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Beware! CryptoHolders has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! I hope the weekend is going well for you all. For today’s main article I want to look at a brand new addition to the MNO monitor‘s Standard List called CryptoHolders. It just launched during the week so the very first investors have yet to see a profit. Will they ever? Time, and not much time, will tell. Everything in the HYIP industry is a bit “up in the air” at the moment, with December being full of both surprises as well as predictable scams. There’s a couple of other news stories to catch up with this Saturday evening as well, so keep reading to see if there’s anything in there relating to your own portfolio. But for now let’s see what you think of CryptoHolders and what they have to offer.

There’s a pretty simple choice to make when it comes to the investment plans. CryptoHolders only have two plans for you to look at, one of which is short term and paying on expiry, and the other which is more medium term and makes daily payments. And that’s where I’ll start with as it’s the one that might well be the more popular. It can be joined for a minimum deposit of $20. The plan runs for 22 business days, just over four full weeks, during which the interest rate is 7% per day – paid from Monday through Friday – and will apply to all deposits regardless of how much you’ve deposited. Your principal is counted as part of the payments. So by the time of expiry your total payments should have accumulated to 154%. That will mean your net profit is 54% as CryptoHolders include your principal. Maximum spend is $250,000 by the way. If we take a simple example of $100 invested in this plan then, CryptoHolders will pay you $7 per day from Monday to Friday until such a time as you have earned $154 in total.

The second plan is less profitable but does have the advantage of paying you the profit on offer a whole lot faster. It runs for a term of 7 calendar days. The minimum cost of joining is still $20 and the return being offered by CryptoHolders is 110% on expiry. This payment will also include your principal, leaving you with a clear 10% net profit. Therefore if we look at the same $100 sample investment made to this plan it’s really very simple – invest today and CryptoHolders pay you back $110 a week later, or your own money plus 10% clear profit. Not bad for a week if it works out OK, unfortunately due to withdrawal fees the CryptoHolders admin is rewarding himself with. This is charged at 2% which is imposed on your entire withdrawal, i.e. your principal and profit combined. So what looks like a $100 withdrawal in your account turns into $98 by the time it hits your payment processor. Throw in your processor’s own fee for converting that to actual cash and it’s less again. Maximum spend is again $250,000.

The withdrawal process is fairly straight forward, except that CryptoHolders are helping themselves to a 2% withdrawal fee imposed on all payment requests. As I’ve just explained above for every $1 owed to you and are trying to withdraw, expect to receive $0.98 cents once the transaction is complete. Speaking of transactions, the CryptoHolders admin requires anything up to 24 hours, Monday to Friday, to complete some payment requests which are handled manually. Others are made instantly, it depends on what payment processor you are using. The choice of payment options is pretty good though, with PerfectMoney, Payeer, Payza, and AdvCash included if you prefer the more conventional style third party handlers. This is where CryptoHolders provide instant withdrawals. Or if you prefer the more direct route of digital e-currencies then BitCoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum are listed for manual payments by the CryptoHolders admin.

Looking at the technical side of the CryptoHolders website now such as design and security features, the script is under license from GoldCoders. That makes the CryptoHolders website easy enough to navigate your way around and user friendly without any surprises, even if the design is rather bland and uninspiring. Hosting is on a dedicated server by BlockDos with their tech support and protection from DDoS attacks. For an added layer of protection the CryptoHolders website also has a Green Bar SSL encryption certificate by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you have any further questions for the CryptoHolders admin that you think weren’t addressed in this review or any account related issues you need to have looked at then you can get in touch by filling in your details on the online customer support form and submitting it via the contacts page. Naturally it’s recommended that you pay close attention to the website’s FAQ page first as that explains most things and may help you to avoid having to compose any lengthy asking questions that are already answered. Otherwise you can write directly to the admin at the e-mail address included on the contacts page, and for social media networks and Live Chat CryptoHolders have profiles on Facebook, Skype, and Telegram.

