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29/07/2015. Top Five Popular Programs on MNO


Hello all! Welcome again to the MNO blog and monitor, dealing only with the biggest investment programs from the HYIP industry. Unfortunately there are mostly only very shallow programs around now with only a few dozen active investors. The ones run by truly experienced admins with hundreds of real investors are the ones you can find on MNO which should become your daily reference point for checking up on high quality programs with big advertising budgets. I’m fully aware that there were very few new programs listed on the MNO monitor over the last few weeks, however that is a direct result of a deliberate decision to deal exclusively with high-budget programs and weed out all the fast scams and the admins with usually bad intentions. That did work at the expense of the quantity of the programs you can see on my monitor now, but I have always believed in the quality over the quantity approach and MNO is now a quintessential high grade monitor. Even during this summer mostly filled with low-quality scams on other monitors you will find some truly astonishing performers on the MNO monitor where, according to my information, the admin of another huge program that was hugely successful earlier in the year approached me today and said he would be buying the listing on MNO at the end of the week, so stay tuned for further announcements on that.

I myself am enjoying my free time in London while also working occasionally on the recently launched MNO Info Center page that will feature all the best articles published on my blog over the last eight years. There are currently only seven articles available at the moment, but more will follow soon with hopefully several dozen by the end of the year. I’m in the process of editing them to cut out any content that was only relevant to certain times, and generally just bringing them up-to-date. There are some really interesting articles there both from the MNOFridays collection plus a couple of other stand alone pieces from my blog with no shortage of controversy in some of them, so if you haven’t checked the new Info Center page please do so here.

The HYIP industry is still largely dominated by the outstanding performance of Carbon7 which was first listed on MNO in the very beginning of June and undoubtedly played a very positive role in the revival of the HYIP industry this summer that has so far been much better than the previous two. You can read the full review of Carbon7 here and if you’re willing to invest, the program will accept all the major currencies including SolidTrustPay, Payza, Payeer, BitCoin, and PerfectMoney starting from $25. You can choose from two available plans – paying 110% after 7 calendar days and 7% for 22 business days. Unfortunately as Carbon7 is listed on the Standard section of my monitor it’s not eligible for inclusion in the Top Five Popular Programs article where I describe the main programs listed on the Premium List in order of popularity among my readers. The need to update the list of the Top programs is caused mainly by the departure of the hugely popular short-term program BITCTradeLimited which was removed due to confirmed reports of selective payouts received from my readers (I already posted the first warning about BITCTradeLimited in the previous blog article, but now the program is officially a scam, so please stay away). RollNRich that used to be the #1 program on MNO cannot be included in the Top Five list either, as the admin seems to be having yet another leave of absence and the withdrawals have been pending for over two days now, which prompted me to move the program to Waiting status on my monitor (hopefully only temporarily). I’ll keep you updated on any change of status for RollNRich, so keep an eye the MNO monitor for that, guys.


Where better to start the Top Five popular programs on MNO then than with the current leader – PokerAutomatics (reviewed here). The program will be celebrating its first year online in just a few weeks having been officially launched to the general public in August 2014, although the admin stated earlier that PokerAutomatics had been online for at least four years, which can’t be independently verified as the first mention of it online only dates back to about a year ago. Whether it’s true or not, we cannot deny the fact that PokerAutomatics has been the people’s favorite for a long time now and taking the first spot on the MNO monitor eventually was the logical outcome. Anyway, PokerAutomatics is quite a complicated program when it comes to understanding the way it works for you. Usually something like 1% will be the company’s total profit for any calendar day (it does fluctuate but rarely goes much higher or lower than that). From that profit you will get from a 40% to 80% share of it depending on the size of your investment. So for the minimum of $30 deposit in PokerAutomatics you will get about 12% pure profit over the course of the 30-day term (with about 0.4% per day going to you depending on the company’s profit rate). You will also receive your initial deposit back. There will be bigger daily returns if you choose to go with larger amounts invested over a longer period of time, which can possibly extend to about 0.8% daily interest paid over a period of 180 calendar days with the principal back on expiry. The amount of payment options available in PokerAutomatics is truly staggering and along with the market favorites SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin also include lesser known OkPay, NixMoney, YandexMoney, Qiwi, AdvCash and the most recently added PayCo payment options.


