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24/05/2019. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all! Welcome again to MNO – the oldest investment blog solely dedicated to covering only the most popular high quality HYIPs. As spring starts to give way to summer we can clearly see only a very few truly outstanding programs can be found in the HYIP industry at the moment with an abundance of fast scams still largely prevailing over the real deals – the ones getting harder and harder to spot and profit from. That has usually been the way during this time of year, with summers generally expected to have fewer top-notch programs to choose from. However having said that it would be wrong to assume that it’s impossible to profit during the summer, and perhaps the best strategy is just to be more selective in what you add to your investment portfolios and invest only sensible amounts.

According to the preliminary results of the poll still running on the MNO TalkBack page almost 90% of readers either do not intend to slow down in their investment efforts or might even pick up from spring if they find something suitable for themselves. If you believe these stats there are some very positive vibes in the air and I think they might have been lead the industry back to peak performance over the next few months, provided of course investors will be given a viable choice. Don’t worry of that, guys, as I heard that some exciting things might be brewing already and a few every experienced HYIP admins are already working hard to present some unique programs to the MNO readers in the near future by wisely capitalizing on the growth BTC and other cryptocurrencies recently. After all, BitCoin has reached the $8K mark once again and that means there is an appetite from investors to grow their funds even further and invest in the best programs.

So whatever you’re planning to do next don’t forget to make sure you follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook as they will be the first places to get notified of the future industry’s giants that are already about to launch and not to miss them the moment they are listed on MNO. Remember that my site is aimed exclusively at elite programs with high advertising budgets – run by those talented and ambitious admins who target mostly the larger investors capable of spending more and helping their programs develop faster by tirelessly promoting them. There were lots of examples of such successes in the past and among the currently listed Premium programs we can clearly see that Coinezos, Weenzee and Hooplex are all doing their best by delivering profits to thousands of investors fortunate enough to join them after they were listed on MNO.

If you wish to join over 3,000 current subscribers to the MNO blog newsletter please submit and confirm your email address at this page, so you will get all the most recent updates from the most successful programs in the HYIP industry. For any queries please do not hesitate to contact me directly at, write to me using this online form or just chat live on Telegram @mnoblog. I’m always be pleased to see your discussion going on on the MNO ShoutBox and your votes coming in on the MNO TalkBack page. For today’s news I have some new exciting updates to discuss from Weenzee and Hooplex – two clear leaders of the HYIP industry at the moment.


The truly international extensive advertising campaign for Weenzee seems to have brought lots of benefits to investors enjoying the variable daily profits from the program for six months already. While it might have been quite a lot of time for any other program it seems for Weenzee it might just been only the beginning with more and more events happening on a regular basis. Among the latest news reported on the Weenzee website are the meeting in Brazilian city of Belem that was held yesterday and the first ever event in Japan lined up for tomorrow to push for more membership of the program in that country. Since the very start Weenzee have been concentrating their promotional efforts primarily on Asia – a strategy that has been paying off handsomely since the beginning. Members of Weenzee would certainly agree with my point when taking into consideration one is freely able to choose any suitable investment term ranging from 30 to 360 calendar days and get paid a daily profit with the principal returned on expiry. The investment minimum Weenzee would accept from you is $30 through PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, EthereumClassic, Dash, Zcash, Ripple, Eos, Tether or Tron cryptocurrencies, so it’s literally affordable to everyone. The variable returns usually float around the 1% mark and is paid to your preferred currency within a few hours (which in some rare cases may extend to up to 72 hours). In order to boost your daily earnings by a whopping 15% you should convert your funds into Weenzee‘s own internal currency called WNZ which will also allow yoo0u the option to withdraw your principal before the expiry date for a certain fee. More on Weenzee can be found in the detailed review posted here which is an essential read if you’re serious about joining the program which might seem overwhelming or complicated at first glance. And the latest news on the current events in Brazil and Japan can be found below just for your reference on ways the program has been developing lately:

Brazil is one of the developed countries that welcomes and actively implements blockchain in all vital industries for the state. Therefore, the team from Brazil is one of the most numerous in the project WEENZEE. Thanks to the active work of the leaders, every day new members join the Community. Conferences, table talks and events are organized for them.
The WEENZEE team announces a meeting on May 23 at 19:30 at Belem! At the event, the top leader Marco will talk about various ways to become a successful investor and increase financial literacy in the field of cryptotechnologies. Also, each of the participants will receive new strategies and learn how to make money using the WEENZEE business platform.
Space is limited, hurry to use this great opportunity. Only here you can personally ask questions to an experienced crypto professional. During the event you will be provided with drinks and snacks.
Basic information:
Date: May 23, Time: 19:30, Location: Hotel Stada Hangar, Address: Av. Duque de Caxias, 1538, Speaker: Marco

