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Hello everyone! Summer is at its peak now and with the glorious sunshine having finally arrived moving many people outdoors and away from their computer screens and the HYIP industry. As the Covid19-related quarantine measures begin to ease in some countries people feel more confident about going out and less worried about their future. However, it will take a couple of more months before we see just how it’s going to affect the HYIP industry which is slower now as usually happens around this time almost every year. It’s perhaps not until September until we see a general improvement and more programs coming to be monitored on MNO which by the way is turning 13 years old on the first day of July next week. Over all these years my site has gone through multiple changes but it was the MNO blog which has always been at the core of everything else on my site. It’s sharing the thoughts of the current state of things in the HYIP industry while covering the most superb investment opportunities many of which made the places to be for those willing to find the perfect program is what motivates me most to move on despite everything. I do love the thrills and unpredictability of this industry while analyzing the latest trends and deliver my readers the most talked about programs which they could consider adding to their investment portfolios if they wish to do so. Covering the most exciting HYIPs while making sense of sometimes overcomplicated investment plans they offer is what has always distinguished MNO from rivals and wannabes.

If you wish to be the first to know about current and upcoming industry leaders please consider following MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter. In order to get the full articles regularly posted on the MNO blog make sure you submit your email address on this page and confirm your subscription via the link which will be sent to you. That way you will join over 3,000 of your fellow investors who have already taken advantage of the feature and taken the first step to understanding the HYIP industry. I do understand that MNO is nothing without my valued readers, so I do like to encourage you to share your thoughts on the ShoutBox and vote for your favourite performers on the MNO monitor, so others can relate too. And of course I will be more than pleased to answer all your questions and address any concerns you might have on Telegram @mnoblog, via email abramsonp@gmail.com or the online form on this page. So don’t hesitate to say hello as I’m always there for you even in the hot summer months.

In today’s post I will try to cover all the latest news from the last business week with the programs monitored on MNO. So without further ado let’s take a look at all the updates you might find useful in making your investment decisions.


Thanks to the existence of such programs like GamingArb which has been successfully running for five weeks and where the first investors have managed to get into profit by completing the first shortest investment cycle we all can clearly see that not all hope was lost and even in the slow summer months it’s very much possible to find some true gems. GamingArb was officially launched last month while first accepting only funds via BitCoin, Ethereum and LiteCoin with the follow-up additions of the USD-based currencies like PerfectMoney and Payeer further expanding its potential investor base. Just yesterday it was announced that fans of cryptocurrencies will be able to use less traditional payment systems like Dash, DogeCoin and BitcoinCash to fund their account and invest in one of the available offers paying 60% to 90% of the GamingArb‘s daily profits made allegedly from its regular betting activities with past historical interest rates available in your account. If you are more accustomed to operating in pure numbers consider that with GamingArb you will be paid a variable daily interest for the specified period of time with your principal handed back to you on expiry of your investment term. The plans include 1.2%-2.1% for 30 days, 1.4%-2.45% for 60 days, 1.6%-2.8% for 90 days, 1.8%-3.15% for 120 days and you may invest starting with $25 minimum into the shortest plan with higher minimums required to join longer-term options. More on the whole investment process with GamingArb is in the detailed review posted here, so find out more on the program before joining. Below is the latest official update on the addition of more cryptocurrencies posted on GamingArb‘s official Telegram channel yesterday:

Dear Partners,
Investing with GamingArb is getting easier every day! Due to numerous requests from our customers, today we are introducing the :
payment system into the platform
This will not only increase the number of our partners in a number of cities and countries, but also make working with active investors even more convenient and easy!


One of the more unique and perhaps even unusual HYIPs to come our way in recent times surely has to be QubitTech, though of course whether you consider that an endearing quality is up to you given the relative high cost of joining faced by the average investor of more modest means. There was a couple of news updates issued by the program’s admin team from the last few days to catch up on, but before that let me just recap on what QubitTech are all about and what they are offering potential investors who have the money to spare. To start with there are no shall we say fixed rules about investing with QubitTech, by which I mean there are no exact term lengths, interest rates, etc. Instead this is what I would call a target-based HYIP where members are offered a final return of 250% on their deposits without a clear road map as to how long this will take. QubitTech offers daily interest rates as do many such HYIPs, but without any promises as to what the exact rate will be from day-to-day. This will continue for how ever long it takes for members to eventually earn back 250% of their money.

