to 140%, or your own money back plus 40% net profit as your reward. The maximum amount you may spend is capped at 50 BTC, and like I said the same terms & conditions apply to all investors regardless of size.

To take a simple monetary example of how a typical investment might work out for you then, let’s say you join BitCTrade with a nice easy figure of $100, by which I of course mean its equivalent in BitCoin. The term as you already know is 20 days so for that time what BitCTrade are offering for your hundred dollars is $7 per day for the duration. By the end you will have accumulated $140, so with your own initial hundred being counted among the payments that’s your own money back plus $40 in profits. A more important statistic of course is when you reach the break even point, that is to say you earn back an amount equivalent to your principal therefore making it impossible to lose any of your own money. That happens after 15 days, so once you can reach that point it’s pure net profit for every cent you make. This is just an approximation of course, the exact figures will be subject to whatever exchange rates apply on the day.

If you like the plan enough to sign up and deposit, then the next thing you will need to find out is what exactly are the payment options. Well, as I mentioned already this is pretty basic. BitCTrade works exclusively with BitCoin, in other words making it basically a sort of “cash only” business. If for whatever personal reasons you don’t like BitCoin, don’t own or want to own a BitCoin wallet, then simply put BitCTrade is not for you. Never mind, you always have plenty of other programs to look at. If you do press ahead with an investment though, one of the main features that members of BitCTrade might like is that everything is processed automatically. There is no need to log in to your BitCTrade members area or for that matter even look at the BitCTrade website ever again. Payments are made directly to the BitCoin wallet you used to join the program every day, starting 24 hours after the time your deposit is confirmed and continuing like that. The only thing you really need to do in all of this is to keep an eye on your BitCoin wallet to make sure you do in fact receive the payment. Although there’s no need to do it, you are obviously free to monitor your payments via your members area too of course. By the way, your investment becomes active after two confirmations from Blockchain and you will see it then as an active deposit in your member’s area. So you start earning 24 hours from then.

The program is powered off a unique custom made script, though to be honest, as you might expect from a program making automatic payouts to a single payment method there isn’t really much need for a members account area, or “back office”. To join BitCTrade then all you need is to create your own unique username alongside the BitCoin address you are investing with. These then become your log-in details that you will need for any further activity in the program and for accessing your account details. In fact by logging in to your BitCTrade account the most obvious thing that’s different between the public and private areas is the information on the program’s own BitCoin wallet that you will need to send your investment to. If you’re using a mobile device there’s a QR code you can use instead if you prefer.

The BitCTrade website is fully SSL secured and has an extended validation green bar certificate from Comodo for enhanced security on your transactions and safer browsing. For a hosting provider the admin has opted for CyrusOne who are keeping the BitCTrade website on a shared server with protection against malicious attacks. This is a new name to me, but as I can’t say I’m aware of BitCTrade encountering any problems in this regard so far I assume they are providing an adequate service.

Any further questions for the BitCTrade admin can be relayed by filling in your details on the online e-mail support form found on the contacts page. I would suggest you start by checking out the Live Chat support first however, as if you find an operator there you may be able to get your queries dealt with in real time. There’s also a UK mobile phone number, however we are told this is intended for Whatsapp live chat support. So it’s unclear whether anyone will actually pick up and answer were you to dial the number.

As for any alleged business interests behind the program, as the name implies BitCTrade are supposedly involved with the trading and mining of BitCoin. Take it or leave it as you please, all I can say is that there’s very little in the way of practical information that you can research or verify for yourself. And even if it were true it doesn’t mean it has to be profitable anyway. So just remember to treat BitCTrade as you would any other online HYIP, and while I hope this is just the beginning of a successful run for a program which at first glance looks professional, you still need to be sensible. Stay well within a responsible spending limit you can comfortable afford to lose, and if joining BitCTrade at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you’ve given some thought to the matter already then I hope you won’t mind answering the following question about how you intend to proceed with the program. Not only will it show us in the coming weeks how many people made a correct judgment call on whether the program could make a profit for them or not, it will also show HYIP admins what investors demands and expectations are before they decide to spend any money. So:

Will you invest in BitCTrade?

