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Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog where you can always find quality high-budget investment opportunities to consider adding to your well-diversified portfolio. I firmly believe that the HYIP industry has reached its lowest point at the moment with all the weak programs finishing and giving way to new leaders. Starting this week we should see rising interest from investors and generally more activity in the industry which should start to recover before long. The good old days might not be around the corner just yet, but we’re certainly moving in the right direction.

There is lots of stories to report from the first two days of the business week and I’m going to discuss it all in the news section on my blog today. First things first though – meet a brand-new program AnoAds that has been added to Standard listing on my monitor earlier today.


I’m always pleased to see new programs like AnoAds coming to be listed on MNO earlier than on other resources. Usually I welcome them with open arms for the forward-thinking vision of their admins. AnoAds is a program following the currently fashionable trend in the HYIP industry to work exclusively with BitCoin and is already the third program of this type from the eleven that are currently monitored. Working exclusively with BitCoins means that the administration will be able to better concentrate his efforts on attracting a very specific clientele who don’t mind spending and earning in BTC. With AnoAds you will be able to choose any deposit in the range of 0.005 BTC to 5 BTC (which is equivalent to approximately $10 to $10,000 range), but there is no limitations on the amount of deposits that can be made. After being properly confirmed in BlockChain, your deposit will then be activated in your AnoAds account and will start earning you a variable daily interest rate for the duration of the investment term which can be as short as 19 days and as long as 75 days, until you reach the target of at least 150%. There could be a little bit more than 50% net profit by the end, and I will explain everything in the upcoming review of AnoAds in a couple of days. Meanwhile, you need to know one important thing right now – the admin will encourage higher deposits by giving you the opportunity of reaching your target 150% faster. That’s how it’s done. For deposits from 0.005 BTC to 0.1 BTC you will be credited with daily variable returns at the range of from 2% to 5%, therefore it will take you 30 to 75 calendar days to reach the 150% target and finish the cycle. For higher deposits in the range of 0.1 BTC to 0.5 BTC you will be paid anything from 3% to 6% per calendar day so it will take from 25 to 50 days to reach 150% back on your investment. This is how it continues, with higher rates and shorter terms for bigger investments. Deposits from 0.5 BTC to 1 BTC will attract 4% to 7% per day with the probable completion in 22 to 38 calendar days. And finally for investments from 1 BTC to 5 BTC you will potentially get 5% to 8% daily which will get you there minimum after 19 and maximum after 30 calendar days.

As you can clearly see, the investment plan utilized by AnoAds is designed in quite a unique way, and so should be served by the custom-made script which was specially developed for the program’s needs. As the program is brand-new and I can only guess at the moment how it all works, I have contacted the admin and asked a few questions to make a more comprehensive introduction of his program on MNO. You cannot know in advance what the next daily interest rate will be for you, as it will be displayed in your AnoAds account once every 24 hours when it becomes available for withdrawal. And due to high security measures to ensure the smooth work of the program being in place, you might be able to be paid very fast and automatically on request of your payout, however, in some cases your payment could be flagged by the script for manual processing, so please do not be alarmed by that and allow a further 24 hours to be processed. The security level of the website leaves no room for hackers or any significant technical issues which might cause any downtime. Apart from the safer custom-made script responsible for managing payments, you will also be pleased to know that the AnoAds website is well protected against DDoS attacks by the combined efforts of DDoSGuard and CloudFlare and is SSL-secured by Comodo. I believe that AnoAds is a beautifully crafted and professionally made website which is quite appealing on the eye and the admin sounds like he knows what he’s doing, as he was able to answer all my questions promptly. I will be able to tell you more about the program in the upcoming review, but meanwhile you can check it out yourself and see the first welcome message from the admin on the official launch of AnoAds below:

First of all I would like to welcome everyone to our project. Today we are very excited to finally have our Grand opening. Our team will do everything in their power to make sure you always receive the best service and earn the highest income. Now while you can celebrate, it is time for us to get to work!


