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07/05/2017. FexFund Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! FexFund has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a good weekend so far and are enjoying some downtime. Since not posting for a few days I have a couple of items to catch up with for you coming as usual in the news section, so keep reading for more information on that. Another item is the results from the latest opinion poll that just closed on the MNO TalkBack page on people’s thoughts on a possible recovery (some might say resuscitation) in the HYIP industry this month. But the main point of today’s article is a more detailed look at the latest addition to the MNO Standard List – a mostly medium term project called FexFund. You might recognize the name because it’s been listed on my monitor for a full eight days now, just after it launched in fact but I’m only getting around to a more detailed look at it today. During that time the very first investors should by now be in profit from the shortest term plan that FexFund have available. It’s quite a simple and straight forward program by the way, which isn’t a bad thing of course, sort of a classic style HYIP if you like, so it’s not going to take long for you to decide whether you like FexFund enough to add it to your portfolios or not.
So let’s get started and see what it’s all about. I’ll begin then as usual with the investment plans – the reason FexFund is here in the first place. There are three plans to choose from, the cheapest of which will set you back a minimum deposit of $10 to join. This makes the program affordable to everyone, and the only way you can possibly lose more money than you could afford to is by freely spending it yourself. It’s called The Starter Plan and the investment term runs for 7 calendar days. All deposits up to a maximum value of $500 are offered one single payment on expiry of 109% on their investment. With FexFund counting your principal as part of that, it’s your own money back plus 9% net profit. Or to put it another way in simple monetary terms, if you invest $100 with FexFund today the hope is that you might get back $109 after one week.

The remaining two plans switch to daily payments, continuing with The Medium Plan which can be joined for a $25 minimum. The investment term is 20 calendar days, during which FexFund are offering to pay 6% interest every day. This applies to all deposits up to a maximum value of $5,000. With your principal counted as part of the payments then your total earnings of 120% will consist of your own money back plus 20% net profit. So if you made the same $100 investment here, the idea is that FexFund return $6 every day, allowing you to break even (earn back your initial hundred) after 17 payments and complete the term with $120, or $20 net profit for joining.

For a $50 minimum deposit FexFund present The Investor Plan. With the investment term stretching to 30 calendar days, FexFund have the interest rate pegged back in line with that to 5% per day. So in other words even though the actual rate itself drops, the number of payments increases to make this ultimately the most profitable option. Total payments should add up to 150% of your initial deposit which is already factored into that, leaving you with your own money back plus 50% net profit. Or if we say you make a $100 investment to this plan, it means FexFund paying you back at a rate of $5 per day. You recoup your initial hundred (break-even) after 20 days, and complete the term with $150. The maximum limit you may invest here is capped by FexFund at $50,000.

Lastly the newest plan offered by FexFund is The Superior Plan. You will need a $500 minimum to join, and the term length is 60 calendar days. Investors are offered a daily payment of 4% back on their deposits for the terms duration, with your principal already counted as part of the payments. That means you break even 25 days into the term, and complete it with earnings of 240%. From this figure 100% was yours in the first place, and the remaining 140% your net profit for joining FexFund. Maximum spending limits are capped at $100,000.

If any of those appeal to you and you’d like to join, then the next thing you might need to know is what exactly are your payment options. FexFund are taking most of the popular industry processors, so most probably you’ll find something in there you might like. Currently you can use any of PerfectMoney, Payeer, or AdvCash if you prefer the more conventional style third party payment handlers, and BitCoin for those who prefer the direct route and spend from your own e-currency. Withdrawal requests will have to be requested from inside your private members account area. Once this has been done a lot of you might be pleased to see that FexFund have enabled instant payouts. Just log in, submit the request for what ever you are owed, and the money should be with you in less than a minute.

On the more technical, design, and security side of things, FexFund is probably a little bit above your average standard program. Reason being the program is powered off a script that’s been custom-made and developed individually for the program. Visually it adds to what’s already a really attractive and well made website, and on a practical level it’s also user friendly and easy to navigate. It also allows the admin and any programmers he may have working for him a lot more room for maneuver when it comes to making adjustments or improvements should any become necessary. For an extra layer of security FexFund has a superior Green Bar Extended Validation SSL secured connection certificate by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Hosting is on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks by Incapsula.

