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30/11/2020. Basic Listing Now Free – Important Changes to the MNO Monitor and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all! I’d be lying to you if I said that the state of things in the HYIP industry over the last few months was anything short of disastrous. Many HYIP admins postponed the launch of their new programs for better times following the uncertainty of the market badly affected by the Covid19 pandemic this year with the majority of investors rightfully being very cautious of what they can do with their money. That all resulted in much lower investment activities this autumn compared to previous years which were usually very fruitful in terms of generating decent profits for experienced admins and smart investors alike. And on top of that most of the HYIP market activity switched to the cryptoindustry now with BTC and other cryptocurrency prices soaring which as a result makes them a safer haven for storing and earning a profit without investing and the associated inherent risks that go with it. Many experienced admins have been struggling to keep their projects afloat and put a hold on any further ventures as well simply benefiting from holding their BitCoin reserves in a safe location. Alternatively, they simply launch “sleeper” programs with no attractive investment plans in hope of a future industry revival and keep them low-key until then.

It’s quite understandable therefore that the HYIP industry has seen much better times, and at the moment certainly cannot be viewed as being on top of its game, especially considering the much the feared Christmas break is almost upon us, and this year it will definitely be uglier than before. Swarms of fast scams will try to attack investors in fierce competition for their hard-earned cash and a good level of skepticism on deciding where to invest and what to avoid should be taken.

Things are not too bad though as they seem to be, as the new year in 2021 should bring back the major HYIP players, investors and admins alike encouraged by the eventual pandemic ending and BTC’s explosive growth that is widely expected to continue during the next few months. After all, it’s exactly the same thing that happened back in 2017 (the year after the last BitCoin halving event) when the BTC price surged twenty times (from about $1K at the beginning of the year to almost $20K by its end). According to many acclaimed experts on the market, we should expect to see the same pattern repeated in 2021 with its first signs of the new cryptocurrency boom already seen even now when BTC is trading close to the historical maximum achieved at the end of 2017.

Having said all that, it’s also understandable that we see a lot less new programs nowadays. And while usually I would be totally OK with having just three paying programs listed here this time it’s not the case, as me and my readers would prefer variety and more choice, even if it means a higher risk involved in joining and investing in lower-budget programs. And according to the results of the latest poll conducted on the MNO TalkBack page (read more on that coming in today’s news section) all of my readers would support the decision to include the StartUp listing which currently holds no programs and is hosted separately to the main MNO monitor.

It’s been decided therefore that starting today the StartUp listing will be merged with the Basic List on MNO and will become a very affordable option for the admins with restricted advertising budgets to be featured on the main monitor and have their programs aggregated such sites as allmonitors, hyiplogs, etc. as well as providing them with an opportunity to have their MNO monitoring buttons displayed on their respective websites. Thus, Basic listing will become a completely free option for interested admins with the same $200 reinvested at all times deposit that used to featur on the StartUp listing which in turn becomes obsolete and will be removed soon. The price of Standard listing will be temporarily reduced from $1,400 to $800 ($400 monitoring fee + $400 deposit) while Premium listing will also become much more affordable and instead of the previously whopping $2,000 will have a knocked-down price tag of $1,400 ($900 monitoring fee + $500 deposit). Beside that nothing is going to change and all the benefits of Standard and Premium listings on MNO remain the same as before and they are properly shown on the MNO advertising page here.

It would have been unfair for HYIP admins who already paid to be included in Standard and Basic listing to stay in their former positions, so taking that into consideration I’ve decided to offer a free upgrade one level up. So, for instance such programs as QubitTech and GlobalCryptox that paid to be included in the Standard List on the MNO monitor have been upgraded to Premium (which I might add they’ve deserved since the beginning), while RoboticsOnline will be promoted from Basic to Standard with a detailed review to be published soon.

