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18/01/2021. HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets (Part 4 – Fake Locations) and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all, and welcome to the MNO blog where information comes first and has been bringing you the best original investment opportunities for over thirteen years. And while 2021 has been far from exciting thus far I have already added the first program to the Premium List today with the unusual name of GiantSquid. Please note that the site is still in pre-launch mode, but you may already register an account under this invitation link and wait for the further announcement once GiantSquid is actually ready to spread its tentacles a little further and earn you some well-deserved profits. I expect to give a proper introduction of GiantSquid in a few days time, but from what I can see at the moment the program will offer investments exclusively via Tether (you can easily fund it in your wallet) and will pay a 118% return after 3 days. More on that all to follow in the upcoming blog post, so don’t miss it guys!

By the way, if you want to be among the first lucky readers to be updated about the launch of big HYIPs you may want to start following MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter. I’m also here to answer all your questions, suggestions and co-operation requests via Telegram @mnoblog, email or this online form. By the way, for a limited time only Basic listing on the MNO monitor is free of charge, and the first program has been listed there already, with hopefully more following suit.

Before proceeding with the latest news from the current market leader QubitTech and drawing the results of the MNO TalkBack poll while asking a new question on the subject of future leadership in the HYIP industry, let me detract your attention to another subject that will be in the focus of today’s article.

You may know already that one of the main purposes of my blog is to educate readers on the peculiarities and pitfalls of the HYIP industry and its most sophisticated con artists – admins. Truly, they cannot do or achieve anything without lying and to expose these lies is not something many of us would be taken to lightly (click here to read more). HYIP admins cannot admit they pay you from someone else’s and not their own pockets (click here to read more), nor can they provide assurances to investors to keep them spending more than they can afford to lose (click here to read more). The previous three articles were part of a critically acclaimed series named HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets and I have many more of them to tell you about. So, this episode from the series will be on Fake Locations.

If you have been a participant in the HYIP industry for long enough you might know already that it’s extremely easy to register a company in the UK (the full article on my first-hand experience with that posted here). Total anonymity, very cheap and no questions asked process that will require minimal effort on your part – just pay a fee for the service. That could be as cheap as having a cup of coffee and a piece of pie in your local coffee-shop, especially if done in bulk. And many admins are perfectly aware of the fact that this would money well-spent, especially considering how gullible some newbies can be. Even if one of hundreds potential investors of a certain HYIP would be inclined to spend more than they could afford to lose, simply lured into a false sense of security by the company’s registration and fake location in a prestigious business district of London, it would be well-worth your while.

That is actually the main reason why you keep seeing so many fake incorporation certs on the websites – just like having basic DDoS-protection having a fake address is an essential part of any serious HYIP. However don’t get me wrong here! The incorporation papers displayed on the website are perfectly legal (in most of the cases that is). It’s the location of the potential companies with hundreds of employees are what’s questionable. Usually they represent just a virtual office with nobody there to answer any questions or concerns about investing in any particular HYIP. Just an office space where a hundred and one companies can reside at the same time, in certain cases they may keep a desk space there if the company employs someone, or in HYIP cases they are just allowed to publish the address as there own but do nothing else. You don’t actually have to trade in order to just register a company, and you don’t need to give any explanation as to why you are doing it.

Sometimes lying admins would not even bother to include Google maps images of a place where their “legally incorporated” company allegedly resides. Even if the building image in question is true, that still doesn’t mean anything and unless you go visit their “office” for a one-on-one meeting you must consider it being a fake. In my practice there was a case when I was curious enough to know whether such an office actually existed and even set up a meeting with him which first got delayed indefinitely and then when I refused to let it go my further requests simply remained unanswered.

Making videos of the offices with model looking employees is also not something existing purely in the imagination – a professional studio can do such things and more, depending on your budget. However, you should keep in mind that bigger companies with multi-million dollar budgets are capable of financing teams of local representatives who might invite you to visit a physical office and tell you all about the advantages about investing in a particular company. However, don’t let that fool you – such teams have no legal affiliation with the main HYIP’s authority and only work for affiliate rewards which could be much higher than those the program pays online promoters. The best such “agents” can do in case of the program’s inevitable collapse just tell you they were not responsible for that and advise to forward any concerns to the actual company’s address which really never even existed in the first place.

Therefore, please be very careful when thinking you will be able to easily locate the administration of any program you intend to invest with. If you think it’s possible and you will be able to recover your money once a HYIP disappears into thin air you’re in for a huge disappointment. Don’t think you will be able to find the location of something that was all smoke and mirrors, existing only on paper in the first place!

