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Hello all! Welcome back to the MNO blog which only covers the very best programs with big advertising budgets. Unlike many other monitoring sites this week I didn’t have to move any program to Scam Status on my monitor, and I believe that it does mean a clear indication MNO has been going the right course for some time by keeping the prices high. Unfortunately, that also means that we didn’t have any new programs to cover this week either, as the biggest programs that will rule the HYIP industry this summer are yet to launch. Also, I couldn’t help but notice the increased amount of programs (three over the last few days) purchasing the usually less popular Basic List on MNO which means that they won’t be covered on my blog at any point and won’t be reviewed. As the majority of readers look for more detailed information about the programs they’re about to join, the admins should upgrade to increase their chances. For those of you new here I should explain that Basic listing is the cheapest option on the MNO monitor and the only one where programs are never included on the MNO blog. As my site is first and foremost about information Basic listed programs will not be mentioned here, but if you’re curious enough you can check the latest three additions on the MNO monitor by clicking here. Who knows, maybe the admins have opted for more gradual growth during these relatively quiet weeks in the industry and may decide to upgrade and make their programs more visible on MNO at a later date.

As for me, the ongoing stability and lack of general news to report is helping me get more relaxed and enjoy my leisure time here in the ancient Greek island of Rhodes more productively. Although the last updates was posted on the MNO blog on Thursday I still have very little to report (as all the programs from my monitor continue paying fine and with no issues), and so will dedicate the time to a more thorough analysis of the results of the latest polls from the MNO TalkBack page. I will also give you a couple of new questions on the upcoming summer which is traditionally less active in the HYIP industry, so keep reading for that. I will start however with the latest news from perhaps the most popular program at the moment FexFund.


As of today, FexFund has been online for exactly a month and that means that even those first investors who took a chance on the longest term 5% for 30 days plans should have been completed the first cycle. I’m not even talking of those who who joined the other two paying 109% after 7 days and 6% for 20 days, as they might be even luckier that that. With an impeccable record of instant payouts to all the four accepted payment processors – PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin – and superb customer support FexFund has deservedly won the loyalty of many investors, even those who would be otherwise very sceptical. The admin of the program George is doing his best to accommodate all investors, and as he has admitted in the recent interview to MNO (click here to read) the link to which was also shared in the latest newsletter he even preferred to handle all support requests by himself and not outsource them to other more unreliable people, like many other HYIP admins do. That shows a clear level of commitment to getting things right, and it shows quite a high degree of professionalism as well. No wonder that the gradual development of FexFund which we have been witnessing over the first weeks online has been lauded by investors so much, due to which FexFund is now a clear leader when it comes to members’ support and reinvestments. By the way, in the newsletter re-posted below George made sure to remind you that you can reinvest from your balance without actually withdrawing funds, and thus saving on payment processor fees. More improvements like the introduction of the internal messaging system which you can either enable or disable in your member’s area in FexFund and the first of many promotional contest have been covered by the newsletter. Knowing that the MNO readers love good contests as much as I do I have also reposted the rules of the first one for the best promoters of FexFund which you can participate with the first winners to be announced next Friday. More on FexFund you can read in the review posted here and for the latest updates please take a closer look below:

FexFund has new functions, read the update
I’ve got several complaints about the length of the previous newsletter, so I will try to keep it short this time.
We are entering into our 5th week. It is 28 days while we are on the market now and I’m telling you – we are not going to stop counting!
We have prepared two new functions on the site for you:
– Internal messaging system. From now on you can contact your referrals and your upline as well if you need any advice from him. All messages are displayed on the site only, but we will send the notification to the email if you receive any message. You can also disable function to receive messages. It’s fully up to you.
– The best promoter contest. As we are getting more and more promoters, we have decided to reward them even more. We will be running the weekly or bi-weekly game with some sweet cash prizes to reward promoter’s engagement. The terms are visible on the page with the contest.
Many of you are also asking why they cannot reinvest on the site. Of course, you can use the money which already sits on your balance. All you need to do is go to investment section – make the deposit, choose your plan and choose one of the available payment methods with “balance” name on it. If you cannot see any button with “balance” sign, then it means that you have not enough balance to meet the minimum amount requirement for chosen plan.
There is another interview with me published; it covers many questions so you might find it interesting, just check in here:
From the “back office” news, have you seen the BTC price yesterday, reaching over $2700? We saw and made a good few bucks on it, so we are looking forward to making some more trades like that as it keeps our site stable and reliable!
I won’t keep you busy any longer so enjoy Friday and upcoming weekend!
All the best. George Soleos. CEO of FexFund

