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09/03/2018. MNOFridays (26th Issue) and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello everyone and especially those looking for some exclusive content on MNO! Quite a few stories to catch up with today so keep reading through to the news section for more info on that. First off though I’ve also decided to take advantage of the spare time I’m getting on a long haul flight from Singapore to London by reviving the MNOFridays series of HYIP educational and background articles. I haven’t really been keeping this going recently, but longer term readers will no doubt be aware that this was a popular feature on MNO where some of the let’s say more clandestine or at least lesser known features of the HYIP industry were explained to investors. A lot of subjects which readers might never have quite understood or even have given a great deal of thought to were discussed at length, and you can see the full series collected on the MNO Info page here so you don’t have to search the archives. So today I felt the time was right to revive the series, not so much because I’m just passing the time of day on an airplane with not much else to do but rather the timing is perfect due to one of the best liked and most experienced admins working in the industry sharing some of his own thoughts on the subject I’m about to cover. I hope you find it interesting because first of all his next program will almost certainly be huge and included on MNO, but also why he feels the time to launch something new may not be exactly right now.

As the spring season gets underway one issue that’s been raised more than once on the MNO blog has been the lack of any serious growth in the HYIP industry so far this year. There’s been some really good programs, that’s for sure, but compared to the first two months of last year? There’s just no comparison! The industry is nowhere even close to being as strong right now. That by itself is not really something to be unduly concerned about. Sure, nobody likes it when this happens, nobody enjoys the shortage of good earning opportunities, but just as in the real world economy the HYIP industry also moves in cycles. The highs and lows can be more severe and the frequency of the so called boom and bust periods are a lot more often, but the basic pretence is still the same. So while January to March 2017 was exceptional, the same cannot be said for the same period of 2018. But why? What’s so different this time around, what conditions are present today that we didn’t have to deal with this time last year? A lot of experienced players, and I must admit I myself was one of them, were expecting better things from the HYIP industry in the opening three months of the year. Not necessarily better than 2017, that would have been a pretty tall order, but at least better than what we’ve seen so far. The last HYIP industry “recession” for want of a better word was predictable enough, it came right on schedule in December as it does just before every Christmas, but likewise most other years things tend to get right back on track to some extent come the first few weeks of January.

I thought this would be an interesting topic for an opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page where readers might share their own views on what’s happening. After all, my blog is a platform for my own thoughts and opinions, but as I already know what I think I’m also curious to hear how others feel about the situation. In fact that’s really the whole “raison d’etre” behind the TalkBack page, to find out what others think. As with most opinion polls there isn’t any right or wrong answers as such, it’s usually a combination of all the answers to a degree, but I was wondering what other investors thought about the reasons why the HYIP industry hasn’t really gotten out of first gear so far in 2018.

However it was on this subject that I also had a brief but highly enlightening (dare I say entertaining!) exchange with one of the best known and popular HYIP admins in the industry. He is an old friend of MNO and someone I’ve enjoyed debating with over the years, and by his own admission has made a substantial amount of money from his programs, and truth be told so have I if I’m honest as have a huge number of my readers. His experience in the industry dates back to around the same time I started here myself, though at a different end of the spectrum so our experiences and opinions may often differ we have both more or less “seen it all”. I thought it would be interesting for regular MNO readers and investors to share this admin’s side of the discussion.

Although it’s a private e-mail exchange between us, I asked his permission and to my great personal pleasure he agreed. Needless to say I hope readers will appreciate there’s a certain degree of discretion required here given the nature of the admin’s work and some of the frank and no-nonsense statements he makes. I’m not going to entertain the notion of repeating names, programs, previous history, real identities, forum identities, etc, etc. He gave me permission to name just one program he takes credit for, that one was the rather excellent Royalty7 which was a massive success a couple of years back. No doubt many of you will like to speculate as to what else he’s done, but I wouldn’t waste my time if I were you. It’s not really relevant to today’s article and achieves nothing anyway.

He does start off with a blunt and in my mind refreshingly candid admission of his personal financial achievements. For the benefit of anyone who thinks this might be an exaggeration, let me assure you as a ring side observer of the HYIP industry through some of the biggest years there was no shortage of money floating around to make this admin’s personal claims quite feasible. In fact even as a monitor I myself retired from regular wage/salaried work many years ago. Maybe not “ten times over” in my case like the admin suggests for himself, but then just once is enough for me! I should also just point out, and I want it to be perfectly clear, that none of what you are about to read was written by me or had any input or involvement by me. In fact I don’t even want to say how much of this I personally agree or disagree with what the admin has to say, I simply present it to you as he expressed it himself. I don’t take any credit for the work he’s done here, I simply want to present it to my readers as the personal opinion of someone with many years experience in the industry from let’s say a different side of it than most investors.