With all that said, I’m not trying to tell you it’s impossible to profit from HYIPs. It is indeed possible, but if you always apply common sense and only invest what you can afford to lose, whatever the admins are going to tell you and whatever sophisticated lies they will try to feed you with with one aim in mind – to get you to part with your hard-earned cash.

If you like what you see and want to read more about HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets then make sure you bookmark my blog and submit your email address here to subscribe for regular updates delivered right to your mailbox. Let’s get back now to the news from the HYIP industry!



Starting from January, 16 QubitTech came back from its New Year holiday which ran over the first two weeks of the month. So now you will once again be able to have your QubitTech accounts credited with the variable daily returns (up to 2% daily) over an undefined period until you reach 250% ROI total. If you read my detailed review of QubitTech posted here, you may remember that the program accepts investments via BitCoin and Ethereum only (to be converted to USD on every deposit and withdrawal) starting from $100 which is the price of one single Digital License. Since the program launched back in June 2020 it has added a few more investment products (much riskier ones though) called Corporate License and Cashback License where you only see returns on a monthly or even quarterly basis and under some stricter conditions. Although I believe the majority of my readers did join the long-term investment and are getting their profits transferred to their BTC and ETH accounts once approved and manually processed by the administration within the 72 hour time frame. I have the belief that some early investors might have been able to double their money with QubitTech, thanks to their smart choice and gut feeling of something big in the making.

Since the program launched back in June 2020 and it has become the best program of the year (according to the MNO poll which results were covered in this article) many people praised it for its originality and unorthodox approach to advertising which produced decent result even during the worldwide pandemic crisis. By constantly enhancing its services and offering new products QubitTech has managed to create something special that people over the world are talking about. There are various webinars and BaseCamps are held regularly and in various countries, and physical offices are being open too. Among the latest news coming from that perspective is Quantum Leap online course from Andreas Tissen coming in February and aimed at creating potential millionaires (the registration for a fee is open now from a special page) and opening a new office in the Russian city of Omsk which further strengthens the widening network of representations in Russian and Ukrainian locations. And for more adventurous travellers there is now an opportunity to visit exotic places around the world for a hefty price by paying for it on a specially dedicated for the that purpose site called Network Travel.

Although the most exciting news of the last week was undoubtedly the latest webinar meeting conducted in four languages with QubitTech‘s CEO Greg Limon. The highlights of the webinar were quite important as they addressed some essential points of the future developments for QubitTech for months to come and also showcased the biggest achievements of the year of 2020. As you can read more on that all in the full-length updates I have for you below, I should specifically mention one thing that will be applied to every investment for Digital Licenses. On top of the existing 2.5% withdrawal fee to cover the Blockchain transaction fees investors are going to pay 1% which will form a so-called QT Charity fund and which will be used to help those less fortunate suffering from the consequences of the pandemic crisis. I would agree that charity is an important issue, but for such programs as QubitTech investors would prefer to have a say in introducing new compulsory charges, which were not mentioned when they first signed up for the service. Anyway, read on and judge for yourself whether you like the new measure (you may actually download the PDF file in your own language containing some important points for better visual consumption):

New QubitTech office in Russia
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We are glad to share with you great news – one more office just opened in the Russian city of Omsk.
Omsk is Russia’s third-largest city east of the Ural Mountains after Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg, and seventh by size nationally.
As a reminder, QubitTech has already more than 20 offices in Russia and a few in Ukraine, mainly, in Kyiv and Kharkiv.
Eastern Europe shows one of the greatest results, and we wish partners to keep up the good work.
More than 30 offices are operating all over the world where local leaders promote QubitTech in their regions.
Best regards, QubitTech team

Important Info: Leadership Meeting
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We’re delighted to announce the leadership meeting that our CEO Greg Limon will be hosting on January 15th from Tanzania as part of the TOP 30 Expedition.
New QubitTech products and ambitious platform plans for several years to come will be presented at the leadership meeting in ZOOM.
It will be unforgettable!
Meeting in ZOOM on January 15 will be held in 4 languages:
13:00 UTC / 20:00 BKK – in Thai lang (from Rank 2)
14:00 UTC – in English lang (from Rank 3)
18:00 MSK – in Russian lang (from Rank 3)
16:00 UTC – in Spanish lang (from Rank 2)
Each user will receive a link to the leadership meeting in ZOOM by email.
We are waiting for you tomorrow!
Don’t miss it!