Join our best promoter contest!
Dear Promoters, we’ve prepared for you the best promoter contest, all details are available in here:
The best promotor contest
Terms of Promo Contest:
– Every member can participate in the contest, with active or with no investment.
– The contest is about getting as many active referrals as it is possible during the competition time.
– Active referral is the referral with the investment.
– The prizes for each contest are available on the competition subpage.
– All prizes will be added to the chosen account balance and will be available for immediate withdrawal or reinvestment.
– BTC investments are calculated with current BTC to USD exchange rate only for contest purposes.
Currently we are running this contests:
– Contest valid from Fri, May 26th 2017, 00:00 until Fri, Jun 2nd 2017, 23:59


To finish things up for today and what’s been a generally quiet weekend for news stories in the HYIP industry, I want to conclude the recent opinion poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page. I’ll be replacing that with a new question which I’ll be getting to in a few moments. The last question I asked related to a specific program, namely Carbon7Reborn (reviewed here) and the speculation regarding the person or persons that are running it. First of all some background information, just in case anyone wasn’t here or doesn’t remember. Back in 2015 there was a program just called Carbon7. It was the best program of that year, one of the best from the previous couple of years, and one of a number of other hugely popular programs the admin was strongly rumoured to have been behind. Well, he didn’t admit it publicly but he wasn’t exactly quick to dispel the rumours either if you know what I mean. Anyway, flash forward a couple of years and we now have a program called Carbon7Reborn which is, excuse the pun, a carbon copy of the original Carbon7. Naturally with the HYIP industry being what it is, it didn’t take the rumour mill very long to go into overdrive. Whether it really is the same admin or not is beside the point, it was clearly engineered to create that impression without the admin personally holding his hand up and explicitly saying it. Aside from the script, plans, and design which let’s face it can all be copied by anyone, the most telling indicator was the admin using the same PerfectMoney account for Carbon7Reborn as was used by Carbon7. And that’s not something easily replicated! It was never going to take long for this to be identified, something an experienced HYIP admin would probably know.

In that sense it was probably what the admin was hoping to achieve – planting the idea in people’s heads that he has a successful track record while maintaining a level of so called “plausible deniability” should any former investors take him to task demanding a refund from a previous program they lost in. That was basically the purpose of the first of two questions I asked in the poll, if you thought it was the same admin or not, or whether you even cared. The exact question was “Do you believe that Carbon7Reborn is run by the same admin that ran Carbon7 in 2015?

The majority of readers said yes. 60% of you in fact. Now whether that actually encourages you to join or not is beside the point, I’m sure a number of you will look on it favourably if you did well from the original Carbon7, while those of you who lost money may be less enthusiastic. 17% of readers take a diametrically opposing stance, voting no, it’s definitely not the same admin and just a copycat looking to cash-in on an established name. The remaining 23% of you voted for what in many ways might be the most sensible option, saying “I don’t know/it doesn’t matter to me”.

