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Hello everyone, and welcome again to the MNO blog where the main objective is to deliver the latest news and updates from the biggest investment opportunities in the HYIP industry. Having been online for over twelve years now MNO is widely regarded as a reputable monitor ready to share a wealth of experience on the most lucrative HYIPs. Although it’s now mid-October which is usually a thriving season for HYIP investors and admins alike, this year seems more subdued. Last week saw the collapse of industry leader GovBid (the financial results of its 53 day lifetime will be further discussed in the MNO TalkBack poll results in a few moments) and that alone negatively affected the balance. That plus an ever increasing number of fast scams blighting the industry at the moment doesn’t help much either. While that might be the reason why HYIP related activities have been at a low point this year the industry is quite fluid and can easily change within the next week or two if we see new industry giants emerging to serve the investment community. Therefore it’s important to always stay updated and the best way to get on top of all the latest news and monitoring additions is to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter. You may also submit your email address here to join more than 3,000+ subscribers to the regular blog updates which are sent directly to you within 24 hours of publication on the MNO blog. If you want to allow push notifications from my blog in your browser to be notified as soon as anything is posted please click on the Bell icon located in the bottom right-hand side of the screen and you’re done. And of course I will be pleased if you stay in touch with me personally either by chatting on Telegram @mnoblog, by submitting your query via this contact form or simply by emailing me directly at abramsonp@gmail.com I’m always pleased to hear your feedback and you may also share your opinions with your fellow investors on the MNO ShoutBox and vote for your favourite program on the MNO monitor. Thanks as always for reading and meanwhile let’s focus on the latest updates from some good paying programs featured on my monitor – Hooplex and Hodium.


After more than 250 days online Hooplex (reviewed here) is still doing incredibly well and seems to be going only from strength to strength. That means hundreds of investors if not more already in good profit from the program’s multiple offers paying a fixed daily interest over a fixed term and returning principal on expiry – 0.7% for 30 days, 0.8% for 60 days, 0.9% for 90 days, 1% for 120 days, 1.05% for 150 days, and 1.1% for 180 days. You can clearly see that it was possible to go several cycles from some of the plans and many investors have doubled or even tripled their original investment with Hooplex. Despite the relatively high minimum of $50 you have to have in order to invest with Hooplex a whopping twenty accepted payment methods really make a difference for those who want to fund their account in the program with PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, DogeCoin, EthereumClassic, Tether, Tron, Dash, Zcash, Ripple, Waves, BlackCoin, Neo, Monero, BitcoinGold, DigiByte or Decred. Although now it’s also possible to make a deposit directly with your BTC or ETH I imagine the majority of investors will still go through the process of conversion required on each deposit and withdrawal for a small exchange fee with the internal currency known as Lexera which serves as the intermediary in this case. On the plus side though the Hooplex investors will benefit from the option to via one payment processor and withdraw to another depending on their preference or needs at any given time. All withdrawals from Hooplex are processed within a 72 hour maximum (officially) but in practice it only takes a few hours until you see your profit transferred to your preferred account.

Hooplex has become famous not only for its long lifetime, but also for its unorthodox approach to advertising. The thing is that unlike many other HYIPs which simply concentrate their promotional campaigns solely on online advertising, Hooplex goes the extra mile by holding public meetings and seminars in many countries across the world (though largely focused on the Asian market) with the help of their leadership teams helping to spread the word about the program outside of the regular HYIP community. Maybe that’s the recipe for their success, maybe something else, but the Hooplex lifetime has been nothing short of phenomenal already. Of course, we all hope that the program will keep up the good work and keep expanding with the help of various offline events with the two latest announced for Vietnam and Indonesia. Please take a look below to find out more about that:

The First Hooplex Leaders’ Meeting in Vietnam: October 12
Welcome, friends! We are pleased to announce that Hooplex conference will be held in Ho Chi Minh City on October 12th.
Topic of the event: Introducing the latest digital payment technology, LexeraWay.
It is noteworthy that this conference is not only for beginners, but also for the leaders of our community! It’s a unique opportunity to share your work experience with Hooplex, learn how to optimize your work to start earning even more!
In turn, those who are new to Hooplex will get a live chat with the leaders and all the necessary information for the start:
– What opportunities does Hooplex offer to everyone?
– How does Lexera technology work?
– How to build a career in the company?
– How to earn from $100 a day with Hooplex?
– How to get from 21%-33% per month with deposit programs?
– Topical news of the company’s development from top officials.
We’re waiting for you!
Date: October 12, 2019, Time: 1.30 PM Vietnam Time, Place: Restaurant ??U LÀNG, 115A TR?N THÁI TÔNG street, 15 ward, TÂN BÌNH distrist, H? CHÍ MINH city, Theme: 1st Leaders’ Meeting Vietnam – AsiaClub team, Host/Interpreter: Ms. Lisa, Speaker: Mr. Kevin

