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21/05/2020. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all! The HYIP industry has been extremely slow lately as the summer comes into full swing, affecting the investment activities of people more interested in spending more time outdoors and planning vacations if currently allowed to. These seasonal patterns are totally OK and in line usual patters observed over the years by many experts and average investors alike. However this year the situation is a lot different with the awful Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the world, with a significant impact on seemingly every aspect of our lives regardless on where we live or work. Of course, although this coronavirus affects everything to some extent the long-term implications for the HYIP industry are yet to be discovered until it’s all over. Meanwhile, we may only guess what to expect next and whether we will see any improvement in the quality of the listed programs come the end of summer – traditionally known as the slowest period of the year in the HYIP industry.

Even in this slow period though there are a few highly dependable programs still available on the market, among them two bright stars in AlysDax and Omega – the latest news from which will be at the core of today’s blog post. You might remember that AlysDax has recently launched an intermediary internal currency called Alys Money that can be used in any exchanges. The current poll on the MNO TalkBack page has audiences divided on the subject so far, with some thinking it’s a very good sign, while others being more cautious in considering it as a warning. In any case, you can still share your opinion by voting here as the poll will remain open until at least next week with the final results to be counted and analysed then. More on AlysDax featuring the detailed presentation to those still sitting on the fence is going to be posted on the blog in the article dedicated to all the latest news from that program (and there’s lots of it!), but for now let me remind you of a few things regarding MNO. You are free to join the over 3,000 subscribers by submitting your email address on this page to regularly receive all the articles posted on my blog so you can read them anytime you like. That’s a very useful service and there is one-click unsubscription link attached to every email if you ever change your mind. It’s even better to start following MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter where you can get all the latest announcements in real-time and thus better react to any newcomers listed on the MNO monitor or possible warnings about the programs that stopped paying. And of course I will be pleased to hear from you and answer all your questions even during the slow periods like this. You may write to me directly at, submit your query via this contact form or even chat with me online at Telegram @mnoblog for a more speedy response. In any case, I guarantee you will receive a reply from me within 24 hours and I would especially appreciate your feedback or what can be improved on MNO after almost 13-years online listing the best programs in the HYIP industry. Anyway, thanks to your active contribution MNO still exists and will stay afloat for years to come for as long as the HYIP industry exists. Let’s get to the latest news from the last few days in the most talked about programs you may have encountered and profited from already if you read MNO on a regular basis.


After nearly three months of massive advertising campaigns and the first investors in profit I doubt there are many people involved in the HYIP industry who still haven’t heard any good things about this potential contender for the title of the best program of the year. However, if you’re still one of them then you are in for a treat today. That is because instead of giving me the interview I sent to the administration of the program earlier I received a very detailed presentation from AlysDax featuring all the new features you might not have found in the previous review of the program posted here. You see, recently AlysDax has introduced the so-called Alys Bank which will handle Alys Money – an internal currency which will be useful if you wish to increase your daily rate of interest by 20% compared to the regular rate or would simply like to exchange currencies in your account using Alys Money as an intermediary. Here I just wanted to remind you a few things about AlysDax if you’re unfamiliar with the program and its operation.

You may join AlysDax if you have at least $25 in your PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether or Eos accounts. Then you can choose you own investment term counted in calendar days and ranging from one to six months on expiry of which you will get your principal back in full (there is an option to request it earlier for a substantial fee in case of emergencies as well). Variable daily interest rates are credited at midnight and you may choose whether you wish to be paid to the same currency you invested with or a different payment option. Withdrawals are in theory to be paid within 72 hours maximum, however in practice I have never encountering a waiting period of more than a few hours to get paid. The actual rate will depend on many factors and the chosen investment plan (which in the case of AlysDax is called a portfolio). On average you should expect to be paid 0.78% for 30 days, 0.98% for 60 days, 1.13% for 90 days, 1.18% for 120 days, 1.23% for 150 days, 1.27% for 180 days. Although the interest is already pretty generous to say the least the AlysDax administration is strongly encouraging investors to promote the program by any legal means possible, including various conferences and webinars (the latter option being more viable during the pandemic with the latest Zoom webinar having been held in the Japanese language). Literally, there are thousands of people already promoting AlysDax and the best way to build a multi-tier downline with commissions paid seven levels deep would be promoting in your local communities among the people not directly involved in the HYIP industry but nevertheless interested in making a supplemental income by investing their spare funds. There are quite a variety of promotional resources available for best promoters with quite lucrative rewards with the latest offering of a variable daily floating bonus that will be credited from the income of one’s affiliates in AlysDax. Obviously the main emphasis now is to ensure AlysDax is growth on a consistent basis and certainly the combined work of all the hundreds and thousands of company leaders should guarantee the program’s survival over the coming summer season and subsequent surge in popularity in autumn when I’m sure many more exciting new features may be announced by its talented administration. All the latest news from AlysDax posted over the last few days (starting with the main presentations everyone not familiar with AlysDax must read first) can be found below for your convenience:

AlysDax is the most reliable and fastest growing company in the crypto investment market.
The project aims to create an investment pool using the capital of individuals. Further it will provide margin trading tools for global crypto assets trading platforms (legal entities, companies and corporations).
Let’s talk more about investment opportunities with AlysDax.
An individual feature of the AlysDax platform is a flexible system of investment earnings, which allows the user to choose:
– portfolio period: 30/60/90/120/150/180 days;
– Exclusive opportunity to open several portfolios with early closure;
– any top cryptocurrency, US dollar or ALYS internal coin for investment;
– the ability to receive dividends in any cryptocurrency or in ALYS coin other than the portfolio balance currency;
ALYS internal coin and its unique features of increased income
During the active scaling of the project, AlysDax developers introduced the internal currency into the platform’s functionality. Now it’s even easier to earn and expand your affiliate network by using the potential laid down in ALYS MONEY, namely:
– Buying / selling ALYS MONEY is instantly done inside the ALYS BANK system;
– The rate of the ALYS MONEY coin is fixed (1 ALYS = 1 $);
– The starting emission of ALYS MONEY in 2020 was: 10,000,000 ALYS;
– ALYS MONEY can be exchanged to any top cryptocurrency and USD inside ALYS BANK.
The AlysDax team aims to transform the ALYS MONEY system into the ALYS COIN stable in the future and bring it to world financial trading.
Updated investment calculator
Summary information and all investment plans are conveniently implemented in the form of an online calculator on the website. An investor will be able to work out his own strategy having seen his expected income in advance and choosing the optimal parameters for investing.
For comparison, the example displays information on investing in popular units: the coin ALYS and USDT.
By opening a portfolio in USDT for a period of 120 days, you get up to 34.8% of profit every month.
When registering a portfolio for 120 days in ALYS, the leader receives up to 40.80% of the monthly profit. It should be noted that the most active users of the system have already appreciated the benefits of the ALYS coin and are opening a portfolio with increased income (+ 20% to daily profit).
Community Leader Rewards Program
The AlysDax rewards program is a modern high-profit solution for MLM leaders and their network structures. Seven income levels and seven leadership status provide the widest possible opportunities for partners of the system. On the main page of the website, a matrix of conditions for achieving bonus levels is presented.
Depending on the status, the number of levels in the team and the amount of investment, top project leaders can receive:
– up to 18.5% bonuses from the volume of attracted investment portfolios;
– up to 9% with daily bonuses, from the daily profit of the network structure;
– up to 18 days prolonged accrual of profit in portfolios after its closure.
For example, you have fulfilled the conditions and reached the status of MP3:
– Personal investments in the amount of at least 1,000 USD;
– The presence of active accounts in the team: at least 50;
– The total portfolio of the team is at least 10,000 USD;
The following possibilities are open to you:
– Up to 5 levels of bonus accrual on the volume of attracted investment portfolios are available. Income by levels: 4% – 2% – 1% – 1% – 0.5%;
– Available income up to 5 levels of daily bonus accrual, from the daily network structure profit. Income by levels: 2% – 1% – 1% – 0.5% – 0.3%;
– Available from 1 to 6 additional bonus days for accruing daily profit at the end of the main portfolio.
In the latest update, the developers of the system introduced their own internal currency ALYS MONEY, as well as the instant exchange service ALYS Bank. With this step, the company provided an opportunity to earn bonus funds to exchange them for any of the top cryptocurrencies.
Exchange service ALYS BANK
ALYS BANK is a fully automated banking system with a wide range of features and benefits, such as:
– Instant translations, with an intelligent mode of selection of optimal translation conditions and the use of an internal glass.
– Instant purchase of ALYS MONEY coins for the presented cryptocurrencies USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS and USD without a volume limit.
– Instant sale of ALYS MONEY coins for presented cryptocurrencies and USD without volume limit.
– Acquisition of a wholesale package of ALYS MONEY coins on individual partnership conditions.
Use of additional tools to support a stable profitable rate, control and analytics of ALYS MONEY emissions at stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 of releases.
ALYS MONEY on the market, opening up even more opportunities for its partners to popularize the project.
Let’s look at an example of all marketing in the status of MP3.
Being in the MP3 status, you made a deposit in the ALYS MONEY coin at the most popular and favorable rate of 120 days.
How much will you earn:
Every day you will receive 1.36% (this amount includes + 20% for investing in ALYS) of the amount of your portfolio. At the end of your portfolio, you return the deposit body and receive additional charges: 100% deposit body + 1.36% * 120 days
You receive accruals from the volume of attracted investment portfolios of partners. Income by levels: 4% – 2% – 1% – 1% – 0.5%;
After the portfolio expires, within 4 additional days you will receive charges of 1.36% of the deposit body
Available income up to 5 levels of daily bonus accrual, from the daily structure profit. Income by levels: 2% – 1% – 1% – 0.5% – 0.3%;
Project positioning in the Internet and Media space
The dynamic development of the project is reflected in a large number of vibrant content in all the top social networks, trending messengers, media, thematic publications and blogs.
The most active participants in the project are concentrated in the community on the project site in Telegram.
Official Channel –
Leadership Chat –
AlysDax is the first solution with innovative financial ideas! The ideas of activating trillions of dollars that lie without action on the wallets of the holders. According to our analytical data, this is a tremendous amount of funds, using which you can get significant passive income.
With respect, AlysDax team”.

