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01/10/2019. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all, and welcome to the first October news update on the MNO blog! It’s been quite an eventful few days since I last published any news from the HYIP world. Those include quite an important update from the current leader of the HYIP industry and the most popular program among my readers GovBid which will be the main subject of the today’s news, followed by the latest from Hooplex and Hodium, as well as the recent unexpected collapse of Eternity5. The last news should hit some investors hard as there was no one who reached the break-even point with Eternity5, however the golden rule of investing in high-risk HYIPs and smart diversification should have safeguarded reasonable investors from huge losses. I believe actually that such cautious investors are the main core of the MNO blog readership whose sensible approach to online investing is regularly underlined by me in all the reviews of the programs I deliver for you.

Overall, the first month of autumn was a mixed bag indeed. We have seen the launch of a few potentially good programs, however there was also a couple of let-downs which resulted in losses for some investors. October has traditionally been a very active month in the HYIP industry, but this time the huge price fluctuations for BTC and other major cryptocurrencies could create significant shifts in the pattern for both HYIP admins and investors. The new challenges the industry has been facing are slowly shaping a truly different environment where old models that worked before failed to deliver and new methods of creating fortunes are slowly replacing the tried-and-tested features that served us so well in previous years. In such turbulent times it’s important to remember that the HYIP industry is a very cyclical thing and it had all types of bumps along the road before, but it has always adapted to new conditions by constantly evolving with the fast-paced world we’re living in now. The question is how to spot the instant it’s best to invest in HYIPs to maximize your possible revenue, which is why MNO is here to make things easier for you. All the former and future HYIP industry leaders have always used my advertising platform to take advantage of probably the most reputable out of the oldest online resources solely dedicated to the subject of HYIPs. After all, over the twelve years my blog and monitor has developed into something truly unique offering users the experience of discovering new investment opportunities with some that couldn’t be found anywhere else. So, in order to discover truly outstanding investment opportunities make sure to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to receive regular blog updates directly to your email address you can submit here. And of course, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions you can always contact me here, write directly at or simply chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. I will be also pleased to hear any feedback regarding the listed programs on the MNO monitor or the MNO ShoutBox, and please vote in the poll that’s currently running on the MNO TalkBack page as the final results will be drawn by the end of the week.

Let’s start the news now to cover everything that was happening over this last weekend and the first couple of days of the new business week in the HYIP industry.


It’s only been about six weeks or so since GovBid was first launched, but its rise in that short time has been meteoric in comparison to some of the longer running names in the industry. So much so in fact that I fully expect it to capture the number one spot on the MNO monitor‘s Premium list before too much longer. That could possibly happen as soon as tomorrow depending on expected earnings, but certainly this week sometime at the latest. In the GovBid admin’s efforts at carefully managing the gradual growth and expansion of the program he’s decided the time is now right to expand the website and make it more open and user friendly to an international audience. To help with the advertising side of things he’s just purchased a month long banner on the MNO website.

Up until now the GovBid website has been monolingual, i.e. only available in English, which is shortly about to change with the help of its members. I guess there are more people in the world with English as a second language than any other, but it would still be a lot more appealing to most folks if they could read it in their native tongue. There’s a lot to be said for this, because if you read the original review of GovBid on MNO here you’ll see that it really is a lot more complex than anything else in the industry at the moment. That’s by no means a bad thing of course, but it doesn’t really make things easy for someone who might otherwise love to invest but is having difficulty figuring the whole thing out. That’s where you guys come into the picture. You see, rather than just using an online auto-translator or hiring a professional, the GovBid admin has put aside a fairly generous budget for members who are prepared to translate the website for him. It’s basically just an open free-for-all competition where members are invited to submit their efforts, and if your particular version is selected you could win as much as $1,000. It’s more than just the prize money though, whoever composes the winning translations may be offered longer term earning opportunities by the GovBid admin as he seeks foreign language support operators and needs ongoing translation work done on future newsletters and updates. In that sense I guess the work is never really finished as such so as I said, it could prove a lucrative opportunity to make a little extra money from the program independently of any separate investments.