Hooplex Conference in Sukabumi
Sukabumi, thank you for the warm welcome! We are grateful to everyone who came to our event on October 11th to focus on innovative digital payment technology, LexeraWay.
The world is changing rapidly, and we are glad that you are ready to change with it as well! The Hooplex international community stands for progress in all its forms. We believe that we must not just adapt to the changes that are taking place – we must learn to benefit from them!
This is exactly what our LexeraWay technology is all about, providing our community members with a high income.
Hooplex is a community of successful people. People don’t come here like that – they become like that with us! We teach you how to use the cryptocurrency so that you can grow, learn new technologies and make a profit.
Watch the photo report from our event in Sukabumi!
We are waiting for you at our next meetings! Hooplex Community is a new world of possibilities for you and your family! We will help you to reach a new financial level!


Hodium have been busy rewarding the most active investors for spreading the word about the benefits of joining them for a couple of weeks now and many active promoters have already received an extra prize in the form of Ethereum funds in their wallets. Nothing’s been lost for those who didn’t have a chance to participate yet for some reason, as the new week brings a new set of tasks to fulfil and new prizes to give away. The winners of the previous week have been also announced in the latest newsletter from Hodium which you can check below to find a direct link to their bounty program:

Hodium Bounty Program – #3 Week (11/10 – 17/10) finally online!
We are proud to announce the launch of our 3rd bounty week, on top of that we have added two new bounties. See what’s new! https://hodium.com/bounty
We have distributed our 2nd week bounty awards, see here.
That’s it for a quick update, have a great weekend! Don’t forget to share your Hodium experience with a community: https://t.me/hodiumchat

Another great news update received today was in regards to the lowered minimum requirements for withdrawals in five of the six accepted cryptocurrencies (with the exclusion of BitCoin), so now all the Hodium members can benefit from making more frequent withdrawals from their accounts as the new rule is outlined below:

Lower Withdrawal Limits!
Once again, we give you great people what you want with a super low new withdrawal limits equivalent to: 100 doge, 0.005 ETH, 0.01 Dash, 0.01 LTC, 0.004 BCH
Have a great week ahead!

Overall, I must say I’m quite impressed at how well Hodium has been performing so far, as after the first four weeks online there was not a single complaint received from members. On the contrary, everyone seems to be praising the program’s ability to deliver instant payouts to BitCoin, LiteCoin and DogeCoin while also paying manually within 24 hours to BitcoinCash, Dash and Ethereum. Although Hodium pays a variable daily return which can be as low as 0.1% and as high as 1.5% the current daily rate seems to be floating around a healthy 1% mark at the moment. That means from the date of the program’s official launch it was possible to make at least 30% profit on your investment, as principal withdrawal (full or partial) is available for Hodium at any time and totally free of charge. I guess many investors have already used this opportunity to make some money and some of them left Hodium after a couple of weeks. However, it might be possible that the admin is looking into more ways to expand and the next step might be the addition of PerfectMoney and Payeer as USD-based payment processors for which many HYIP investors still have an appetite for. Actually just yesterday the admin asked Hodium members to vote in a Telegram poll and answer the following question: “Would you like to have PerfectMoney and Payeer added as additional payment methods on Hodium?” When I last looked at the poll results they appear to be overwhelmingly in favour of the addition of traditional payment processors which will be a wise move from the admin should he decide to implement them in the future. As you might remember from the original review of Hodium posted here, the program started by accepting exclusively cryptocurrency, so there is certainly room to grow. Another move that might be implemented by the Hodium admin in the near future is a drastic change in how referral commissions are credited to members’ accounts. The current model of paying from the referral’s profit is proposed to be swapped for a one-off payment from the deposit, which is actually the more common method in the industry, and is seemingly also getting members’ support at the moment. That was the subject of yet another question asked of investors on Telegram earlier today: “Would you like to receive a single, direct affiliate commission from your referrals deposit (E.g. 4 % from referrals investment)?” You might also receive this newsletter from Hodium asking you to submit your feedback in order to improve the program which is a highly admirable move on the admin’s side I must say. Whatever happens next I’ll keep you updated on any further developments from Hodium as they happen. Stay tuned for that, guys!


The final item to discuss on today’s news update and indeed to wrap things up for this week is the final results of the last opinion poll that just ran on the MNO TalkBack page. I’ll be posting another question to replace it of course, but more on that in just a moment. The last poll was quite topical and concerned the program GovBid. Since the program has closed now and the question involved how individual readers saw their investments perform (either good or bad) there’s isn’t much reason to keep it running for much longer, given that I think just about everyone who wanted to express an opinion has probably done so. There’s no real question or doubt as to the quality or performance of GovBid itself, considering the program had a run of 53 consecutive paying days it was possible to profit from a staggering 52 of them, something unprecedented to the best of my knowledge in the HYIP industry assuming you knew how to use a good strategy for playing it in the first place. Of course I’m fully aware that some people will have lost money in GovBid as is always going to be the case in every HYIP, and I know that me praising it after it has already ended as a scam for some of you will be of absolutely no comfort, so apologies if you get the wrong impression here, but I can only record the facts as expressed by readers and their personal experiences. The question I asked you to consider was a pretty straight forward matter then, nothing too complicated, specifically: Did you make or lose money in GovBid?

