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Hello guys and welcome to the MNO blog – delivering the latest updates on the hottest online investment opportunities for nearly fourteen years. That alone makes MNO the oldest and most respected source of information on top-notch HYIPs as the listing prices would have been punitive for the fast scams anyway. As you might be aware, MNO is the only one actually calling spade a spade with the main goal of educating all investors looking to make money in the HYIP industry by showing them both the good and the bad points, also warning of the inevitable pitfalls that might be on the way to your success in this business. The latest series of articles called HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets will inform you of the ways in which some administrators operate in order to make the most money possible from gullible investors and simply newbies who are not aware of their scheming tactics. For all the articles on the subject please click here, but beware as some ugly truth might be revealed to you, especially when you’re just making the first steps in the HYIP industry.

I intend to periodically add more content to that particular series, so if you like what you see make sure to subscribe for blog articles to be regularly delivered to your email address you can submit here. And if you wish to be the first to know when a new promising program is added to the MNO monitor or get an instant warning on possible payment issues with the listed programs please follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook. Plus, if you have any additional questions for me personally or have any suggestions of how to improve my work, or maybe even want to advertise on MNO please don’t hesitate to write a few lines either directly at, using this contact form, or just chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog for a speedier response.

The HYIP industry this spring has been going quite slowly in contrast to the cryptocurrency world that seems to be taking most attention away from HYIPs giving people a perfect alternative to high-risk ventures to earn quite sizeable profit utilizing their amateur trading skills or just using the HODL practice, as this year many cryptocurrencies have been steadily growing in value so far. There are still few good options when you’re looking out for perfectly paying programs and long-term performers with the list including CryptoCapital and QubitLife. The latest updates from both programs will be the focus of attention in today’s news article, while I will finish with the results of the regular poll on the MNO TalkBack and will ask you yet another question to run for the next week or so. Let’s begin so, shall we?


I believe very few people would argue with this statement – there is simply no better program to invest now than CryptoCapital (reviewed here). Having been listed on Premium status on the MNO monitor since day one CryptoCapital has been paying well for six full weeks already. Without any major hiccups all the withdrawals up to $100 in value are being processed instantly, while for any larger withdrawals manual payments are done by the admin within a 24 hour maximum. With CryptoCapital one is in full control as being flexible on the ever changing and rapidly growing cryptomarket now is a must for many experienced investors. And CryptoCapital provides you with such great flexibility, as every investment continues earning you 0.1% hourly interest (that is 2.4% daily) until the point you think you have earned enough. You can leave the program and release your principal (fully or partially) at any point once the first 24 hours since your deposit is activated is over by paying a 5% deposit release fee. You may hold simultaneous deposits in different cryptocurrencies, as CryptoCapital offers plenty of choice for an investors with no less than eleven options are accepted – BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, DogeCoin, Dash, Tether, Ripple, ZCash, Tron, and Stellar. That means almost all the popular options are covered, and you may grow your cryptocurrencies in various dashboards, as CryptoCapital doesn’t convert your funds into USD, like many other programs do. So you can actually buy and sell cryptocurrencies and use CryptoCapital as your own piggybank you can replenish and withdraw from at any time you wish. Besides, the main 0.1% hourly on an indefinite basis you may take advantage of the weekly running Bounty program where all the active members of CryptoCapital are rewarded with small LTC bonuses for completing simple promotional tasks and help the program grow bigger with each passing day. It’s a win-win situation for you and the program you help support and promote, don’t you agree?

I believe that even after the first six weeks online CryptoCapital has barely scratched the surface, as the further growing potential remain strong thanks to constant inflow of new funds, as well as a consistent general upward trend in the cryptocurrency market. In a nutshell, CryptoCapital combines a piggybank for your cryptocurrencies with the unheard of flexibility others only dream of offering. It’s clear that the admin is a true professional in his field and is capable of handling big amounts of money by any standard. We will see what’s up his sleeve in further updates to be posted on my blog as we watch closely the further development, as CryptoCapital has reached the #1 position on the MNO monitor already, and deservedly so!