I have no idea whether these changes on the MNO monitor will be temporary or permanent and I should really see on how this all works out over the next few weeks. The same goes for the quality of the Basic listed programs, which will hopefully not suffer from the change. In any case, I’ve taken the criticism from some HYIP admins who said they liked the idea of StartUp listing but would prefer if their programs had been aggregated properly to be shown on other websites, and the new free of charge Basic listing on MNO will give them this opportunity. Plus, MNO will stile remain the most expensive monitor in the HYIP industry and will just give more options to excluded admins due to their constrained advertising budgets to still be able to feature prominently on my monitor, and become popular investment options if they work hard and deliver great results. After all, it’s my main goal to provide HYIP investors with a choice of programs they might be interested in joining even at these much quieter times in the industry than ever before.

Thanks for your understanding and overwhelming support of that new direction for the MNO monitor. If you ever have any questions, suggestions or advertising requests please do not hesitate to contact me here, email me directly at or chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. And do follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook, and subscribe to get regular news updates delivered to your email address you may submit here.

And now onto the latest news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry which will start with the undisputed leader with thousands of members even despite the pandemic which is QubitTech and continue with the new poll on the MNO TalkBack page. Keep reading for more on that!



It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say there’s no equal to QubitTech in terms of market penetration. And I’m not talking here about just the HYIP industry in the traditional sense. Exactly the opposite – it’s by shattering the restraints of the general online market that allowed QubitTech to become the loudest voice for the offline audience successfully promoting its investment plan on a scale never seen before. There have been a swathe of activities lately including conducting the two BaseCamps – offline events in various countries across the world uniting the best of the affiliates sharing their experience with each other while gaining much needed knowledge to take their advertising skills to new heights and apply them to build even bigger downlines. All of those activities definitely make a huge difference to the program’s growth, especially during pandemic times, while the constant recruiting of new members is extremely useful when it comes to higher amounts of investments available to pay existing members for longer and make the lifetime of the program a subject of envy for other admins.

If you are not familiar with QubitTech and haven’t read my original review posted here I should remind you that you may earn up to 2% daily on your investment with the program which starts from a $100 minimum and can be funded via BTC or ETH. Your account will then be credited with a variable interest rate (usually around 1%) on every calendar day over an undisclosed period of time, until your investment brings you 250% ROI in total. As QubitTech has been running for about six months with no sign of slowing down the first investors have already earned at least 40% on their initial deposit and there is a high chance they will be able to finish with the full 150% net profit by the end of the cycle. When investing with QubitTech though you should remember that withdrawals are processed manually within 72 hours (longer than other similar HYIPs) and that every withdrawal request is subject to a flat 2.5% fee that is used to cover the transactional expenses the program takes when sending funds to BitCoin and Ethereum accounts.

Being one of the best programs of the year QubitTech is understandably very active and is constantly aimed at pleasing investors and especially top affiliates – the driving force behind any successful investment platform. Last Friday, for instance there was another online leadership meeting in Zoom conducted in four languages – quite a good idea considering the professional translation of the main QubitTech website into dozens of languages and the mass appeal to an international but not always English speaking audience. There was a massive talk on the upcoming new BaseCamp in Turkey while the results of the recently ended second BaseCamp in Mexico have been highlighted prominently in one of the latest newsletters as well. An informative 15-minute promotional video with subtitles in 13 languages has been recently released on YouTube and has now replaced its video presentation linked to on the MNO monitor. I must say that such an amazing quality introduction to the program is very rarely seen in the HYIP industry yet again confirming my point on the program’s uniqueness. From other news (all of which is reposted below for your convenience) we can see information on disabling the trading robots due to high market volatility with more information to be given once they’re back to normal and congratulations to one of the main speakers for the program’s BaseCamp events. And last but not least, some extra security has been implemented to ensure that the rightful owner of the account is fully protected from any phishing attempts by introducing tighter controls on withdrawals to changed BTC and ETH from the ones specified in the QubitTech account and change the email address associated with the account originally on its creation to a different one. I will start with that important update below with others also following in chronological order:

New security technologies of the QubitTech platform
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We’re pleased to announce the introduction of new technologies aimed at ensuring the security of your accounts and personal information.
Starting today, an additional step of entering the account is being introduced – upon authorization, a unique code for entering will be sent to your e-mail. Thus, without access to email, access to your account on the QubitTech website will be difficult.
In order to avoid losing funds when hacking e-mail, the following additional measures are introduced:
– when adding a new wallet, the withdrawal of funds will be available after 3 days after that;
– when you change your e-mail, the withdrawal of funds will be available after a week.
We’re always focused on providing the maximum user-friendliness of the platform along with a high level of security for your funds.
Always in touch!

Trading robots disabling
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
Due to the high volatility on the market, we suggest our users turn off trading robots in their accounts.
Once the situation improves, we will announce when they can be switched on again.
Thanks for understanding!
Regards, QubitTech team

Leadership meetings in Zoom
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We are happy to invite you to the QubitTech leadership meetings in ZOOM with CEO Greg Limon will take place this Friday (November 27).
Leaders from rank 3 can attend closed leadership meetings in English and Russian. In leadership meetings in Spanish and Thai languages – leaders from rank 2.
You will receive links to leadership meetings as before to your email.
Leadership meeting in Thai language – 13:00 UTC / 20:00 (BKK)
Leadership meeting in English – 14:00 (UTC)
Leadership meeting in Spanish – 15:00 (UTC)
Leadership meeting in Russian – 19:00 (MSK)
Always with you, QubitTech team

Important Information about the third BaseCamp leadership council
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
As a result of the leadership meeting that took place this Friday, we are pleased to present you the hotel that will host the third BaseCamp.
This is Rixos Premium Belek, located in the province of Antalya. This fashionable hotel is located in a picturesque park next to a private sandy beach. It offers sports entertainment for children and adults, SPA, 24-hour fitness centre, the unique Exclusive Sports Club and a huge selection of bars and restaurants.
Recall that the third BaseCamp will start on December 3 and will run until December 14, 2020. The cost of pre-registration for the event is $ 250. In the future, it will be necessary to pay the full cost of the ticket – $ 1490.
You can already go through full registration for the event starting with pre-registration ( and buying a full ticket (through your personal account). All this can be done both by debiting funds from the marketing budget and the balance in your account.
There’re not many tickets left, so we recommend you hurry up. Purchased tickets (QubitTech will carry out the transfer of guests from Antalya airport) must be sent to our telegram account – no later than December 1.
See you in Turkey!

QubitTech Conference in Mexico
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We are pleased to announce that Mexico hosted the first QubitTech conference for local users and platform affiliates.
The event took place in Cancun, a large resort town located on the coast of the Riviera Maya. The assembled guests listened to speeches by local leaders about QubitTech, and also asked many questions.
Recall that the official office of QubitTech is already operating in Mexico. In addition, Mexico recently completed the second BaseCamp for Hispanic Leaders –
Always with you!

Official Film: We’re QubitTech
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We present to your attention an official film about the present and future of QubitTech.
You can watch the full movie on our platform’s official YouTube channel:
The film features footage from the official opening of the platform in Dubai, several QubitTech conferences, from our offices and much more.
The top management of the platform talks about the mission and goals of our platform, as well as similarly about quantum technologies, our developments and products.
Be sure to check out “We’re QubitTech“. This is just the beginning!
Follow our news!

Happy birthday Andreas
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We are pleased to congratulate the Education advisor of QubitTech Academy, as well as the main speaker of our BaseCamps, Andreas Thyssen, on his birthday.
We wish Andreas endless optimism, happiness and success in all his intentions.
QubitTech Team


I want to finish up for today, staying on the topic of restructuring the MNO monitor as discussed above, by looking at the results of the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll where I asked readers for their own thoughts on the subject. I really don’t see any good reason to leave the poll open any longer by the way, it’s been entirely one-sided to such an extent that it really won’t make any difference to the overall result so I’m just going to finish with it now and move on to something else. More on that in a moment.