The website of the only Sticky listed program from the MNO monitor Biksbit is now available in Russian. That’s some very good news, as the Russian-speaking HYIP market has traditionally been very lively and active in discussion. It actually seemed pretty odd to me that Biksbit has been ignoring this market for so long, and added the Russian language version only some other languages, like Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Polish, and Hindi. But as they say, it’s better late than never and now you can switch to the Russian language in the drop-down flag menu on the top right corner of the website if that’s what you understand best. Here’s the message to investors from the administration of Biksbit earlier today:

Website in Russian
Dear Biksbit partner,
We have a wonderful news item for you on this spring day: Russian language was added to the company’s website, one of the most widespread languages in the world – the sixth language according to the number of speakers. Without fake modesty, we are proud of the results of Biksbit, of making the lives of our partners, friends and investors better with stable high dividends and financial independence. Today, even more friends will join us, as adding Russian location will facilitate the growth of interest of a large number of new partners, for whom Russian is a native language. Biksbit appreciates each and every partner, it guarantees a fixed high passive income for all of its investors.
Let us make our lives better and brighter with Biksbit!

If you are not in Biksbit at the moment, you might be missing on the next industry leader. The program has been online for over a year, but only got a redesign a few weeks ago. Biksbit has since changed the investment plans too, and currently there are eight of them which are all discussed in detail in my review posted here. I will just briefly mention them here to refresh your memory – 2.16% for 20 days, 2.36% for 35 days, 2.8% for 55 days, 700% after 10-50 business days, 300% after 20 business days, 1600% after 23-80 business days. All of the investment plans return the initial investment on expiry as well, and there are still eight days left to take advantage of the active promo campaign called Diamond Rush. Over the duration of that campaign all new deposits qualify for an instant deposit bonus ranging from 4% to 25% depending on the plan. Biksbit works with all the popular payment methods including PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. It even accepts deposits with Payza which is quite a rare occurrence in the HYIP industry nowadays. Withdrawals have been processed within 36 hours time though, so do be patient. Apart from that though Biksbit has been a very stable performer on MNO over the first five weeks making profits for lots of happy members. So, thumbs up to the admin and hope he will continue doing a great job!


There was another update from the admin of FexFund yesterday where he was so kind as to include the link to the recently published review of his program on MNO. The main focus of the newsletter was on the latest improvements in the website such as the addition of Chinese language version which you can choose from the drop-down menu on the top right corner of the screen. The admin promised to add Vietnamese which has already been completed, along with the existing Russian, Polish, and German versions. I’m pleased to see that the admin keeps his promises, and hope that FexFund will go further and keep paying on all three investment plans – 109% after 7 days, 6% for 20 days, and 5% for 30 days. These were all discussed along with FexFund‘s other main features in the review posted on the MNO blog here. The minimum to invest in each plan is quite affordable to everyone as well, and all the withdrawals have been processed instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin. Well, actually the BitCoin withdrawals might be subject to slight delays, but as the admin explained in the previous updates and even mentioned again in the current newsletter, it has nothing to do with the program’s script, but rather with the delayed confirmations of the BitCoin wallet FexFund uses. There was another important change in the representative program that was announced by the admin George, and that is the scrapping of the $500 active deposit requirement aimed at making the representative positions more affordable to obtain. I find all the news coming from FexFund so far positive, as well as the admin’s prompt reaction to the first minor issues the program dealt with over the last couple of days and hope that we will see members’ confidence in the program growing with time:

FexFund news – some news
As we have promised, we are adding one more language today – Chinese. Vietnamese one will be added today in the evening time or tomorrow morning as we are still waiting for our translator to come back to us.
We also have some news for you. The biggest one is that we have decided to remove $500 requirement for Representative application. We are aware that some of the promoters are not necessarily investors and this requirement might scare them. So from now on if you want to be the Representative, the only requirement is to have 5 active direct referrals.
Why is Representative function so great in here? Because you can earn 10% commission, credited on your account balance instantly (while users with no deposits or deposits less than $500 have to wait 2 days for their commission to be credited.) Also, there is a lot of users which are signing up with no referral link and we are doing the draw and give those as referrals for our Representatives.
Meanwhile, there is more and more FexFund around the internet. We have been reviewed by few more sites:
And probably many more I’m not aware of.
You can probably see some banners of FexFund floating around. Our advertising team works their best to announce that we are here and we are here to stay!
I would like to apologise for recent “Bitcoin Drama” as we are calling this kind of situation in our office. Yesterday, the wallet we use CoinPayments had a serious hickup in terms of withdrawing money. So some people got scared that we don’t pay instantly anymore. We do pay instantly all the time when you press Withdraw button
money goes out of our accounts straight away. With Bitcoin, you can see the internal Coinpayments tracking number and then Bitcoin TX number in your Withdraw history under a link icon. If you see the Coinpayments tracking number then it means your withdrawal is already placed and waiting for Bitcoin network reaction. There is not much we can do about it so if this kind of situation happens again just please wait.
A little update from recent market opportunities – did you know that Ripple almost doubled their value? Well we did know so we have secured a “bit more” funds for our investors.
I didn’t mean to bore you so I better finish up this newsletter now. I wish you all a great day.
George Soleos. CEO of FexFund.


Under a slightly misleading headline the latest newsletter from AxisCrude announces the introduction of supposedly new investment plans. In actual fact what’s really happening is the existing plans are just being adjusted slightly to make them more affordable, though in my own humble opinion the changes simply don’t go far enough if this is what the admin intended. The term lengths and interest rates do not change, nor do the payment methods which include PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin. So, what was originally known as Plan A in AxisCrude paid 3% per day for 50 days on amounts between $10 and $8,000. This plan is now capped at $4,500 for anyone new to the program, but like I just said the 3% for 50 days part doesn’t change. Bigger spending investors formerly need at least an $8,100 minimum to join AxisCrude‘s Plan B which continues to pay 4% interest for 45 calendar days. This figure now drops to $4,501. Granted this is closer to being affordable, but still technically not “actually” affordable to the overwhelming majority of HYIP investors so I don’t see it having any significant impact one way or another on the AxisCrude cash flow. What’s probably more useful in practical terms is that newsletters from AxisCrude (reviewed HERE) go on to contain reminders of the program’s Facebook group which you are invited to join, and the mobile phone number you can use for Whatsapp live chat support. This is followed by another newsletter giving detailed instructions on how to make an investment with AxisCrude. I can only take a guess that there might be a big number of inactive accounts with the program, i.e. members who join but never make an actual deposit, so the admin is probably trying re-ignite the initial interest shown by these people when they first signed up but neglected to invest. The process itself isn’t complicated by any means, no real difference between AxisCrude and any other typical online HYIP in that regard, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to bring the name of the program back to people’s minds if they have simply forgotten why it was they joined in the first place. Anyway, time will tell if either newsletter has the desired effect, and you can read both of them below:

Hello, Wonderful greetings to all our active investors around the world; once again, we thank you for choosing AxisCrude Investment, we are the best..
First of all, we will like to emphasize that your presence in our platform is very important. We value your investment and hope you will continue with us as we work to give you daily profits and returns. We have never failed anyone in terms of daily payouts and commissions, AxisCrude Investment keeps putting smiles on everyone’s face; surely, we are the best.
In a bid to encourage all our active investors and further attract more investors, we have adjusted our investment plans to suit many more people who are willing to work with us.
The old plans:
Plan A – $10 to $8000 (3% daily)
Plan B – $8100 to $40000 (4% daily)
Now, the new plans:
Plan A – $10 to $4500 (3% daily)
Plan B – $4501 to $50000 (4% daily)
With this new adjustment, any investor who puts in anything above $4500 can now invest in plan B, which gives 4% returns daily. Initially, the minimum investment for plan B was $8100; but we have lowered it down to $4,501. We hope you will find this attractive and encouraging; at least many people who have desired the 4% daily returns can now embrace it and take their slot.
AxisCrude Investment seeks to improve and serve you in a better way with new innovations, implementations and offers. We will always inform you of our new plans, adjustments and offers, you are the reason we are still in business. So feel free to invest with us, especially with this new adjustment; feel free to invest in plan B and your 4% daily profits will keep coming without delay. As we have stated before, AxisCrude Investment is here to stay; we are here to alleviate poverty and help a lot of people secure a profitable future for themselves and children yet unborn. This is our mission and we hope to achieve it with your support and cooperation.
Please, continue to spread the good news about AxisCrude Investment, we are the best.
Do not forget to join our Official Facebook Group.
Once again, we appreciate every single investor, you are the reason we are still in business.
Team AxisCrude Investment LTD
Need Assistance? We’re happy to help:
WhatsApp Support:- +44 744 719 1725
Protect your account: -Always keep your password confidential and never share it with anyone.

To all active investors in AxisCrude Investment, we greet you and thank you for trusting and investing with us.
Once again, it’s a pleasure to write to you, and to assure you that we at AxisCrude Investment are working tirelessly to ensure better services and good returns for your investment. We hereby reiterate the fact that AxisCrude Investment is not a short term program, but we are going to be here for a long time to ensure that we keep our promise of eradicating poverty, so that our investors can actually build a reasonable financial future from here.
We would be very glad to receive testimonies of people who bought cars, houses and various expensive properties with the profits they made from AxisCrude Investment. This is surely possible with your trust and continuous investment in AxisCrude Investment.
It’s wise and reasonable to continue to top up your investment and watch it grow. It’s also very reasonable to set a target for the week, month or even the year. When you have a plan to achieve something, you will work towards it. Also, when you have a plan to buy something big, you would invest a certain amount that would generate enough profit to buy such property.
Very many people came into AxisCrude Investment through the $10 Sign-up bonus we offered; probably, they wanted to test and see if AxisCrude Investment is real or fake. But after some days and weeks, after several “instant payments”, it’s became obvious that AxisCrude Investment is the best. We keep receiving numerous “Thank you” messages and testimonies everyday from many happy and satisfied investors.