View Results

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As usual I want to start tonight’s news section by introducing the newest program, FexFund, to join the MNO monitor. It was added to the Standard List yesterday, its second day online. If you’re a fan of instant payouts you’ll be pleased to learn these are available in FexFund, so it will literally take seconds before you see your profits credited to your PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, or BitCoin accounts. Deposits start from $10 to $50 which are all affordable minimums in one of the three investment plans offered by FexFund. The first makes a once-off payment of 109% after exactly 7 calendar days. The two other plans will credit your account with either 6% for 20 calendar days or 5% for 30 calendar days, principal included, leaving you with 20% or 50% net profit. Personally I think FexFund is a visually attractive and a well-made website powered off its own custom-made script. This is always an advantage in the eyes of experienced investors and requires more money and effort to create compared to the market-ready scripts. As FexFund is paying instantly (it’s already been confirmed today, so I moved it to Paying status on the MNO monitor), then we should expect a decent level of security. And the site does not let us down in that featuring the superior SSL EV (Green Bar) from Comodo and further enhancing our expectations by having decent anti-DDoS protection from Incapsula which hosts the site on a dedicated server. To further expand its initial appeal FexFund is available in two languages – English and Russian – and is registered as a company in the UK. According to the latest newsletter from FexFund issued earlier today, there are three more language versions currently in the works, along with some other improvements, while the admin also reminds about the program’s representatives program and the various points of contact you can reach him on. I’ll take a more detailed look at FexFund by the end of next business week, but for now let’s hear from the admin and his welcome message on the website and the latest newsletter sent on the program’s third day online:

Welcome to FexFund!
Dear investors,
We are delighted to announce that FexFund is now accepting new investor’s applications and that our site is now live and accessible to everyone around the world. We are the part of Fex Trade LTD group which is an investment company. Our site is the internet division of our group. Our company focuses on maximising our group income and sharing that income with our potential investors. We are investing mostly in crypto currencies, looking for great opportunities on their exchange rate fluctuation.
We offer three different investment plans.
Starter plan – where investors are getting 109% of their origin deposit after 7 days.
Medium – where investors are getting 120% of their origin deposit after 20 days.
Investor – where investors are getting 150% of their origin deposit after 30 days.
We offer stepped one level affiliate program. We also offer instant payments and accruals calculated 7 days a week. We do not take off for the weekends.
Please visit our website and browse through our pages and get to know us better.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
FexFund CEO. George Soleos

FexFund news – please read it.
We are online for over 2 days now. During that time we have over 600 investors registered on the site and this amount is growing hour by hour. It’s because you are the great community and together we can build strong and reliable investment
We have added 3 more ways to contact us – via Skype, Telegram Chat and Live Chat on the site. So for your convenience we have five different ways to reach us if needed.
We encourage you to participate in our Representative Program. Our representatives are getting great benefits like 10% affiliate commission or chance to get free referrals. For more info please check our FAQ section. The site is still young to it’s better
to apply now and get as many referrals as you can as they would bring you nice and passive income.
Also, we are working on 3 new languages and will add them in few days time.
Stay tuned for more news and have a good Sunday.
George Soleos. CEO of FexFund.


RichmondBerks (reviewed here) keeps doing an incredible job with the program already in its sixth month online. That means that potentially thousands of investors (including those joining from MNO where RichmondBerks has been featured for nearly three months now) have managed to break-even and get into the profit zone from the program currently paying daily 1.7% on deposits made via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and NixMoney, and 1.8% for those with deposits made via BitCoin. Of course, this 1.7% to 1.8% rate of interest is only accrued to members’ accounts on business days only (Monday to Friday), while on weekends everyone will get a reduced rate of 0.7%. The investment term is open ended, i.e. you will be instantly paid on request once your account reaches the $0.5 minimum over the entire duration of RichmondBerks‘ lifetime. You can request the initial deposit be returned, but it should be done only in emergency cases, as the waiting time is too long and it charges a 50% penalty fee.

