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17/06/2020. Azentus Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Azentus has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone, and welcome yet again to the MNO blog – your one-stop shop for all things related to the magic and mystery of the online HYIP universe! So, midway through the business week and things have taken an interesting twist with the addition of a couple of new programs to the MNO monitor. One new one to the Standard List which I’ll be introducing in a few moments in today’s news section (keep reading for that), plus the emergence of Azentus, another brand new name joining us on the MNO monitor‘s Premium List. It’s an interesting program in the sense that it allows investors a high degree of flexibility to make more or less what they want out of the concept. For instance at first glance Azentus appears to be a no expiry perpetual based program (which it is) but also with an easy early withdrawal clause so you are free to treat it as a short, medium, or long term investment depending on how your needs change from one day to the next. It’s also remarkable simple to get yourself set up and start earning, so fingers crossed this might be just what a lot of investors feel they’ve been starved of in this otherwise slow investment season. So let’s kick off today’s update with a closer look at Azentus and see if you think you might like to see them in your own summer portfolios.
First things first, please be aware that at the time of writing Azentus are working exclusively with BitCoin. To the best of my knowledge there isn’t currently any plans to change that, though anything can happen and if it does then MNO will be the first place you hear about it. It’s not a massive disadvantage in terms of keeping Azentus competitive against other HYIPs I guess, since BitCoin is almost universal in the industry now, I don’t remember the last time I saw a program that didn’t accept it since more transactions pass through it than any other channel, and I think almost every regular investor holds a BTC wallet by now. It’s just that with exchange rates being so prone to massive overnight fluctuations which are also unpredictable, it might help boost confidence and peace of mind if at least one dollar based payment handler was available even if investors were not necessarily interested in actually using it. But I digress, sometimes the BitCoin exchange rate fluctuations can benefit members as well, turning cents into dollars and dollars into hundreds of dollars right before their eyes, so who am I to say what the right course of action for Azentus is at this time? You can after all often make the argument that serious admins only want to deal with serious investors.

Let’s just concentrate on the investment plan for now and see the numbers that Azentus are offering. There’s only one plan which for me makes for an easy review plus for an investor makes for an easy decision – you either like it or you don’t. All members and all investments are treated equally, big and small, and everyone stands to make the same percentage return. So once you join Azentus profits start to be paid on an hourly basis. As I said this is currently a BitCoin only program so the minimum deposit required to join is currently set at 0.005 BTC. You will need to check the current exchange rates of the day when you eventually decide to join Azentus to see exactly what this is going to set you back in dollars, something you can easily do by simply consulting the built-in exchange widget on the main MNO blog page if you don’t already have a suitable app on your cell phone. This is a shade over $47 at the time of writing so it’s well above the industry average for similar programs, but as I said anything can happen. There’s no stated upper limit to what you can spend, which needless to say shouldn’t be seen as some sort of green light to go nuts and spend more than you can afford to lose. My own first impressions were quite positive, given that it’s a very user friendly website, easy to navigate and potentially very lucrative for investors who know what they are doing and how to play the game as they say.

So, what to expect after you make your first deposit with Azentus? To put it as briefly and succinctly as possible, this is the main selling point for the program – hourly interest payments with instant withdrawals. Every investors regardless of what you are spending can claim 0.17% interest on your principal per hour, which in the greater scheme of things is actually quite generous. For instance multiply that by 24, i.e. what you can expect to earn for a full calendar day, and it adds up to 4.08% in total. That’s more than enough to establish Azentus as a decent competitive program by any industry standards, meeting the dual requirements of profitability merged with sustainability which are essential for any program to succeed.

In practical terms then the only other issue you might want some guidance with is the withdrawal of your principal. It’s quite simple, but for those of you new to programs like Azentus I’ll just give a brief description. First of all you will need to log in to your members account area. On the left hand side of the page you will see a tab marked “Deposit List” which you click to see a list of your investments with the program. You’ll see various details relating to your deposit here, such as the size, the date you made it, how much you have earned on it so far, etc. Just to the right of this you will see a button marked “Release”, which incidentally will not become active until at least 24 hours have passed – that being the minimum period for which you must remain in Azentus before being allowed to leave. Just click that button to withdraw, everything else is pretty much self explanatory. Your principal does not go directly to your BTC wallet, but rather to your Azentus balance. This is to give investors the option of making a partial re-investment from this balance if they wish, or alternatively just go ahead and make a full withdrawal to BitCoin as you see fit. Just one thing to keep in mind, Azentus do not allow partial principal withdrawals. So you either take back the full investment when you are ready or else leave it in place, no half measures. On the other hand you are allowed to have multiple investments running side-by-side at the same time. Just one account obviously, but the one account can have several active investments running concurrently.