There was a pretty wide spread in the possible answers but I was really pleased to see the majority of readers had a strong and positive experience with the program. The fact that as with most of the very best programs the admin opted to start with MNO and only branch out to other monitors and advertising resources at a later stage surely helped with that I suppose, but at the end of the day I don’t really care how it happens, as long as my readers do well from their investments and get a fair and equal chance to profit then I’m pleased. So with a 46% vote for the answer “I managed to make a big profit”, I must say that was very satisfying. A smaller number of you voted “I made a small percentage profit”, though even that was 15% of you so when the two numbers are combined that’s a pretty strong majority. Unfortunately as is always the way in these things not everyone had such a positive outcome, but as is the nature of online HYIPs the profits of some have to be financed by the losses of others. I wish there was a better way to go about it, but that’s how it goes and no point in wasting anyone’s time by sugar coating it. I do sympathise with those who lost money in GovBid of course, but from a personal point of view speaking as a blog writer and monitor I’m glad most of my own readers came out on top here. For the record though 8% of you said your own result with GovBid ended when “I made a small percentage loss” while the remaining 31% of you had the most negative experience by voting “I lost most of my investment”.

Congratulations to those who won, and all I can say is to commiserate those of you who lost money is that I hope you have better luck next time in recouping your money from other sources and that you don’t give up hope completely. Good programs will always come and go, hopefully if you follow MNO you might hit on a more successful investment strategy next time.

So, let’s move on to something completely new and put GovBid behind us once and for all, no matter how it ended for you. It did occur to me however that with such a significant number of MNO readers in profit, it can’t be entirely down to a simple matter of just getting lucky with this one program. I imagine a lot of you will have some degree of experience in the HYIP industry and know how to play it to your advantage. It can be a lengthy process, a costly one at that unless you’re sensible, but ultimately profitable for those who choose to learn from the mistakes of both themselves and of others. Actually I already know quite a lot of you have been around a very long time, going from personal e-mail correspondence with some readers (you know who you are) and regular investors under the MNO downline in one program or another going back more than a decade. People come and go from the HYIP industry all the time of course, I guess a lot of it might come down to whether your initiation into the world of online earning opportunities was positive or not. I remember once seeing a recovering gambling addict interviewed on a TV news documentary say the luckiest thing that can ever happen anyone is to lose their first ever bet as that might help make it their last ever bet at the same time. Well, whatever your motivation, either a harmless hobby for a couple of spare dollars for the fun of it when you get the chance or a more serious income supplement you depend on, you’re all reading this now. So I’m just curious about the wider MNO readership whom I don’t necessarily hear from personally all that often. How long have you been playing with HYIPs, either seriously or just for the fun of it now and again? As for myself, well MNO has been online 12 years and I’d guess I was at it as a regular investor for a good two years prior to that again. Congratulations if you managed to stick around even longer than that, I’m sure you must have some stories! But it doesn’t matter to me, you’re all on an equal footing as far as I’m concerned and I value all me readers both old and new equally. The exact question therefore will be as follows:

How long have you been involved with the HYIP industry?

It’s a simple enough question and not something that requires a great deal of thought I hope. Possible answers can be selected from the following, just pick the option that comes closest to matching your own personal experience:

– I’m new to HYIPS, only in the last year or less
– I’m in the industry from 12 months to two years
– I have from two to five years experience with HYIPs
– From five to eight years experience in the industry
– I’ve been involved with the industry eight years or more

As always let me just say thank you in advance to all the readers who take the time and effort to participate in the poll, your votes are most welcome and remember there’s never really a wrong answer as such, it’s just a question of how you perceive things. Voting takes literally just a second, and all votes remain strictly confidential, untraceable, and anonymous at all times. The voting buttons should you wish to take part can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here, and will remain open until I think next weekend or thereabouts. Plenty of time for anyone who wants to take part to have ample time to do so. As I said, it’s fully anonymous but if you’d like to discuss it with your fellow readers you’re always welcome to do so on the MNO ShoutBox anytime.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 120 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Hooplex, YesssHodium.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all I have for you tonight, guys. As I’ve arrived in Moldova (my first visit here) I’m curious what its capital city and surrounding countryside has to offer so I’ll be busy exploring over the next few days. I’ll still be active on MNO though and will be looking forward to introducing new promising programs which I’m sure will be coming to the MNO monitor soon. Meanwhile, please don’t forget to vote in the TalkBack poll and I’ll talk to you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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