As for any alleged business activities supporting payments to investors, don’t give it much thought. Just treat CryptoHolders like any other HYIP, and forget the pretence that it’s anything else. Experienced players already know this well, I just find the need to keep repeating it for the benefit of those new to the world of online HYIPs. Treat everything you see as a form of high risk gambling, don’t look for, expect, or believe guarantees, and behave accordingly from there. That means setting yourself a sensible and affordable spending limit that it won’t bother you to lose if things don’t work out, and if you do decide to join CryptoHolders then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

With that in mind if you’ve already come to a decision about whether CryptoHolders is suitable for you or not then perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing with the other readers and answering the following poll. Remember it’s 100% anonymous and untraceable. I think this is interesting because eventually, when we see how successful the program does or does not become, we see how many people were right to go with their first impressions:

Will you make an active deposit in CryptoHolders?

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The admin of the above reviewed CryptoHolders made a great present to his members who joined via the more traditional processors like Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, or AdvCash. Unlike those who joined CryptoHolders using cryptocurrencies BitCoin, LiteCoin, or Ethereum, such investors will have the advantage of getting paid instantly, while others still need to wait for their payments to be processed manually within 24 hours. So congratulations to everyone who qualifies for instant payouts as per the latest announcement from the admin of CryptoHolders re-posted below:

Greetings from CryptoHolders!
We have officially launched on 11th December 2017 and there is gradual increase in member base.
Upon launching we have promised to pay withdrawal requests within 24 hours, and it was processed well within that time.
Now we are providing Instant Payout to Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer and Advcash. Other payment processor withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours time.
Thanks. CryptoHolders Team.


From my review of Octoin posted here, you might know that apart from the investment opportunity paying variable daily returns for the 30 to 150 calendar days period with principal back on expiry, you may also make some money there by using its trading and mining services, P2P exchange, and buying and selling its own OctoinCoin currency. Before recently there were already lots of payment processors accepted by Octoin and that included PerfectMoney, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Zcash. Now there’s been an official announcement on BitcoinCash becoming yet another currency accepted by Octoin from now on. The news about that was posted below for your information, followed by some other important announcements on the German webinar to be held tonight, plus some conferences in Nigeria and China where one can listen live to some speakers that will tell people about the income opportunities Octoin can provide them. All the necessary information on that as well as dates and times can be found below in one of the multiple updates reposted below:

Bitcoin Cash is now with us!
Almost from the very beginning of our site Octoin we received many requests from our users and investors. They were all different, but many were reduced to one: you asked to add the possibility of operations with Bitcoin Cash.
And we decided to listen to the opinion of our community and realized this opportunity. Now you can enter, store and withdraw any amounts of Bitcoin cash. Note that the internal transfers of Bitcoin cash will be conducted without any commission and almost instantly.
We always try to improve our and the project and improve ourselves. You play an important role in this – investors, businessmen, traders, in general, ordinary users of Octoin. Without you, we would not have achieved what you can already observe. Thank you! We will continue to work and go in the same direction.
Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!

Nigeria is in business!
Already this week, the first two conferences will be held in Nigeria. Our project was created as a team of traders and miners from various countries and now we openly declare ourselves around the world.
You can all see how on Octoin you can trade, trade and work with the p2p-exchange.And of course, everyone will have the opportunity to ask any question to our representatives.
Are you interested in crypto-currencies, trading and mining?
Do you think where to invest?
Do you want to make money on new technologies of blockchain?
If you answered “Yes!” to at least one question – be sure to come to our conference!
All information about both conferences is set out below.
VENUE: Conference Hall, Jasmine Hotel & Suite, Ralph Sodeimde Street, Opposite Ministry of Finance. Central Business District, Abuja
DATE: Thursday 14th 2017, TIME: 4:00 pm

Nigeria is in business! Saturday 16th 2017
Already this week, the first two conferences will be held in Nigeria. Our project was created as a team of traders and miners from various countries and now we openly declare ourselves around the world.
You can all see how on Octoin you can trade, trade and work with the p2p-exchange. And of course, everyone will have the opportunity to ask any question to our representatives.
Are you interested in crypto-currencies, trading and mining?
Do you think where to invest?
Do you want to make money on new technologies of blockchain?
If you answered “Yes!” to at least one question – be sure to come to our conference!
All information about both conferences is set out below.
VENUE: Commit Buka Majekodunmi street, Behind Oshopey plaza, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja
DATE: Saturday 16th 2017, TIME:10am, Free Launch for first 40 people
Contact no.08182601619
We look forward to seeing you!
Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!

