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Hello all! So another summer week has passed and it was yet another period of inactivity with both admins and investors seemingly in more of a holiday mood than to play with money. This is all further exasperated by the ongoing worldwide pandemic of Covid19 which doesn’t look to be going anywhere with the situation not really improving in many countries as people tend to spend less money nowadays. That is actually a totally understandable decision for the majority of people in regular jobs given the uncertainty and insecurity they are facing both currently and in the near future. And due to that bad influence nobody really knows when the HYIP industry, essentially a form of gambling and therefore a luxury at the best of times, will be in recovery mode rather than under a survival plan where it clearly is now. Whatever happens next though will not affect the industry rebounding. It always does and always will, guys, simply because it’s in people’s nature to wish to make lots of money without any effort and to find that golden egg that will eventually change their livelihoods for the better and help them out with maintaining their lifestyles.

That takes us to the point that there is definitely an urgent need for the leaders of the HYIP industry – those large programs able to pull the train and help others to follow the fast track to success. That is going to happen (there’s no doubt about it), so don’t lose hope and keep looking forward to a brighter future guys. That long-anticipated revival might happen earlier than you think considering the sharp increase in BTC price from $9K to more than $11K which is over 25% in little more than a week. That might be just the right indicator that the HYIP industry will soon be on the right track. And once it happens MNO will be here with you to tell you all about the next leaders, so make sure you follow me on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter and subscribe to have regular blog posts delivered directly to your email address you can submit here. And don’t forget that I’m always happy to share my over 13 year experience so write me a few lines via this contact form, directly at or simply chat online on Telegram @mnoblog.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about the latest news from the two major programs in the HYIP industry – QubitTech and Winza – that keep paying well making every investor happy. And then don’t forget to check out the results of the latest TalkBack poll and the new question I’ve prepared for you for the next poll.


I firmly believe that QubitTech is one of the most original programs nowadays where things are always on the move and lots of updates posted on a daily basis. Only over the last seven days there were so many developments it’s hard to imagine how the administration is capable of doing so much at the same time. For instance, unlike many other programs out there QubitTech is capable of opening physical offices across the world – places where members and otherwise interested persons can visit and communicate with real people. And while that might not be a very difficult thing to do it may well boost potential investors’ confidence and make them deposit larger amounts. Among the last news there were reports of a second office opening in Russia (this time in the city of Irkutsk) and in the capital of Cambodia Phnom Penh. Moreover, The QubitTech company has been officially registered in Thailand with the original document available to view in the Thai language (one of the multiple versions the QubitTech can be read in) and one of the most innovative patent applications has been done in Prague, Czech Republic with “quantum neural networks” being the subject. Yet another conference has been held in China – the first one in QubitTech‘s history but surely not the last – of which current and potential investors and company leaders have been notified beforehand. Finally, earlier today there were a couple of online webinars held in two languages – English and Russian – with participation was strongly advised to anyone interested in QubitTech‘s development and the whole concept behind the company’s investment offer.

If you haven’t read the most detailed online review of QubitTech posted here let me remind you a thing or two about how it all works. You may invest only via BitCoin and Ethereum funds (minimum of $100) with the funds converted into USD and back to the preferred cryptocurrency on every withdrawal request ($10 minimum + a 2.5% withdrawal fee applied). Then every calendar day your account with QubitTech will accrue a certain interest rate which can be as high as 2% (although in reality it’s lower but should still give you around 25% every month) and you keep earning until you reach 250% in total. That should happen after approximately ten months since the date of your deposit and with at least four months being required to reach the break-even point. Having been online for less than two months in total QubitTech has still a lot to prove to make larger investors pay attention, but so far the admin has been doing everything possible for the program to succeed by rapid development of its features and actively advertising both online and offline handsomely rewarding potential promoters willing to spread the word of a potential future hit. Of course, only time will tell whether QubitTech is going to succeed or not and we will see if it’s going to happen in a few weeks when the first investors are going to be in profit. MNO will certainly keep you updated on all the latest news from QubitTech and below you will find the major events going on over the last seven days:

Second QubitTech office in Russia
Dear clients and partners,
We are pleased to announce the opening of a second consulting office in Russia. This happened thanks to the efforts of our partners in Eastern Europe.
The second office in Russia is located in Irkutsk, one of the largest cities in Siberia. Let us remind you that the first office was opened in Tyumen.
We are confident that we will be able to maintain such high rates of development in this region. In addition, in the near future we will delight you with news from Asia and other countries.
We bring to your attention photos from the office opening ceremony.