Hello Paul, We both made good money over the years. Here since 2005 and I could retire 10 times already with 8 figures but….. I am, like you, still here, trying to figure this out and I love it. You see… Mastering the art of being an admin is not only about how well you can attract nor how precisely one manages to long term balance the daily ins/outs. There is much more to that…

The key is to have an accurate understanding of reality and 12yrs of experience proved that there is no definitive answer in sight to the recent interesting question you raised. The exact timing of those waves (cycles) are beyond our current understanding unless some very extensive research is done on the matter but even then we might never understand why… Merging the countless collective reasons that lead to that uptrend result, to that sudden shift in demand balance that we can observe over and over again as years pass by is just…. incomprehensible. I have to say that non of the optional answers you gave in the TalkBack opinion poll are accurate enough to describe that “mysterious” collective force which drives the uptrend wave of influx in this market every year. From what I’ve learned there is a seasonal effect to all this as you described but that “force” is not entirely tamed by seasonality. There are complete years of silence like after GeniusFunds (MNO note – GeniusFunds was one of the biggest programs of the last 12 years) and times like the current days prove that there is no exact timing.

What is certain is that no one, no admin can control it and without it there will be no game. All admin’s efforts will be wasted in vain without it no matter how well the program is constructed and how much money the admin spends on ads or mons or from pocket to give the appearance of “PAYING” it all will be in vain. The peaks come in intervals of no less than five months (five is rare), I’ve mapped every market peak since 2005. They come every eight months in average (some after ten months) probably due to the time it takes to generate enough member base to create a significant peak (scam wave). Notice many fall at the same time like a domino its due to inflow spreads between programs as they rise often as a single unit. Example: March 1 of 2017 the market peaked and since than every program failed until end of Sep when the curvature of the wave started to shift again upwards (peaked again with LaserOnline). More examples: 2012 June 1, market peaked with R7 and Zeek. December 2005 the market peaked with 12DailyPro. During the times when the “force” is not present there will be not enough inflow to ALL programs and if one is standing for months and paying its only due to payment from admin pocket. No matter how much money admins are spending on advertisement these days its all useless because there is no receptive audience to listen to those ads. Admins can only hope that during their life they can catch that wave of inflow or else death without success is most definitely sure.

There can’t be a situation when one or several programs have inflow while others don’t. During extreme times like that most of the “decent” looking programs get hit&run from experienced Russian players (they are always present) and without any inflow to pass this smokescreen they’ll just perish, wasting their time and efforts… A good strategy will be to filter bad traffic (eliminating most of the hit&runners) but the admins that have such experience are extremely rare. But even then after the admin has done absolutely everything to extend the life of his program and put expensive ads all over the place, if the force is not present the program will close without success. Most of mons, insurance, banners is all a big waste in such market conditions. Currently that force is not present and this is why program after program fails. That force can’t be controlled or even slightly altered, we all wait for it and very few admins try to save their resources because this is the only thing a really experienced admin can do. It can even come today, who knows.

The presence of the force is significant, it can get a program from a deep minus to hundreds of thousands if not a million in plus and all in a matter of weeks. I still ask myself if the peak can be controlled (because theoretically if everybody got paid why stop investing), I know the uptrend is not to be controlled but maybe the peak is initiated by a top program admin not been able to control such huge database / traffic or government agency will intervene to cause the collapse. So my vote is: None of the above.

At this juncture I raised the point that I never quite mean what I say as an exact science, just a general observation I’ve made over the years and still struggle to predict. Of course one thing that people on our side of the divide might, often overlook is the high turnover of individuals coming in and out of the industry. I mean how many people did he deal with in 2006 that are still active today? I’ll take a guess and say not many! Even over the course of five years, the people who react to market events he describes in 2012 do not necessarily have anything in common with those reacting in 2017, so it’s an even more unpredictable factor. The thoughts of the admin on how this may or may not be a factor continue below:

Good morning, I can count on my fingers those who were playing in 2012 and still active today. Another factor that might be a significant determent this year was the collapse of BitConnect. It was huge even more than Zeek and if the HYIP industry was somehow connected with it then I’m afraid there will be no game until summer, than another three months of vocational silence and only than maybe in late Sep we’ll begin to see some light. I think that if by early April we won’t see any improvement than the next uptrend should be probable in late September.