The developers made a breakthrough in expanding the functionality for the participants of the AlysDax platform. With the introduction of ALYS MONEY, the most active users of the system have already appreciated the innovation and began to receive increased income (+ 20% to daily profit).
Another nice addition to the current rewards program was the introduction of a “daily floating affiliate bonus”. Every day the bonus is calculated individually from the income of each active investor of the partners network structure up to level 7 in depth, depending on your status. It is credited to ALYS MONEY. The profit rates for the “daily floating affiliate bonus” are shown in the table on the AlysDax home page.
Reminder! AlysDax platform users have a unique opportunity to exchange currencies on the platform using ALYS MONEY in any direction at a favorable rate.
The ALYS coin and its functionality provide an additional incentive for promoting AlysDax!

YouTube LIVE scheduled for Wednesday, will be the third online event hosted by Japanese leaders!
It will begin at 21:00 (Tokyo time) on Wednesday May 20, 2020.
You can join the broadcast simply by clicking on the link
During the broadcast, the leaders will tell more about AlysDax, introduce the guests of their channel to the updated personal account of the project partner. They will also talk about how much they can earn with AlysDax on deposits or using the referral program and also, how to do it.
The leaders will also talk about the project’s innovations: the internal bank and the ALYS Money system, as well as about the prospects and stages of conversion to the ALYS COIN stable. Users will have the opportunity to ask their questions in the live chat and the leaders will answer them.
Taking part in the online events of the project leaders, in just a few hours and without leaving home you can get a lot of useful information. In order not to miss events in your region, register on our website or subscribe to the AlysDax channel in Telegram and stay in touch!

We get the most powerful feedback! Curators and top leaders send us a huge amount of multimedia user content, which is available in the AlysDax Gallery. Now, thanks to the video materials of the participants, the partners of the AlysDax system have gained access to a unique content library.
There are videos in various languages, training meetings, service reviews, addresses of top leaders from different countries, as well as business negotiations with potential investors. All this you can find in the gallery on our website.
You too can become part of this global movement! It’s simple… Just record a video, take a photo, write notes, create or launch a challenge. Take any step and you will not go unnoticed, your video will certainly go to the pages of the “Users video” in the AlysDax Gallery.
Send links to your video in support through your personal account, online chat or feedback form. The multi million AlysDax Community unites and supports each user, shares experience and joyful moments of victories!

AlysDax presents a kit of presentation materials!
Company management is pleased to inform you that company have hit another point in the development of the platform.
New coin is now added to your cabinets!
AlysDax Money.
The total issue for the entire period (4 years) will be 160,000,000 ALYS MONEY.
Benefits of ALYS MONEY contributing to the popularization of the project:
– Accrual of Increased Interest (+ 20% to daily profit) in Portfolios created using ALYS MONEY;
– The “Easy Start” option, which allows leaders of partner structures to provide easy entry for new investors with various crypto and fiat preferences.
– Acquisition of ALYS MONEY at wholesale prices for system partners and holders of verified exchange services;
– A unique opportunity to exchange currencies on the platform using ALYS MONEY in any direction at a favorable rate.
Join to official team. JOIN NOW
With respect, AlysDax team”.

Look at this guy
Look at what AlysDax can do with you.
Want to be in this guy’s place?
A month ago, he did not stop, but began to devote all his strength into development and now he is the TOP leader of Indonesia.
The company invests in such participants and see what you can achieve with us.
Come to our team and we will help to gain financial independence. JOIN NOW
With respect, AlysDax team”.