Octoin at the Shanghai Summit!
We are glad to inform you that very soon, on December 21, our leaders from Octoin will participate in a large-scale summit in China, Shanghai. Participation in such an event plays a big role in the development of our company.
This is a major event in which a large number of businessmen, investors, traders and miners from around the world will participate. Also there will be many large crypto companies and famous people from this industry such as the firecoin network (du jun, gongxin bao huang min qiang).
In addition, the summit will be awarded special awards for various achievements in the cryptosphere. We will hope that our team will receive the main gold award.
All the brief information and details you can read below:
Location: 11685 jinsha river road, putuo district, Shanghai Crowne plaza hotel Shanghai.
Time: 9:20 AM., Date: on December 21
Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!

German webinar! Dec 16 7:00 PM
We are for the sake of announcing a new webinar for everyone who knows German. It will be held on Dec 16 7:00 PM. To register please click here
After that you will receive a confirmation on your e-mail.
Speaker from our company, Andy Gerhard will talk about the intricacies of working with the Octoin platform and give important advice to investors. We are committed to communication and cooperation with all comers.
If you want to learn something new or ask a question interesting you, we will be glad to welcome you to our webinar. Come and invite partners.
We look forward to seeing you!
Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!


Don’t forget to request another weekly payment from ResonanceCapital, guys, as at the end of each business week, i.e. Friday night, your account with the program is credited with weekly profits from one of the following plans – 28% for 4 weeks, 6%-6.2% for 24 weeks, 3.3%-6% for 48 weeks. You can start investing in ResonanceCapital with at least $50 in your PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, Ethereum, or BitCoin accounts and be paid within two to five business days after requesting the payout. Recently, however, ResonanceCapital has experienced some difficulties when dealing with crypto-currencies and therefore it was decided to change the provider used to accept and pay out via BitCoin and Ethereum. During the transition period it will be impossible to invest using crypto-currencies. According to the latest newsletter from ResonanceCapital (reviewed here), the process will take some time and the temporary disruption will be necessary to switch to a different crypto-currency provider that is supposed to make working with BitCoin and Ethereum a lot easier. More information on that please read below:

Hello, dear ResonanceCapital customers.
Today, we were informed by our Technical Department of a critical issue regarding Blockchain API operation. E.g., failures in balance updating via were detected. When adding funds to their account via Bitcoin, all of our customers experience difficulties related to transferring funds to their internal accounts within our company. We, in turn, can observe all successful transactions in ResonanceCapital‘s logs, but Blockchain API doesn’t confirm these transactions, for its part, thus balance updating isn’t performed on our Bitcoin address.
We haven’t been able to receive a current balance in for more than 100,000 USD since December 12, 2017. Nevertheless, all customer payments were successfully credited to their internal accounts within our company with no costs, charges, and expenses. In case your or your acquaintance’s funds weren’t credited to the personal account when paying via Bitcoin, please use our web-chat or feedback form in back-office for contacting Technical Support to make sure your transactions are processed in the quickest possible time.
To avoid any Technical Support overburdening and/or any botheration among our customers, we suspended payment reception via and started connecting a new provider for processing Bitcoin transactions. Please use alternative ways of replenishing your personal account within ResonanceCapital during these technical activities.
Dear customers, thank you for your understanding. We’ll inform you on successful connection of a new provider for processing Bitcoin payments in the nearest time.
Please follow the news on our official website.
Yours Faithfully, ResonanceCapital


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listOctoin.
From MNO Premium list: AlpexTrade, OsmiumCurrencyGlobal.
From MNO Standard list: RenaissanceInvestBISTInvest, CryptoHolders, Automatix (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Basic list: Colobit, CryptoFX.

That’s all the news for tonight, guys. Stay tuned for more updates from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry along with a detailed review of Automatix to follow on Monday. Thanks for reading and make sure you follow all the latest updates on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, or subscribe to the daily news to be delivered to your confirmed email address here. Remember that you can always contact me here, directly at, or chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. Although the current HYIP season is coming to an end soon we are all looking forward to 2018 which will definitely bring more superb investment opportunities to the MNO monitor. So make sure you follow MNO for the best and the biggest investment opportunities because MNO is For Money Lovers!

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