If you have any further questions about the program you don’t think were addressed here or any account related issues you need to have the FexFund admin deal with for you, then there’s a couple of different methods you can use to get in touch. Naturally you should always start with the FAQ page of course, you can save everyone including yourself a lot of time and effort if your question is explained there. If it makes things easier to understand, the FexFund website is translated into German, Polish, and Russian. You can fill in your details online support form and submit it through the contacts page, where you can also check on the status of existing tickets. FexFund also have a Live Chat feature built-in to the website, so you might want to give a quick check and see if there’s any operators online and if they are capable of helping you before sending any mails off. There’s a postal address in the UK which most of you will by now surely know to ignore, but there is at least a phone number that goes with it. You can try their telephone support if you would like to speak with someone directly (and expect someone might actually answer if you call). One other thing you might wish to look into with FexFund is their regional representatives group. There’s a short list of individual members of the program who double-up as support operators. You can find their contact details on the FexFund website, and if there happens to be one located in your vicinity you’re free to get in touch with them. Fans of social media networks will be able to connect with FexFund using Telegram, Skype, and Facebook.

As far as the alleged business activities of the program are concerned, FexFund describe themselves as trading in ForEx and crypto-currencies to finance payments to members. There’s a company registration certificate from the UK, however I happen to know these (yes, even the genuine ones) are quite easily and cheaply bought online with no questions asked. I mean at least the admin made the effort which is always good to see, but I wouldn’t take that particular aspect of FexFund too seriously. There’s nothing going on there you can independently verify for yourself, so better treat them the same as any other online HYIP. Set yourself a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose and will commit to stay under at all times, and if you do sign up for FexFund then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse investment portfolio.

If you’ve already come to a decision as to whether FexFund is going to be a suitable addition to your portfolios or not, or indeed if you’ve already joined and invested, perhaps you won’t mind answering the following opinion poll. As always it will only take a second to reply, is completely anonymous and untraceable, and will hopefully show us what the average investor expects from a program before joining.
The question then is:

Will you make an active deposit in FexFund?

View Results

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Quite a lot to discuss in the first newsletter from the above reviewed FexFund which marks their first seven days online. The first members who joined the program’s shortest seven day plan are now in profit, and those in the other ones are getting closer and closer. Two more languages, namely Polish and German, have been added earlier this week with two more versions in Chinese and Vietnamese expected by tomorrow. Despite still being so new FexFund has been able to create quite a stir and following its growing popularity it has an impersonator which has scammed already and a few monitors who tried to blackmail the admin into listing, so when refused they might display Waiting status for the program. I must admit though that I myself haven’t read the most recent update on the FexFund website regarding issues with one of the BitCoin wallets the program is using for transactions. Therefore I was concerned about the status of the program when I wasn’t paid instantly to BitCoin as usual. That’s why I briefly moved FexFund to Waiting status on the MNO monitor earlier today and postponed publishing the review for a few hours. Fortunately it was merely a false alarm of course, as I was paid to BitCoin very shortly after this. The admin to whom I sincerely apologized for the incident has also replied to me with an explanation of delays experienced by BitCoin users. None of the other currencies FexFund accepts – PerfectMoney, Payeer, or AdvCash – are affected by the temporary difficulties seen by BitCoin. I will re-post this notification from the admin below, followed by the first newsletter posted after the first week online for FexFund which proved quite successful:

Attention Bitcoin investors.
As Blockchain status is Extremely Slow, you might experience the delay in deposit crediting or withdraws. All the money goes instantly from our wallet but then it gets stuck in Bitcoin network so there is not much we can do to speed it up. We are sorry for that and we hope that the Bitcoin network will cope with that very soon.

FexFund news – 7 days online and more is coming!
It’s been 7 days since we’ve launched our online investing platform and we couldn’t be more happy that you are still with us!
Today is a big day for our first investors which chose our Starter plan. They are already getting their profits, ready for instant withdrawal. We hope that you are happy with the results and trust us one more time as we have to tell you, times for the investors are great!
We have to boast about something. With recent cryptocurrencies fluctuations (mostly BTC and LTC) we were able to secure income for our investors for another few months! We live in extraordinary times when experienced investors (like us) can gain huge profits just within hours or days!
Now, let’s go straight to some facts. During our 7 days online we’ve got over 1300 investors, most of them active. If you are with us but didn’t invest anything yet, don’t lose such a great opportunity to earn some extra cash with us, doing absolutely nothing!
As we’ve promised, we are adding two more languages now: Polish and German. On Monday we should add two more: Chinese and Vietnamese.
If you look around the internet, you can find a lot of sites and forums talking about us. We’ve been reviewed by several sites.
We also would like to warn you, there is some site with “fexfund” phrase in the name as well. Keep in mind that we operate only under – and anyone using our name is a scammer trying to gain profits using our name. Also, several users are reporting that FexFund is listed on several monitors with Waiting status. Those are scam monitors which are trying forcing us to pay them for the listing. We will not do that so stay away from this kind of monitors.
Let’s spread the word about FexFund all around the world! We are happy to have you here.
George Soleos. CEO of FexFund.


