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01/01/2020. Happy New Year from MNO and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Happy New Year all, and welcome to the MNO blog on New Year’s Day 2020! I truly hope that it will be a better year in the HYIP industry compared to the overall not much memorable and overall uneventful 2019. As there are currently no listed projects on the MNO monitor (after the Christmas scam of Hodium which I will discuss more in today’s update) I will be concentrating mostly on the results of the recent poll from the TalkBack where I asked you to name the best program of the year out of the Top Five choices given. Please bare with me as you will find the winning name pretty shortly with another new question about to be posted for your consideration as well.

First off though I would like to announce that within the next couple of weeks an experienced admin with lots of good results from the past is going to launch a new program that will hopefully replicate the successes of his previous efforts. Well, he has already prepaid for Premium Listing on the MNO monitor along with the blog’s banner for one month in advance, so watch this space for more information which I will give you as soon as the new program starts. By the way, the best way to be the first to know about any new promising programs added to the MNO monitor will be to follow me on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter as the latest announcements are reposted there in real-time. You may also subscribe to the regular news feedback to hear directly from my blog with its entire articles sent to your email address you can submit here. You can easily unsubscribe at any time, so join the already over three thousands subscribers and be ready to witness the best and the biggest programs of the year 2020 to come. Remember that I’m always at your fingertips and if you want advice on where to invest or any question related to the MNO monitored programs don’t hesitate to chat with me online on Telegram @mnoblog while all advertising enquiries should be directed either by submitting your details via this online form or by emailing me directly at

At the moment I envision MNO listing prices will stay at the same high level to ensure only truly the best programs from the admins with good intentions of running a successful and long-lasting online business. That has been a very successful formula for myself and my readers alike over the last few years and I have no intention of dropping it in the near future. However at the same time I realize the desire of some admins to present unfinished projects for a limited budget before getting launched an updated version. Therefore I have recently revived the so-called StartUp Listing where some ambitious admins with “sleepers” can list their projects for a significantly lower fee to be featured on a separate specifically made for that purpose page. The purpose of that listing is not to attract lots of visitors but actually to “hide” the project from a wider audience for a while and keep payments coming to create a loyalty base and have their name established in investors’ minds before eventually redesigning and upgrading to a higher type of listing on the main MNO monitor. If anyone is interested in the offer please make sure to properly read the terms and conditions of the StartUp Listing on this page and for any clarification don’t hesitate to contact me.


I must say kudos to the admin of Hodium who managed to keep his site afloat for almost a hundred days. That sounds as an even more impressive achievement if you consider anyone could have asked for their principal back for a 4% fee anytime after an initial 24-hour lock-in period while earning 0.15% hourly for an open-ended term. Even though the newer plan replaced the older Hodium plan with more conservative offers a few weeks before that it was still very possible to more than double your initial capital with the program, while the luckiest investors could have even tripled it. No wonder Hodium has been widely hailed as one of the best projects of the year 2019 even though it had to come to an inevitable conclusion due to the usual pre-Christmas slowdown in activities when many investors traditionally start to take their profits from HYIPs to fix presents for themselves and their families. Sadly Hodium has become no exception from this rule and could not survive the wave of withdrawals closely associated with the holidays. As the admin admitted he could not continue his program any longer MNO was the fastest monitor to move Hodium to Problem and then to Scam status thus making it official the program has failed to reach 2020. I hope though that many of my readers have made substantial gains with Hodium as it was truly a remarkable program and rightly included in the Top Five Best Programs of the Year. I hope we’ll see the admin returning with the next big thing without having to wait for too long, so keep an eye on MNO to see when it actually happens.


So as if you haven’t already noticed we’re into a brand new year now that I guess midnight has passed in pretty much every time zone. It’s always better to look forward of course but also only natural to reflect on what we’ve learnt and experienced in getting to where we are. As 2019 is now behind us I guess it’s time to draw the results of the MNO TalkBack end-of-year opinion poll where readers were asked what they thought the top HYIP of the last 12 months was. The criteria for being included in the poll wasn’t so much to do with actual longevity, but rather the earning potential for those who played them right. The poll therefore was made up of the best five HYIPs that allowed investors to at least double their money or better during how ever long a run they were actually online. It occurs to me looking back through the archives though that while 2019 will by no means be remembered as a vintage year in HYIP history, there was still some damn fine opportunities if you had the nerve to grab them. The best of these were listed as possible answers to the question “What was the best program of 2019?

The runaway winner here was GovBid, a very unique and innovative program which unfortunately some felt was overly complicated and therefore declined to join. Their loss I’m afraid, because all it took was a little patience to study how the programs plans were structured which allowed users to walk away with a profit on 53 days out of a 54 day run. Congratulations to the admin there who got 41% of the readers votes. Coming in joint second place with a respectable 18% share of the vote each was Hodium and Timeless5, both outstanding performers this past year. 14% of the vote went to Hooplex, while surprisingly just 9% of you voted Bitzee as their best program of the year. I agree that perhaps it wasn’t the very best, but I still thought more readers would have voted for it than did.

And now to move on to something new. I thought maybe this time, considering the HYIP industry is more or less asleep completely now, we could change the subject for once and talk about something else. But I’d still like to keep it seasonal. For me personally I’m not really a big fan of the winters where I live, days are short and a bit gloomy, so I like to get away for a Christmas and New Year vacation if at all possible. This year (or should that be last year already?) I managed my first ever trip to The Philippines and must say it’s been an interesting experience so far. So I’m curious in hearing how my readers like to spend the holidays. I’ll limit the question to just this season, after all, maybe you don’t do the same thing every year. So the exact question will be:

How did you spend the Christmas and New Year holidays?

Possible answers can be taken from the following options:

– Mostly at home with family
– Away from home on vacation
– Partying with friends
– I had to work most of the time

Remember it’s just a bit of fun and not that serious, just pick what ever answer comes closest to matching your own experience. Thanks as always in advance to everyone who participates, the voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here and the results will be posted whenever I have a new update to report on my blog.

That’s all for the news I have to report on the first day of 2020, guys. I hope that the next twelve months will see the rise of the new giants and MNO will be surely there for you to find them and make some good profits. I will be back when the new program is going to be added to the MNO monitor and meanwhile enjoy some great holidays, guys – you definitely deserve them! See you soon and thanks for staying with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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