After that there’s really not a whole lot else I can add here, it really is a question of every single investor deciding on a unique individual investment strategy that best suits your own needs. The only important thing you have to remember here is the 10% fee that Azentus will deduct from your principal when you eventually do go to leave. That will both cover the program’s own operating expenses plus discourage the quick hit-n-runners. As that eats into your existing profits, you need to remain a member of Azentus for just marginally short of two and a half full calendar days before you can exit the program with a minimum return of just breaking even. Anything you earn after that point is pure net profit and yours to keep. You are in fact free to withdraw your principal after an initial 24 hour lock-in period, though obviously that will result in a financial loss for you if you try it.

Personally speaking as a monitor it’s always my strategy (as I’m obligated to do so) to remain a member of such programs on a permanent basis, so I’ll be collecting hourly payouts right until the end. That strategy may or may not suit the rest of the MNO readers, it’s up to you to decide what you are looking for and if it’s a realistic goal. You might have a certain financial target in mind, perhaps a certain day in the calendar, maybe you want to stay with Azentus until you see a better program come along, or maybe none of these things and you just want to assess the program on a daily basis and stay until you think you see signs of trouble. I can’t exactly advise you on any of those targets, you just need to go with what best serves your personal interests on the day, only not lose sight of the 10% on your principal.

I know I already covered the payment options, but just to recap, Azentus is working exclusively with BitCoin. At first you might think that information on withdrawals is a bit mixed, however I can assure you the goal is that they should be instant at all times. You will still need to log into your Azentus account area and submit your request, which should then be processed instantly by the script and completed in under a minute. The only confusion that might arise is that for technical reasons certain instances may occur for these to be switched off for short periods, for example if the program’s own accounts need to be replenished. In the unlikely event of this taking place then investors are asked to allow anything from 1 to 96 hours for a manual payment (with anything longer than let’s say 24 hours at most being a clear warning sign in my own opinion). But generally speaking instant payouts are the way to go. Just one other point, smaller investors please take note that the minimum withdrawal requirement from Azentus is 0.0005 BTC, or approximately just under $5 at the time of writing. In practical terms that means a lot of you won’t actually be able to avail of hourly payouts 24/7 since your interest accruals will have to add up to that before the script will allow your request to proceed, but at least you’ll still be earning interest to your account every hour anyway.

Looking at the design and security aspects of the website Azentus is running off the ever popular GoldCoders script and is under license. For a hosting provider the admin has Azentus on a dedicated server with the support and protection from malicious attacks by DDoSGuard. And for an added layer of protection the Azentus website comes with an Extended Validation SSL certificate from GeoTrust for improved security on financial transactions and generally safer browsing. To help explain what the program is about a little better you can watch a one minute long video presentation (also embedded in the Azentus section of the MNO monitor), and for easier mass communication the website is professionally translated into no less than six other languages apart from the default English version. Just click the flag icon near the top left of the page to switch between Russian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Arabic.

A couple of other features you might like seeing on the Azentus website include a “Paid Out” page where, as the name suggests, you can track and verify all the latest payments made to investors therefore ensuring a level of trust and transparency. At least as far as is possible in the HYIP industry anyway, but it’s useful to not have to always be totally reliant on third party sources just to confirm Paying Status or not. And even though the program isn’t in any way difficult or complicated, those new to the HYIP industry might also appreciate Azentus including a handy start-up guide to help you get set up with your first deposit. As a sort of companion to this the Azentus homepage has a planning calculator where you can see the various possible outcomes from every conceivable investment strategy. You simply enter the amount of money in BTC you wish to spend, followed by the number of hours (because payments are hourly, not daily, so for lets say two days you should enter 48 and not 2) you think you might like to remain an Azentus member and the script will show you what the potential earnings might be. Just keep in mind that this is just a suggestion, you’re not actually committed to staying any length of time at all.

If you have any further need to get in contact with the admin of Azentus or any further questions or account related issues that need to be dealt with, then there are a couple of ways you can go about it. Though as always I suggest you try and save yourself and others a lot of time and effort by starting with a thorough reading of the FAQ section. For mail support can either fill in the customer support form on the website’s support page and submit it online, or else just write to the admin directly at the e-mail address listed alongside the form. A postal address in the UK is included (plus a phone number) but that of course is something to ignore, most likely being no more than a virtual serviced workspace if even that. For some Live Chat support Azentus have a Telegram account for direct one-on-one personal support, plus a Telegram channel for group chat between staff and the general program membership if you want to get involved and discuss shared experiences.