Partner program update!
The developers made a breakthrough in expanding the functionality for the participants of the AlysDax platform. With the introduction of ALYS MONEY, the most active users of the system have already appreciated the innovation and began to receive increased income (+ 20% to daily profit).
Profitability calculator
Another nice addition to the current rewards program was the introduction of a “daily floating affiliate bonus”. Every day the bonus is calculated individually from the income of each active investor of the partners network structure up to level 7 in depth, depending on your status. It is credited to ALYS MONEY.
Affiliate program
The profit rates for the “daily floating affiliate bonus” are shown in the table on the home page.
Reminder! AlysDax platform users have a unique opportunity to exchange currencies on the platform using ALYS MONEY in any direction at a favorable rate.
The ALYS coin and its functionality provide an additional incentive for promoting AlysDax! JOIN NOW
With respect, AlysDax team”.


One of the more original if also somewhat complex programs to emerge in the HYIP industry in recent memory is undoubtedly Omega. The admin has been plying his trade now for coming up to two months at the end of May. It’s fair to say that opinion has been divided on Omega, though you can’t argue with the program’s payment record which at the end of the day is the only statistic investors really care about. If you want to know more about Omega on a practical and operational level then you would be best advised to start with the review of the program first published on the MNO blog here.

To give it to you in the most basic terms however, for entry level investors Omega aim to credit your account with variable daily interest rates. They do not actually pay you every day, just credit your account. For withdrawals you need to nominate a particular day of the week, whichever day suits you best, and Omega will then make an automatic payment of your entire week’s earnings all in one go without the need for you to request it. Typically the weekly earnings should come to between 5% and 7%, though there can always be minor fluctuations either way depending on the program’s ongoing performance. There isn’t exactly a fixed expiry date in the traditional sense, this will depend on how you want to manage your account with Omega, and there are various reward schemes that will allow higher more frequent payments, but in a nutshell as I said that’s more or less how it works for most first time members of the program. All transactions in and out of Omega go through digital cryptocurrencies only, with investors allowed to choose from BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Ripple, Dash, Tron, Stellar, and Zcash.

Anyway, there’s been a couple of new developments in Omega in the last few days that investors should probably be aware of. For one thing the smallest transactions are getting cancelled though it isn’t anything to get alarmed about. Actually most online HYIPs do have a minimum withdrawal policy anyway, in that sense Omega is just falling in line with the competition. So from this point on you are going to have to be owed a minimum of $1 by the admin in order for the transaction to go through to completion. Officially, at least according to the first update I’m including below, this is done to improve the program’s efficiency. Personally I don’t see how this helps much given the payments were supposed to be made automatically by the Omega script and wouldn’t require much in the way of involvement or supervision by those managing the platform, but then again I’m not the one who has to deal with these things.

In other news from the program, and something that might be beneficial to all members and the Omega investment platform as a whole if done correctly, is an upcoming customer service survey. It’s not entirely clear if this is going to be sent to all the members – the newsletter simply says you “might” receive it – but if so then it’s a good opportunity to say what you think and perhaps influence any future decision making by the Omega administration team. Obviously I don’t know what the questions will be or what they intend to do with the information they are gathering, but like I just said if handled professionally it can be very helpful. And I have little doubt that the Omega team are more than capable of that, they state very clearly their intention is to listen to what members have to say, consider your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions, with the ultimate goal being a better investment program for all involved. Both brief newsletters from Omega are included in full below:

A quick notification to a certain group of Omega users…
If you see a very small transaction being canceled out of the Auto-Sale schedule, you’ve already set, please make sure to allow it some time in the future to grow before you can request it again.
We are talking about operations just bellow $1.00
Such dust payments will not be processed for the overall platform’s efficiency reasons.

Within the next couple of days, you might receive our monthly customer experience quiz.
Please make sure to allow it a minute of your time, as engaging our community into the Omega Platform development might help to make our services much better!
Share your thoughts, ideas, and valuable suggestions to lovely Alexa @omega_support and make sure to leave nothing uncovered!
Our team will be honored to hear you all out!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 120 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: AlysDax.
From MNO Premium list:
From MNO Standard list: Omega.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all from the MNO blog for today, guys. Thanks a lot for reading and I hope to see you all next week for all the latest updates from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry along with any possible new additions to the MNO monitor people might find worth adding to their well-balanced investment portfolios. Let’s hope the summer will bring us positive trends which will surely be more visible when autumn comes. I will see you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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