Second position on the Top Five list is taken by Cryptoconomist (reviewed here). I must say that the program has managed to pleasantly surprise me and many other investors with an impeccably long run. With a total of over a year online and the three months on the Premium listing on MNO, by now lots of people made significant profits from Cryptoconomist whose daily paying plans include 2.3% for 20 days, 2.5% for 35 days, 2.8% for 55 days (all with the initial principal back on expiry). I firmly believe that the only payable and sustainable plans to invest in Cryptoconomist with are the daily paying options, while those paying on expiry and requiring larger minimums to join (600% after 12 business days, 1500% after 25-45 business days, 3000% after 60 business days, 7000% after 100 business days) are best avoided. They might even be where the daily paying plans are feeding from. Cryptoconomist accepts deposits exclusively made through anonymous payment processors including PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin (from a $10 minimum to invest and up to a $50,000 maximum), although the really large amounts (over $2,000) are paid via Bank transfers as of late which is rather strange given the nature of the HYIP, so I would advise not to invest more than a couple of hundred in one single transaction to be paid promptly to your e-currency accounts instead. No one can really say for how much longer Cryptoconomist will be paying, but it’s clearly outperformed many people’s expectations and is still doing pretty well. If you wish to receive the further information from Cryptoconomist‘s admin Eller you’re welcome to click here.


Coming in at #3 on the today’s MNO Top Five is USDBusinessLimited (reviewed here). The program won a lot more attention from my readers once the admin decided to purchase the tower banner on the MNO blog for the entire month thus sparking more interest in the program which helped it climb higher up the ranks. USDBusinessLimited first launched 37 days ago and has a Premium spot on the MNO monitor since day one. It offers instant payouts to Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin and promised to pay 2.2% to 3.5% fixed interest over a period of 70 business days (ten weeks) also returning the initial investment on expiry. While the very first investors who made an investment over $30 and over into USDBusinessLimited are still far from the break-even point, the impeccable performance of the program over the first weeks online might just help in spreading the word and attracting more attention to this undoubtedly worthy program.


Dropping to #4 now and quickly losing popularity among my readers is AtrexTrade (reviewed here). The program has recently managed to do a lot of damage to its own credibility and chances of a brighter future by refusing to allow premature principal withdrawals during the summer period (not even officially updating their investment terms on this) and further raised some eyebrows when announcing the program will be on hiatus from 1 to 14 August. That means new deposits will still be accepted in AtrexTrade but daily profits will not be credited for at least two weeks. There’s lots of speculation surrounding this decision, but my guess is that AtrexTrade has been experiencing some cashflow issues recently caused by tougher competition from newer promising programs like Carbon7. The admin probably thought it best to put the payouts on hold for some time when he hopes to raise more money in order to pay to the first investors who joined on day one, attracted by similarities with other hugely successful similar programs with variable daily returns and the option to withdraw the initial investment after a short period of 25 business days if needed. This very option of premature principal withdrawal has been put on hold over the summer period leading to speculations that AtrexTrade was near the end, and although instant payouts are still made on all the withdrawals to PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin I simply cannot recommend investing at the moment when no payouts are to be made for two weeks. I believe the situation with the program’s future will be clearer in mid-August when they should resume profit crediting and payouts.


Finally, last but by no means the least the remaining program on today’s Top Five is RoyalTrust. I believe that the program will overtake AtrexTrade in just a couple of days judging by its recent high daily returns announced on the main page. The decision made by the admin of RoyalTrust in order to better compete with other programs in the HYIP industry while offering the option to withdraw the initial investment at any time before expiry proved to be absolutely right. Now you can choose between investing in a plan with $25 minimum locking your principal for an unspecified term until you reach 180% in interest payments, or the newer and more flexible plan available for $50+ investments which allows you to withdraw your principal at any time (though still capping the maximum possible return at 180%). The only real difference between withdrawing your principal and profits from RoyalTrust is that usually interest payments are processed instantly to your Payeer, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin accounts while requests for the principal withdrawals are honored manually by the admin within 24 hours (note that payments via Neteller are processed manually by the admin at all times). The most recent interest rates have increased significantly over the last couple of weeks which was a direct result of investment plans changing and a lot of extra interest shown in RoyalTrust from a totally different category of investor who prefer to be more in control of their finances and more flexible with withdrawal options – exactly what the newly added plan offered. I remind you that on both investment plans in RoyalTrust you get a fixed 1% interest on Saturdays and Sundays while it can be anything from 1% to 3.5% on business days (Monday to Friday). That way we can say that sometimes changes in investment plans can really do some programs good, as in the case of RoyalTrust the original review of which describing the original plan and features can be found here.


I just want to wrap things up by reminding you that each program’s position is based on its popularity among my readers. At the moment Carbon7 which is actually the most popular choice is excluded due to being on Standard listing instead of Premium which nevertheless does nothing to lessen it’s appeal. Changes to the list are possible at any time and only reflects the current position it occupies, so please check out the status of the programs you wish to invest with before proceeding, and check the MNO monitoring page often.

That’s it for today, guys. Please check back later in the week for more news from the biggest programs online. You can show your support by checking the newly added MNO Info Center page and voting in the poll now running on the MNO TalkBack page to help improve it. Enjoy your summer and see you all soon!

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