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13/07/2020. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello guys. Today marks a brand-new week in the HYIP industry and nobody can deny that it’s going to be a slow one. You see, in the middle of summer there is traditionally a very low demand from investors and weak supply of promising new programs from the talented admins alike. One can argue there is the vacation factor that takes place in this situation, however it’s just a matter of speculation on how seasonal factors affect HYIP industry activities which is the subject of the next poll in the MNO TalkBack page later in today’s news.

Well, having said that it doesn’t mean that the HYIP industry is always at a complete standstill in the summertime. Usually it just means things are getting a little quieter than usual but doesn’t mean it’s impossible to earn money. Quite the contrary, less activity sometimes mean programs have to last longer due to the anticipation factor from the admins’ point of view which doesn’t allow them to close up shop until they reach the profit target they have in mind for their specific program. That target of course greatly varies from project to project and investors can surely benefit from smart dispersing of funds into the programs of their choice which they anticipate to last longer due to the current slowdown. For years that exercise has proven profitable for many investors unwilling to share their earning secrets but nevertheless still a winning tactic.

Whatever your personal HYIP investment strategy is you won’t be blamed for trying to reach out to MNO on a regular basis to find the programs everyone has or will be talking about. After all, my website is the only one that after 13 years has kept the advertising and listing prices high enough to deter deliberate fast scams and ensure only experienced admins will be queuing up to show off their quality programs to the smarter audiences capable of thinking for themselves and picking the right places to invest and profit from HYIPs on a consistent basis. And the best way to achieve such long term success in the industry is to stay informed on all its latest trends by adding your name to the list of three thousand email subscribers to the MNO blog articles here or to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter to get all the live-time notification of the promising newcomers alongside of fast status change for the monitored programs. So do yourself a favour and start your HYIP education with MNO right away. Then you’ll be prepared for brighter things to come in a few weeks when autumn will almost certainly herald the revival the HYIP industry so urgently craves.

If you have any questions, suggestions or advertising requests please submit them via this contact form, email them directly at or simply chat with me online on Telegram @mnoblog. MNO would have been nothing without its loyal readers, so I’m always pleased to hear from you or offer you any type of assistance if you’re in my downline in any listed project.

Although summer is undoubtedly affecting things in the industry at the moment we still have quite a few things to discuss as news reports from two successfully running programs – Winza and QubitTech – have been pouring in over the last few days. It will be the main subject of discussion (along with the later analysis of the latest TalkBack poll results) in today’s news we shall get to now.


After seven weeks on MNO and almost four months online overall Winza (reviewed here) is living proof that a program that has verified claims of income streams coming not only from investors’ money has a standing chance to thrive over prolonged periods of time. Of course, no one knows just how successful the business model behind running Winza as an online casino will be in the long term and for how much longer it will last, but the first results have been really positive and at the moment there is no sign of slowing down shown. Just the opposite, the word of earning free funds every hour using the so-called Free Faucet option inside of every member’s account seems to be too good to be true, but may as well get you started even if you don’t plan to invest a single cent into one of the program’s lucrative investment offers – Bankroll (earn variable rates of up to 5% daily income which represents a share of casino’s earnings for a particular day until you reach 150% ROI) or Hodl (keep your money earning you a smaller percentage with a chance to convert it back to accessible funds at any given moment). You may start playing one of the five available Casino games for your chance to win big, and the bids are very tiny, so you can start gambling using your Free Faucet money for a chance to win more and claim withdrawal. All the payouts are processed manually by the admin of Winza and it never takes me longer than a few hours to wait before I see money transferred to one of my e-currency accounts Winza is working with – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin or DogeCoin. There is an internal exchanger available for Winza members as well where you can easily move your funds from one currency to another by paying a reasonable fee.

The Winza administration has a regularly updated Telegram channel promoting their casino games and investment opportunities. Some of the latest news from Winza can be found there which I’ll repost below for your convenience:

Crazy gamblers populating the Winza Network
Start playing from as low as $0.0001 > (

What’s going on with Dogecoin? Winza wallet value almost tripled against USD overnight

100% Provably Fair Casino Games
Bankroll Investments +150% ROI
Staking Wallet Up To +1% Daily
Free Faucet For Unlimited Spins
Built-in Crypto/USD and vice versa exchange
No KYC, No AML, Fast Signup & Instant Deposit Approval
Join our network and invite your friends right away > (

+2,430,000 games
+9,070 registered users
+1,000 USD faucet claims
Open a free account right away > (


Apparently the extensive and overcomplicated affiliate program has been the main selling point for QubitTech since its very launch a few weeks ago. That is why such strong emphasis has been being put on promoting the creation of strong affiliate chains rather than actually developing an offer that’s more workable for investors. Predictably after the first four weeks on MNO there was almost no interest in joining the actual investment plan paying a variable (up to 2% daily) return over the unspecified period of time until your deposit reaches 250% ROI at which point it expires. While it may take four months or longer before anyone reaches the break-even point it doesn’t help matters that QubitTech only accepts investments via BTC and ETH starting from a whopping $100 minimum. Certainly, that is not a good way to inspire investors’ confidence who had to wait until autumn just to see anything on their accounts that indicates profit from the program. It’s not surprising then that QubitTech actually pushes the affiliate program so hard – as active promoters’ participation would be possibly the only way for the program to survive an initial few months due to its unattractive investment offers. Anyway, in the case of QubitTech time will actually tell what it was all about, but if you wish to try out the program right away I would strongly suggest to read its detailed review first (click here to find the review).