It’s impossible to sum up what investment plans GovBid are offering, pretty pointless even to try actually due to the nature of the program being a permanent state of evolution. To put it as simply as possible, making an investment with GovBid involves purchasing contracts with different rates and various lengths and selling them for profit on expiry. These so-called contracts are changing all the time, so if you see something you like today it’s probably best to act on it because the offer isn’t a permanent one and could change by tomorrow. You can use any of PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tron, Stellar, Zcash or Dash to join GovBid for just a $1 minimum. Payouts are handled automatically by the script and a typical waiting time would be 24 hours for payouts up to $100, longer countdown timer will be set for those with higher withdrawal requests, so as to encourage investors to repurchase other contracts. You see, some contracts’ expiry time may start from only a few hours which might make the prospect much more lucrative for the average investor instead of waiting for a withdrawal. Plus, under some circumstances the waiting time might be further extended but it really only applies to the biggest investors that might need some extra security checks to ensure the payment is going to its rightful owner.

Anyway, it’s with those contracts in mind that we move on to the other news updates from the admin. I mentioned the review of the GovBid program you can find elsewhere on the MNO blog already above, however with so many ongoing changes and improvements going on I guess I might go back and write a second updated version. I mean the plans are in a constant state of flux anyway, but even when GovBid first launched they were working exclusively with BitCoin which has of now changed completely. In the continuous evolution of the investment plans, the GovBid admin has just announced two new sets of packages which you can read about in the news updates published below. At the time of writing one of these is I would say geared a bit more towards the bigger spending HYIP players among you, though this can easily change and besides, GovBid have plenty of offers open to investors of every budget, big and small. The newer developments are called The Passive Lien Package which comes with a $1,000 minimum spending requirement and The Prime Payouts Package which is open to all investors for $500. The “prime” in the title here makes reference to the fact that waiting times on payments to members have been cut in half, which I imagine is something to encourage members to take up the offer. Not that I’ve ever had a reason to complain about existing payouts in the past, if anything GovBid have been one of the most stable and dependable operators anywhere in the HYIP industry. In the case of The Passive Lien Package what you get is a multi tier payment system that awards higher interest rates on a daily basis provided you maintain a certain minimum account balance. There’s no absolute requirement to keep more than you can afford in your GovBid account of course, but if it drops below a certain point you earn less interest and eventually stop getting paid altogether if you don’t maintain the balance. I suppose it’s better if we let the admin explain all this in his own words, you can read all the latest news from him in the updates I’m reposting for you below:

Today’s article is about exiting, powerful, yet easy to work with improvements. We have received a lot of feedback from our members over the two months of our initial growth, and now we are ready to introduce a set of improvements that will truly empower our platform!
But first, let’s quickly review our past week’s status…
The system of Capital Lineups, introduced a few days ago, had some mixed reactions. While most of our users liked this feature, some people expressed the opinion that such a package is too complex for daily use. We heard your concerns and made significant improvements. We also did our best to ensure the Capital Lineups system’s safety and stability. You may now enjoy our first package at its best. This instrument is one of the most advanced nonstop revenue-generating systems that are available to any regular online investor, big or small.
Getting the right contracts for your portfolio can be hard at times. Pro-players buy them quickly, forcing you to stay online 24/7 to grab that profitable option before it’s gone. Never again! We made your investment process so simple and straightforward that it just might become the most preferred investment option for many of our members.
Passive Lien package is now available for all players at G.B.P and it has 3 tiers.
The 1st tier is automatically activated when your Available Balance reaches $1000. You will automatically receive up to 1% revenue on your Available Balance, credited every 24 hours. You can see the revenue credits in the “My Wallet” section of your account. No time will be wasted without profits, even when you don’t see a suitable for your contract in the Available Contracts sections!
The 2nd tier will create up to 1.7% of the revenue the Available Balance, and it’s automatically triggered when your A.B. Reaches $3000.
The 3rd tier will create up to 2% revenue on the Available Balance and is automatically triggered when your available balance reaches $5000.
Passive Lien: Important notes:
– If A.B. goes bellow the requirement, and revenue hasn’t been credited yet in the “My Wallet” section, you will not receive the revenue. The required balance has to be present at all times for you to receive the revenue.
– Passive Lien’s revenue will be credited during all 7 days of the week.
– Revenue’s continuous animation is for visual purposes only. The actual revenue is credited to your account at 0:00 UTC, not continuously.
Prime Payouts package was designed to speed up your withdrawals effortlessly yet safely for the platform itself. This feature was the most frequently requested over nearly 50 days of G.B.P.’s online status.
Our Financial monitoring structure consists of multiple layers of security. One of these layers is a balanced withdrawal timing ratio that makes effective monitoring of the system possible.
To ensure that the new set of rules would not compromise the platform’s safety, the Prime Payouts package depends on the A.B. (Available Balance) and has 3 tiers.
The 1st tier gets activated when your A.B. Reaches $500, tier 1 of this package will be automatically activated in your GB Packages area. Once the Prime Payouts feature is activated, all withdrawal requests in the $1-500 range will have their timers reduced by half. For example, if your A.B. is $1000, you may request up to $500 worth of withdrawals with the withdrawal processing timer set for 12 business hours instead of a standard 24 hours waiting period. The other $500 must remain available for the Prime Payouts package’s requirement of $500 A.B. at all times.
The 2nd tier of Prime Payouts feature is activated when the A.B. reaches $1000. At this tier, the withdrawal requests in the range $1000-$5000 will have their timers reduced by half.
The 3rd tier of Prime Payouts feature is activated when the A.B. reaches $5000 or more. At this tier, the withdrawal requests in the range $1000-$5000 will have their timers reduced by half.
Prime Payouts: Important notes:
– You have to have at least $500 A.B. for the Prime Payout package to be active. If your balance goes below $500 during a withdrawal request, only the timers of the withdrawal requests that were made with $500 or more A.B. will be reduced by half. (Let’s say if your A.B. = $1200, you request 1st payout for $400 (A.B. = $800), then you request a second one for $100 (A.B. = $700) and add a third one for $50 (A.B. = $650). You would now have 3 requests that are not making your A.B. bellow the package’s requirement of $500, thus all 3 requests will be processed with their timers reduced by half. If the sum total of the withdrawal requests will make your A.B. below $500, Prime Payouts will not be applied and timers will not change.)
– Requesting withdrawals in the total amount that exceeds requirements for the tier will result in the reduced timers of the eligible tier’s withdrawal requests.
– All withdrawal requests made before activating the Prime Payouts package will have the same timers as prior to the activation.
We made sure to provide our additions with a room for user tests, hence for the next 48 hours, both new packages will work as single-tier ones. If no serious bugs are found during the first 48 hours, we will enable the 3-tier progressions. Please report here if you find any inconsistencies or glitches. Your feedback is vitally important to us!
Now that the core structure of the platform is mostly finished, it might be the right time to provide our community with an opportunity to shine in its full glory! Today we announce our first paid contest with a starting budget of $15000 where each professional translator will be paid up to $1000 reward for a single language full-scale website localization.
If your translation is chosen to become a solid quality final product that is both pleasing for the native eye yet keeps the vibe and the spirit of the platform intact, you may be granted with an essential task of providing our users with a full-scale translation of the whole GovBid Website and G.B.P.’s interface content.
1st place budget is $7000 for 7 language versions; 2nd place budget is $2500, and 3rd place budget is $500. 2nd place winners will be tasked with translating articles in our “Updates” section; 3rd place winners with focus on help sections of our social media channels.
The term for the localization contest is simple: each user should submit a translation of this Article into the language of his or her preference within 4 days from the publication of this update. The final content will be reviewed by the native speakers of each language. The best translators will have an opportunity to work on website localizations and may even be offered to continue working full-time as GovBid Community Staff Members! Please submit your translation in PDF file format to before October 3rd.
Stay tuned for updates on the results of this and other contests on our social media channels!
Facebook Page, Twitter Channel, Telegram Channel


Hooplex has clearly become one of the best programs on the year 2019 and I have no doubt in my mind that the fantastic 8-month long run so far has been achieved due to a constantly expanding advertising campaign supervised by various promotional teams from many countries around the world. And we are not talking here only about online advertising. In the case of Hooplex some major emphasis has been put on spreading the word offline in order to attract a totally different crowds which greatly varies from the ordinary HYIP audience. Holding various events in different countries which Hooplex refer to as “conferences” certainly positively contributes to the overall growth which brings current investors stable payouts (officially promised to be processed within 72 hours, though in reality much faster) to thousands of satisfied investors. The best thing about Hooplex for my readers is that the admin joined MNO on day one and since then the program has been nothing but impeccable with no major disruptions and stable performance on all the offered investment plans which include 0.7% for 30 days, 0.8% for 60 days, 0.9% for 90 days, 1% for 120 days, 1.05% for 150 days, 1.1% for 180 days. All the plans credit your account with a fixed interest rate on every calendar day and return the principal on expiry. Although if you read my original review of Hooplex posted here you might remember that the investment process involves converting a $50+ deposit into the internal currency called Lexera and selling it back to the program on every withdrawal request for a small fee which may somehow reduce your overall earnings. On a positive note, you may request your withdrawal to any of the twenty available payment processors Hooplex is working with – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, DogeCoin, EthereumClassic, Tether, Tron, Dash, Zcash, Ripple, Waves, BlackCoin, Neo, Monero, BitcoinGold, DigiByte and Decred. Plus, just recently you may also invest directly with two of the most popular cryptocurrencies – BitCoin and Ethereum. So if you don’t like Lexera in and out conversion and BTC or ETH are your cup of tea then you may proceed with a direct investment into the chosen plan. Besides, anyone who promotes Hooplex online can take advantage of additional revenue streams, as the referral program in place is both lucrative and very rewarding. About just how it’s best to use the promotional tricks to maximize your possible referral commissions on multiple levels with Hooplex there is a series of email educational articles reposted below, preceded by the news about the first online conference in Indonesia scheduled for tomorrow and the other events coming soon. Check out all the latest news from Hooplex issued over the last few days:

The first Hooplex online conference for residents of Indonesia
Every day, our technical support receives letters asking us to organize a Hooplex event in a specific city. We are extremely grateful to you for your interest in our project!
The largest number of such letters comes from Indonesia. We are actively working on organizing conferences and trainings, but we cannot be in dozens of cities across the country at the same time. Not everyone who is interested in our project has the opportunity to attend our events. Therefore, we have found another solution!
On October 2, we will hold our first online conference for Indonesians!
You will find out:
– What opportunities does Hooplex offer to everyone?
– How does Lexera technology work?
– How to build a career in the company?
– How to earn from $100 a day with Hooplex?
– How to get from 21%-33% per month with deposit programs?
– Topical news of the company’s development from top officials.
And all this from the comfort of the house!
SPEAKER: top leader of Indonesia Mr Zenal Mutakin
Date: October 2, Time: 19:00 wib, Link to the online conference:
We’re waiting for you at your monitors!
ATTENTION: the number of places is limited! Click on the link in advance to get the place in time!
Send this letter to your entire structure!

Friends, welcome! We are glad to inform you that very soon you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with our community and to communicate with our speakers personally and ask them questions.
We in the Hooplex community believe that every person should have the opportunity to get a chance for a better life, the opportunity to discover new directions and knowledge that will help to improve the financial situation.
That’s why Hooplex conferences are held in different cities. Coming soon, meet in your city!
Surabaya, Jogyakarta, Bangkalan, Medan, Bandung, Cilacap, Purbalingga, Trenggalek, Pasuruan, Banyuwangi, Jember, Probolinggo, Jombang, Madiun, Paser kaltim, Samarinda, Tenggarong, Makasar, Malaysia, Hongkong, Taiwan
Follow the news on our website to keep up to date with the schedule of events and not to miss out on important information! See you in the next city!

Active leaders are welcome to cooperate in the International Project Hooplex.
Good day! Profitable deposit programs with returns of 21% to 33% per month.
Deposits in Bitcoin, Ethereum, LXR.
Referral seven-level-program. With 5 career statuses. Get up to 18% from your structure.
For active leaders, we offer the following terms:
– Exclusive right to represent the company in your country.
– Project development budgets
– Unlimited support of the company in all matters
– Special conditions for active teams
– Marketing support Conference
– Payments Additional cash bonuses.
For 7 months, the Hooplex team has been working on the project continuously improving it. Improving Lexera Multicurrency Core Technology.
During this time, over 15 countries have joined us. And now we are ready to scale up the project and to enter all countries of the world.
If you are a leader and you are ready to build a career in the Hooplex project, email us, you have the opportunity to become the first one and to get all the privileges.
We are ready to discuss individual terms for leaders with large structures.
Learn more about the terms of work with Hooplex, email: Telegram:
Sincerely, Mr. Kevin Green
Hooplex Chief Marketing Officer

Get tools for structure development every day!
Good day! It is not enough for a stable high income to open a deposit.
You need to build a team.
Earlier we sent you important letters with marketing materials so that you could develop the project efficiently and make your passive income.
If you have not received these letters, we will show you how to succeed on the platform!
We will send you tools on how to build a team with Hooplex every day within the next week!
We will give you: Presentations; Videos; Cases; Comments; Tools to attract like-minded people without much effort.
You only need to monitor your mailbox and do whatever Hooplex recommends!
Best regards, Hooplex Team