RichmondBerks has been always known in the HYIP industry for its unorthodox approach to advertising and general promotion with lots of offline conferences being held in different countries around the world and success stories shared by its regular investors. And exactly over the last couple of days RichmondBerks issued more photo reports about its latest conferences from Nigeria, the Philippines, and Côte d’Ivoire, plus there was another story of success shared by one of the members of RichmondBerks currently reaping the rewards of her right investment choice and earning up to $1,000 on a weekly basis. Want to repeat that success?Then take a look at her story below, and keep reading further for the link to the future conferences that might as well be held in your home country and finally, see the weekly digest containing links to all the important updates posted by RichmondBerks over the last seven days:

I earn $ 1,000 a week and here is my simple secret
Hello friends! I want to tell you my little story, which I hope will help you be successful, and perhaps you will become an author of the next story!
My name is Claire, and I am not an economist, not a broker, and certainly have never invested in real estate. But I could still make money on real estate, because I work with RichmondBerks company and it simplified my task as much as it can!
Generally, I decided to invest in a very strange way, my friend David invited me, sending me his affiliate link. For the sake of interest, I checked it and signed up, he told me about the company and how I could make money here. It became interesting to me and I decided to invest, because the company instilled confidence and earning on it would be good too.
I invested $ 5,000 that I’ve been saving up on a new car. I’ve made some calculations and I realized that this way I can afford it myself much faster, so I did not hesitate, investing that amount. My 1.6% daily income was $ 80, it seemed to me not so great, so I decided to find out from David how to increase it.

The answer was extremely simple. In the RBB store you can buy special boosters, both for RBD and for BTC. It is worth a lot, of course, but RBB can be easily earned by completing achievements, which I started to do. There are many achievements, for each taste. Having completed several of them, I got enough RBB and bought a booster, increasing my profit up to 1.7% per day. But things got better even further!
In just a couple of days, the company published a report, where they mentioned about increasing the percentage of daily profit, due to the growth of the company’s capitalization level. I invested another $ 5,000 and my daily profit grew up to 1.8%. Now I am getting $ 180 every day!
For two weeks I received more than 2 thousand dollars. It means that my weekly earnings are $ 1,000 and there is nothing complicated in it, everyone can do it! Now I want to take up the partnership system and create a partner network that will bring me an additional profit, and that’s only a small part of how you can make money with RichmondBerks.
I recommend you start earning money, because it will change your life for the better. There is nothing difficult. And even if you are faced with a problem, the specialists of the company will always help you. So go ahead, for high profits!
Start making money

Nigeria, Philippines and Côte d’Ivoire Conferences
Hello! Did you miss the reports from the conferences? We, too! It’s time to share new photos from conferences held from Nigeria, the Philippines and Cote d’Ivoire. And ask you a question …
Will you come to the next conference? Find out where it will take place on a special page –
And now, let’s find out how it was:

RichmondBerks Weekly Digest
Hello! April is coming to an end, as is the current week, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the news of last week in order to keep abreast of all developments and updates. We recommend you to read each article in full, so as not to miss important details.
Monday 24.04
Fresh photos from the conference held in Nigeria, as well as an important warning. You should look into it.
Nigeria Conference – Report. + WARNING
Tuesday 25.04
What do you know about Push Notifications? We know all about them! Read how they are useful and what do you need them for.
Push the PUSH!
Wednesday 26.04
Another new contest has been launched! This time not only luck will help you to win, but also the mobile application. Hurry to participate and get the coveted prizes!
Mobile Share Contest. Win $10,000 and double your affiliate profit
Thursday 27.04
Can not deal with Push Notifications? We will help you. Here is a detailed instruction on what to do if you accidentally disabled them in your browser.
Push-Notifications. Instructions
Friday 28.04
Find out what you have already done and what’s ahead. This will help you increase your productivity!
10 things every RichmondBerks user should do in first 3 weeks
Saturday 29.04
Report from three countries. It is interesting! Find out what happened at these conferences and when the next one will be.
Nigeria, Philippines and Côte d’Ivoire Conferences