The second question in the poll was perhaps a bit more pertinent. Whatever the identity or experience of the admin running Carbon7Reborn, do you really think it can surpass the original Carbon7 in terms of longevity? This is the stated ambition of the admin, and of course I have little reason to doubt that’s exactly what he would like to happen, but is that enough? The exact question was “What is your prediction on Carbon7Reborn‘s lifetime?” There was an understandably mixed reaction to this, though overall more people seem to fall on the positive side. The single biggest group of voters, 46% of you, said it would surpass the original Carbon7 which means it would have to run until at least the end of the year. 43% of you however expect the complete opposite from the program, saying Carbon7Reborn will be a scam within a few weeks and will fail to outperform its namesake. Meanwhile the remaining 11% of you think the admin has reached his limit and think Carbon7Reborn will ultimately see the same results as Carbon7 – it would be an absolutely fantastic result if so – but don’t expect it to go much further. The funny thing about opinion polls of course is that there are no wrong answers. All three outcomes are entirely possible, yet none of them would really surprise me. Time will tell all in the end. There are various protective measures in place to guard against hit-and-runners, placing gradually expanding spending limits on the IP addresses where the worst offenders traditionally come from. I suppose the idea behind this is to help the program survive the summer with minimal impact on its cash reserves and be in a better position to really hit the ground running once the autumn approaches and flourish when the industry is at its peak. That’s the plan anyway, though in no way does that mean Carbon7Reborn is by any means a safe bet. It should be seen the same high risk game as all other programs monitored on MNO.

In a roundabout sort of way that brings me to the subject of the next question for the MNO TalkBack poll. Summer is traditionally considered the low point in the HYIP industry calendar, largely due to both admins and investors spending more time away from their computers and tending to invest less. However exceptions do happen and we have on occasion in the past seen some few very profitable summers for HYIP investors. The thing is that the industry can pick up on the faster growth later in summer months and it will help the programs starting their way to the top now to enable stable and gradual growth and flourish in the autumn. Plus, don’t forget that the explosive growth in the industry observed during the first three months of 2017 changed to a very sharp decline in April and May which created an appetite for new leaders. Some of the more experienced or just plain lucky admins will surely capitalize on this demand and we already see that in general many programs do run for longer times over the last few weeks. So who knows – maybe we will see a future leader among them soon. They could be also among the programs that are just about to launch and work hard to get to the very top which might take many weeks to achieve. But the most hard-working and determined admins will be rewarded in the end and will have a stronger cash inflow come the traditionally more fruitful autumn months. At that point you see they will definitely have a strong advantage over newly launched programs which are only getting started then and still not trusted. The new questions for you to vote for during the next week on the MNO TalkBack are:

Do you believe that summer will be generally slower than spring in the HYIP industry?

1) Yes, there will be less high-budget and longer lasting programs around
2) No, I believe this summer will see the HYIP industry growing

What are your personal investment plans this summer?
1) I will invest more
2) I will invest less
3) I’ll invest the same as usual
4) I won’t invest until autumn

To be able to vote in the polls please click here. The results of the latest polls featured on the MNO TalkBack page will be posted by next weekend.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BitCTradeBandeiraCorpFexFundAxisCrudeUnityReserve, BitcoinsBrainFatFundsTrafficHeap, AurumBankCoinmee.
From MNO Standard list: Carbon7Reborn.
From MNO Basic list: BetCruisez, DAIC (the first payments received), CryptoGolden (the first instant payment received), SwissCredit (the first instant payment received).

That’s all for today, guys. Thanks for reading and also for voting in the latest polls on the MNO TalkBack page. Most likely I’ll be back to you on Wednesday, as it seems the things are moving slower than usual in the HYIP industry right now. I’ll be back earlier of course if I have any very important information that cannot wait, or have any new additions to the MNO monitor. Remember to check the MNO blog and monitor more often and subscribe to the MNO News Telegram channel here to always stay updated on the biggest investment projects from around the world. You can also follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to the MNO Daily News updates sent to your email directly by the Google-based service Feedburner. It’s very easy to subscribe by entering and confirming your email address here and even easier to unsubscribe later, as the process is fully automated. See you all again very soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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