In order to keep the communication with members of the program the admin Adrian keeps posting frequent updates on popular social media websites, like Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. In them he points out at the latest cryptocurrency market trends and keep inviting members to try CryptoCapital as a safe haven for their finances. Here are all the latest updates from the last six days you might find interesting:

April may have ended on the red for the whole crypto-market but May is looking green.
CryptoCapital helps you grow more of your portfolio and turn everything green.
Learn more, visit the website CryptoCapital

Join the world’s leading trade market. Powered by professional trading experts.
CryptoCapital enables investing in multiple cryptocurrency trading markets globally. CryptoCapital is here help more and more people experience financial well-being.
CryptoCapital is contributing to a more equitable and resilient world today and for the generations to come.
Learn more, visit the website CryptoCapital

Ethereum is having a great day! ETH reached a new all time high at $3,000+
Will this ETH rally continue or a correction is imminent?
What’s clear is that CryptoCapital is always here to help you grow more of your Ethereum!
Learn more, visit the website CryptoCapital

Will Ethereum surpass Bitcoin?
ETH reached another new all time high at $3,400
Experts say this ETH rally will continue within the next couple of days!
CryptoCapital is always here to help you grow more of your Ethereum!
Learn more, visit the website CryptoCapital

Dogecoin to the moon?
As Dogecoin’s price recently hit all-time high at $0.50, many speculates this is just the beginning and the fan-fave meme coin will push through $1!
Experts however warns everyone to be vigilant as a huge dump is still possible while the rally is ongoing.
CryptoCapital is always here to help you grow more of your Dogecoin!
Learn more, visit the website CryptoCapital

Unsure which cryptocurrency to buy? No idea when to sell?
CryptoCapital enables investing in multiple cryptocurrency trading markets globally.
CryptoCapital is always here to help you grow more of your portfolio!
Learn more, visit the website CryptoCapital


Despite my previous reservations about QubitLife (read more on that here) it looks like the previously enforced subscription fee issues didn’t affect the program’s Paying Status on the MNO monitor yet. It’s been already approaching an entire year since QubitLife started its online activity and was first listed on my site. During that time the program has managed to successfully navigate seemingly all sorts of issues it’s been facing and emerge as a winner from literally every one of them.

As you might remember from my original review of QubitLife posted here, the program offers a variably paying daily plan available for investments via BitCoin and Ethereum which later converted to USDT and back to the cryptocurrency of your choice on every withdrawal request. The minimum to invest is $100 and it keeps earning you daily interest until what ever point you reach 250% on your investment which marks the expiry point for this particular deposit. Once you accumulate at least $50 on your balance you may request your withdrawal. Note that every withdrawal request then is subject to manual processing and a 2.5% to 4.5% fee which determines the waiting time that can be chosen by an investor between the range of 48 to 96 hours.

The main investment plan on offer in QubitLife called “Education License” since has been complemented by many other investment offers, but pretty much all of them are just either too good to be true or highly risky and not worthy of any sensible investors’ attention. Although one thing is quite certain – what QubitLife is currently actively searching for is investors with larger wallets and those who can support the payments to current investors and make the program last longer. The QubitLife‘s overall lifecycle seems to have surpassed all the most daring expectations already, but just for how much longer it can stretch remains the million dollar question.

Among the latest updates posted over the last six days in the News section of the QubitLife website was the consolidation of multiple investments into one and how that’s all going to work in practical examples. Also there was a report from the latest big event in Dubai that took place on Tuesday, so you might be interested to read this part if you’re interested in the further development and directions the QubitLife administration intends to do in the near future. And finally, a new service called Cryptolocal has been launched with aim to assist investors to easily buy and sell BTC from fiat currencies (you will need to actually use your QubitLife‘s account login details in order to be able to take advantage of the service). Please read more on all of the latest updates from QubitLife below:

Big Update: Education Licenses Consolidation
Dear users of the QubitLife platform.
We’re pleased to announce the beginning of large-scale system updates that will optimize the processing power of our server hardware, as well as improve the platform’s user interface.
At the moment, in addition to minor implementations and optimizations in the main core of the system, education licenses have been consolidated into one license, which we announced in advance during the leadership meetings at ZOOM.
This step will significantly reduce the time for accruing rewards and bonuses within the framework of the affiliate program.
Besides, the user’s status (from Bronze to Platinum +) was tied to the value (in USDT) of education licenses on the account.
The larger the total amount in USDT, the higher the status, and the more bonuses the user can receive within the framework of the affiliate program.
An example of how education licenses work:
In the past (list of active education licenses on account):
100 USDT; 100 USDT; 100 USDT; 100 USDT; 100 USDT; 500 USDT.
The total cost of licenses is 1,000 USDT.
User status – “Bronze +” (calculated based on most expensive education license – 500 USDT).
Binary bonus – 8%
Direct bonus – 6% | 2%
After the education licenses consolidation :
The total cost of an education license is 1,000 USDT.
User status – “Silver” (calculated based on the total cost of education licenses – 1,000 USDT).
Binary bonus – 9% (+1%)
Direct bonus – 6% | 3% (+1%)
Shortly, updates on the platform will continue, and additional update packages will be implemented both for the main site of the platform, platform account system, and affiliate program section.
Follow our news, QubitLife Team

The first results of the exclusive QubitLife event
Dear users of the QubitLife platform.
We’re pleased to announce the launch of the exclusive QubitLife event in Dubai.
Today, May 4, 2021, we brought together all of our users from the ‘Leadership Council’ and ‘Elite SalesTask Force’ group.
First of all, there were presented detailed plans of the platform until 2025 for the participants of the exclusive event, which was told by Marc Swickle (QubitLife CMO).
It’s by 2025 that QubitLife will confidently become the largest educational platform in the world. This will happen in the EdTech market, the capitalization of which will reach $ 282 billion by 2023.
Another area of QubitLife‘s development is the venture capital market, which currently has a capitalization of $ 121 billion. Here the platform is gaining ground with the help of its strategic partner, the startup accelerator PitchCamp. At the moment, QubitLife allows any of its users not only to use the platform’s tools but also to develop their unique business using the resources of PitchCamp. As you know, the share lots of two unique startups are already successfully sold on the platform.
The third area is tokenization through a strategic partnership with the Qchain platform, on which the public sale of the QDT token has already started.
In addition to three areas of development, the platform intends to unite its exponentially growing community with a new value system. Its main points are the emphasis on active users and customers who plan to grow along with the platform, increasing their educational opportunities.
The main drivers of this growth:
– an increase in the bonuses;
– legal protection;
– stability, as well as predictability and consistency of the platform;
– accelerated growth of platform users’ statuses.
At the same time, as part of overcoming obstacles that currently restrain the growth of the platform (including multi-accounts, passive user audiences), it is planned to deactivate all active educational licenses, on which platform users have already received more than 250%, taking into account the accrued bonuses under the affiliate program.
QubitLife community already includes about 500 thousand users from all over the world: Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia.
We’re a family. To grow successfully, we’ll continue to unite our efforts to develop the most innovative technologies.
Always in touch, QubitLife team

CRYPTOLOCAL: Fast way to buy / sell BTC
Dear users of the QubitLife platform.
We present our new strategic partner – CryptoLocal (
This is a revolutionary P2P platform that will allow QubitLife users to quickly buy/sell BTC for fiat currencies, as well as replenish the balance of the main wallet in a matter of minutes.
At the moment, the service is launched in beta version and is still available for QubitLife users from rank 7.
To use the service, you must log in to the CryptoLocal platform using personal data from the QubitLife platform (it’s safe).
The main advantages of CryptoLocal:
– high speed of exchange operations;
– convenient and simple interface;
– internal system of accelerated search for sellers and buyers with the best rates;
– completion of the transaction within 2 minutes without unnecessary communications between the seller and the buyer;
– low commissions;
– more than 104 fiat currencies and 314 payment methods;
– the security of the funds stored thanks to the escrow system before the processing of transactions.
CryptoLocal intends to set new standards for financial freedom through innovation.
Behind our partner’s back are not only unique technologies on the basis of which the P2P platform is built, but also a new value system.
We will happily continue to apply new technological solutions that will help the entire community feel safe and comfortable when using the products of the QubitLife platform.
Always in touch, QubitLife Team


I want to finish today’s article with the final results of the latest poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page over the last couple of weeks. I remind you that I asked readers to tell me their opinion on the following topic – With record-breaking prices for cryptocurrencies do you think the HYIP industry has lost its appeal to investors?