Build your team and earn more with Hooplex!
Good day! It is not enough for a stable high income to open a deposit.
You need to build a team. We offer such opportunities to earn money that you can get rewards using the referral program.
How does it work? Let’s see an example.
You opened a deposit at Hooplex, starting at $100 for 30 days. You get 70 cents a day and 21 dollars net profit per month. But can you earn more? Yes!
Example: You gathered a team of 10 active people who began to promote the Hooplex project and earned $400 net profit.
Hooplex leader advantage:
– additional dividends;unlimited financial opportunities;
– chat with like-minded people around the world;
– personal growth within the project.
Follow the link below to learn the details of the referral program –
Referral program is another way to earn more with Hooplex!
Best regards, Hooplex Team


Since Hodium was first listed on MNO over two weeks ago there wasn’t a single day when the daily variable interest rate fell below the 1% mark. So those people who wanted to see their cryptocurrencies grow (BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dash and DogeCoin are all accepted) should be satisfied, as in theory the interest should have ranged between 0.1% to 1.5% daily. As BTC and other cryptocurrencies fell about 20% in value since Hodium first started trading there might be a good investment decision for those who wanted to make some profit in crypto-value instead of the USD value as their investments must have grown by about 20% already. In the case of Hodium though it’s the huge advantage of flexibility comes into play, as investors are free to withdraw their principal (fully or partially) at any time they want and without any fees. That’s what actually differentiates Hodium from many similar programs and allow HYIP investors to decide what they want to do with their invested capital by changing their strategies on the go by coming and going any time they feel like. Also note that all the withdrawals paid to BitCoin, LiteCoin and DogeCoin are paid instantly and automatically while the other three options will have to wait for manual processing up to a 24 hour maximum. More information on Hodium can be found in the detailed review can be read by clicking here.

The new business week sees the second weekly bounty program contest where Hodium members get paid rewards in exchange for fulfilling various tasks which in turn helps spread the word about the program and advantages of joining it to new investors thus keeping it growing at all times. The newsletter which specified the channels you can use to promote Hodium among your online acquaintances and prizes for doing certain tasks which will be credited to your Ethereum account can be found below:

Hodium Bounty Program – #2 Week (30/09 – 06/10) Online!
After successful 1st week of bounty, we are happy to announce our 2nd bounty week. We have updated old bounties and added new ones, please see in detail here:
– During this week we will be issuing bounty payments for 1st week.


The official launch of Eternity5 two weeks ago certainly created a lot of buzz across the HYIP industry with the strong rumours having been circulating regarding the admin’s identity. Pretty much anybody looking at the Eteernity5 website had a certain feeling of deja vu and couldn’t help but notice striking similarities to the previous hit Timeless5. That program which was also listed on MNO a few months ago managed to more than double the deposits of the first investors while paying for over 40 days and was a true gem in an otherwise slow summer season. In the case of Eternity5 it looks like the admin simply created it to ride on the fame of the previous program and I believe he didn’t have any real plan in place to run for as long as he was expected to. With Eternity5 the vast majority jumped onboard on day one which was a huge contrast with the otherwise very slow growth for Timeless5 back in June. That explosive start of Eternity5 I guess is the main reason that determined its fate, as the payments have not been processed today which promoted me to move the program to Problem status on the MNO monitor. Of course, another contributing factor to this untimely demise might be the latest sudden drop of BTC in price which could somehow hurt the admin’s ability to pay investors. On the contrary, during Timeless5‘s run the BTC price was constantly on the rise and investors benefited not only from the 5% daily payouts, but also gained extras due to the increased value of the BitCoin currency itself. Whatever caused a very sad ending to an otherwise quite promising program can only be guessed at the moment, as the admin failed to reply to my email asking about the reasons of the daily payment delays. I suppose if there’s nothing to say I shouldn’t have really expected to get any reaction from him. This time Eternity5 was clearly a disaster with even the very first investors failing to secure more than two thirds of their initial investment. My commiserations to them as just like anyone else I was very surprised by the sudden demise of Eternity5 which happened on the first day of October. Please stop investing there, guys!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Hooplex, GovBid, YesssHodium.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all the news I have for today, guys. I’ll be back with all the latest news and updates from the HYIP industry’s biggest programs everyone is talking about in a few days time. Meanwhile, thanks a lot for reading and I hope you will have a lucky and profitable week ahead of you with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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