That just about sums up the admin’s thoughts on where we find ourselves in the HYIP industry today and why, and just to reiterate this has been left largely unedited by me. What you see is pretty much how he expressed things in his own words, however I’m going to continue with the subject below where I’ll be discussing the results of the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll where readers had their own chance to voice their opinions on the same topic. I’ll also be replacing this question with a new poll you can think about regarding some of the points raised by the admin, specifically whether you agree with him and when you think the HYIP industry will be in full recovery.



I’ll continue the subject of the above MNOFridays article by looking at the final results of the opinion poll from the MNO TalkBack page. I must say that I deliberately postponed it for the simple reason that I wished to coincide it with the article you’ve just read, as they are mutually connected. The question I asked readers and which is still relevant today is “What is the main underlying cause of the current HYIP industry slump?”

There were three possible answers available, but as you might see from the article the admin of Royalty7 didn’t agree entirely with any of them. But the majority of readers named “Too many fast scams / good admins not delivering” as the main reason behind the current slump dominating the HYIP industry at the moment. And that is very true, I must say and the reason I most definitely support myself as being responsible for the current state of things. Really, when there are so many fast scams around some of which might seemingly be run by professional admins at other times able to deliver incredible results, investors can be afraid to participate believing there will be little if any financial benefit for them. That point of view was supported by 62% of readers who were obviously disappointed by the poor results from so many well made projects (just today I have four scams to report). 19% of readers believe the current slump was mostly caused by “BitCoin’s unpredictability that has made it too unstable”. Come to think of it, there is a grain of truth in there too. Not only BitCoin, but many other popular cryptocurrencies took a huge dip having peaked to their all-time highs just before the New Year. Since then the crypto-market has shrunk significantly (25% to 50% by a very rough estimation), so the circulating funds investors usually allocate to their HYIP activities has shrunk in line with that. That in turn made people’s budgets too tight and making them less likely to participate. And finally the remaining 19% of readers think that “people are just not interested since the new year”. This loss of interest has been caused exactly by the domino effect that was created by more and more scams along with a sudden and sharp decrease in the value of major crypto-currencies, and by many other factors outside of anyone’s control. Even now that spring has begun and March is in its prime there’s little interest from the potential HYIP investors, and those who try to ride the wave cannot say that there are absolutely no decent HYIPs out there, there are, but investors are now selective.

As you might have seen in the above article, the admin of Royalty7 mentioned two possible times when in his estimation the HYIP industry might reach its prime this year. So, I was thinking that could be a good question to put to readers next on the TalkBack page over the next week or so. The question is – When in your opinion will the HYIP industry peak again?

The possible answers are:
1) In the spring
2) In the summer
3) In the autumn
4) In the winter

While we know a thing or two about the HYIP industry running in cycles and repeating over and over again just to spot the next big window of opportunity to make some extra money will be a difficult, but not impossible task for the wise investor. So please share your opinion on when you think the industry will peak this year which has been defying all the odds at the moment and puzzles both investors, and professional admins alike. Click here and vote for your answer and thanks in advance for your time, guys!


ETHMine (reviewed here) makes every effort at improvement as it now offers members a unique opportunity to contact their global telephone support to ask any questions they might have. The system has been introduced lately after a series of careful checks to make sure everything would be working smoothly, so all the current and potential members of ETHMine which is currently ranked at #1 on the MNO Premium List should be satisfied. For those who are not aware of ETHMine yet I’ll remind that the program has been on MNO since day one and is currently entering its third week online. You can enjoy a level of flexibility with ETHMine you can only dream of in other programs, as though the investment term is one full calendar year you don’t need to wait that long to see your principal and profit returned. Actually, it’s totally up to you to decide when you feel the level of profits you’ve obtained with ETHMine feels enough for you and then can request them to be paid to your BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, or BitcoinCash accounts. ETHMine will offer you from 2.6% to 3% fixed daily income depending on the invested amount, and you’re free to withdraw both your principal and profit once 24 hours since your deposit has been activated have elapsed. Note though that there is a 5% exit fee on all the principal withdrawals, so it’s advisable to wait for at least two days before withdrawing your principal. And another thing – with the current huge level of volatility in cryptocurrencies when investing in ETHMine you actually convert your currencies to USD and then it’s going to be converted back from USD to your preferred cryptocurrency on requesting the principal or profits, so do take the exchange rates into consideration, please. Here is the latest news from ETHMine:

ETHMine global telephone support is now live!
Just a short announcement today, though it’s one that many of our valued supporters have been anticipating hotly.
We’re pleased to announce that the lines have all been thoroughly checked, and that ETHMine‘s global live telephone support is now available!
Our dedicated phone support teams are ready and waiting to help solve any issues and boost your Ether mining experience in any way possible, so don’t hold back.?? No matter how big or small your problem, how relevant you think it might be, give us a ring and we will do everything we can to solve it for you.
Call us now on +852 5801 4210 between 8:00am-6:00pm (UTC+8). We look forward to your call!
Wishing you all the best until we reach out again.
Best, The ETHMine Team


There is some very positive news today from BitifyLimited. You might remember that in the review posted here, I shared my thoughts on the admin’s good track record that he would start gradually and would be adding more payment options soon. Exactly as predicted, after starting with BitCoin, DogeCoin, LiteCoin, and NixMoney, yesterday it was announced about the addition of another five options. You may now use to invest in BitifyLimited using Ethereum, Zcash, BitcoinCash, BitcoinGold, and Dash. The investment plans on offer remain the same with some paying daily and returning the initial deposit on expiry (2.2% for 15 days, 2.6% for 30 days, 3% for 45 days) or go with the higher risk but ultimately more profitable offers paying once on expiry (160% after 20 days, 240% after 40 days, 340% after 60 days, 1000% after 100 days, 5000% after 200 days). More good news from BitifyLimited is that yesterday the very first investors in the shortest 2.2% for 15 days plan should have been able to get their principal back and got away with a nice 33% profit from two weeks. However, why would you stop investing with BitifyLimited, as apparently the admin knows best how to make his program last longer than the competition and is already starting to implement his plan for gradual development? We’ll wait and see how the situation develops in BitifyLimited, but I do have a positive feeling after reading this piece of news from last night:

ETH, ZEC, BCH, BTG, DASH have been added
We have connected even more cryptocurrencies to our platform, and the created deposits can be paid via Ethereum, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and DASH! Invest your ETH, ZEC, BCH, BTH, or DASH, and make money with us without exchange restrictions!


I am now pretty sure that OctoinCoin currency is going down the drain as predicted by many investors whose Octoin deposits were forcefully converted into the OCC released currency, that had immediately lost about 90% of its original value leaving people with huge losses if they joined Octoin too late. The situation has only deteriorated further with the OCC exchange rate now standing at the lowest since its ICO at just $5. How much lower it will drop over the next days and weeks we can only speculate, but the administration seems unconcerned and keeps posting the updates on the conferences in Indonesia where many people might still not be aware of the pending disaster. Note that while Octoin is still paying fine in OCC wallets the program has been downgraded to On Hold status on the MNO monitor until the OCC value reaches at least its originally advertised value at $100 (if that ever happens!), so I would advise to stay away from it at the moment. Here is the news from Octoin released last night

The conference in Ternate is over! on the 10th of February
Our representatives from Indonesia continue to share their successes! Not so long ago (on the 10th of February) a conference was held in the city of Ternate.
At the conference, led by the leader mr.Khemal, visitors could learn about the basics of blockchain, about cryptocurrencies and about our resource Octoin. All interested persons received a lot of new information about the sphere of cryptobusiness.
It is also worth mentioning the importance of feedback. Each visitor had the opportunity to ask any question of interest to the speakers from our team, than many used. As in the heart of the blockchain, teamwork and communication with people are more important than ever in our business.We are sure, many left that conference with the idea of participating in our project.
Our leaders from around the world will continue to work as actively as possible, to develop together with us and our users!
Octoin – new era of blockchain!


I’m not sure whether it’s some kind of bad luck following new programs at the moment, but the majority of them have fallen rapid succession over the last three days. Among them were two programs that stopped paying just after their reviews were posted – MaltaPrivate and RightCorp, one – EnergyCarsRevolution – started paying selectively after an unimpressive short run, and one more – UniqueSequenceInc – I wasn’t even able to review at all. I’m certainly not proud of this “achievement”, but we all remember about the good times and the bad times in the industry and that now is certainly a bad time. However, it did seem it was the worst week ever in my memory for quite some time. Let’s just have a look at the recent history and see if they had a negative impact on investors.