Among the latest news from QubitTech there was yet another announcement of the last week’s webinar apparently held last Friday, plus there was a long PDF file released for everyone’s viewing explaining the program’s extensive and multi-layered affiliate program. Please read more below to find out more:

Online webinar on July 10
Dear clients and partners,
We invite you to our webinar, which will be held Marc Swickle, CMO of QubitTech on Friday (July 10).
The webinar will be devoted to QubitTech‘s marketing strategy, promoting the company in different regions of the world
Come, you will learn a lot about our plans and opportunities
The webinar broadcast will begin at 16:00 UTC at the link –

Detailed instruction of Affiliate program
Dear clients and partners,
We are pleased to offer you a detailed description of our affiliate program and the features of its use.
The document includes the general logic of our affiliate program, a detailed description of the 5 bonuses and 10 ranks.
All bonuses are painted as simple as possible, examples are attached to each.
You can download this document in PDF format –


In an otherwise uneventful period as far as HYIP related news stories are concerned, I guess I’ll just wrap things up for today by looking at the results of the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll. As usual I’ll have another question to replace it with, but more on that in a moment.

So, the last topic of discussion was the break-even point in the HYIPs you join. Now, not so much the actual investment term lengths themselves, be they short, medium, long or open-ended/perpetual, but more with how long are you prepared to give a program before see a minimum return of at least the same amount you you spent and are then getting net profits. Sure, I know the longer the investment term would sometimes give the impression of a longer wait before the investors reach this all important break-even point, but of course this doesn’t necessarily have to always be the case. It’s a question that comes and goes a lot in the HYIP industry, trends and fashions change all the time. With that in mind I’m quite aware that I can ask this question today, ask it again in twelve months, and receive two completely different answers. The point is just to see where modern day 2020 investors see themselves sitting at this particular moment. The exact question put to MNO readers in the last poll was as follows: How long are you prepared to wait before reaching break-even point for your HYIP investment?

It seems that most of you are understandably out for faster profits, a mix of 25% of you voting “Only a few days” and 50% of you saying “A couple of week”, somewhat more patient but still looking for the fast turnaround that the HYIP industry is expected to offer. It was just the remaining 25% of you who say they are comfortable taking the longer term view, voting for “Several months” as the maximum they are willing to sit and observe.

Like I always say in most of the MNO TalkBack polls there wasn’t really any right or wrong answers in there to begin with, it’s just about seeing how you see things right here and now. So thanks for voting if you happened to be one of those who did, and thanks again for voting if you would please oblige in the next poll.

Something that often gets said in the HYIP industry in the summer is how admins are taking vacations, often because so many of their clients do, so it’s probably a good idea to take advantage of the summer slowdown and take a holiday too. But really? Do you believe that? HYIP admins sitting on a beach sipping cocktails or trying to catch fish by some lake up a mountain? Why or why not?

Honestly in my own opinion nothing surprises me about anything anymore, so I really don’t know. On one hand I suppose why not, admins are just people like the rest of us, I suppose they have families and outside interests too. It stands to reason that some will also have standard 9-to-5 salaried jobs in factories and offices and warehouses like everyone else, why not even farms and garages. They might as well even be astronauts and submarine pilots for all the rest of us know, none of us really know these things in a totally anonymous online based industry.

So do you think HYIP admins really just “turn off” and leave their jobs behind for a couple of weeks in the summer? Or with mobile devices and laptops being so prevalent nowadays is it just a case of they can jump in and out of the industry anytime they like based on convenience? I can see both angles here myself. Speaking as a full time professional monitor, i.e. it’s been 13 years since I needed to rely on someone else for employment in the traditional sense, I’ve visited other countries for recreation but have never taken a regular break where I did not work for more than a day at the most. I might sometimes have less work to do, but I’m pretty much always available to do it. Can the same be said of HYIP admins do you think? The exact question is this:

Do you believe HYIP admins take real vacations from the industry?

And you can choose from the following answers:

– Yes, a lot of HYIP admins will also work in regular jobs
– No, all the admins need is internet access and laptops to work
– Sometimes, if they know most investors are on vacation too

As usual I suppose I’ll leave the poll open for as long as I see any interest shown by readers in participating, but you will definitely have ample time to vote if you wish. The voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here, and as always I’ll just remind you that all votes cast remain 100% anonymous and untraceable. As always though you’re quite free to discuss the results and your personal experience or thoughts on the subject on the MNO ShoutBox with your fellow readers. Thanks in advance to everyone who participates, your opinions are always welcome.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 144 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list:
From MNO Standard list: Winza, QubitTech.
From MNO Basic list: ModernCoin (the first payments received), CryptoNode (the first payments received).

That’s just about everything I had to report today, guys, and I hope to talk to you again in a few days from now. Thanks a lot for staying loyal readers and for sticking with MNO for all this time. I’m pretty sure I won’t disappoint you when the time comes to highlight the best and most talked about projects over the next few weeks. Stay tuned and connected even in your vacation time with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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