At this early stage it’s still entirely just a suggestion, but based on typical interest rates paid out by QubitTech so far it looks like taking at least four full months, maybe more, just to break-even and ten months or more to reach the final earning target. It can be a tricky concept to sell to HYIP investors due in part to the structure of the investment plan where you don’t get to decide how much money you want to spend, ie you have to buy “blocks” priced at $100 each, $500 each, $1,000 each, $5,000 each, and so on, through BitCoin and Ethereum only. Couple that with the fact that QubitTech have no early withdrawal clause if investors have a personal emergency they need to get their money back out to cover, and it’s a pretty big ask to expect them to wait for four months plus to see any profit at all.

All things considered however, it’s also clear that QubitTech is very much set up to target bigger spending investors, and perhaps also those a bit less familiar with HYIPs and how they really operate than those reading MNO. How that works out for them only time will tell, obviously everyone wants to see more and more genuine success stories coming out of this industry, it’s just going to be closer to Christmas before we can even think about saying QubitTech is one of them so I hope members know how to be patient! You can find out more about the program and how it works in the detailed review published on the MNO blog here.

Anyway, among the recent news updates from came the in my opinion rather fanciful and far fetched claim that they just underwent and indeed passed a financial audit carried out by Ernst & Young, the well known international financial services company. You might think that this would be an easy thing for potential members to verify for themselves, just pick up a phone or go to the Ernst & Young website, however we are talking about a business with the population and economy of a small independent nation here so one private individual asking questions about an online HYIP and not going through professional legal channels isn’t going to get very far I’m afraid. That said, if it makes QubitTech look like a genuine investment opportunity in the eyes of people who don’t know what we know about online HYIPs then, well, “mission accomplished!”

Maybe of more practical use is the next online webinar, at the time of writing scheduled to take place today, June 26. These are done via a Live Feed on YouTube with interactive chat allowing the public to leave comments and ask questions. The last one was bi-lingual, aimed primarily at a Russian speaking audience but also in English so as not to exclude other investors and keep things more transparent. Today’s event will be held partially in Italian and also with English contributions and translations by the QubitTech admin (or at least the agent acting as the public face of QubitTech anyway). See all the details of this and the other news from QubitTech in the news updates posted below:

We passed the audit and got insurance
Dear clients and partners,
We are pleased to announce that new legal documents of the company are posted on our website and in an account.
QubitTech is one of the few cryptocurrency companies to use Ernst & Young’s audit services.
Ernst & Young is one of the largest British auditing and consulting companies in the world, which is in TOP 5 for the provision of audit services.
According to an audit conducted by Ernst & Young, QubitTech was able to insure its activities at CSOB Pozhistovna in the amount of $ 100 million.
CSOB Pojistovna is a Czech insurance company, which is a division of a large European bank.
This step was a necessary measure to ensure the security of work in the cryptocurrency industry and to provide QubitTech clients with a solid foundation for investment activities.
Audit Agreement
Insurance Agreement
Congratulations to our community!

Online webinar on June 26
Dear clients and partners,
We invite you to the webinar, which will be held on Friday (June 26) by Greg Laimon, CEO of QubitTech, together with Laurentsu, a well-known Italian network leader.
The webinar will be devoted to QubitTech, the company’s technological developments and its promotion in European markets.
The webinar will be held in English and Italian.
The webinar broadcast will begin at 16:00 UTC at the link – https://youtu.be/pdGSg5g3LZQ
Do not miss the broadcast!


It was often said in the past that you could almost judge the success of a program and its genuine hard working admin by the number of crooks, chancers, liars, vultures, etc. that try and surround it waiting for any opportunity to steal. It looks like Winza is one such example of that success, but nothing for members to worry about provided they follow basic common sense guidelines and listen to the good advice given by the admin. I’m reminded a bit of the old adage of seagulls following the fishing trawlers leaving the harbour as scavengers looking for whatever scraps might fall overboard from the first short update from Winza. This is good solid advice for any program you happen to be a member of by the way, not just Winza, but it’s the Winza admin who has seen fit to remind investors to be extra careful about who they are chatting with on public platforms. Remember, just because someone tells you they are an official Winza support agent does not in reality make them one. Just like a real bank, the Winza admin reminds members that you will never under any circumstances be asked to disclose login details, personal information, pay money into any account, and so on. If someone asks for any of these things, alarm bells should start ringing and you need to immediately block this individual and raise it with the real Winza support so they can escalate the issue and make other members aware.

Just to recap briefly on what Winza are all about before we hear the latest news bulletins from them. It’s another target-based HYIP but with a more modest expectation that you join with just a $1 minimum this time, so no matter what your opinion is otherwise of the wider HYIP industry there’s no reason Winza can’t just be a bit of harmless fun done for amusement as well as a more serious investment if that’s what you are looking for. Winza make variable interest payments on a daily basis for as long as it takes members to reach a 150% return on their investments. This can be done using PerfectMoney, Payeer, and a selection of cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin, DogeCoin, and LiteCoin.