I’ll go in chronological order in how things unravelled, starting with MaltaPrivate. I already issued the first warning regarding the instant payouts that suddenly halted with the admin citing technical issues and promising to pay in manual mode. MaltaPrivate remained on Waiting status on my monitor until the situation deteriorated further when more complaints and a lack of action by the admin to rectify the situation shifted it to Problem and then Scam. I myself didn’t get the obsession with MaltaPrivate or the admin’s desire to make it look like Bitcy and Razzleton which was obviously not true. A shamefully short run of less than a week was proof enough of that. What a waste of good concept and an otherwise nice looking website!

What can we say about UniqueSequenceInc? I believe the admin is a total newbie and had no idea that my readers don’t like older programs, as his intention was obviously to use MNO as a last resort before scamming. His ill-fated plans became very obvious to me once he expressed his anger about waiting for a few days before the review of UniqueSequenceInc. After hearing his program wouldn’t get much attention from readers he blatantly asked for a refund. When directly confronted with the question of just using MNO as the last resort before scamming the admin gave an unconvincing response making me delay the review even further. The right decision apparently as UniqueSequenceInc scammed just after our little chat. Hopefully it will be a good lesson for the admin not to return to MNO again, as barely lasting for three weeks on the 2.2% daily “forever” plan is definitely something that even an amateur can do better than. What a waste of a listing fee!

Next in line was RightCorp which I must admit I was most surprised at. Maybe it was due to the panic among investors caused by technical issues in the script during which instant payouts were suspended. How the admin of RightCorp managed to handle the situation and resume payouts deserved praise, so I was stunned when I heard the program stopped paying altogether less than 24 hours after the review was posted. It became very clear after the stats were removed that the issue wasn’t just temporary anymore. RightCorp has lasted for barely over a week, and with this well crafted website and professional admin in charge I can’t understand why the program collapsed so soon. I can only speculate that the initial wave of deposits which RightCorp enjoyed since the first days online made it very tempting for the admin to scam. Very few investors of RightCorp will have seen a profit from its shortest 5-day plan, but with a 5% profit even they won’t get too excited. Overall, I’m not impressed. The admin failed everyone here. What a waste of potential!

And finally, EnergyCarsRevolution is the only program still paying smaller investors while refusing to return larger deposits. The admin has deleted my principal withdrawal request and moved the funds back to available balance. When confronted on the matter he pretended to not be aware of the situation, but still didn’t deal with it. In any case, despite MNO being the biggest and by far most respected monitor to list EnergyCarsRevolution, the admin’s stubbornness will perhaps gain him a Golden Raspberry award for the worst acting. Really, if you wish to continue your project why play with fire and jeopardize your good paying status on one of the big monitoring sites. So I’m asking myself – why does he refuse to pay? The answer is obvious like in the vast majority of similar cases – EnergyCarsRevolution has severe cashflow problems and the Scam Status on the program on MNO will not make the problem go away. I’m not to be blamed for simply doing my job as a monitor and reporting the problems where they arise instead of trying to hide them like many other monitors will do in my place. Therefore, it’s up to you now whether you join and keep investing in this sinking ship or get out while you can. The level of stupidity that killed EnergyCarsRevolution lies squarely with the admin who seems unable to take his job seriously!

Note again that all the above named programs – MaltaPrivate, UniqueSequenceInc, RightCorp, and EnergyCarsRevolution – have been moved to Scam status on the MNO monitor and investing there is a huge mistake, so stay away from all!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: ETHMineNobleDDoSAK47Capital (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: BitifyLimited, NeuralFinance.
From MNO Basic list: WorldMining.

That’s all for today, guys. Thanks for reading and I hope you find the information useful and helpful to succeed in the HYIP industry in the long term. I wish you all a very pleasant weekend ahead of you and I’ll be back on Monday with a detailed look at the already hugely popular AK47Capital and will also bring you all the latest news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. Remember not to miss the next big thing by following MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, or subscribe to the daily news here to be delivered directly yo your mailbox. You can always contact me here or chat with me online on Telegram @mnoblog if you have any questions or advertising requests. Keep voting in the new poll on the MNO TalkBack, and I’ll see you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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