QubitTech is registered in Thailand
Dear clients and partners,
We are pleased to inform you that our company is officially registered in Thailand. We have come to this market for a long time and intend to achieve the best results there.
In addition, we are planning to open our office in Thailand in the near future. You can meet our CEO Greg Limon, Mark Swickle, CMO of QubitTech, and other leaders in this office.
We are also planning to obtain licenses for direct selling and MLM in Thailand.
The official registration number of the company is 0105563108502 / QubitTech Marketing Co., Ltd.
HQ address: 1006/410 soi Navamin 157 Yaek 1, Nuanchan, Bungkhum, Bangkok.

First QubitTech office in Cambodia
Dear clients and partners,
We are pleased to announce the opening of the first QubitTech ?onsulting office in Cambodia. Congratulations to our partners in this region.
The office is located in the capital of Cambodia – Phnom Penh, where more than 1.5 million people live.
The opening of the Cambodia office is part of QubitTech‘s global expansion plan in Asia. In the near future, the company will open other offices in this region.
We bring to your attention photos from the office opening ceremony.

First QubitTech conference to be held in China
Dear clients and partners,
We are pleased to announce our first event for customers and leaders in China.
The event will take place on August 2, 2020 and will bring together more than 100 guests. You can meet representatives of the QubitTech team, as well as our partners in China.
To get to the event, you must register by calling 15205535233 (Mr. Zhang).
Time: 15: 00-17: 00, August 2, 2020 Venue: Jinxiu Hall, Sanya Jinxiu International Hotel
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QubitTech patents its quantum developments
Dear users of QubitTech platform,
We are pleased to announce the filing of a patent application for our quantum developments.
QubitTech uses innovative quantum neural networks (QNNs), that are a powerful alternative to traditional neural networks (NN) that use the principles of quantum superposition, entanglement and quantum information theory to deliver a new kind of machine learning system that can often directly replace and in some cases perform certain tasks that the classical counterpart cannot. Such implementation allowed to significantly improve the ability of QubitTech trading robots to react and adapt to the market, learn the patterns and adjust strategies on-the-go.
Quantum algorithms serving as a backbone for this technology implement multiple mathematical superpositions and conversions that are purposefully designed to encode a multitude of classically intractable steps into a single virtual computational unit. This computational unit (or the workload) is not easy (if even possible) to solve on a classical computer.
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Important online webinars on Monday
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We are pleased to announce two important and interesting webinars at once, which will be held in different languages on Monday, August 3rd. The main speaker is our CEO, Greg Limon.
The key news that will be told at the webinars is the new QubitTech website, its design and capabilities. All this will significantly expand the opportunities for our users to receive rewards and bonuses.
Webinar (In English) – 9:00 UTC –
Webinar (in Russian) – 16:00 (UTC) / (19:00 Moscow time) –
?ome to our webinars. We will be waiting for you!


Winza (reviewed here) has been doing quite well and I’m pretty sure that the first investors who joined after the first listing on MNO ten weeks ago should have reached the profit zone and will now earn be looking at the 150% total ROI (Bankroll plan) or keep earning indefinitely until requesting principal withdrawal (Hodl plan). Winza accepts deposits and withdrawals via five payment methods – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin and DogeCoin – and they are done pretty fast going by previous experience with the program. With Winza not only can you earn profits on your investments, but you may also play Casino games and get free money to get you started by claiming your Free Faucet every hour. The Casino is actually the main Winza income stream (at least according to its admin) and in addition to that you may earn extra by participating in various contests and giveaways which you might stay updated on by following the Winza official Telegram channel. Here are the latest news from it posted over the last seven days:

Largest Winza Wagerers
Start playing from as low as $0.0001 > (

We made it! +10K users
Get your money ready because we are gonna set 0% house edge on Dice Game for a very short time real soon
Open a free account right away > (
Happy hour started & will last a couple of hours!