Just a couple of days ago another promotional campaign offering bonuses for new deposits in Biksbit was launched. Named the “Diamond rush” it promises to credit investors with a bonus of 4% to 25% for any extra deposits made over the next ten days with the exact rate depending on the plan you take. This isn’t the first promo campaign launched by Biskbit offering deposit bonuses as another one successfully ran a few weeks ago and after that the program kept paying, though at the time it was subject to much speculation on the program’s financial health. As this new campaign is not something out of the ordinary for Biksbit that has been paying on MNO over a month already and recently upgraded to the highest possible Sticky List to be more prominent, there could be less reason to worry now. Many potential investors in Biksbit will certainly take advantage of the generous offer available on all deposits starting from $10 made via Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. The bigger issue that puzzles me is why in the most recent update from Biksbit the admin has time to cook up a nice story of precious stone extraction and production as the premise for these bonuses, while totally ignoring the fact that the investment plans in Biksbit have been changed completely. I assume that existing members of Biksbit will still be paid under the original same terms, but the new plans have been added with the suffix + at the end of each of them. Currently deposits are only available to be made in the “+” plans, so I had to edit my original review of Biksbit to describe this. You can read that here, but now I will only outline the main changes which Biksbit omitted from the latest newsletter re-posted below. So, for the daily investment plans you will still be paid the same 2.16%, 2.36%, and 2.8% respectively but for shorter terms of 20, 35, and 55 calendar days. With the shortening of investment terms the maximum you can earn will be lower, but as an added bonus your initial deposit will be returned on expiry five to ten days faster than before. If we talk about the unfeasibly higher paying once on expiry plans, then we can see the terms also became shorter. So for these you’re promised by Biksbit 700% after 10-50 business days, 300% after 20 business days, or 1600% after 23-80 business days. Again, please refer to the full updated review of Biksbit posted here for more information, and be careful when choosing which plan to invest your money in by following my recommendations in this already one-year+ running program:

Diamond rush – only 12 days
Diamond rush!!! Biksbit is engaged in the extraction, processing and sale of precious stones. Important news! We are glad to inform our partners, friends and clients that Biksbit specialists have restored the mine on Wah Wah mountain, the only mine in which Biksbit was mining (type of beryl, the rarest stone on the planet, an extra piece, more than 1 carat of weight starts from $10,000 per carat) was blown up and flooded many years ago. Hooray! Now Biksbit is carrying out preparatory measures for the extraction of this precious stone, the rarest on the planet Earth. Biksbit will be the only exclusive supplier of Biksbit stones in the world. Currently, several prospective diamond mines in Australia have been purchased, mining of precious stones is in full swing. The purchase of Australian diamond mines is another of our prides. Biksbit is on a new stage of its development, it concludes contracts for the purchase and extraction of deposits of precious stones, finds new markets, strengthens its positions and boosts the consciousness of investors with its power and strength! In connection with the expansion of production, the increase in production, the purchase of new diamond mines, the company Biksbit gives each investor a bonus for new deposits within 12 days!
Biksbit is always ahead, we guarantee the safety of your investments and stable passive growth of dividends of each investor! Let’s make our life better and brighter with Biksbit!


Weekends as usual see the admin of ReyKey keeping investors in the loop by giving a weekly overview of the most important events related to the program over the last seven days. Last night, for instance, focused on the recent completion of the first cycle of its 3.5% for 45 calendar days plan. Now that ReyKey has been online and paying for seven weeks in total it was possible also to make money from its shorter investment plan paying 115% on expiry of 14 days. As ReyKey (reviewed here) has been on MNO for eighteen days it was certainly possible to profit from them, and I hope it will be able to continue its good work for some time to let others earn too. Other news from the admin include the latest stats with the number of users totalling 5,800 now, and the addition of AdvCash which joins PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and LiteCoin. All information is in the following newsletter from ReyKey:

Thank you for staying with us! The ReyKey project keeps growing thanks to your patronage and with your direct participation.
Last week’s events have become yet another indication of our project staying on the right course. Here is a short rundown of our accomplishments over the last 7 days:
The first long investment cycle under the ReyKey Daily plan completed.
Everyone who picked this plan was able to get 57.5% of net profit. The total amount of payouts added up to 138,000 $.
The AdvCash payment system added on the ReyKey website
Great news for those who are already familiar with this payment system and have had an opportunity to appreciate all its favorable points in practice! To others, we strongly recommend trying this system. Its advantages for users are hard to deny.
The numbers of new registrants grow
Thanks to the fact that our system operates in several of the world’s most popular languages, the ranks of our participants are swelling every day. Over the past week, the increase in the number of users amounted to 5800 people. This is 20 % more than the previous week’s figure.
Keep yourself informed of our newest developments – and stay with us to continue earning a steadily growing income!