Now, you can take a step further by investing and adding to that little deposit in your account; be bold to make some progress by increasing your investment, so that your daily returns can also increase and you will be very glad you did.
It’s simple!
There are two ways to do this.
You can either deposit funds from your Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer or Advcash wallets, or you can re-invest from your profits in AxisCrude Investment.
Please follow these steps carefully:
> Log into your AxisCrude Investment account
> From your Dashboard, Click on “OPEN DEPOSIT”
> Select a Plan A or B
> You will see a box labeled “AMOUNT TO SPEND”
> Type in the exact amount you wish to invest in AXIS-CRUDE
> Below that amount, you will see the following options:
-Spend funds from Perfect Money
-Spend funds from Payeer
-Spend funds from Bitcoin
-Spend funds from Advcash
> Choose your preferred payment option
> Click “SPEND” below the payment options
> The system will now proceed and take you to the next page, where you will see all the information and the options you have chosen to deposit with
> Check properly to confirm that the amount and payment options are correct
> When you have confirmed everything, Click “PROCESS”
> Finally, you will be taken to the appropriate payment processor and you will complete your checkout and deposit funds into your AxisCrude account
> As soon as we receive your funds, it will appear immediately in your “ACTIVE DEPOSIT” and you will see the active amount on your dashboard whenever you log into your account.
Please note that you must have at least $10 balance in your AxisCrude Investment account.
Follow these steps carefully:
> Log into your AxisCrude account
> From your Dashboard, Click on “OPEN DEPOSIT”
> You will see a box labeled “AMOUNT TO SPEND”
> Type in the exact amount you wish to invest in AxisCrude
> If you already have some balance up to $10 in your account, you will see the following options:
-Spend funds from the Account Balance Perfect Money
-Spend funds from the Account Balance Payeer
-Spend funds from the Account Balance Bitcoin
-Spend funds from the Account Balance Advcash
> Choose your preferred deposit option
> Click “SPEND” below the payment options
> The system will now proceed and the exact amount you have selected will be re-invested back to your AxisCrude active deposit.
Well, these procedures may be very easy for all Internet and PC users, but if you find any difficulty while performing these tasks, or you’re confused somewhere in the process, please feel free to contact our support team immediately and we will help you out.
AxisCrude Investment is not just a place to come in and take money, we also try to build relationships and trust with our investors around the world, so that everyone will be satisfied in the end.
AxisCrude Investment is fully ready to meet your needs and assist you in anyway, as long as it has to do with your investment with us; that’s why we keep reminding you that we value you so much and you’re the reason we are still in business.
Once again, we urge you to clear your doubts, relax and feel free to invest with us and you will be happy you did.
Please, continue to spread the good news about AxisCrude Investment, we are the best.
Do not forget to join our Official Facebook Group.
Once again, we appreciate every single investor, you are the reason we are still in business.
Team AxisCrude Investment LTD
Need Assistance? We’re happy to help:
WhatsApp Support:- +44 744 719 1725
Protect your account: -Always keep your password confidential and never share it with anyone.