It’s hard to believe another week has passed so quickly already given that the industry is so slow right now, but here we are at the start of another business week. Time now to deliver the results of what I admittedly thought would be a rather one-sided opinion poll and replace it with another new question for you to think about. The last poll asked about your current level of activity in the HYIP industry, starting off by acknowledging the fact that most people will already be doing less anyway. We all know and expect the summer in the HYIP industry to be quiet for a variety of reasons, that’s been pretty well established as anyone with a couple of years experience in this game will tell you, but 2020 is, let’s face it, unlike any other year in memory no matter how long you’ve been at HYIPs.

There are very few people out there whose incomes haven’t been hit by the global Covid19 pandemic. I mean if you happen to be a health care professional you are probably getting more overtime than you can handle (money which under the circumstances you would happily sacrifice for a return to normality I know) but for most other folks whatever business you are in (either as the boss or an entry level employee) is suffering because people simply are not spending money. So where does that put you in relation to the HYIP industry? Are you more cautious with the money you have to spare these days, or are you more willing to take a gamble in order to earn a little extra?

The exact question put to MNO readers was this: How active are you in the HYIP industry this summer compared to summer 2019?

In reverse order, just to get this first one out of the way, 0% of the vote went for the option “I’m more active in the HYIP industry than I was last summer”. No real comment to make on that, it wasn’t really that much of a surprise as I think we all kinda know that already. In the middle with 20% of the votes cast by MNO readers was the reply “About the same, probably where I expected to be at this time”. Looking around at how things are going at the moment I would have to agree and say yes, that’s more or less where I saw things going because a massive majority, 80% of you no less, voted for the option “I’m even less active this summer than I was in summer 2019”.

Grim reading if you’re a HYIP admin but not necessarily all doom and gloom either. September is only a few more weeks away and of course the other thing is the rapidly rising value of BitCoin which will surely herald better things in the HYIP world before long. At the time of writing the price of BTC has gone up to almost $11,500, and that’s up from around $9,000 in just one week. So obviously there is money out there to be earned by admins, and to be fair investors too, shrewd enough to read the market. And that can only be good for the HYIP market, especially now when many experienced admins are in hiatus but nevertheless will be watching the industry very closely in anticipation of their return. That’s the hope anyway! Whichever way you want to look at it though, something big is undeniably on the horizon, and I’m just wondering if MNO readers recognise, agree, or are paying much attention to this. Is it good for the HYIP industry or do you think it simply benefits speculators and is best ignored by investors? My question for MNO readers therefore will be this:

Will the rising price of BitCoin benefit the HYIP industry?

Possible answers can be taken from the following options:

– Yes, definitely, it will help to fund interest payments
– No or minimal effect, only speculators will gain
– It will damage the industry as admins find easy scams

As is always the case voting will stay open for around a week or so, long enough for any readers who want to vote to have plenty of time to chew it over and do so. If you’re looking to vote then the buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here. Thanks in advance to everyone who participates, remember it only takes literally a second to do so and all votes remain anonymous and untraceable at all times. Unless of course you wish to discuss your views on the MNO ShoutBox which you are more than welcome to do anytime. But thanks for voting!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 168 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list:
From MNO Standard list: Winza, QubitTech.
From MNO Basic list: CryptoNode.

That is all I have to report today, guys. Stay safe and healthy as it’s the most important thing to do at the moment. Thanks a lot for staying with MNO and I’m hopeful to return in a few days with all the latest news from the biggest programs the HYIP industry has to offer and possibly even some new additions to my monitor. See you soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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