Without repeating what I’ve already covered in today’s main update about the MNO monitor then, I wanted to know how MNO users felt about so-called StartUp programs (generally taken to be deliberate “sleepers” not necessarily intended by their admins to be taken seriously by investors until a later date) moving onto the main MNO monitor. Previously any of these types of programs had been kept away from the main monitor on a specially designated page and not indexed with multi monitor guide websites, i.e. intentionally kept away from casual browsing viewers. It’s not so much a case of you can’t join a StartUp/Sleeper program if you want to, it’s just that most of the time it’s going to be radically different in terms of both appearance and investment plans when the admin is finally ready to start running it on a full time professional basis.

My question to readers then was about how well you would like to stay informed about such things, or is it that you have very little interest in them until a proper full on promotional campaign gets underway. As I said, it’s entirely up to readers what they do with the information on the MNO monitor anyway, take it or leave it as you see fit in what ever way you feel benefits you most. The exact question asked of you then went as follows: Should the StartUp listing become a part of the main MNO monitor?

And the reason I’m so eager to close the poll and move on is this – it was a total landslide. 100% of the readers who were interested enough to voice an opinion were in complete agreement. You voted “Yes, it will help lower budget programs become more visible”, which is exactly the reason why I’m implementing the restructuring of the monitor with the changes explained above. Just for the record however, and for the sake of transparency, the other options you could have voted for included either “I don’t mind, after all we need a wider choice of new programs”, and “No, that won’t interest me as I only invest in high-budget HYIPs”. Well, since I can only take on board the opinions of readers who take the time and effort to share them with me I can only come to one obvious conclusion here. Any decent monitor should exist primarily as a tool to benefit those who use it, and if this is how the users of the MNO monitor feel it could better serve their individual needs then so be it, who am I to argue? Anyone who disagrees, well, you had a chance to vote and didn’t do so, I can only assume everyone is in broad agreement and act accordingly.

Speaking of which, meaning what readers do or don’t like about the monitors they use, for the next poll I want to stay on a loosely similar thread. There’s a 13 year plus archive of material across the MNO website now, so that’s a lot of information and shared experiences with readers over the years, and all free of charge. Mostly that revolved around HYIP programs, their financial performance specifically relating to how investors could earn from them, and other associated news articles. That’s just the main MNO blog of course, you also have the monitor and a series of wider HYIP industry related articles on things like planning, strategy, background, and so forth on the MNO Info page, plus information on digital currency exchangers that I trust from personal experience with.

In the interests of giving readers what they think is most useful then, and improving what they think is the best feature on MNO that keeps them coming back most often, I would like to know what you guys feel is the most important reason for you continuing to follow my site. Oddly enough some people can’t stay away even though they hate it! But I can’t run a poll on that, not that it would be all that useful to anyone anyway. The exact question therefore will be as follows:

What differentiates the MNO website from other monitors in your opinion?

Please select from the following options, and if you don’t see exactly what you want just go for the answer that comes closest to matching your own thoughts:

– Early access to dependable/professional new programs
– Unbiased news coverage and fast accurate monitoring
– Knowing all content comes from personal experience
– Ease of communication with fast personal reply times
– No one single feature, it’s all unique

As always I just want to give my sincere thanks to all the blog readers who take the time and effort to cast a vote. Everyone’s opinion is equally most welcome and all are considered when it comes to improving the service. Voting takes literally just a second anyway, and remains 100% anonymous and untraceable at all times. On the other hand if you prefer then you are always free to discuss your answer with your fellow readers on the MNO ShoutBox which you can see on all the main pages of the site. The voting buttons for the poll can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here. Thanks again to everyone who takes part.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 120 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: QubitTech, GlobalCryptox.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all for today, guys. I’ll be back in a few days with another article on cryptocurrencies and will of course update you all on the latest developments from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. Thanks for reading and your loyal following of MNO – For Money Lovers!

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