If anyone is interested in the alleged business activities backing up the payments to investors, it’s claimed that Azentus is involved with cryptocurrency exchange and trading. This includes a development plan on the home page outlining possible future business strategies as well as a UK based certificate of incorporation available for viewing. However there’s next to no further information to back this up that you could research and investigate for yourself. Therefore you shouldn’t really treat Azentus any differently from other programs around at the moment. So just make yourself aware of the possible dangers, and spend accordingly. Don’t disappoint yourself with unrealistic expectations, set yourself a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose, and if you do decide to join Azentus then try and keep them as a smaller part of a diverse and balanced portfolio.

Before I get to the day’s other news events then, I hope you will take a moment to take part in the following opinion poll asking for readers own first impressions of Azentus. Hit or miss? Voting is completely anonymous and will only take you a second, and I hope it will be interesting to look back in the months ahead and see how many people got it right or wrong as we see what direction Azentus really ends up going in. So:

Will you make an active deposit in Azentus?

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QubitTech is possibly a one of a kind program that everyone will be excited about. Well, at least the administration have done everything in their power to entice larger investors right from the very start of the project which only officially launched about a week ago. QubitTech is intended for big spenders for sure, as the minimum starts from $100 and only BTC and ETH funds are accepted at the moment. Oddly enough, you are only allowed to invest in batches of $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, etc. but not amounts of your own choosing. For that you will be paid a variable interest rate every calendar day which can reach up to 2% (usually though it won’t exceed 25% monthly) over an unspecified period of time until it reaches 250% ROI at which point the investment expires. Of course, with simple calculations it’s quite clear that the full investment cycle with QubitTech might be as long as 10 months or longer, but you should remember that supposedly you will be in profit in only 4 month which looks a much more realistic goal for many of us. You can see the so-called “profitability of margin trading” rates in your account and over the first two weeks online I see was 1.31% (actual today’s profit) with the minimum so far being 0.47%, so I guess that’s what one should expect to receive daily when joining QubitTech in the first place. Withdrawals can be requested anytime and they are promised to be processed on the following day. As I have no experience with waiting times yet I guess I will have a better idea by the time I plan to review QubitTech on my blog in a few days from now.

So what is so special about QubitTech that makes it stand out from a crowded HYIP market you might ask? First of all, it’s the investment platform itself which makes it look more serious and genuine than other high-yield investment programs. Of course, it doesn’t mean there’s no risk involved (quite the opposite), but rather that QubitTech is aimed at attracting quite a different type of investor – those who are looking for something more real with trading robots and proof of trading activities included. Actually, an investor might even acquire a trading robot (or get it for free when investing at least $1,000) and earn a variable monthly return as well. The QubitTech website has a very impressive road map and features various video presentations and online promotional materials clearly aimed at helping affiliates to build their network with different types of bonuses available for those good at attracting new investors to build their teams. The program appears to have a presence on the TradingView platform and it’s run by a figure in the public eye, calling himself Greg Limon and who has been already interviewed with a video posted on the QubitTech Youtube channel. Of course, as any contender for the HYIP crown QubitTech has a wide representation on social networks and a legal company incorporation in Estonia – a refreshing change from the regular cheap UK registration. The domain of QubitTech is registered for two years in advance, the site is fully SSL-secured by CloudFlare which also provides the company with a DDoS protected dedicated server where it’s being hosted at the moment. The script is unique and developed specifically for the program’s needs although I cannot see any difficulties for potential investors in using it at all. I intend to look further into QubitTech‘s main features before compiling a more detailed review next week, but even now you can check it out for yourself and see how interesting the program is if you keep it a part of a well-diversified portfolio.

