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14/05/2019. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hi guys and thanks for stopping by at the MNO blog for all the latest news from the HYIP industry over the last few days. I mean I cannot of course cover the entire industry for you, but at least I can concentrate my best efforts on bringing you the latest on the best and biggest investment programs everyone is talking about. You may know by now that MNO is the oldest blog and monitor dedicated entirely to first-class online investment opportunities commonly known as HYIPs that has been online for almost twelve years and is still as relevant today as ever. After all, only on MNO you can find only the highest budget programs run by experienced admins as the prohibitively high listing prices make it impossible for low grade scams to be added to the MNO monitor. So you can be sure you will always find something worth checking out and adding to your well-diversified HYIP portfolio – something that can lead you to overwhelming success for you personally to bring great profits in the long run. In order to be the first to know about the upcoming hits and current leaders of the industry please make sure you follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter and do not forget to subscribe to get regular blog updates delivered directly to your mailbox as well. My Telegram account is @mnoblog, or just submit your query in written form on this page or email me directly at I aim to respond within 24 hours, so make sure you describe your issue in a detailed manner so for me to give you the most detailed answer. Alternatively, you can stay connected with me or your fellow blog readers by registering an account on the MNO ShoutBox and please do not forget to vote in the weekly polls on the MNO TalkBack page. By the way, I’m going to finish today’s news article by drawing the final results of the last week’s poll and will give you some food for thought for the next one that will run over the remainder of the week. I’ll start with the latest from the perfectly paying programs and leaders of the HYIP industry now – Weenzee and Hooplex – followed by the updates from BitBoots which is currently struggling to get back to normal after extensive DDoS-attacks.


If you haven’t heard about Weenzee over the last six months then you must have either been living on the moon or just not involved in the HYIP industry at all, because it’s the ultimate leader right now. Weenzee (reviewed here) has been relentlessly paying to all MNO readers who’ll be in great profits had they joined early. With a $30 minimum investment needed for Weenzee you can enjoy variable daily returns depending on the size of your investment, the chosen term and the level of your promotional activities which usually hover around the 1% mark for a period of 30, 60, 90, 180 or 360 calendar days. On expiry of the term you will get your principal back but if you convert your funds into the Weenzee‘s internal currency called WNZ you can get your principal even before expiry (albeit for a certain fee) and will be able to get an extra 15% on your usual daily profit. By converting your internal funds into WNZ you will also be allowed to withdraw your funds to any of the accepted payment processors, including PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, BitcoinCash, Dash, Zcash, Ripple, Eos, Tether and Tron.

Weenzee is also a truly international investment program which unlike the vast majority of its competitors is not shy to advertise by means of conducting various promotional conferences and business meetings open to the public. Around the world many events are being held on a regular basis thus helping Weenzee grow and acquire new members much faster than a regular online HYIP can do. Just over the last few days many such meetings have been held or are about to be held in various cities in such countries as Indonesia, China, Brazil and Nigeria. If that doesn’t clearly show the international scale on which Weenzee operates now I don’t know what does. Please read more on the latest events below and see how active Weenzee‘s promotional teams are and the potential it might give to further expansion of the program internationally:

Indonesia has a strong community of participants in the WEENZEE project. There is an upsurge of interest in the blockchain across the country. This was the reason for holding meetings aimed at the development of the WEENZEE project in Bandung.
At the events, users will be able to exchange experience and skills in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, trading strategies, and also have the opportunity to start in the WEENZEE system.
The WEENZEE system has a balanced investment program, stimulates the development of leadership networks and encourages partners for individual achievements and success of the team. The WEENZEE community allows you to meet successful people and become financially literate while improving your well-being.
You can join the revolutionary WEENZEE system using the most innovative technologies in the world.
Date: May 12, Place: Kedai Mandiri, Time: 04.00-05.30pm
Date: May 13, Place: Kedai Mandiri, Time: 08.30-10.00pm
Speakers: Mr.Prabu, Mr. Braja Musti, Contacts: +6281324567077, +6285890222001

WEENZEE is a unique business platform that uses its own trading bots to increase the capital of its Community.
WEENZEE expands its borders at a rapid pace. New participants, new ideas, new plans and meetings light new points on the world map of WEENZEE. The scheduled meeting in Lagos will be another highlight.
By attending the seminar and joining the WEENZEE team you will be able to multiply your income, learn how to manage financial flows, understand the basics of cryptobusiness and related innovative blockchain technologies.
Date: 18th MAY, Time: 11am – 5pm, Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel (38/40 Isaac John St, Ikeja GRA Ikeja 100271 Lagos), Speaker: Abiodun William Shobowale, Contact: +2348026455234, +2348175373022
See you!