You might know that quite recently many HYIP investors started diversifying their portfolios by keeping funds in various cryptocurrencies and watching them grow, as long-term patterns in BTC and other popular cryptos has been definitely upward over the last few months. So, there is a certain danger that the current stagnation in the HYIP industry might well be caused (among other more obvious reasons like the ongoing Covid pandemic) by the withdrawal of some investors and switching to cryptocurrencies which has been thriving lately. The poll’s question was to investigate HYIP investors’ general moods and their attitude towards the currently struggling industry of high-yield investment programs and its possible interconnection to cryptocurrencies market.

The majority of readers – 56% of you – are quite optimistic regarding the future of the HYIP industry as they believe “it’s just a temporary offset with the HYIP industry eventually picking up again”. This is a very well-weighted opinion not trying to pretend the issue doesn’t exist, but also not losing hope in the a recovery for HYIPs at some point in the future. The most extreme views expressed by my readers on either side of the spectre included “Yes, cryptocurrencies are totally outperforming HYIPs now making them redundant” expressed by HYIP pessimists (22%), and “No, it doesn’t impact the industry much, just gives the audience more options” as viewed by crisis deniers (another 22% of the votes). Only time will tell whichever views are going to be proven to be correct in the long term, but you should include me in the majority of my readers, as I firmly believe in the HYIP industry’s ability to evolve and eventually rebound. That’s why I’m still running MNO after all, despite the currently reduced activities which such well-paying programs from my monitor as QubitLife and CryptoCapital might be able to rectify by impeccable payment records and inviting other HYIP admins to try and follow the same path to success.

I myself am quite pleased with the overall results of the poll which gives us all hope that soon the situation in the HYIP industry will improve and things will get back to normal activity levels we had back in 2017 and before that. I am optimistic overall, and you should be too!

For my next question on the MNO TalkBack I would like to again ask readers to predict the future, this way in a much broader sense than the HYIP industry itself. I would like to ask the following:

When do you think the Covid19 pandemic is going to be fully over?

I remember back in early 2020 few could’ve believed in all the naysayers’ predictions telling us the pandemic will make its way worldwide and affect people’s livelihoods, the economies of whole nations and continents, and significantly limit the freedom of movement and other civil liberties. While millions of people have lost their lives across the world and millions more lost their jobs, the Covid19 pandemic seems to have deeply affected all of our daily routines and interaction habits we couldn’t imagine living our lives without. Overall, the impact of the pandemic has been colossal and seismic on a global scale, and the situation remains tense, as while some countries starting to see light at the end of tunnel, others, like India, break new records in disease spreading. Yet, we all keep hoping for the best, as after fourteen months of constant lockdowns we do remain optimistic creatures. That will all end eventually, but the main question is when. So I would like MNO readers to try their hand at being fortune tellers and predict when the pandemic will be fully over, as per your estimation, with all countries recovering and all the restrictions lifted. So, the possible answers are:

– Within few weeks
– In a few months
– Sometime in 2022
– It will never end

I’d be pleased if you take a moment of your time to go to the MNO TalkBack page and make your prediction here. I will collect all the information on the general mood of readers and will draw the final results in a couple of weeks. Thanks in advance for being active contributors to the HYIP industry’s research on MNO, guys!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 144 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: CryptoCapital, QubitLife.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: UnlimitedMoney.

That will be the end of today’s article on the MNO blog. I’m pretty excited as I’m finally getting my first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine tomorrow, so wish me luck, guys. I hope you stay healthy and are actively investing even during the turbulent pandemic times. And if that applies to you make sure to check out the next article to be posted on my blog sometime next week. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend and I hope to talk to you again very soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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