The admin of Detron was unusually active yesterday when posting two updates at once, but by today after the instant payments stopped it was already clear this was just a final attempt at a scam. Well, I won’t be re-posting those updates from Detron here, as they are totally irrelevant now, but they were deliberately designed to inspire confidence in an already failing program. Most MNO readers stayed away, a good thing for them and I’m pleased to see the admin didn’t get the results he hoped for. Very few people actually made any profit from Detron, mostly those who joined right from the very start but the program hailed as one of the future leaders by so many experts failed to deliver. The first sign of financial troubles were clearly visible at the start of this business week when the daily variable interest rates were slashed to the minimum 1% and very rarely went past 1.3% until the end. No wonder the admin was so eager for the new money to come into his program and at the same time paying out the bare minimum, he clearly saw that end near and coming very soon. I believe not to be closely associated with some bloggers who pushed Detron particularly hard and keep them free of the blame when they neglected to move their favorite program to Problem Status on their own monitors, the admin disabled deposits on the site and cooked up a reasonably believable excuse of the money having been stolen by a partner. I have seen it many times before, but just in case you believe in fairytales here is the last one made up by Detron specially for you:

Important news
Dear users and investors, in the previous days, we have written to you good and positives news.
Our team working very hard. And we prepare next news and things.
In two months we have done a lot of good news and there is a lot of work behind us.
We have over thank 3500 members and we paid to our investors over than 125 000USD.
Without any problems. Our site running in 99,9% on-line.
Unfortunately there was a person who threatened to threaten our team. And takes steps to damage our name.
Now on the basis of complains and untrue information, some companies temporarily forbidden access to our accounts, so now we can`t send or receive any money.
Based on this information, we blocked additional deposits.
Believe it, we want to work further.
But now we can`t.
Now we working on it and try to resolve it.
Any next informations, we add here.
Thank you for your understanding.
Detron team


I would like to finish today’s updates from the HYIP industry by analysing the results of this week’s poll on the MNO TalkBack page and replace it with a new question. Last weeks asked “Do you believe May will see the HYIP industry return to normal?” No argument from anyone that April was a horrible month for sure, but it appears that the first week of May didn’t bring much relief with another two quite large programs in RichmondBerks and Detron collapsing. That is why it’s no surprise for me that with a majority of 64% voted “No, it’s too early to talk of a recovery, but small improvements might happen”. Only 36% were more optimistic saying “Yes, I definitely think so, the bottom has been reached and growth will follow”. Now it’s quite clear who was right, as this week didn’t bring us any relief. The beginning of May though might be severely affected by the amount of banking holidays in several countries important to the HYIP market internationally, as well as the lower than usual activity from investors disillusioned by recent events. Despite the results of the poll I would still remain cautiously optimistic on the direction the HYIP industry may take over the coming weeks and months. I, naturally like everyone else, am hoping always hoping for the best.

For the next business week I would like to ask readers about their attitude to BitCoin only programs which are quite common nowadays. From the MNO monitor currently you can find two – BitCTrade (reviewed here) and UnityReserve (reviewed here). However the admins of these programs have quite different approaches towards BitCoin, and if the admin of UnityReserve states that he deliberately slows down the program’s growth initially by only accepting BitCoins and will try to add more payment processors with time, then the admin of BitCTrade never planned such tactics and is just exploiting the current trend and does not intend to expand. So, these are two quite opposing strategies from HYIP admins, but the outcome will be the same – a limited appeal for HYIP investors. Or maybe not? As BitCoin is now used by almost every single investor, something I can’t say about the traditional anonymous currencies like PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash, I estimate the percentage of BitCoin users among HYIP investors at the moment is higher than the users of traditional e-currencies. So the question is whether just accepting BitCoins will be enough for a HYIP admin to make it an attractive and promising program for investors or if it’s important for investors to have a choice in every program and decide for themselves if the very existence of a choice at all is important.
So, the new question asks:

Do you invest in BitCoin-only programs?

1) Certainly, they are no worse than others
2) Rarely, only if the program is exceptional
3) No, I prefer HYIPs accepting multiple processors

Thanks in advance to all voters, and remember it only takes a second to vote on the TalkBack page here.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky listBiksbit.
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorp,
SoftMining, BitCTradeFatFundsAxisCrude, UnityReserveAurumBank.
From MNO Standard list: ReyKey, FexFund.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s it for tonight. Good luck with the new business week and hope it will be full of new opportunities. The MNO blog will be with you throughout. If you don’t want to miss anything important then don’t forget to subscribe to the MNO Daily News here, and follow MNO on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram to always be on top of the major updates. Thank you for reading MNO – For Money Lovers!

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