The leaders of WEENZEE continue to hold educational meetings in various cities of China. You are lucky if you live in Wuxi, for you the next event will take place on May 18th.
WEENZEE speakers will talk about the exceptional features of the business platform, unique solutions using trading bots, a team of professional traders, as well as present their personal expertise and forecasts to the participants. An introduction to the blockchain beginners will be held. It will allow them to learn the basics as quickly as possible and join the flow of financial independence with WEENZEE.
In the event’s shedule, after the end of the main part, time will be allocated for personal communication with the leaders and experienced members of the Community, where everyone can ask his questions.
During the entire meeting, you will be provided with drinks, light meals and Wi-Fi, so that the conference will be as comfortable as possible for all participants.
Date: May 18, Time: 14:00 to 18:00, Location: Dingshang Crown Hotel, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province (No. 20 Dongting Middle Road, Xishan District), Speaker: Mr Wu, WeChat: wujieqi507
We are waiting for you and your partners!

WEENZEE captures the minds of crypto enthusiasts from all over Brazil! Leaders visit various cities and see a great interest in the project WEENZEE. This time they will be in the city of São José dos Campos, near Sao Paulo. You have a great opportunity to meet with company representatives!
The speakers will conduct a small educational lecture on the basics of the blockchain and its future prospects. They will also tell about how you can earn money by investing in a project WEENZEE. Participants will hear many important recommendations and tips for improving their own well-being.
The meeting will last several hours, which means that you will be provided with drinks, snacks and free Wi-Fi!
Date: May 14, Time: 19:30, Location: Hotel Ibis Dutra, Address: Av. Cidade Jardim 101
See you in São José dos Campos!


Although having been online for less than a hundred days Hooplex seems to have been following in Weenzee‘s footsteps by gaining the momentum in becoming one of the most exciting investment opportunities the HYIP industry can currently offer. Since getting listed on from since day one the admin of Hooplex recently upgraded to Premium and purchased a top banner spot on the MNO monitor which speaks volumes on his long-term intentions for the program’s further development. Hooplex has also been targeting an international audience recently with particular emphasis paid on Asian countries, and the latest effort focused on South Korea. Being a potentially lucrative market for recruiting new investors the latest announcement of Korean promotional activities should be welcomed by all Hooplex investors as expanding its boundaries. You can read about that in detail in the latest news posted below, but meanwhile let me remind you a couple of important things about Hooplex you might have missed if you haven’t read the review posted here.

Hooplex has plans paying you a fixed rate interest during during a specified period of time before returning your principal on expiry – 0.7% for 30 days, 0.8% for 60 days, 0.9% for 90 days, 1% for 120 days, 1.05% for 150 days, 1.1% for 180 days. In order to join the program you must fund your account by buying the internal currency called Lexera which you can always sell back to the program on making each withdrawal request. You can join any investment plan with at least $50 on your PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, BitcoinCash, Dash, Zcash, DogeCoin, Tether, Tron, Ripple, Waves or BlackCoin accounts and if you later change your mind regarding the duration of your term you can always request your principal back for a certain fee. Having been paying for over three months already there were quite a few members of Hooplex already in good profits, but I do believe we will hear some good things about the program soon following its worldwide expansion strategy which continues in Korea as per the following update:

Korea joined the Hooplex community!
We are pleased to announce that Korean leaders have joined our community, and they have already begun to actively promote Hooplex in their country. Especially for the Korean members of our community, we have prepared all the marketing materials in their native language.
Hooplex is always happy to welcome new countries into its ranks! That is why we provide them with maximum assistance and support.
Another good news is that the work of our Korean leaders has already brought results – one of the local bloggers made a review of our project, which can be viewed on his YouTube channel.
We also want to note that all the news on the site is already available in Korean.
No matter what country you live in, we are always happy to see you in our community! We remind you that the leaders who are engaged in the promotion of the project, receive special conditions for marketing. Contact our technical support to get a cooperation offer.