Results of the first leadership meeting in 2021
Dear QubitTech platform users,
We’re pleased to share the main results of the leadership meeting in ZOOM, which was held today by Greg Limon, who is in Tanzania as part of the TOP 30 Expedition.
First of all, Greg announced the end of the holidays for the digital licenses department, and all QubitTech users will start receiving rewards on their licenses tomorrow.
Besides, Greg spoke about the platform’s achievements in 2020, including:
– 8 types of digital licenses; – 2 types of corporate licenses; – trading robots; – QPHONE; – mobile App; – various offline QubitTech events; – QubitTech Academy; – rating TOP 30 and much more.
Greg Limon paid great attention to the global plans of the platform for the coming years.
In particular, such important innovations as the Cashback license have already been implemented in 2021.
On January 15, the trading signals service (for cryptocurrency markets), the Network Travel service, the QubitTech charity program, affiliate program improvements and the Quantum Leap online course for future millionaires were presented.
Among the future innovations and developments, Greg especially noted:
– new types of corporate licenses; – P2P platform; – Concierge service; – official marketplace; – CRM system; – a venture co-investment program; – IEO; – regatta for the new winners of the TOP-30 rating; – expedition to the Everest; – launching of the 2nd level BaseCamp and much more.
Greg also announced the creation of a special collection of exclusive watches in partnership with Franck Muller. You will learn more about this from our news.
Besides, Greg spoke information on the algorithm for receiving rewards on corporate licenses based on insurance coverage, which is mandatory when opening a corporate license. The submission of a purchase report is required within a month after receiving the reward.
After consulting with the top leaders of QubitTech, the algorithm for receiving the matching bonus was also improved – it will now be weekly.
Now, to receive the matching bonus, each user must:
– volume ratio for the binary legs of 70/30 or 30/70;
– sales volume on the first line more than 2500 USDT
Statistics are calculated once a week.
Follow our news!

Online course: Quantum Leap for potential millionaires
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We’re pleased to announce an exclusive online course by BaseCamp guru and # 1 business coach in Germany, Andreas Tissen.
The “Quantum leap” starts on February 1, 2021. Tickets can be purchased on the special course page (, as well as in your personal account.
The course was created by Andreas Tissen, especially for extremely ambitious people who intend to reach heights shortly – to become millionaires not only in income but also inhabits, ideas, rituals.
The course will consist of inspiring workshops on Mondays, daily fun video assignments and Friday coach sessions.
The “Quantum leap” duration is a one month (from February 1 to February 28).
During this time, you will study the psychology of a millionaire, his rituals and communications, you will learn how a millionaire’s team is formed, and his self-realization is arranged.
The standard package is 995 USDT, and the VIP package is 1995 USDT. Besides, for BaseCamp attendees, Andreas Tissen made an excellent 25% discount.
For the sale of an online course by partners, a direct bonus is included in accordance with the user’s status on the QubitTech platform.
You can find a special offer on the page of the online course of “Quantum leap” –
Hurry up – the number of places is limited!
Always in touch, QubitTech Team

Network Travel: Travels to Colombia and Morocco
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We’re pleased to remind you of our new service Network Travel, which was presented by Greg Limon as part of the recent leadership meeting in ZOOM. The Network Travel portal will appear in the next two weeks, but we already offer you to register for 2 trips: Colombia and Morocco.
The trip to Colombia starts on March 10 and will last about 10 days. The trip participants will see the city of colourful graffiti – Bogota, underground “City of salt” near the city of Zipaquira, ancient stone idols, impregnable port Cartagena coffee plantations and idyllic beaches of the Caribbean coast.
You will be able to immerse yourself in the life of the colonial era and get into the mansion of Pablo Escobar, and in labyrinthine corridors of the fortress on the shore Gulf of Cartagena, you will feel contemporary with the pirates.
The travel cost is 11,000 USDT.
The trip to Morocco starts on April 18th. You will see one of the most mysterious and unique countries on our planet. This is a land of meetings and smiles that fascinates at first sight. As part of the trip, participants will visit almost all sights and regions of the country.
The travel cost is 5,800 USDT.
Recall that Network Travel is a system of group travel and expeditions within a single community in a variety of corners of the world. You will be able to realize all your dreams and to visit those places that you never dreamed of.
You can already buy tickets to Colombia and Morocco from your personal account on the QubitTech website. You can only use funds from the main balance of the QubitTech wallet to pay for travel.
If you have any questions, please contact our technical support.
Follow our news!