Over the last two weeks there were a number of updates published on the QubitTech news section with some containing links to the interviews with its CEO and also the first webinar that was held yesterday. Check out all of the latest news from QubitTech below:

We are starting now!
Future clients and partners,
We announce the official launch of our project, and first of all you should know the key features about us!
Number 1
QubitTech is a multi-user project, which includes both ordinary investors and private consultants, opinion leaders in the investment industry.
Number 2
QubitTech is a company for algorithmic and manual methods for managing client assets with a key return on investment product of about 25% per month.
Number 3
QubitTech is a team of developers, analysts, traders, first-class financial consultants who have more than 10 years of successful experience in their fields.
Number 4
QubitTech is a relationship with partners in the framework of the cool Binary program. For all partners: fast career growth, 5 incredible bonuses and a personal approach to the top leaders of the investment consulting industry.
Number 5
And finally, QubitTech is leading conferences around the world, a wide network of partner events in Europe and Asia, a convenient site and account, advanced technical support and much more!
If you became a witness and read this news in June 2020, then you can become one of the first clients, or one of the most successful QubitTech partners!
Start with us and realize your dreams and plans in the coming months!
Best regards, QT Team

Greg Limon welcomes new Leaders and Investors
Dear clients and partners,
Greg Limon, CEO of QubitTech, has recorded a welcome video for the many leaders and investors who have responded to our project. In the first 5 days, more than 2,500 partners and clients came to QubitTech.
Greg Limon and the rest of the QubitTech team are sure this is just the beginning. He and the advisers hold dozens of meetings a day with interested parties, the project attracts more and more attention from bloggers and the media.
Greg Limon: “Ahead – new horizons! We are waiting for the global economy to recover from the recession phase caused by the ?oronavirus pandemic. And we will hold meetings with partners and investors as part of our events around the world, as well as participate in international conferences on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and quantum technologies.”
Join our community!

QubitTech Website Big Update
Dear clients and partners,
We always strive to make your navigation on QubitTech website and your personal account more convenient for you. It is for this purpose that we have prepared a number of changes that are already reflected on our website.
List of enhancements:
– We added a special Find button to the table of the linear structure of the first level. It will help you quickly access your binary structure and find the necessary partner there.
– We have made clear and convenient controls (arrows) for you to move around the binary structure.
– We have collected for you additional information on points and the number of users in the left / right foot of your binary structure.
– We have prepared for you more detailed statistics on progress in the “Quick Start” promotion.
We will continue to take care of the convenience of using our website.
Follow our news!

Interview with Greg Limon on Technology and Innovation
Dear clients and partners,
Our CEO, Greg Limon, gave a great interview in which he told a lot of interesting things about QubitTech.
Greg described in detail how the idea of creating QubitTech came, talked about the team, analysts and traders.
In the interview, he paid special attention to QT technological innovations, the features of the algorithmic trading systems, and quantum technologies.
Greg Limon plans continue to talk in detail about QubitTech technologies and innovations.
Follow our news.

We are looking for official regional representatives
Dear clients and partners,
We are expanding our team and announcing recruitment of QubitTech official representatives in all regions of the world. For you, this is a chance to get excellent income and support from a high-tech company like QubitTech.
What will the regional representative of QubitTech do:
– Represent the company in a particular region.
– Establish an affiliate network in the region.
– Ensure a minimum turnover in the weak leg of the binary program of $ 100,000-500,000 per month, depending on the region.
– Conduct online events – at least 1 per week with the support of QubitTech.
– Conduct leadership training at least 1 time per month with the support of QubitTech.
– Attend all official offline events of the company.
The official regional representatives of QubitTech will be included in the leadership council of the company, their photos will be posted on the official website of the company (in the Team section). In addition, regional representatives will directly communicate with the QubitTech management, they will be allocated special funds to open company offices in the regions.
QubitTech‘s regional representatives will receive a great reward from us. In particular:
– An additional 1-3% of the volume of your personal structure as a monthly salary, depending on the region.
– A quarterly bonus – 1-3% of the total amount of company funds raised for the quarter, equally divided by each regional representative.
– Marketing support, providing brand book and presentation materials.
Our regional representatives will receive comprehensive financial and marketing support from us. We are waiting for you in our team!

We invite to the webinar on Quantum Technologies
Dear clients and partners,
Today, June 16, we will hold a webinar, which will be attended by CEO of QubitTech Greg Limon and Eddie Kotler, Co-founder and President of EZ365 –, which is part of our holding. This is another technological webinar from QubitTech, dedicated to quantum technologies, and their harm in different areas of life.
EZ365 has a unique background and its own development of the implementation of blockchain technology in online gaming. At the core of EZ365 is its own ecosystem with three elements: a blockchain platform for online gaming, a educational platform and a digital asset exchange structure.
We will continue to keep you updated on the introduction of quantum technologies in various sectors of the economy, as well as present you various projects from the QubitTech holding.
Follow our news!