What makes Winza more attractive, particularly to smaller investors who may not have a lot of start-up capital to begin with, is the possibility to earn money from the program without spending any of your own. Just to be clear, you won’t get rich or make what they call life changing amounts here, it’s mostly just a token gesture but if you play it right can help get you started on your way to bigger things. That’s because the basic concept behind Winza is an online casino where profits are shared with the investors who are financing it, and also including a number of games you can play yourself and see if you win. Winza also make the almost unheard of move in the HYIP industry of offering members free money by way of a so-called  “free faucet“. You can claim an hourly payment, free of charge, without ever making an investment. Just to be clear though, these payments are tiny, generally just a fraction of a cent, but can be used for gaming purposes in the Winza casino so may eventually contribute to you having an actual pot you can invest and earn interest on. It’s all explained in more detail in the Winza review published on the MNO blog and which I strongly urge you to read here. Some changes since that review however as outlined in the news below include Winza upping the maximum win limit from any of their online games to a generous $200, while the minimum investment on their more popular investment plan also rises to $50, though as explained already that isn’t necessarily the minimum cost of getting involved with Winza on a basic entry level:

Beware of scammers who try to impersonate the members of Winza team on Telegram.
We will never ask you for login details, money or anything else.
This guy @TheSurrfer_cc (with double “R”) is NOT part of our team!

Are you a highroller? Win big at www.winza.cc (https://winza.cc/)”.

100% Provably Fair Casino Games
Bankroll Investments +150% ROI
Staking Wallet Up To +1% Daily
Free Faucet For Unlimited Spins
Built-in Crypto/USD and vice versa exchange
No KYC, No AML, Fast Signup & Instant Deposit Approval
Join our network and invite your friends right away > www.winza.cc (https://winza.cc/)

– Max bet payout of each casino game was raised to 0.02 BTC, 5 LTC, 100,000 DOGE and 200 USD (Perfect Money & Payeer)
– Minimum investment amount to the bankroll was raised to 0.005 BTC, 1 LTC, 20,000 DOGE and 50 USD (Perfect Money & Payeer)


Unfortunately I have to end today’s news on a sour note. On Wednesday it became clear that Azentus had become a scam after ten days. While paying 0.17% interest on an hourly basis and allowing to withdraw principal at any time for a 10% fee theoretically it was possible to make an OK profit from it, however in order to achieve this you would have to leave the program after just a few days which might not have been suitable for the majority of investors. The scam happened as instant payments stopped going to members’ BTC accounts which (despite being stated may take up to 96 hours) caused some legitimate concerns among worried investors. On the official Telegram channel the admin of Azentus first tried to buy some time by promising to replenish the BTC wallet within a couple of hours which as it became clear was simply a stalling tactic, as he disappeared never to be seen again. So it was pretty clear that Azentus is now a scam and thanks to a couple of my readers MNO has become aware of that first and quickly moved it to Problem and then Scam status. It might not be a huge consolation to those who lost money in Azentus (congratulations if you profited, BTW) but programs allowing principal withdrawal at any point are usually fragile to any even short payment interruptions. You see, the situation with replenishing the wallet might have been genuine but seeing that more and more investors start asking for their money back the admin might have decided it was not worth the effort to continue as it is. After all, it happened already once during the program’s 10-day run but then the admin was quick enough to solve the problem without any serious harm the first time. Unfortunately once such a thing occurs at peak times even admins with the best intentions might not be able to cope with the piling withdrawal requests and sometimes prefer to give up instead. I believe that might have happened with Azentus, as the program looked quite nice and I suspect it could have run for much longer in different market conditions. The summer slowdown was certainly no help and added to the panic and forced the admin to close prematurely. At the time of writing Azentus was still online and accepting deposits from investors who might be aware of its true status, so please be careful and do not invest there anymore!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: GamingArb.
From MNO Standard list: Winza, QubitTech.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s about all I have to report for today, guys. Thanks a lot for staying with MNO and being loyal readers for almost thirteen years. I’ll be preparing to celebrate the 13th anniversary of MNO officially marking its online presence since July, 1st 2007 later next week, so stay tuned for all the related news and updates. I will most likely change the TalkBack poll to mark this date in the calendar, so if you haven’t had a chance to vote please do so here. Enjoy the weekend and I hope to talk to you all again sometime next week. Stay tuned to MNO – For Money Lovers!

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