Finally for today it’s about time we took a look at the results of the most recent MNO TalkBack opinion poll and replace it with something new. Since at the time of writing we are already 18 days into January I guess we should probably put the whole New Year theme behind us now once and for all. Actually technically speaking the question was more about what readers expectations are from the next twelve months in the HYIP industry rather than the now mercifully forgotten train crash that was 2020.

I was I have to say quite pleasantly surprised with how positive and upbeat so many of you are about 2021 given like I said how bad the previous year was. As a matter of fact 2020 started fairly brightly in the industry, right up until March things really weren’t all that bad. It was only after that when the first big international shutdowns and quarantines started happening that the HYIP industry took such a nosedive. Although the Covid19 situation is still bad almost everywhere at least we now know that a corner has definitely been turned as the lengthy process of vaccinating people gets under way across the globe, so it’s just a matter of staying safe while you wait your turn to get a jab.

Anyway, the exact question put to MNO readers in the poll was this: How do you see the HYIP industry developing in the next 12 months?

Like I said already, it was very encouraging to see so many of you express positive feelings about this to one extent or another. I hope it’s not misguided and I hope you are right. Only time will tell but if we can start of the year with so many investors being optimistic for the future then that’s half the battle won right there already. An impressive 45% of you (and I say impressive in light of what investors went through in the last year) voted for the option “A huge improvement is coming in the next few months”. A further 33% of you are feeling a bit more cautious, this is very understandable under difficult circumstances, but nevertheless expect the next year to be better than the last. They think we will experience “A slight improvement, but only later in the year”. From the remaining two options opinion was equally divided, with 11% of you thinking “Not much will change, it will be the same as last year”, and the other 11% believing “It will get worse, the HYIP industry is almost finished”. While I don’t personally like to agree with it I do admit I can at least understand where the “doom and gloom” feelings come from for some investors. But with 78% of you expressing at least some degree of optimism for the next twelve months overall then we can only hope that experienced admins feel the same way. And of course as a gradual recovery does get underway in the HYIP industry, indeed we can already see the early stages of it, remember that MNO is always the best place to come for no-nonsense information based on experience and the investors’ best interests at heart.

Let’s move on now to an entirely new topic for discussion in the next MNO TalkBack opinion poll. We are at the beginning of a new investment season, but many people can’t help but keep wondering when a new HYIP industry leader will emerge and basically drag everyone else along to a brighter future by creating more interest and inspiring more confidence among investors in a post-pandemic world. Under normal circumstances (if anyone remembers what that ever meant!) we would usually have seen some of the biggest programs of the year launching in January, but this year is very different from any other in HYIP industry history and previous rules have simply flown out the window in the face of the Covid19 crisis.

Now, when I use the word “leader” what I really mean is giant. If for instance you were to just name ten low standard bad programs one of them always has to be better than the other nine. You could arguably call that one the leader but it wouldn’t necessarily make it any good. Likewise you could name ten perfectly good programs all performing well, playing an honest and fair game and putting as many people as they can in profit. In this scenario however none of the programs might be particularly well known or popular outside a relatively small circle of investors, so there might be a leader in there somewhere but not necessarily an industry giant.

To sum it up I suppose that’s more or less how I’ve felt about the HYIP industry for the last several months. There has been some decent programs, just very few to live up to their full potentials. With that in mind then the next question on the MNO TalkBack page here will be posted as follows:

When will we see the next big leader of the HYIP industry emerging?

Possible answers can be selected from these options:

– It’s already online, it will be popular at the right time
– Within a few more weeks, it’s already in the making
– In a few months from now, only when pandemic ends
– This year will not have any definitive leaders at all

I think I covered most options but you can just pick the one you feel comes closest to matching your own thoughts on the subject. The poll will as usual stay open for around a week or so, long enough for anyone who wants to vote to have ample opportunity to do so. The voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here, and remember it only takes literally a second to participate while all votes remain 100% anonymous and untraceable. You are of course free to discuss the subject if you want to express your thoughts with your fellow readers on the MNO ShoutBox. Thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time and effort to take part, it’s much appreciated.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 144 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: QubitTech.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: HourlyReserve (the first instant payments received).

That’s all for today, guys. I hope I’m able to post again in a few days to properly introduce the latest Premium List addition on MNO – GiantSquid. Meanwhile, check the program out and if you like you can join here even before the main investment plan is activated. I’m pretty sure we will have some more interesting programs joining the MNO monitor, so keep your eyes peeled and bookmark my website to check back later. Meanwhile, I do appreciate your attention and your votes you will hopefully keep casting on the MNO TalkBack page. Thanks a lot for your loyalty and support and talk to you again later on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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