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Hi, my dear readers! I would like to dedicate my main article to SafeAtom today. It seems that many readers of my blog are either actual members of SafeAtom or are just thinking of joining it. In my opinion, SafeAtom is a wonderful program that even exceeded my expectations in terms of longevity. More than 5 months online is a very good achievement for such a program but for the last month SafeAtom gained especially much attention from the potential members. Just looking at the sites’ Alexa I noticed that yesterday’s ranking reached 36,653 and this rapid growth continues. I don’t know if it’s for good or for bad as SafeAtom can have an actual outside income from nuclear power engineering.

I had very little news to report about SafeAtom for the last couple of months just because the program is stable and continues paying me for over 4 months already. My first deposit will expire in less than 4 weeks and I will be able to withdraw my principal. But the main question that was raised by many members still remains. It’s how to increase the possible income from SafeAtom as the program can keep going for months ahead.

Well, I already told you many times that I’m not a fan of compounding. Yes, there’s great risk that you will not get your money back. But there is the real possibility of earning multiple times more than you would earn without it. And you should decide for yourself what you want from your investments and if it’s big profits and high risk you should definitely go with the compounding option.

As you can see from your member’s area in SafeAtom it offers you three possible options of compounding: 0%, 50% or 100%. I will not tell you about 0% compounding as it’s set up by default and using this option you will get 2% for 150 days with principal back at the end of your investment term. So in this case you will get 400% (300% + your principal back).

One of my readers made some calculations on this compounding option and kindly gave me permission to publish it on my blog to share it with all the interested investors. So let’s look at the possible options to invest in SafeAtom excluding 0% compounding:

1) 0% compounding for 50 days, 100% compounding for 100 days: Investment back in 50 days, withdrawing 50 days only + at the end of program: $1000 gives you $6244 (624%).

2) 50% compounding for 150 days: Investment back in 70 days, withdrawing every day of 150 days: $1000 gives you $6943 (694%).

3) 50% compounding for 70 days, 100% compounding for 80 days: Investment back in 70 days, withdrawing 70 days only + at the end of program: $1000 gives you $9750 (975%).

4) 100% compounding for 150 days: Investment back at the end of the term, no withdrawing before the end: $1000 gives you $17500 (1750%).

In my opinion, the most preferable plan is #3. This way you will get your principal back in just 70 days which is a very reasonable time for SafeAtom (already 5 months online). Even if the program will not pay you the compounding money at the end you will get your principal back anyway. And in addition, you have a great opportunity to get 975% on your investment instead of 400% with 0% compounding. With 100% compounding you will earn more of course but this option is the most risky in my opinion. I remind you that you can read more about SafeAtom in my review of the program that was published here.

I hope my small report will help you make the right decision on how to invest in SafeAtom properly to secure your principal and get the most profit possible. Thanks to Petra that came with this idea of 50% compounding and shared it with my readers. I believe this article was useful for you and you can send me your ideas anytime and if they are original and helpful they will be published on my blog as well.

Other news for today.

The most important and best news today came from Ingrid, the admin of UniCreditInvestment. The admin made a good and reasonable decision to drop BlackLotus hosting which proved many times to be unreliable and move to BlockDos protected servers which is one of the leaders in DDoS-protection for HYIPs. Unfortunately, the GoldCoders script is still the same because the database cannot be moved yet but I guess on a new server there won’t be any problem with hacking attempts and SQL injections. As you may know from my article published here BLCC (BlackLotus) was implicated many times in stealing people’s funds and making an attempt to hack the scripts. So after changing the hosting provider I can finally say that UniCreditInvestment is highly recommended by my blog for investments.

Ingrid is a great admin who is always available for chatting on Skype and you can ask her any questions before investing, she’s a really helpful person. You’re able to request your withdrawals now and I for example was already paid. The only thing Ingrid is asking you to do is to double check your e-currency accounts listed in your member’s profile. This is necessary for making the withdrawals to your account and not to some stranger’s one.

All the necessary info about UniCreditInvestment can read from my review published here or my interview with Ingrid that was published here. And this is the latest update from Ingrid:

All payments have been done and the site is back and functional now. We are on a new host now (with anti-ddos too). We wanted to change the script too but this database won’t work with the new script. So, till our programmer will find a solution, we’ve tried our best to protect this script and will work like this. Some monitors hurried up to put us on problems. Don’t know why, because I’ve emailed all members and let them know all the facts as often as I could. Anyway, problems have been solved and everything seems ok now. Please check your accounts and email me if you see something wrong there. The database was so messed up that we might have missed some errors. Let us know and we’ll correct them. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

I must add that such dedicated admins like Ingrid are really hard to find nowadays and I’m really proud to be a member of UniCreditInvestment – this rising star among short-term HYIPs.

By the way, beside UniCreditInvestment today I received my payments from EliteMoney, TradeElite, CapitalizedInv, SafeAtom, AgriFund, ApolloInvestGroup, BristolCapitalGroup, AcmosTrade, e-Confidence, LargeSum, MaxShare and VideoAdSurf. And please forget about ProfitsKey: like it was predicted the admin scammed even before processing the first payouts (I was right as usual). See you tomorrow, guys!

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