Unfortunately, BitBoots is a problematic program at the moment when delayed withdrawals were caused by the intermittent work of its website for over two days in a row due to a reported alleged DDoS-attack. I’m not sure that the admin is doing his best to alleviate fears as further investments in BitBoots can not be recommended until the program gets back to normal and pays all the pending withdrawals which the admin said are to be processed within a 24-hour timeframe from now on. At the time of writing I have a pending withdrawal in the program for about 20 hours, so I reserve the right to move BitBoots from the current Waiting status to Problem status on the MNO monitor if the payments do not resume soon. Otherwise, BitBoots will be moved back to Paying status, however doubtful it might sound at the moment. Whatever the outcome of this saga might be we cannot deny the fact that over the last nine months BitBoots has remained a strong performer and one of the best programs in the HYIP industry which managed to bring profits to many investors. When it comes to the industry itself no program will last forever and BitBoots is no exception. Therefore, at this very moment note that any further investments in this program struggling to make ends meet are not recommended, likewise any dealings with the other websites working under the same umbrella of Grailum Limited should be postponed either until the situation clears up. Just for your information below you will find the two latest updates from BitBoots – the first of them posted after the alleged malicious attack on the program’s servers caused the interruption over the last couple of days and the second older update issued just before the attack and telling investors of an aggressive marketing campaign for selling the BitBoots‘ owned Grailum coin whose expansionist plans to enter the open market will remain nothing but fiction unless the main investment site BitBoots resumes paying. Please check the status of the program before investing and do not make any further spends either in BitBoots or any other Graulum related website until you see the status changed back to Paying. You’ve been warned!

Server issue BitBoots update
As all know by now BitBoots faced a large scale attack Sunday night time and continued following 21 hours.
The attack affected all domains on the same server so a decision was made to temporary suspend the BitBoots site account until the attack issue was solved and service could resume.
The attack itself should not have affected the server under normal conditions but combined with the attack and some faulty system software this culminated in a wrong use of the servers resources made it unable to take the hit.
Do rest assured that we have one of the strongest network DDoS protections and will be able fight any such type of attack and much more with out any problems. Bad luck just happen to have a faulty software only detected when attack occurred.
Everything is now updated and optimized in any thinkable way so we can all have peace in mind and continue our journey in business as usual.
On a side note we now have pending payments for about 24 hours to overcome so the next few days or more we will pay BTC and USD in Bulk one time a day. This will give us necessary time to move funds around from earnings we generate to pay you and get us back on track as it was just a day ago. We also suspect new deposit might be less after this scary experience so more funds are needed to be moved and exchanged than usual.
Grailum coin cashout will remain paid instant as we hold enough free coins to leave it the same and no exchange is needed here.
All manual coins will follow the 24 hours new rule. Cause and effect the same as USD and BTC.
I hope this update can clear out the many questions and give you peace on mind. Do rest assured the Grailum team are here behind to support and answer your questions.

Aggressive Marketing
Grailum coin news
With just 50 days left of our coin sale, Grailum coin kicks in on aggressive marketing blowing out a 80 BTC campaign on every corner of the ICO marked.
First step was to establish social network and get noticed what we sure did by now.
After a week the most noticeable numbers looks like this
– Telegram Channel subscribers are 35,137 + and counting
– Telegram Group subscribers are 2,974+ and counting
– Instagram Followers are 28,400 + and counting
– Facebook Followers are 11,764 + and counting
– Twitter Followers are 7,072 + and counting
Telegram live chat we have hired 3 English, 1 Russian and one Chinese speaking supporter ready to take your question.
10 videos are in production and will soon be available on our youTube channel.
In just a few days Grailum coin get listed on 50 top ICO list sites to spread the words. We have full support from all the admins and will be heavily covered and promoted by direct email and banner ads. We will ad a new page with the full collection soon all listings are completed.
Make sure you get hold on your coins before sale really kick in in a few days
You can view the live numbers on this site what is update regularly with last numbers. (COIN SALE LIVE)
– Soft cap goal: 500,000 USD (reached)
– Hard cap goal: 5,600,000 USD
– Sold coins: 3,430,000 GXM
– Left for sale: 24,570,00 GXM
Best regards, Grailum Lab Limited.
Grailum Limited (UK)


As it’s about time to wrap things up for today I suppose I should take a final look at the results of the most recent MNO TalkBack opinion poll and replace it with another question. There’s no real reason to leave this one open any longer, it’s been exceptionally one-sided and is very unlikely to see any significant change in direction no matter long I wait for anyone with an opposing point of view.