If you are looking for an original program where you can actually see income streams in action then look no further than Winza! It’s been a thunderous success since first launching about three months ago and is still doing pretty well even by current HYIP standards. Along with the investment program (the Bankroll plan pays you a variable daily interest rate until you reach 150% total ROI) Winza also operates a Casino with five genuine games you can play and win (or lose) money and an Exchanger where you may swap all accepted currencies – BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, PerfectMoney and Payeer. Besides, every member of Winza can get a small amount of free money to play with each hour. For that simply sign up and go to the Free Faucet tab to claim your hourly reward. There are other peculiarities about this program of course, and you can find out about all them by reading my comprehensive review of Winza posted here. Even if you’re not into investing with Winza you can always have a go with their Casino games where only a tiny bet less than a cent is usually required to play and if lady luck is on your side you might win enough money totally free of charge. Anyway, those who don’t try don’t win and the Winza admin knows this perfectly well by constantly encouraging people try the games in the Telegram channel’s regular updates. Here are just a couple of them posted over the last three days:

Largest Winza Wagerers
Start playing from as low as $0.0001 > (

If you do not try Dice Game once in your life then you are missing a big time fun!
Start playing from as low as $0.0001 > (

$100,000+ wagered milestone was finally achieved!
Keep rolling those dices fellas


I know a lot of readers, myself included, were hugely disappointed to find out that Omega stopped paying on Monday and the payments that were supposed to be processed after the weekend never went ahead. Knowing that MNO is very strict about payments the Omega admin didn’t even try to deny the obvious or invent all type of lies to cover the ugly truth but simply admitted it was all over. Of course, many of us expected better from a program with such a beautifully crafted website and complicated but at the same time unique investment concept which you could either love or hate. I guess even after my review many people gave up on getting any sort of meaning in Omega and sadly growth was at a total standstill for some time. Sadly not for themselves (as only a few first investors have managed to see even a very small profit or even barely break even), but for the program which clearly had great potential, however eventually being down by its own convoluted and hard to comprehend investment plan. After the initial curiousity shown in Omega over the first couple of weeks there was absolutely no interest from anyone new over the last month, so it was not a complete surprise when it scammed. Over the course of its run the admin of Omega actually was more interested in creating meaningless articles about cryptocurrencies and imaginary situations which no one really wanted to hear, than actually try to improve things in terms of simplifying it for potential investors. It seems to me he had originally had an idea in his own mind that seemed totally brilliant for himself, but at then failed miserably to convey the message to investors. Don’t get me wrong – the HYIP community loves originality and mostly hates plagiarism, but not to the extent to have investment plans making little to no sense even to native English speakers, let along people who rely on online translation services. If I could rephrase it I would say Omega was unnecessarily overcomplicated which hindered its chances of success right from the very start. I have no idea whether it was the admin’s intention to make things so hard, but I guess for the Omega investors it doesn’t mean much now. Many people lost money unless they joined Omega in the first week and that is the main reason why I can say with certainty that the program has failed miserably. It’s a pity but it’s the bitter truth no one involved with the program can deny. I guess there is nothing else to say but to warn unsuspecting investors once again the Omega has stopped paying. Please note that as MNO was the first monitor to move the program to Problem status followed by a deserved Scam warning where it belongs now some unscrupulous sites still show Omega as Paying, so make your own conclusions who to trust next time and make sure to stay away from the site which is still shamefully accepting new investments/donations.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: GamingArb, Azentus.
From MNO Standard list: Winza.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all for today, guys. I hope the information provided proves useful for you and will help you analyse all the latest trends when picking the right option. That’s been the most popular answer in the currently running opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page asking you what you like most in the HYIP industry and which you’re invited to vote in here. And I believe MNO gives food for thought when it comes to HYIP investments and making the right picks for a well-diversified portfolio. If you like my articles please kindly submit your email address on this page to receive full posts sent to it on a regular basis. Otherwise, you’re welcome to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter to be the first to know about all the latest newcomers on my monitor as well as any status changes that might save you money you would have otherwise lost had you been following lazy monitors. Remember that MNO is different from others and my approach has proved to be successful as my site has been running for almost thirteen years now and I’m certainly not going anywhere anytime soon (like some of my foes would like).

I’ll be back in a few days (most likely Monday) to bring you all the latest news from the HYIP industry plus a closer look at QubitTech which has captured the interest of many. Stay tuned for all of that and if you wish to contact me with any questions or suggestions do so by emailing me directly at, submit your query via this online form or chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. I am always happy to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to pop a question now and then, guys. Talk to you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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