Although Detron will only be reviewed on the MNO blog on Tuesday I can see that the first members of the program have already reached the profit zone on the 1% to 4% daily variable rate plan. Surely there is still a way to go for them to reach their ultimate goal and earn 150% on their investments, but as some other programs have managed to prove (just take BandeiraCorp, for instance, which has been paying on exactly the same plan for over a year already), Detron certainly has an edge over the competing programs. The new investment plans that were added to the mix a couple of weeks ago will see an increase of members who would like to get 150% by the end of their term, but would rather prefer a fixed daily income credited to their accounts, as they may choose from the 2.5% for 60 days, 3% for 50 days, and 3.75% for 40 days offers. Detron is now certainly interested in spreading the word about themselves so the admin has launched a video contest where members with an active deposit in the program record a video testimonial or review of Detron, upload it on Youtube, and provide a link to it will receive 10% bonus on their investment. If you’re interested in participating and help promoting Detron and at the same time earn an extra bonus for yourself, then see below for details on the contest that will continue over the next couple of weeks called the “Hollywood Bonus Contest”:

Hollywood Bonus Contest – become a Detron Video Director
Dear users of Detron, after 60 days of success, we are happy to announce our first investors bonus program. As we want to spread the words around the globe, about Detron Investment possibilities, we created this new Bonus program for active and new investors.
open from: 29. April – 10. May 2017
Extra-Bonus: 10% of your Deposit
Terms of participation:
You need to record a video of yourself creating a new deposit in your account. In the video you need to give the information about the project, talking about our qualities and activities. You are allowed to have your referral link under the video. Upload your video on Youtube or your Facebook page and send it to: with your username and the link to the video. Advertising your channel, third-party projects and paid advertising are not accepted!
Thank you.
Sincerely,Sebastian Craig
CEO of the Developer Trade Corp. LTD


I’m sure that the backslapping of the admin of AxisCrude calling his program the best is a tad premature, judging by the fact that it has been online for only two weeks. In my opinion, AxisCrude still has a lot to prove, as the first investors who joined either of the program’s investment plans – 3% for 50 days and 4% for 45 days – are still far from reaching a profit. No one can deny though that AxisCrude has been doing good so far and all the payouts have been processed instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin. The admin is doing his part by attracting new members with various promo offers with the first one offering 5% cashback on new investments has been running for the program’s first ten days online. The offer is now expired, but the admin returned with another interesting offer that might appeal to those who haven’t signed up to AxisCrude yet. According to the latest newsletter issued yesterday, all the new members of AxisCrude that sign up and post their username on the program’s Facebook group will receive a free $10 signup bonus. The question arises how a still new program will finance the daily interest payments to those receiving this free money, and I hope that not many people will abuse the offer, which for me sounds as extremely generous to be true. Here is more on that signup bonus from AxisCrude (reviewed here):

Hello. First of all, we thank all our active investors who have so much trust in us and made deposits. No doubt, you’re receiving daily profits with “instant payments”; we are the best.
Right now, we are unveiling something fascinating and very exciting, at least this will attract many more of your family and friends as you help us spread the good news about AXISCRUDE INVESTMENT.
We are now offering a “SIGN-UP BONUS” and this offer is valid till Monday 1st May 2017
Offer = $10 active deposit for FREE
*Join AxisCrude Investment Ltd
*Post your Username on our official Facebook Group
*Receive $10 for FREE as active deposit
*Come back to the official Facebook Group and confirm receipt
Now is the time to tell everyone about AXISCRUDE INVESTMENT. Refer your friends and family members; also share on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and Youtube.
Do not forget to join our Official Facebook Group.
Once again, we appreciate every single investor, you are the reason we are still in business.
Team AxisCrude Investment Ltd.
Need Assistance? We’re happy to help:
WhatsApp Support:- +44 744 719 1725
Protect your account: -Always keep your password confidential and never share it with anyone.