So, just to recap in case anyone has forgotten (the question did after all stem from a rather forgettable program!) one HYIP a lot of investors were left bitterly disappointed with recently was WaveRider which scammed last week. One of the “tricks” if that’s the right word that was used by the admin just before the final scam was selective payouts. In fact I guess this is actually a pretty regular occurrence across the industry once programs eventually begin to fail. In essence this is basically the admin deciding who does and does not get paid, making small payments of sometimes as little as $1 or $2 in the hope that these people will post positive feedback on forums and monitors to encourage others to invest more money, whilst all the time ignoring any bigger payment requests despite members being left much much longer for those. Sounds like quite an obvious desperate last gasp attempt to scam more money of course, but then again when you think of it the trick must surely work if so many admins are trying to pull it.

My question then was what do readers think of this. If a certain program does not allow instant payouts and the admin does everything manually, how important do you think a “first come, first served” style policy is? Fair enough, we all know that HYIPs are 100% reliant on new money flowing in to pay older deposits, sometimes it simply happens that the money just isn’t there to honour bigger payment requests, and the admin has to wait and see if anyone makes a new deposit in order to fund pending withdrawals. Maybe that’s OK from the admin’s point of view, even the investor who happens to be the one getting paid won’t complain too loudly either I’m sure, but overall as a business practice it doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence in anyone looking to invest more of their money. If one group of investors are all waiting around since yesterday for their withdrawals are watching a second group of investors thanking the admin for fast payouts made in the last couple of hours, then let’s face it, the game is up. Is it just me or is that how everyone else sees things too? It would seem so. The exact question put to readers was worded as follows: What is your attitude towards the order of payouts in a HYIP?

In an utterly one-sided contest 100% of those who voted said “Earlier withdrawals must be processed first not to cause concern among investors”. Those are the numbers folks, I can’t possibly argue against that and it doesn’t really matter much how long I leave the poll open for. Just for the record though, in case anyone who didn’t vote is interested, the alternative option which received zero support from readers was “The admin has the right to decide, I don’t care as long as I get paid eventually”. Not that there isn’t a lot to be said for that option, a payout is a payout after all and no one is going to refuse money, but I think the point of all this is that investors are often more aware the program is about to fail a lot faster than the admins might care to acknowledge.

OK, let’s move on to the next question. Something else that was in the news recently was the downtime suffered by BitBoots. Speaking on behalf of pretty much everyone who operates any kind of website on a professional basis, be it business related, personal, or otherwise, I can definitely vouch for the fact that occasional downtime has to be accepted as a sort of “occupational hazard”, part and parcel of working in what’s essentially an IT based line of employment.

Now, in most cases this is just a trivial annoyance for most people. Whether it’s your bank, a local business you are trying to deal with, entertainment, or some source of information you need for personal reasons, you always kinda know that someone is working in the background to get everything up and running for you again as soon as possible. But how do you feel when the website in question happens to be an online HYIP (that’s just become an offline HYIP!) where you’ve invested a lot of money? Never a pleasant feeling when you go to click on first thing in the morning to make a cash withdrawal and discover the website is missing, given that we know the longer a HYIP is offline the less likely it is to return. As a website admin myself for the last twelve years (running MNO) I’ve had to deal with all sorts of technical glitches, some of which were way beyond my personal capabilities to deal with. My own immediate reaction then whenever I see another website not working then is rarely one of panic, though also naturally when it comes to HYIPs fearing the worst case scenario has to be considered at some point. To make an analogy with people, the longer the illness the harder the recovery.

To put it more simply then, the exact question will be worded as follows:
What’s your first reaction when a HYIP website is offline?

Possible answers can be chosen from the following options:
– I immediately think the program is finished or is in major trouble
– I only worry if the site doesn’t return on the first day
– I get worried if the admin doesn’t issue a statement in the first hours
– I’m not concerned until I’m waiting more than 24 hours to get paid

OK, I guess there’s no real “one size fits all” answer to a question like that, every individual case is different, for example I suppose you might get a bit more jumpy when it comes to older short term programs than you might with let’s say brand new long term ones, I just ask that you aim for the answer that comes closest to how you usually feel. Thanks in advance to everyone who participates, tour opinions are always valued and your votes much appreciated. Remember that all votes remain 100% anonymous and untraceable at all times, though you are always welcome to discuss the topic on the MNO ShoutBox if you wish. The poll will remain open for around the next week or so, as always long enough for anyone interested in voting to have ample time to do so. The voting buttons by the way can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: WeenzeeHooplex, Coinezos.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: ExGlobal (the first payment received).

That’s all for today, guys. Thanks a lot for reading and I hope to talk to you again on MNO in a few days. Fingers crossed, by then the work of BitBoots will finally normalize and we might even see a similarly promising program emerging to grab your attention and to be added to the MNO monitor. Talk to you again soon and thanks for staying tuned with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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