Payza have a news update on their official blog which is perhaps not aimed directly the the HYIP industry as such, but I’ll include it here anyway because most readers will probably have an account with them. If you’re interested the rather lengthy newsletter explains the concept of “dropshipping”, which in a nutshell is basically the practice of a retail seller getting their own wholesale supplier to send goods directly to the customer without the seller themselves needing to handle the product directly. OK, not much use to HYIP investors I know but if anyone reading this is involved with online business in their regular employment it might be useful. As far as HYIPs are concerned though, the only programs that are listed on the MNO monitor currently using Payza are Biksbit (reviewed here) and BandeiraCorp (reviewed here). It’s no coincidence that these are also the top two programs listed on my monitor, indicating just how big a role the presence of Payza can have in the industry and the confidence that investors can have in the programs that make the effort to be approved by them. A second newsletter from Payza outlines their recent activities expanding into China, making them a truly global payment processor now. You can see both news updates which I’m copying directly from the official Payza news blog below:

5 Dropshipping Tips to Help You Outsource Your Warehouse
Shipping and fulfillment are arguably the most labor-intensive parts of running an e-commerce business. The man-hours required to pack boxes, buy insurance, contact couriers, and track shipments are incredibly time consuming, even for a small business. And as time goes on, the challenge of scaling your logistics can become a critical barrier to growth. This is where dropshipping comes in.
Although dropshipping has been around for years, it’s only now beginning to break into the mainstream. Large retailers like Home Depot and Macy’s are starting to integrate with dropshipping to expand their online offering. Shoe Carnival and Pier 1 Imports have announced plans to start doing the same. E-commerce giants are taking note of this new strategy because it has now been refined and proven effective by countless online start-ups.
Dropshipping works by partnering with your manufacturer or supplier. Instead of buying your merchandise in bulk and warehousing it, once an order has been placed you instruct the wholesaler to ship the goods directly from their warehouse to your customer. In addition to outsourcing all your shipping and fulfillment needs in one fell swoop, dropshipping can benefit your business and your customers.
Advantages of dropshipping
Here are just a few of the benefits that dropshipping has to offer:
Less labor, lower overhead costs: With dropshipping there’s no need to keep a stock of inventory, process shipping information, or pack boxes. That saves significant man-hours and overhead costs.
– Mitigated risk: Because you don’t need to maintain an inventory, you don’t face the risk of buying in bulk and getting stuck with products that don’t sell or are replaced by newer models.
– Wide selection: Now that you’re no longer limited to the amount of stock you can fit in your warehouse, you can offer an infinite shelf of products for your customers.
On top of these advantages, you also enjoy flexible product testing, fewer shipping challenges, greater scalability, lower initial investment, and more.
Dropshipping drawbacks
Even with all these advantages, there are still some downsides to dropshipping. The cost of the service itself is typically expensive, especially for small businesses with slim margins to begin with. As your sales grow and profit margins increase, this becomes less of an issue, but the expense can be a barrier to new businesses.
There are also risks and challenges associated with outsourcing your shipping and fulfillment, since you have no direct control over shipping and handling, and have no opportunity for face-to-face customer service.
5 dropshipping tips to help you succeed
To ensure a successful dropshipping strategy in today’s market, here are five tips you need to consider:
Find your niche
Because Dropshipping allows you to offer something for everyone, the temptation of an infinite shelf is hard to resist, but be careful about falling into this trap. While this may seem like a good idea, it’s not necessarily what customers want. One-stop-shops, while convenient, are also impersonal. Offer your customers what they’re really looking for: something custom tailored for them.
Don’t just sell headphones and stereos, sell headphones and stereos for young professionals who habitate post-industrial urban neighborhoods and consume vegan straight edge punk rock, for example.
The bottom line is: Specialize!
Have multiple fulfillment options
When you’re first building your business, it might seem easiest to just partner with one wholesaler, but that opens you up to exactly the type of risk you’re trying to avoid. It should be part of your plan to store at least some stock in-house (such as your best-selling items) and consider working with multiple suppliers. This way you can still offer an inventory that is unique to your store while avoiding potential troubles associated with relying on a single supplier. You can also save some of the dropshipping costs by fulfilling a portion of your orders in-house.
Be transparent
Myth-busting time: Most people will tell you to hide the fact that you’re outsourcing your warehouse and delivery. Don’t.
You should be upfront with your customers about your fulfillment partner. Today’s consumers have become so comfortable with major marketplaces that dropshipping is not seen as a negative; the most important thing for most online shoppers is that their retailers are open and honest.
Use low-cost marketing and be easy to reach
Profit margins are slim enough for new retailers and dropshipping can make them even slimmer. Dropshipping can also limit your visibility and direct interaction with customers post-sale since you don’t have as much room for packaging customization.
Focus your marketing efforts on effective, low-cost strategies such as SEO and social media engagement.
Make customer service a top priority as well as having open channels of communication. Often in e-commerce, the merchant who responds the quickest to customer inquiries is the one who makes the sale.
Have a complete e-commerce plan
Dropshipping is effective but it’s not a magic solution to every e-commerce need. Too many failed dropshippers have taken an “if you build it, they will come” approach to this business model, assuming that they can passively earn a living income by simply building an online store and waiting for sales to roll in.
Dropshipping can help you launch or expand your business, but it’s just one tool among many, and the most important tool is your own hard work and commitment. Don’t expect a living wage in your first year of business and don’t expect dropshipping to fix all your problems. But if you work hard, curate your inventory well and diversify your revenue streams, it can be one of the cornerstones of a profitable and sustainable enterprise.
Bonus tip: Offer your customers multiple payment options
Once you have set up your online store, you’ll need to provide simple and secure payment options. You’ll want a highly secure payment processor that is easy to integrate onto your website and supports a wide range of payment options, such as credit card, Bitcoin, and e-money transfers.
A Payza account makes it easy to accept online payments and there are lots of added bonuses, like free recurring billing, built-in fraud protection, and no hidden fees. With Payza’s Guest Checkout options, such as credit card and Bitcoin payments, you’ll make it easy for your customers to pay you instantly.