One of the main rules of WEENZEE is the full support of partners in the development of new countries and regions. The development of the Asian market, including Japan, is a strategic direction in the development of the international project WEENZEE.
For two months, a lot of content about the WEENZEE project has been published on various Japanese Internet resources. The impetus for a wave of positive reviews, reviews of bloggers and publications in the media were new strong leaders interested in the project.
Having gathered a team of investors and network partners, the leaders of the Japanese branch of WEENZEE announce the holding of the first offline event, at which the WEENZEE business platform for crypto enthusiasts from Japan will be presented.
In a closed format, existing and new partners will be familiarized with the development strategy of WEENZEE in the Asian region, will hold discussions about the possibilities of integrating WEENZEE into the existing online / offline infrastructure, and discuss the advantages of the WEENZEE robotic system.
New “network partners” will receive appropriate status, financial support and guaranteed benefits! In order to become a member of an exclusive leadership meeting in your city – write in feedback on our official website, indicating your personal data and methods of communication.
Date: May 25, Time: 10:00, Location:, Contacts: Telegram ID: @bungalogic
Looking forward to you!


Hooplex has been steadily gaining momentum and is now a fully established program with a loyal membership, satisfied with their growing profits gained from the program over its first 108 days of online existence. Despite providing relatively low daily returns it’s still offering a very reasonable and sustainable mix of investment plans paying a fixed return on the following – 0.7% for 30 days, 0.8% for 60 days, 0.9% for 90 days, 1% for 120 days, 1.05% for 150 days, 1.1% for 180 days. All of these pay you on calendar days and will return your initial investment on expiry. While you do get an option to request it back early, it will cost you fee to do so. By investing in Hooplex you are actually purchasing their internal currency Lexera (abbreviated as LXR) and the minimum starts from $50 which you can fund with quite a few currencies – PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, Dash, Zcash, DogeCoin, Tether, Tron, Ripple, Waves or BlackCoin. The real advantage here is that by exchanging Lexera in order to both invest and withdraw you’re in charge of what currency use to invest and what currency to withdraw to. Once the withdrawal request is made you should allow up to 72 hours for the Hooplex administration to complete it, however in practice it usually takes only a few hours to get it done. More on the whole investment process with Hooplex can be read in the detailed review posted here. As for the latest updates, you can check below for the two new conferences in Bandung, Indonesia and follow the provided links to watch two videos in Portuguese aimed at helping the growing membership in Brazil and assist in understanding all the peculiarities of the investment process with Hooplex which might seem difficult to understand for some newbies:

Friends, we are waiting for you at the presentation of our project in Bandung! Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the leader of HOOPLEX in Indonesia!
Date: May 20, 2019, Time: 17:00 a.m., Place: Continent Hotel street student fighters 45 no.111 Bandung.
Education on:
– Company profile
– Products : LexeraLXR and LexeraWAY 1.0
– Backoffice knowledge
– How to make Registration
– How to deposit
– How to withdraw
– How to create payment gateway and wallet btc etc
– Plan for Structure building
Join Hooplex to achieve success!

Welcome, friends! We invite you to attend an event of our community, which will be held on May 25 in Bandung. At the presentation, you will learn about the Hooplex project and the benefits of the LEXERAWAY technology.
As part of the event, training will be conducted on the following topics:
– Company profile
– Products : LexeraLXR and LexeraWAY 1.0
– Backoffice knowledge
– How to make Registration
– How to deposit
– How to withdraw
– How to create payment gateway and wallet btc etc
You will also learn about career opportunities in our company.
We are waiting for you!
Date: May 25, 2019, Place: BENUA HOTEL JL: PELAJAR PEJUANG 45 no 111.lantai 7 BANDUNG JAWA-BARAT INDONESIA, Time: 17.00 – finish, Speaker: KANG ADI PRATAMA, guest star: CEO of Indonesia.

Video instruction from the Brazilian team
We have already said that we were joined by an active leader from Brazil, who is developing our community in his country.
Especially for you, he made a full review of our project, as well as step-by-step video instructions on how to open a deposit.
Watch the video:
Hooplex Review
How to open a deposit
Especially for those who also want to become the leader of Hooplex in Brazil, a special chat was created:


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Weenzee, Coinezos, Hooplex.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s about it for today guys. Have a great weekend and hopefully I’ll be able to deliver something truly exciting in a few days time, so keep checking the MNO monitor for new additions and announcements. Thanks for staying with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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