ReyKey (reviewed here) is certainly a program that keeps people talking. And the praise and good feedback are well-deserved as ReyKey is now on the verge of completing the first longer investment cycle within the next few days that will bring its first investors the full profits on the 3.5% for 45 days offer. The shorter investment plan paying 115% once-off payout after 14 days at the same time has seen three full cycles completed with even more investors in profit. Both offers are available from a $20 minimum can be joined using PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. The regular weekly newsletter from the admin of ReyKey over the weekend revealed the latest investment stats and recent accomplishments. Among them was the addition of the official video introduction that was presented earlier this week and can be seem both on the ReyKey website and on the MNOVision page. Read more on that in the full version of the weekly newsletter below:

ReyKey weekly newsletter
Dear ReyKey user!
Thank you for staying with us! The ReyKey project keeps growing thanks to your patronage and with your direct participation.
Last week’s events have become yet another indication of our project staying on the right course. Here is a short rundown of our accomplishments over the last 7 days:
Indicators of the project’s economic development show good progress.
The total volume of investments made by the ReyKey system users exceeded 300,000 US dollars, of which $45,000 has been invested over the last week only. The total amount of payouts on deposit earnings at the moment comes to more than $110,000.
The first ReyKey Daily investment cycle will be completed on Wednesday.
Those our users who have selected this type of deposit plan have already been able to see a net profit of almost 60%. Meanwhile, our most active participants taking advantage of the short investment cycle ReyKey Fast will be able to receive their earnings for the third time already – and, by the way their activity chart looks, they are not planning to stop at this.
The project’s video presentation is out.
Our set of ready-made marketing tools that ReyKey partners can use has been augmented with an effective, professionally created promo video. The development of affiliate networks now requires even less manual effort.
Keep yourself informed of our newest developments – and stay with us to continue earning a steadily growing income!


I have to finish the news on the monitored programs with a scam warning for PoolEarn which might not even be necessary as the website has been offline since yesterday. We can’t rule out the possibility that it will be back online at some point for the admin to collect more money from unsuspecting investors, so I’ll warn you anyway. In the last blog post on MNO I warned readers about the suddenly disabled instant payouts from the program and moved it to Waiting Status on my monitor while contacting the admin of PoolEarn at the same time. We all hoped for a decent run from the program, and the admin kept adding new higher-earning packages and offered frequent deposit bonuses to maintain people’s interest, but apparently it didn’t work well for him. PoolEarn has not been popular among my readers either and only a handful out of an extensive downline in the program actually made an investment there, just to lose money at the end because less than three weeks was definitely not enough to profit even on the higher paying packages. However I believe many people just joined PoolEarn to have an opportunity to earn free money by surfing websites and they might as well be earning instead of losing. In that regard PoolEarn was a reasonable success, as it was possible for many members to earn a few cents every day and get paid instantly. Unfortunately, the program generally showed a poor result with the admin managing to complete one 60-day investment cycle and scamming right after another attempt to offer bonuses which were never taken by experienced investors. Well, I’m glad that PoolEarn ended up losing money on advertising with MNO, rather than getting any profit from of my readers, as the program has proved to be another fast scam which will hopefully be the last in the strain of them hitting the HYIP industry during April.