Payza Makes Headlines With New Payment Options for China covers Payza’s entry into China
On April 28th, published an article where they talk about the announcement made by Payza on April 27th: that Payza members in China can now load their Payza e-wallets using the popular local options WeChat, UnionPay and ePayLinks. Also, Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CYR) has been added as a currency supported by Payza for online transactions. Payza has offered basic services in China for nearly five years now, however this is the “first of several targeted initiatives being developed by Payza to support [China’s] growing eCommerce landscape”.
Firoz Patel, global executive vice president for Payza, said that “We are committed to delivering local deposit and withdrawal options specific to our customers’ preferred method by region, and these new services in China are an important step in that direction.”
The full article from can be found on their website: Payza Jumps Into China.
The Paypers highlights new Payza deposit options for China
Also on April 28th, The Paypers published an article mentioning the fact that Payza has announced new deposit options to its members in China and that online transactions for Payza’s Chinese members now can be performed in Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CYR).
Payza’s new deposit options for Chinese members are “expected to strengthen both domestic and cross-border ecommerce” and they are “aligned with [Payza’s] initiative to offer targeted local currency initiatives to markets such as in India, Bangladesh, Mexico and Brazil.”
The full article from The Paypers can be found on their website: Payza e-wallets users in China given access to WeChat, UnionPay, ePayLinks.
Crowdfund Insider mentions Payza’s new e-wallet options available in China
Crowdfund Insider has written in an article on April 27th that Payza has revealed new e-wallet options for China and this is the fourth speciality deposit option launched by Payza this year. Members in China can now utilize their Payza e-wallets by specific local options and they may also perform online transactions in Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CYR).
A recent report by China’s National Bureau of Statistics states that “the Chinese e-commerce market growth rate increased by 26.2% in 2016. . . . By 2020, at least a quarter of the population will be shopping directly on foreign-based e-commerce sites or through third-party cross-border retailers.”
The full article from Crowdfund Insider can be found on their website: Now Available in China: Global Fintecher Payza Reveals New E-Wallet Options.


I had to move SoftMining to Problem Status on the MNO monitor earlier today following the extended downtime that’s been going on for over 24 hours now. You can still see a message on place of the usual site content telling you: “We are updating website. Please Visit us some time later.” However there is no indication as to when it’s going to be back, if ever. I must say that even if SoftMining decided to scam it wasn’t a bad run at all with over four months online, long enough to make a profit for many investors even though they only paid 0.95% to 1.25% per day. Besides, a new plan was launched a few weeks ago where you could try to earn 105% on your investment after just one week, so that might also have found some takers who made a profit. I cannot fault SoftMining much, because right until going offline all the payouts have been processed instantly once they were above the $5 threshold. So whether the admin has deliberately decided to pull the plug, or it’s just unexpected technical difficulties that forced his hand we can only wonder. I contacted him last night, but until now there was no response, so I wouldn’t be too optimistic for a recovery. Anything can happen though and I will keep monitoring the situation with SoftMining and will report any changes. I would urge you though to stay away at the moment and do not invest if it comes back until further notice. First wait for the status on the MNO monitor to change from the current Problem.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: Biksbit.
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorpBitCTradeFatFundsAxisCrude, UnityReserveAurumBank.
From MNO Standard list: ReyKey, FexFund.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all for tonight, guys. I hope you enjoy reading MNO bookmark it in your browser to come back later for more information on the biggest online investment opportunities. You can also subscribe for the Daily News from the blog to be delivered directly to your email address by entering it here, or simply following MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter not to miss any important updates on new programs of a change of status on my monitor. I’ll be back on Thursday with a more detailed look at AnoAds and any other news you need to be aware of. Please vote in the MNO TalkBack poll here on BitCoin only programs that seem to be popular in the HYIP industry at the moment. The final results will be drawn by the end of the week. Thanks for reading, and see you all again on Thursday!

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