As you might have noticed this last month was most probably one of the most disastrous in the HYIP industry for a long time, with lots of fast scams and many big programs collapsing on a large scale leaving investors with empty pockets. Why did it happen? Well, we should always remember that the industry does work in cycles and the highs we clearly saw in January and February, and partially even in March are always followed by the lows with April being a perfect example of that. This passing month investors really tried to hit-n-run hard in order to make up for their losses many of them experienced after so many giants collapsed, and the HYIP admins felt this trend and scammed even before the first investors were in profit. The level of reinvestments in new programs is at its lowest with new investors reluctantly joining the older programs with even a few weeks online fearing for their finances, and that is making the task of making a long-running program for even the most experienced HYIP admins extremely challenging. This was the prevailing trend during April, and now everyone is looking forward to see what happens in May which might see an improvement. If we believe in the theory of cycles then there is simply no room left to sink any lower and I believe we should definitely see at least some kind of growth in confidence and improvement in quality over the next few weeks. The main question is to pick the right programs and the best timing to invest in them in order to maximize your potential profits, and I hope MNO will be the guide giving you some good suggestions for adding new programs to your portfolio. So the next question that will run over the next week or so on the MNO TalkBack page asks:

Do you believe May will see the HYIP industry return to normal?

Possible answers you can choose from will be the following:

– Yes, I definitely think so, the bottom has been reached and growth will follow
– No, it’s too early to talk of a recovery, but small improvements might happen

Thanks in advance for voting on the MNO TalkBack page, and I’ll analyze the final results of the poll sometime next week.

Let’s have a look now at the last week’s poll results where I asked – What would you do on discovering a scam is deliberately kept on Paying status by a blog/monitor?

The question was not just taken out of the blue, but was strongly inspired by the recent events of Aurum7 scamming and the actions of some blogs and monitors who kept the program on Paying status for several days to help the admin scam more investors. It was so blatantly obvious the program was a scam that I was sure that many other “respected” bloggers would have seen this, but yet they preferred to help the admin in scamming even more. God knows how much more money was collected by Aurum7 even after the program was moved to Problem status on MNO, as it remained as Paying on so many other monitors. Obviously I know about close connections of some bloggers with HYIP admins who are closely collaborating with them and possibly even running some programs themselves. However in this case there was such a level of hypocrisy involved in covering up the scam by bloggers who praise themselves as being honest and on the side of investors that I simply could not keep silent. I’m glad that the majority of readers – 53% of those voting said they would stop reading such blogs, recognizing them as a danger to their HYIP portfolios. Really, if any of those people didn’t see the Scam Status of Aurum7 on the MNO monitor which was the first to raise the issue in public, then they would definitely lose their money. That situation though is simply impossible to imagine for another 37% of my readers who would have chosen to look at other trusted sources like MNO anyway, noting that many sites in the HYIP industry just cannot be trusted in evaluating if a program is paying or not. Only 10% of the voters would excuse such a blog or monitor as being the victim of the HYIP admin’s promises or excuses. Well, such actions from an experienced blogger should not be excused, in my honest opinion, as they are damaging to everyone and a clear indication of the blogger’s involvement and closer ties with the HYIP admin. I simply cannot believe that many experienced bloggers would be the gullible victims of trusting what a HYIP admin tells them. After all, it’s not banking institutions we’re talking about, but mere ponzi-games which you should run away from at the very first sign of unusual withdrawal delays, as they are more than enough to conclude a program has cashflow issues. In the case of Aurum7 MNO was absolutely right by moving it to Scam, and I will continue to expose such programs on my site whenever I hear about selective or delayed payouts, so my readers will know perfectly well that it’s their interests I’m trying to protect, not the admins’. The HYIP admins looking to list their projects on MNO should always remember that, and do not expect me to cover up their problems, as I’m not their buddy and they can’t buy me with money or lies, like they apparently do with so many others.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: RichmondBerksBandeiraCorp,
SoftMining, AxisCrude, BitCTradeAurumBank, Detron, UnityReserve (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: ReyKey, FexFund (the first instant payment received).
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all for tonight, guys. Good luck with your investments in the MNO monitored programs. As always I’ll keep you all updated on all the latest developments with the biggest investment programs in the HYIP industry. I will talk about them again in the next blog post on Tuesday when I’ll also have a detailed review of Detron. In order not miss anything important you can always subscribe to the MNO Daily News articles by entering and confirming your email address on this page, and by following MNO on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribing to the MNO News channel on Telegram. See you soon guys, and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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